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Found 38 results

  1. Hi Brothers and Sisters, Need your advice. Just met an accident recently. The other driver took photo of my driving license. However, the other driver only gave me his membership card for photo taking. His membership has his photo but his NRIC number is incomplete, eg: S78xxxx55E. So far, the info I had collected from him is his membership card photo and phone number. I had make a report at one of my insurer's workshop. 1. May I know whether we should provide the real driving license for other party to take photo at the accident site? If not, a membership card also ok? 2. What is the info that we should collected from other party at the accident site?
  2. Money-changing goes high-tech with an ATM SINGAPORE: Tasked to go on a last-minute overseas trip, former bank executive Andy Tang tried to find a money changer that was open and near his home late at night, but was unable to do so. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/money-changing-high-tech-atm-heartlands-kovan-fx-buddy-11477902 Any one here tried exchanging $$$ at this ATM?
  3. Motorists with unused parking coupons which expire on Dec 31 can exchange them for new ones, said the Housing Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in a statement on Thursday. This can be done during office hours from Jan 2 next year at all HDB branches and service centres and the URA customer service centre in Maxwell Road. The coupons cannot be exchanged at other sales outlets like petrol stations, shops and post offices. For further enquiries, call HDB at 1800-225-5432 or URA Car Parks Division at 6329-3434. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/exchange-unused-and-expired-hdb-and-ura-parking-coupons-20131226
  4. Deleted Use the marketplace or other channels
  5. Hi all handsome bros and pretty sis, Anyone knows of any good money changer with very very very ''no horse run'' buying rates e.g. exchanging sing dollar to us dollar. Appreciate your great help! Thanks, XOXO! Love, Rochelle.
  6. Smoothscott

    Lodging in Sciences Po University

    Good evening everybody I would like to know if anybody have been to Sciences Po Paris Campus as a student/post-graduate/exchange, or spend a term there. Would like to find out more about the lodging options there as the university does not provide any lodging. Thanks in advance!
  7. Bought the salah type of coolant today from Lee Sun. Wanted the normal Thai made red long life coolant but they gave me the US made pink super long life coolant. Any kind souls here that wanna exchange with the Long life type? Do drop me a PM.
  8. It's finally happened. Bitcoin has always been (rightly) perceived as a threat to the establishment since it became popular. The banks and governments of the world cannot control (or "regulate", to put it euphemistically) a decentralised currency. Loss of control is loss of power, and this is something they fear above all else. The US government is shutting down Bitcoin to protect its own narrow, selfish interest. It has nothing to do with protecting the interests of the people. I've never trusted the US government (I mistrust all governments on general principle, but the US government has given me a lot more reason to mistrust it), so this takedown by the DHS was a foregone conclusion to my mind. Bitcoin, apart from its many legitimate uses, is also used on sites like The Silk Road, which provides access to illegal services. The Feds have probably had a devil of a time trying to shut it down, without success - because of the decentralised nature of the deep web on which The Silk Road resides. They can't shut down the principal currency either: BitCoin is also protected by its decentralisation. However, they can (and now have) gone after the soft target - the point at which BitCoin is exchanged into "common" currency - the US dollar. That's always been the one vulnerability in the whole system. If people stop using "common currency" and switch over entirely to BitCoin or similar decentralised cryptocurrency, the governments of the world would completely lose their stranglehold over time. Don't think of this as anarchy. Think of it as the dawn of responsible government and true democracy. I don't have to quote the line from "V for Vendetta", do I? EDIT: The news is apparently 2 months old, but I just heard about it. I apologise if it's been posted before, if so mods please merge.
  9. http://poachedmag.com/2013/07/01/hello-fellatio/ click on link, as per subject.
  10. many owners tend to get tired of their rides after few years. instead of trading in to dealers at paper value, how abt exchanging cars among MCFers? (with proper paper work on ownership transfer,etc) any short-change can be top up in $$$ by either party. juz a thought. u guys think its possible? coz unlike other car forum, mcf hv all makes/brands that make this place very unique.
  11. Phluvcat

    Diecasts for Sale / Exchange Thread

    For the first phase, letting go some of my Autoart Skylines. They are all 1:18 R34s in various versions and some samples are shown as in this post. R34s have normal ones, V-Spec and V-Spec II, silver have normal silver or sparkling silver, jave the JGTC sealed-body type. So depends which exact model you are looking for. Also got the Z-tune which I think very rare, together with the Gran Turismo decal one. Expect higher price for them. I also have some 1:43 Ebbros Skylines, also R34s. I dun mind if you propose to exchange if as long as we can agree. Also have UT Ferraris, Porsches, Exotos, Hotwheels, etc but want to clear the Skylines first so I have an easier time to reach the rest but can check with me if I have any particular models. If anyone into Yamato Valkyries, letting go too, mostly 1:48 scales. But bear with me, I need time to dig them out as just moved and I sort of cannot remember exactly what I have and where I shifted them. Regards. Edit: Boxes may be dented and not in good condition but model inside is in good condition, they are all not display set. My house not so big enough to display so many things.
  12. i am quite amazed by ppl who goes around singapore or website asking for the best exhcange rate to foreign currency. I never do that as i don change in millions. i am not sure if it is worth the effort or going to a further place just to get that extra few cents worth. what is your take?
  13. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1185944/1/.html PAP MP in sharp exchange with new NMP over Hougang by-election Posted: 29 February 2012 0700 hrs SINGAPORE: The debate over when the Prime Minister should call a by-election in the vacant ward of Hougang has sparked a sharp exchange between Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP Hri Kumar and new Nominated MP Eugene Tan. Over the last nine days, Mr Hri Kumar, a Senior Counsel, and Assistant Professor Tan, a law lecturer at the Singapore Management University, have written to Today trading legal arguments and personal views on the issue. The exchange was triggered by a commentary by Asst Prof Tan published in this newspaper on Feb 20. This sparked a robust response from Mr Hri Kumar, which in turn drew a reply from Asst Prof Tan. The latest salvo was another reply on Tuesday from Mr Hri Kumar. In his latest letter published in the newspaper's Voices Section on Wednesday, Mr Hri Kumar reiterated that when a General Election or a by-election is to be called is "entirely at the discretion of the Prime Minister. There is no obligation to call an immediate by-election." Mr Hri Kumar added: "Contrary to what (Asst Prof Tan) wrote, Article 49 of the Constitution does not say that an election shall be 'called' to fill a vacant seat. It simply prescribes that the vacant seat 'shall be filled by election'." Asst Prof Tan had argued in a letter published on Feb 28 that the PM's "discretionary power vis-a-vis by-elections is not an unfettered one". He wrote: "The PM should explain if he decides against or delays for an extended period of time calling a by-election. This accords with accountability and transparency. It assures Singaporeans that his decision is not based on narrow party interests." THE COMMENTARY THAT TRIGGERED THE EXCHANGE Asst Prof Tan had first called on the government to state its reasons, if it decides to delay or not to hold a by-election in Hougang, in his commentary published on Feb 20. He wrote: "While the Prime Minister has the prerogative on the timing, I would argue that this does not extend to his having an unfettered discretion to delay the calling of a by-election indefinitely. "In most instances, it has to be called within a reasonable time, or certainly without an inordinate delay. In short, the 'default' position should be that a by-election should be automatic, although there is no hard and fast rule on the timing." Asst Prof Tan's commentary invited a robust response from Mr Hri Kumar a few days later, on Feb 24. Mr Hri Kumar argued there is "a reason the Singapore Constitution does not prescribe any time limit to call a by-election". Mr Hri Kumar said: "Our parliamentary democracy is based on the principle that elections are fundamentally about voters choosing between different political parties to lead the country, rather than between individual candidates standing in a constituency. In general elections, the issue is which party should form the government." He added: "Hence, under our system, if any Member of Parliament (MP) resigns or is expelled from his party, he loses his seat because voters had elected him as a representative of his party." WP VOTED AGAINST BY-ELECTION MOTION In his latest letter, Mr Hri Kumar also pointed out that the Workers' Party had voted with the People's Action Party to defeat a motion in 2008 - proposed by two Nominated MPs - that suggested, among other things, mandated by-elections be called within three months from the date an MP vacates his seat. Mr Hri Kumar noted that the WP voted this way after its two MPs then - WP secretary-general Low Thia Khiang and party chair Sylvia Lim - had tried unsuccessfully to amend the motion to call for the Group Representation Constituency system to be abolished. The WP's stance was also discussed on Tuesday on WP MP Pritam Singh's Facebook page, with some Facebook users questioning why the Opposition party voted against the motion. Mr Singh replied that WP did so because the motion "entrenches the GRC system, something the WP is fundamentally against". Ms Lim had supported the proposal to have a three-month time-frame for by-elections, Mr Singh noted. Responding to a Facebook user, Mr Singh explained that MPs "can't agree with half a motion". - TODAY
  14. looking for exchange IK-F ROTA orginal 18" rim with advan sport tires to japan orginal 17"rim sms to 86171361 http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y12/yilong/rim/IMG_0350.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y12/yilong/rim/IMG_0351.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y12/yilong/rim/IMG_0352.jpg
  15. Benjamin00000

    Armani Exchange Watch

    Hi I'm currently looking for the Armani Exchange Watch Model AX3089 Lady Black Chain. been to a few shops but they said no more stock. Does anyone here know or has any lobang on where to get the watch?? or does anyone know is there any agent for Armani watches in SG?? Thank you
  16. Babyt

    Company Xmas Gift Exchange

    we had our company gift exchange today. budget is min. $10. my colleague received an old 512MB thumbdrive, rusty and brown in a brownish box. looks like a door gift another colleague received an old looking photo frame packed in a brownish dirty box. for the latter, another colleague received a $10 hagen daz vouchor, exchanged w the old photo frame citing she likes old thing! come to think of it, she is so kind to exchange and i wonder if that colleague picked up her old photo frame! lol Some ppl really too much...give trash as present really spolit ppl mood. i got myself a huge candle...either its recycled or the person cant be bothered to buy something more meaningful or at least more wacky. candle? to wax my leg hair or to SM myself w wax at night?!
  17. Can any bro explain why the exchange rate for RM$ here is better than in JB? I saw the exchange rate for RM$ at Eastpoint money changer this morn at $231.50 but when I went to JB City Square this afternn, it was $230. Strange rite, all along I thought the rate in Msia is higher. Is it due to the fact that there are too much RM$ in sg becos many Msian gambler brought them over to sg casino.
  18. Hi guys...I was knock on the left side by another vehicle from right...he was at the motocycle lane on the bridge into woodlands check point coming into my lane. He refuse to give particular and drove off while i went to to car to take my phone to take picture. I have reported to insuarance. What are the chances of this?
  19. Was just browsing through our MCF sgcarstore, and saw this watch...http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=4083 $28,000!!! Wah, can buy a 2nd-hand car already. Look at the other items the seller is selling : http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;ppuser=68312 Two 2nd-hand $13,000 Hermes handbags??!!! [knife] MCF does attract some rich people!
  20. Anyone is into the Singapore Exchange? Was thinking of playing for lesiure though. How do we go about registering any tips on it? What are the other possible form of investments? thanks
  21. Besides Change Alley, any good place to shop for competitive rates for Malaysian Ringgit? Thank you.
  22. i still have a few unused coupons bought in 07, which only has year 07,08,09 on it, can exchange to newer one at post office? or have to go to LTA...troublesome if so...
  23. Any IT gurus here know of any commercial email software that is equivalent to Microsoft Exchange in term of features and functions and is affordable. Thank you very much. Regards,
  24. Anakin

    US dollar exchange rate

    Not talking about BIG scale forex but just normal exchange rates for travel purpose or pasar talk only. Looking at it, the USD has been going up & down against SGD over the month or so from 1.5+ to ~ 1.46 recently. I wonder how will it go this month? Down somemore or up again? Thinking of when to change money for the June holiday travels ...
  25. I went shopping recently and came across a Courts at Jurong Point. I saw this policy they provided is something attractive ie. they will replace the product straight away for a new one if the item has been repaired on the 4th time if sign up their warranty plan. I heard someone told me that once the warranty period is over soon, you can just make the electronic device you bought faulty and get it replaced. I wonder is there really such a good deal? How do Courts survive like that? Can someone advise?