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Found 111 results

  1. appeal for witness for an accident which happened on 6 Jun 2018 around 5.15pm at the roundabout near Pioneer Road North? It involved my colleague who is riding a Malaysia bike JKE2804
  2. *APPEAL FOR ACCIDENT FOOTAGE OR EYE WITNESSES* Appealing for eye witnesses or in-car dashcam footage in a possible Hit & Run case involving a motorcycle. Location: Eunos Flyover / After Jalan Eunos exit (PIE towards Changi Airport) Date: 29 Oct 2019 (Tues) Time: Around 7pm peak hour traffic Bike plate: FBC1622J Motorcyclist with pillion was most likely hit from the back by a vehicle. The huge impact caused the motorcycle to hit the Comfort Delgro taxi which was in front. Rider and pillion are currently both hospitalised The motorcycle was also badly damaged in the accident Kindly contact Keith at 9005 3326 if you have any information or dashcam recordings. Thank you! On a side note, please install a front and rear car camera if you haven't already done so. There are many cheap car cameras out there in the market right now. Protect yourself from unnecessary accident disputes, insurance frauds and hit and run accidents.
  3. Whoaaaa..this one serious Apex court grants woman's appeal against Changi General Hospital over delay in lung cancer The Court of Appeal on Tuesday (Feb 26) granted a woman her appeal against Changi General Hospital (CGH) for delaying diagnosis of her lung cancer. A High Court judge had dismissed the claims of negligence in February last year, finding that a nodule in one of Ms Noor Azlin Abdul Rahman's lungs had been benign when first detected in 2007. However, the apex court on Tuesday found that CGH was in breach of its duty of care owed to the woman by failing to have in place a proper system for adequate follow-up of radiological results and patient management. This resulted in a delay in diagnosing Ms Azlin with lung cancer, said Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon and Judges of Appeal Andrew Phang and Judith Prakash. Ms Azlin first visited CGH in 2007, where an X-ray of her chest found opacity. She was referred to specialist respiratory physician Dr Imran Mohamed Noor, who ordered two further X-rays and assessed that the opacity "appeared to be resolving or had resolved on its own". He gave Ms Azlin an open date for a follow-up. The woman went back to CGH twice, seeing two doctors at the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department in April 2010 and July 2011. Advertisement Both times, chest X-rays were performed on Ms Azlin, and the radiologist recommended follow-up for the opacity, but none was carried out. A nodule was found in Ms Azlin's chest by a CGH respiratory physician only after she was referred there by Raffles Medical Clinic in late 2011 for coughing, breathlessness and blood in her phlegm. A biopsy in February 2012 confirmed that the nodule was malignant and she had lung cancer. The cancer progressed to Stage IV in August 2014 and Ms Azlin was found to be suffering from a rare condition known as ALK gene arrangement. By October 2016, the cancer had spread to her brain. Ms Azlin sued CGH and three doctors in January 2015, saying that their negligence delayed the diagnosis and treatment of her lung cancer, causing it to go untreated. Justice Belinda Ang in February last year ruled that the respondents had met the standard of care expected of them. She said Ms Azlin did not have lung cancer, or that the nodule was benign, between October 2007 and July 2011. Moreover, she was treated for her ALK-positive lung cancer at the earliest available time, because drugs approved for such a disease were available for clinical trials in Singapore only in 2013 and 2014 and only for patients suffering late-stage cancer. CGH NEGLIGENT BUT DOCTORS NOT NEGLIGENT, COURT OF APPEAL FINDS The Court of Appeal agreed with the High Court judge's decision that the two A&E doctors were not in breach of duty, as an A&E doctor "is not expected to conduct a general health screening". Instead, his priority is to resolve the patient's presenting complaints - in this case Ms Azlin's chest pains. The apex court also agreed with the High Court judge's ruling that the first CGH doctor Ms Azlin had seen - Dr Imran - had breached his duty of care for failing to schedule a follow-up appointment, even though he was uncertain that the opacity in Ms Azlin's chest had resolved completely. Although the judges found none of the doctors liable in negligence, they found that "CGH’s negligence caused a significant delay of at least seven months in diagnosis". According to the appeal judges, the patient management system at CGH resulted in Ms Azlin, who had a persistent nodule in her lung, being seen by only one respiratory specialist over four years. The system CGH had to review radiological reports was "inadequate" because it did not allow comprehensive management of patients, with "no appropriate mechanism for the consolidation of what was already known". That is, each time Ms Azlin went to the A&E department, and each time a radiological report on her nodule was prepared, it was seemingly "treated as an isolated incident". The A&E doctors did not have access to Dr Imran's notes, as his consultation with Ms Azlin had not been at A&E. "CGH did not have a practice of sending its patients the report and test results from the scans conducted at the hospital," said the judges. "It was plainly unreasonable for CGH to rely on the patient's account of what happened at consultations outside of the A&E department. "If the A&E doctor reviewing the radiological report had checked against Dr Imran’s notes, for example, it would have become immediately obvious to him that the only specialist who had seen her over the past four years had mistakenly concluded that the opacity was resolving or had resolved," said the judges. The A&E doctor would have concluded that "the nodule had been persistent and had not been properly assessed by a specialist", they said. The judges said an amicable settlement would allow Ms Azlin "to focus on battling her cancer and recovering as best as she can", saying it would be "appropriate for CGH to consider the possibility of a settlement in the interests of expediency and resolution". The Court of Appeal judges have reserved costs and referred the question of loss and damages back to the High Court judge. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/changi-general-hospital-lawsuit-lung-cancer-delay-diagnosis-11289948
  4. Hubby was driving my car. Received call from TP suddenly saying that there was a hit-and-run by my car. Finally found out that the "hit-and-run" was when hubby came out of parking lot and accidently hit the side of another car, causing the other car bumper to fall off. He was not aware that he had hit the other car. My car camera showed that his exit from parking lot was smooth and there was no sudden stop by my car. He also did not exit the car to check or anything like that. My car (Merc) showed some paint on the back passenger (right side) door. Upon some washing, all was removed and only a tiny small pen hole dent as found. Hubby then received a notice of offence from TP. 2 offences - careless driving ($200 + 6 points) and $200 for failing to stop after accident. Hubby said to just pay up and close case. But I feel its rather unfair and he should appeal. Any advice?
  5. Kurty

    Can i appeal??

    hi, just received a letter from LTA, after obtaining my license since 2006.. this is the first offense that involved a demerit points.. date/time of offense: 25 march, 8.09pm.. Offense: light vehicle, park within a demerit points no parking zone under rule 24A road traffic rules.. yeah, i'm the driver. was in the vehicle, didn't realize that i was 'snapped' by a LTA sniper. waiting for gf to buy hokkien mee from beach road market.. the fine is $120 with 3 demerit point. in the past, i did received numerous traffic offense.. nothing to shout or tone about. mistakes made and duly paid. i was wondering, since this is my first offense that involved a fine with demerit point. could i actually appeal? anyone successfully appeal in the past?
  6. Seem like I had beat the red light at slow speed where can sense the bright flash. I was doing a left turn & it is not going straight or turning right. Any idea how to go about appealing? If appeal does it means waive off the fine & the points? Some expert offering the solution: (1) Use other driver license to own it up. Pay fine + demerit points. (2) Appeal to TP. (3) Appeal to MP. Normally how long would get the letter to be sent to the home address? Hope do not have then can Z.zzz in peace.
  7. This is what they do while issuing a ticket. so don't use excuses like: - i got put coupons but auntie never see, - auntie see my timing wrongly, - I wasn't at that particular lot at that particular time, - etc.......... so what other excuses still can be used har?
  8. Dear Forum Members, My friend driving a white honda civic was hit from the side and rear by 2 diff pick up, as he does not have any camera footage of the incident, I would like to appeal for witnesses who happen to have a footage of the whole incident, Detail are as below, Location: SLE exit into Woodlands Ave 12 Date: 27th April 2018 Time : Approx 645pm Car: White Honda Civic Incident: a white pick up accidentally hit the side mirror of my friend car and claim that it was my friend fault. while stopping, another pick up could not stop in time and rear ended my friend's car. the pick up did not stop and drove away. I hope anyone who happen to pass by with the footage can PM me to pass me the footage. Thanks in advance. P.S - I'm not sure if this is the right category to post this topic, so if it's in the wrong place i would like to request the assistance from the moderator to shift it. =) Cheers
  9. Not me, just helping @j0ewhite to post. APPEAL FOR VIDEO FOOTAGE OF ACCIDENT - JUNCTION OF CUSCADEN RD & TOMLINSON ROAD. Accident between a black Toyota Vellfire and black Mazda 3. Happened on Wednesday 17 May 2017 around 2.50pm. Details in the pictures: http://i.imgur.com/W6vMSFx.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qrzn3Fc.jpg
  10. All bro & sis, I know this is a long shot but if you were at the junction of hougang ave 4 and hougang st 51 around 12noon on 13 May 2017 (Saturday) and witnessed/recorded the accident that my family was in, much appreciated if you could contact me. Long story short, my family was on right turn lane on hougang st 51 turning into hougang ave 4 towards imh when BM came (from opp direction on hougang st 51) and hit my family's car VW on the left back passenger seat which caused the car's left side airbag to be activated (this showed the intensity of the impact). We have no idea what BM's story is and dont want to speculate. My family's car does not have a in-car cam (yesyes, i know, we should get one and we will!) Any help given will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! (pictures attached. BM stopped at the place where i took the picture and VW was not moved at all after the impact. We were so grateful that VW did not hit the divider. The end result of that would be nasty)
  11. I was crossing the junction at Middle Road/Queen Street towards Rochor on the pedestrian green light, and was already on the second lane when a white car came at full speed on Queen Street from Rochor and turned right without slowing or stopping into Middle Road, forcing me to jump out of the way for safety. At that point this happened there were still 20+ seconds counting down on the green pedestrian light. AFTER passing the junction, he finally reacted and slowed down when he realized that I had whipped out my handphone camera, and raised a hand out of his window. When I finally turned around and finished crossing, there were still 10+ seconds on the green pedestrian light. The car looked like a white Mitsubishi Lancer, (SGW1384_). It would be great if the cars stopped for the light on both sides of that junction had dash cams running, and could contact me so that I can submit the video together with my police report. Or even just post them to this thread.
  12. Anyone know how to appeal to traffic police? I can't find anything like webside or write-in address.
  13. Hi guys, like to consult MCF brothers and sisters who might have been in a similar situation before. Was caught for a traffic offence for failing to conform to "NO Entry sign " except for lorry at sentosa gateway. I know that i had did that because i think there are no u-turn sign at that road.....and if i proceed straight on ....i had to pay the entrance fees for entering sentosa , but recenty i went over to sentosa for some job purpose and realise that there are one over the "No Entry Sign" but the U-turn sign was partially covered by the shrubs and leaves.....any chances for me to appeal?? Thanks alot for any comments ! Anyway juz copy some info from the TP website....to share. List of roads where speed camera deployed 1 ADAM RD 24 MARINE PARADE RD 2 ALEXANDRA RD 25 NICOLL HIGHWAY 3 ANG MO KIO AVE 5 26 ORCHARD BOULEVARD 4 AYE 27 PIE 5 BKE 28 PUNGGOL CENTRAL 6 BOON LAY WAY 29 PUNGGOL EAST 7 BRADDELL ROAD 30 SEMBAWANG RD 8 BT PANJANG RD 31 SLE 9 BUANGKOK GREEN 32 TAMPINES AVE 1 10 BUKIT TIMAH ROAD 33 TELOK BLANGAH RD 11 CTE 34 TPE 12 DUNEARN ROAD 35 TUAS WEST DR 13 ECP 36 TUAS WEST RD 14 HOUGANG AVE 3 37 UPP BUKIT TIMAH RD 15 JLN BAHAR 38 UPP CHANGI ROAD EAST 16 JLN BOON LAY 39 UPP SERANGOON RD 17 JLN BUROH 40 UPP THOMSON RD 18 JURONG TOWN HALL RD 41 WEST COAST HIGHWAY 19 JURONG ISLAND HIGHWAY 42 WOODLANDS AVE 2 20 KALLANG RD 43 YISHUN AVE 6 21 KJE 44 YISHUN AVE 7 22 LENTOR AVE 45 YIO CHU KANG RD 23 LORNIE RD
  14. Was planning to get a 5-room BTO this year as my current flat will MOP soon. Was thinking that the new income ceiling came in just nice... until my boss just suddenly gave a pay increment which puts my wife and me just a couple of hundred of dollars over the salary ceiling for BTO. Can I still appeal and has anyone in my circumstances successfully appealed to HDB before?
  15. Gana speeding @ SLE towards BKE. Deduct 4 points plus $130 dollar exceeded 1-20KM on 90KM/hr Really ridiculous leh. 100KM also considered speeding.. like as if singaporean don't drive beyond 100KM/HR at expressway.. PUI!!
  16. I am writing to appeal for witnesses to a hit and run accident i am involved in. It happened this afternoon 14/7 along Tuas South Ave 4 ~4:30pm. A silver colored lorry cut out into the extreme right lane that i was travelling along. As a result it banged into my left fender and the lorry continued on its way while I was stopped by the road. It happened so fast and when I wanted to go after the lorry it was lost in the traffic.. Didnt manage to capture the car plate number... Really appreciate if anyone can assist.. thank you
  17. Posting for a friend of mine (not a member here) whose car got hit (n run) by a blue Cabstar lorry last night at 11.30pm before the Shell petrol station near CCK Lot 1- see map. This happened when he signal to turn into the petrol station when the cabstar suddenly came from behind and smashed into his car (see pic of the damage car). The cabstar slow down and my friend thought the driver going to stop but it just speed up and drove off. He didn't get to see the license plate as he thought the lorry was stopping hence never pay attention to that. Now we hope that someone could have driven pass the scene last night and capture the number plate of the lorry (look like the pic below but in blue). Police report has been made.
  18. about 1-2 years back, i encountered something similar with a LTA enforcement officer. I stopped at a roadside with engine and hazard light on to pass an envelope to my client who was waiting at the pedestrian walkway. My back was facing my car less than 2 metres away, this LTA enforcement officer(outsourced type) suddenly came by and immediately stopped his bike in front of my car and started keying into his handheld system. My client told me about it and i quickly approached him. This is all less than maybe 1 min? I spoke to the officer very nicely, saying my engine and hazard light was on, i was just beside the car. I ask if he saw me beside the car, he replied yes. Then why am i summoned for parking? TRAFFIC ACT CHAPTER 276: “PARK” means to bring a motor vehicle or a trailer to a stationary position and cause it to wait for any purpose other than that of immediately taking up or setting down persons, goods or luggage. He just smile back at me sarcastically and asked me to go and try to appeal. Then i took a video with him admitting that i was beside the car and HE SAW ME THERE. (since he asked me to appeal, i want to have some evidence to back up my story) I wrote in to appeal but rejected with the following reason "We have consulted the involved officer and that an offence have been committed." This is with me stating that i have all the photo and video evidences of the said incident. I was really busy that period, i did not follow up and just paid the fine. It is not about the money, but you should have seen the look on that guy face...
  19. Dear all, I am posting this on behalf of a friend. We are appealing for witnesses for an accident involving a BMW and an Altis at the junction of Sengkang West Avenue and Sengkang West Road that happened on 02 Oct 2015 at around 0830am. Could anyone who had witnessed the accident or have footage of the accident please contact me by dropping me a message? We are looking for the truth. An image of the junction is as follows: Your help wil be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  20. Dear All, I'm posting on behalf of my colleague who was involved in a hit and run accident. Till today after report TP, TP say camera at junction is too blur could not capture the details of the car and no news of the bugger. However, if someone had died, i think IMO it will be a different story. Any way car was in workshop for a week and had to pat excess $800 for damage before claims. Hope someone here can really help and NAIL the bugger coz he may really kill someone on the road Below is her account..... I am writing to you, appealing for witnesses or any information with regard to a hit-and-run accident that I was involved in. I was involved in a hit-and-run accident on 18/9/2015 at about 10.25pm. I was travelling along AMK Ave 10 and at the cross junction of AMK Ave 10 and AMK Ave 3, a light/cream/silver coloured car turned right while I was intending to go straight. The traffic light was not in his/her favour and he/she hit the left side of my vehicle while turning right. That car stopped along AMK Ave 3 and did not come forward to talk to me. I parked along AMK Ave 10 and about 3 minutes later, the car drove back along AMK Ave 3, probably to see whether I was dead, and decided to U-turn and drive off. I know there were motorists and pedestrians who had witnessed the accident. Unfortunately, I did not manage to catch the full car plate number. However, I managed to catch half of it and it ends with 4984A. His/her left side of the car is probably seriously damaged as well. I think there are red scratches all the way from the front to the back when I saw him/her making the U-turn. Please, if your workshop or you know of anyone repairing this car, please inform me. Please come forward if you have any information. You can contact me at 9773 4498. I hope that you can understand the feelings that I am going through and that I or my passenger could have been seriously injured in this accident. Personally, the most important thing now is to get this person and be held accountable for the accident that he had caused. I have attached the photo of my damaged car and the Chinese newspaper article that reported my accident. Please, forward this email around. Help me catch this guy. Your help is greatly appreciated, even if you just forward this message. Thank you. Regards, Michelle
  21. Dear MCF bros, Got into an accident with a comfort taxi this evening (12th February 2015) at approx 1940 hrs at the intersection of Irrawaddy Road and Thomson Road, within the yellow box. Would like to appeal for anyone who may have witnessed the accident and/or have captured this in your in-car camera, to come forward for assistance, please. My camera has chosen very conveniently to fail on me in this instance. Mods - Please shift this to an appropriate section if this isn't the right one. Thanks! Best Regards, Leslie Lai
  22. Secondary 1 posting results are out today! Hopefully your children got a school of their choice. If they did not and you intend to appeal, check out this link for some useful tips. http://edumatters.sg/sec-1-posting-appeals-things-you-should-know/ Good luck and all the best everyone!
  23. I am posting this appeal for witness on behalf of @sgcmlycan. Hopefully someone who has witnessed or recording of the event can step forward and render assistance.
  24. I can imagine the gossiping and chatter in this town that will drive me crazy...
  25. REPOSTING for forummer SallyChiang: Seeking help and eye witness or those ppl who have videos cam in front of the cars... I had a car accident today along west coast road and clementi ave 2 cross junction. the taxi driver to turn back his words and claim he did not beat the red traffic lights and hit my car while i saw green light before turning right and got hit the the taxi heading straight... i don't have any videos and eye witness at that point of time. Will the taxi driver delete away the video clips on his car ?