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  1. You are right. We cannot judge he is sober or drunk. Just claim insurance from the other party is win-win. Both can claim the damage from insurance company.
  2. If the fault is not from you, the NCD will remained at 50%. If the fault is you, the NCD will reduce to 20% for first accident. NCD will be 0% for the next accident.
  3. Maybe you are right. Normally insurer will give the best offer to new customer. All promo are exclusive for new customers only.
  4. They can get 1 new loyal customer. I never change insurer since I owned a car.
  5. I do not know what is the formal name for this. I called other insurer, they able to know my NCD is 20%.
  6. If current insurer is "good", I would not ask this question here. Lol. They give me NCD50% but raise my premium...
  7. My question is about the NCD status for 2021 if I renew my insurance in 2020. If it will change to 50%, I will renew with current insurer. If it will change to 30%, might as well change to other insurer now.
  8. Ya. Manage to find other insurer which are cheaper even with 20% NCD. Just think to maintain my NCD 50%. I got NCD50% for more than 10 years already. Feel wasted it will change to 20% if I switch insurer.
  9. NCD protector is non-transferrable to other insurer. Once you made a claim, current insurer will revise your NCD from 50% to 20% in the NCD bank. This NCD info is shared among insurers. It will force you to renew with current insurer to maintain NCD 50%.
  10. Just realize after paying NCD protector for so many years... Other insurer is few hundred cheaper even with 20% NCD. The current insurer is 30% more even with 50% NCD!
  11. Hi All, Needing advice from you guys. I met an accident last year. It was my fault. The claim amount is around $4k and settled by my current insurer. Good news is my policy has NCD protector. NCD still keep at 50%. Bad news is the premium increase by 30% For 2020, if I switch to other insurer , the NCD will reset to 20%. I need a few years to restore to 50%. For 2020, if I renew insurance with my current insurer, NCD will keep at 50% for current insurer. For 2021, if i purchase new policy from other insurer, the NCD will restore to 50% for other insurer?
  12. iphone8

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    Feel the same. Better than last year.
  13. iphone8

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Hi, Last week, I encountered the front car insufficient touch-n-go value and struck. He asked me to tap for him. Finally, I did not tap for him because the staff came to tap for him. If I tap for him, would I struck because touch-n-go not allow multiple tap?
  14. iphone8

    i Wake Up Naked Today Morning

    Try to read in hokkien
  15. iphone8

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I am waiting for Oct to see if they will implement VEP on schedule. Based on problems we are facing, very high possibility that VEP will delayed again.