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Found 9 results

  1. Want to see the shocking moment when a Honda Civic driver abruptly swerves between lanes on the causeway resulting in an accident? Watch the video below! This driver has managed to do it all. After realizing he was going into the wrong lane, this 'gundu' swerved abruptly into a bus after forgetting to check his blind spot. One really wonders how he managed to get his license. The bus was pushed off course in which the Civic driver then managed to hit both the road divider AND almost crash into a motorcyclist after abruptly swerving back into his original lane again.
  2. No, it's not clickbait! The Cerato drove right into the motorist and sends him sprawling from shock and the impact. This happened on 20th January, on the west coast highway, The Cerato driver obviously had his eyes on the wheel, apparently, given how he drove right into the motorist. Who would've thought that this day would come? That we'd actually see an idi*t blatantly driving into someone else. I braced myself watching this and felt my heart wrench into anxious anticipation of what could happen LOL. My guess is that the driver was either irresponsibly texting,
  3. Hi Brothers and Sisters, Need your advice. Just met an accident recently. The other driver took photo of my driving license. However, the other driver only gave me his membership card for photo taking. His membership has his photo but his NRIC number is incomplete, eg: S78xxxx55E. So far, the info I had collected from him is his membership card photo and phone number. I had make a report at one of my insurer's workshop. 1. May I know whether we should provide the real driving license for other party to take photo at the accident site? If not, a membership card also ok? 2.
  4. Dear All, I'm posting on behalf of my colleague who was involved in a hit and run accident. Till today after report TP, TP say camera at junction is too blur could not capture the details of the car and no news of the bugger. However, if someone had died, i think IMO it will be a different story. Any way car was in workshop for a week and had to pat excess $800 for damage before claims. Hope someone here can really help and NAIL the bugger coz he may really kill someone on the road Below is her account..... I am writing to you, appealing for witnesses or any informati
  5. Was on the way to Changi airport yst to pick up relatives. Saw a accident involving taxis and private car. The road along the airport is quite a mess now. If you drive to airport once in a blue moon, better watch out. The road has become hazardous particularly with the long queues of taxi IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. This is due to the relocation of terminal 1's taxi arrival and car park. And I'm sure the accident I saw wasn't the first nor the last. Pls drive cautiously slow upon sight of airport.
  6. Drink driving? Speeding? RIP to the lorry driver. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/lorry-driver-dies-volkswagen-driver-arrested-after-morning-crash-on-bke The New Paper Wednesday, Dec 24, 2014 A collision between a lorry and a sports car yesterday morning left one driver dead and the other arrested. The accident happened at about 3am on a slip road on Bukit Timah Expressway towards Woodlands. It is not known how the two vehicles collided. The impact was so great that the lorry spun a few times before stopping, Lianhe Wanbao reported.
  7. anybody has any idea how to claim diminished value after car is repaired. Let's say to claim against the 3rd party.
  8. SYF77

    Road death

    According to a report issued by the Campaign for Global Road Safety, someone is killed or seriously injured in a traffic accident every six seconds. In addition, some 3,500 people are killed in car crashes every day. This means traffic fatalities are a global epidemic on par with malaria and tuberculosis, according to the report. Every year, some 1.3 million road deaths happen globally, and they are the No. 1 global cause of deaths for young people aged between 10 to 24. Approximately 260,000 children die in car accidents annually, according to the World Health Organization. "The epi
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