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Found 25 results

  1. Discoburg

    Charge by distance erp

  2. Hi Any contacts for above rental? Or anyone willing to help? Just need like half hour or so at your convenience anytime tomorrow to transport just 1 bulky but very light item (my new roof headliner so can't fit into my small car) for a short distance from spare parts shop to my home nearby. Tks
  3. Long Distance Driving Tips Heading for the highway With the June holidays around the corner The Highway offers you and your family some crucial pointers on preparing both yourself and your car for long distance haul, whether its just across the Causeway or even further afield. Things to check before a long trip Tyres Check if the tyre treads are still good - there should be a minimum of between 2-3mm thread depth. A thread wear indicator is a raised part of the tread that will appear when the thread is reaching its minimum safe tread depth. On most cars the front tyres will wear out faster than the rear ones. If they have about 5,000km on them, it might be good to have them rotated with the rear tyres. Tyres should be rotated every 5,000 to 10,000km in order for all four tyres to wear evenly. Note: on some high-performance models, the rear tyres will be a different size to the front tyres. In this instance the tyres should never be swapped over. Always check that front and rear tyres are the same size before rotation. Remember to check that the spare tyre is useable - it tends to be forgotten until it needs to be used - by which time it's too late. It should be under slightly more pressure than the other four tyres. The owner's manual should have the recommended pressures for each tyre, including the spare. Always set the tyre pressures when cold to ensure the correct inflation pressures. Engine Long distance driving is actually less taxing on an engine than stop and go city traffic. Even so, if it hasn't been serviced for a while, it would be wise to bring the car in for a check-up. Another thing to look out for might be the condition of the various rubber hoses - if they are soft and swollen, they should be changed before they burst. Other things to look into are levels for coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and the windscreen washer reservoir. If you are not mechanically familiar with your vehicle, the AA offers a comprehensive pre-trip vehicle inspection for you. Emergency Equipment Anyone driving along a highway must have is a reflective warning triangle. Should a car breakdown, you should pull over to the road shoulder and deploy the triangle at least 60m behind the car - more if you can safely do so. It should be placed far enough to allow the other cars to reduce speed and avoid your car. Also remember to get all the passengers out of the car and off the highway. Other things that might come in handy include a can of tyre foam, a multi-purpose flashlight that includes a blinker, and an empty emergency petrol can. Should you suffer a breadown, remember that as AAS members, you have access to the services of AA (Malaysia) when you are across the Causeway. Call their toll free 24-hour emergency hotline at 1800 880 808 for assistance or advice on the location if the nearest approved workshop. More details are available on the internet at www.aas.com.sg. Pre-Trip Health Inspection Basic checks you should always carry out on your car before a long distance trip. Headlights Carry spare headlight bulbs and ensure main beam and dip are working. Engine Check fluid levels for coolant, brakes, power steering and windscreen washer. Tyres and Wheels Ensure no sharp objects are embedded and tread is at least 2mm deep. Baby Seat Should be securely fastened. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Petrol Have at least 3/4 tank filled before reaching Singapore customs. Overseas driving tips Take frequent breaks Most Singaporeans are not used to long distance driving as we don't get much exposure to journeys longer than an hour. In most instances highway driving is quite a monotonous activity and spending many hours behind the wheel puts a tremendous strain on the driver. If there is a single designated driver, make frequent rest stops, and someone should be assigned to keep the driver alert and entertained. Not all highways are equal Most of us are used to the PIE or CTE, which are wide and well-lit, but this may not be the case for highways outside the major city areas overseas. Because of night lighting is often poor or non-existent, try to avoid doing any long distance driving at night. Beware of jetlag Jumping into a rented car immediately after a 12-hour intercontinental flight is not a good idea. The combination of jetlag, unfamiliar roads and the unfamiliarity of the car increase the chances of an accident happening. It is probably more prudent to take a taxi or airport limousine to one's hotel immediately after the flight, and collecting the rental car after a night's rest. A handy rule of thumb for overcoming jetlag is that it takes one day for every timezone crossed. This means if the time difference between Singapore and London is seven hours, it will take seven days for one's body to fully recover. Few of us will have the luxury of this time frame to adjust our body clocks, so caffeine and exposure to sunlight are some of the more popular short cuts that people used to adjust their body clocks. Getting prepared Try to do some research before embarking on a long distance drive. The information one gets from maps and guidebooks of the place you are going to visit seldom goes to waste. A host of maps are available from the AA. More often than not, there may trains or buses to most locations you want to visit. Whenever possible, renting a car should be limited to local drives to out-of-the-way locations. Should you be driving, the AA has offices all over the world which can help one to plan suitable itineraries and driving routes. Using the right rubber Save fuel with the right tyre To really stretch the fuel dollar and get the most mileage from each tank of petrol, you should consider installing energy conserving tyres, otherwise known as tyres with low rolling resistance. Not only do these tyres save fuel, they are also designed to last longer than normal. Here are just some low rolling resistance tyres worth considering: Bridgestone Turanza GR-80 The successor to the popular Turanza GR-50, the GR-80 boasts a tread pattern that is specifically designed to suppress vibration and noise from the road surface. This tyre also uses AQ Donut II technology, which consists of a unique compound that promotes wet handling and improves durability. Michelin XM1 Apart from being a quiet and comfortable tyre, the XM1 uses Michelin's Energy Green X compound to allow it to have low rolling resistance. Michelin claims that cars fitted with this tyre will save about two litres of fuel for every 1000 kilometres travelled. Also, the XM1's generous silica content should provide first-class wet performance and excellent longevity. Pirelli P3000 Energy The P3000 Energy is a "green" tyre that is like no other. It not only promotes better fuel consumption, but Pirelli also managed to place it in the "T" speed rating (up to 190km/h) segment, which is a rarity for this kind of tyre. This incredible performance is due to the development a the newly developed tread compund and pattern. Those seeking for a tyre that is capable of providing both performance and fuel-saving benefits should give the P3000 a try. Passion for Performance On the other side of the spectrum, a long distance drive may be an excuse to really push your car to the limit. For these performance enthusiasts gripping power and high-speed stability are paramount, and fuel efficiency, longevity and noise are secondary. Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position Jam-packed with Bridgestone's technical know-how from their Formula One racing experience, their flagship Potenza S-03 is one of the top players in the ultra-high performance tyre category. By applying the AQ Donut II technology, the S-03 has better straight-line stability and a consistent surface contact that enhances both wet and dry handling. Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Hoping to continue the success of the Pilot Sport, the second-generation Pilot Sport is a completely new tyre from its predecessor. It has a more rigid construction, softer compound and a reduced grooved tread pattern for better contact patch and more responsive handling. The VCP (Variable Contact Patch) system allows the rubber contact area to increase during cornering, while the asymmetric tread pattern should provide outstanding wet and dry handling. Pirelli P Zero Rosso "Zero" refers to zero limit or no limit, and the "Rosso" name is there because it symbolises the love of driving fast cars. By formulating some of the most technologically advanced ingredients for the tread compound, the P Zero Rosso is circuit-ready and should also provide excellent performance in the wet also. Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini are some of the manufacturers that equip their cars with the P Zero Rosso from the factory. If you can afford it . . . For drivers who are willing to invest a bit more money, a long distance trip might be a good excuse to install the following equipment: Ttinted window film For long drives, the full-strength of the equatorial sun beating down on a car can turn its interior into a green house. The installation of a window film can help to significantly reduce the heat penetration into the passenger compartment and reduce the glare of the sun. As the airconditioning has less work to do to cool the car down, there could be a fuel savings of about 3% on fuel. Note: Ensure the film you purchase is accepted by the LTA's Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING). Legally, the light transmission for the front windescreen and two passenger windows must be at least 70% and the rear windscreen and passenger windows must be at least 50%. Automatic fire extinguisher An automatic fire extinguisher containing a fire suppression agent can be installed directly around the engine. If and when a fire occurs, a pressurised canister of halotron gas will be released, absorbing the surrounding oxygen and extinguishing the flame. The extinguisher system is completely self-contained and requires no external wiring or electrical supply. In-Car Entertainment Passengers - especially children - easily get restless when in the car for an extended period of time. You might want to consider installing an in-car entertainment system that can play DVDs and VCDs in addition to conventional CDs and radio. There are many of these kinds of systems to choose from now, such as the Blaupunkt IVDM-7002 with its built-in 7-inch screen to save you the hassle and additional expense of separate monitors. What do all those signs mean . . . Malaysian road signs aren't all in convenient English - many are written in Bahasa Melayu. DOn't drive ignorantly into danger. Stay safe by learning what these signs mean - take this guide on your holiday trip with you. THANKS TO AA
  4. OK lets see if keeping a safe distance helps in reducing being involved in front to rear accidents. Please try to be honest.
  5. Something I always wanted to clarify. My understanding of the _practical_ purpose of putting BBK is this. 1.) Unless your stock brakes are worn out or piss poor, BBKs do NOT improve stopping distance. If your stock brakes can cause the ABS to activate when you stomp hard, having stronger/better brakes would not change anything. Since your stock brakes already exceed the limits of the tyres. In fact, if the BBK brake bias is not set up properly, you could end up with worse stopping distance. 2.) What BBKs can do, is to improve pedal feel and for those who track or drive hard, improve heat soak and dissipation. e.g. 1st time stop, BBK and Stock is the same, 2nd time, also same, but after a few repeat hard brakes, the stock might overheat and become spongy and it is here that the BBK would outperform the stock brakes. So is it correct to say that, unless you are tracking your car or driving and braking hard for extended period, BBKs do not improve your stopping distance?
  6. i am quite amazed by ppl who goes around singapore or website asking for the best exhcange rate to foreign currency. I never do that as i don change in millions. i am not sure if it is worth the effort or going to a further place just to get that extra few cents worth. what is your take?
  7. now rainy season, best to change to new tyres if tread depth is shallow.
  8. Wanna know bro/sis can provide the info. What is the furthest distance your drove in one leg ( ONLY driver ), for petrol refilling , toilet and meal break, that's it. Napping no count. The total km continuously and the total time taken.
  9. As above subject. Thank You.
  10. Philipkee

    Question about distance based fares

    The question is Are you paying for the distance between your start and end destination or the distance of the route? For example only Woodlands to Changi Airport a)Assume distance between the two places is 10 km. b)If I take bus 858 (direct route by TPE) distance is about 12 km by road. c)If I take MRT, distance is 20 km since transfer at city hall. So by distance based fare, do I pay for the distance between the two destinations a) or do I pay for the distance travelled b) and c) Cos if a) then definitely save money. If b) and c) then potentially spend more because sometimes, indirect route might be faster or offer more opportunities to rest. The if u throw in feeder and the feeder goes a roundabout route to ur place, u spend more also because the fare is on distance travelled and not the physical distance between your bus stop and the terminal. Can anyone educate me on how distance fare works?
  11. For example, one STI owner mods to about 500-600bhp but he still has the 50L tank.. How would he tahan the drive to malaysian assuming he has the dough for the gas? Isnt it very troublesome to stop at every gas station u see just to get it up to full tank?
  12. As above. need advise as i feel like changing car. Thanks
  13. Dedicated to all bro & sis preparing for Standard Chartered Marathon..... IRON MAIDEN - The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukVNqJztsDo...feature=related Read the lyrics
  14. Kungfu

    Distance Finder

    Hi, Any experts know of any website to calculate the distance between 2 postal code,cause need to claim transport fare for car. Cannot seem to find any or any software great in this
  15. Source: http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/Motor...510-140405.html what a load of BullSh*t ! Can you guys imagine bankers and all those suits cycling around Shenton? And if they really wanted to discourage car ownership, wouldnt the BEST way be just to make COE back to the highs of 30-40k ? there weren't congestions back then like today :) and what the crap is with each road having no more than 2 buses!!! hey if we had 100k COES next month onwards than perhaps this is possible
  16. I no longer have any gym facility to use and am running the roads more. Problem is, it's very difficult to guage your distance unless you run on a route where you can drive to measure the distance. Am considering to get one of those watches that can do the above. I've come across Polar 200sd and the other higher Polar models. But it seem 200sd is the most economical but still costing something like usd250. Locally, it cost even more. I also thought of getting the Nike plus system as i already have the shoe. But the Nike shop told me all the stocks have been recalled as there's been a lot of complains for the 1st batch. Anyone out there have used such a gadget? Is the 200sd a weight on your wrist? How about the Pod that you attach to your shoe? Any other brands that i can consider? Tks in advance.
  17. After months/years of speculation, we are going to get this soon? http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../387827/1/.html
  18. What is the longest distance your car have travelled on free gear, if you ever do that? The longest that I have let my car rolled on free gear, without touching the accelerator, was between 8 and 10 km on the karak hwy from genting direction on many ocassions. In Sg at most I could get was no more than 2 km down BS bridge to fort road. Have done that on my manual as well as my auto cars. Dont worry about all that talk of spoiling the gear transmission if you are not using your car till scraped. My last 2 cars was 135,000 km and 129,000 km when I changed them near the 5th year with no problems.
  19. Moonyue

    SIA long distance flight

    Mistake for SIA to opt for all-business flights I READ with dismay that Singapore Airlines is converting its daily direct flights to Los Angeles and New York to all-business class flights. It is eliminating the popular 'executive economy' section of these direct flights. I read in The Business Times that with the conversion of these flights to full business class, economy-class travellers will have to take the Singapore-Frankfurt-New York route, or fly to LA via either Tokyo or Taipei on its B747-400 planes. I hope SIA management does not agree with the writer of the BT article. Economy-class travellers could just as easily turn to other airlines. I started to fly with SIA because of those flights. I happily paid a premium because of both the executive economy class and the direct flight. I, for one, won't pay more than what other decent carriers charge if both those options are not available from SIA. It may still be the best business decision for SIA, but it should not make the erroneous assumption that it will retain all its customers. Michael S. Smith ------------------------------ This appeared in the forum last week. Anybody here was affected by this move? Most of those whom I know take the executive economy seats are students. The difference between a business class seat and a economy class seat is almost $9000! SIA can earn quite a lot from this move.
  20. How come this taxi fare is so ex And when doing a search, the distance should be 22km
  21. Yesterday, I was carrying a load of 4 people in my car, one quite big size colleague and 2 ladies, one petite and the other quite medium built. I was travelling at a normal speed of 60 Km/h and one car length from a lorry in front of me. Suddenly at the turn of the junction, the lorry jam brake...I also jam brake....To my horror, I discovered that my car did not react as swiftly as I expect and it moved so closely to the lorry in front (which was already stationary) before it eventually stopped. I thought kena liao. I alighted my ride and checked. It was only a few fingers, about 3 fingers to my estimation, between my front bumper and the lorry's rear body. After that, on my way home, I tried to test my brakes....This time round, the car managed to brake effectively.... I dunno what is wrong....Car too heavy will affect the braking distance? I am using original brake pads and just changed my brake pads not too long ago.... Very confused and perplexed...
  22. This question sounds stupid but if you are approaching an unfamiliar traffic junction at night, you may understand what I mean. After driving about one month, I realized that not all traffic junctions have "Right-turn Arrow". Oredi experienced two times dangerous situation when I tot there would be a right-turn green (even blinking) arrow after the going straight light just became red, but actually was not. End up e-jam brake.
  23. Some questions for the gurus here... Is there a maximum acceptable distance a Powercap can be from the amp? Here's my current situation, my amps and power caps are under my seats but the rear passengers are kicking the caps...so i intend to shift the caps to the boot but leave the amps under the seat. Here's my intended setup... Will it work because the distance from the distribution block to the power cap is about 3.5M and the amps are under the seats so in theory the power needs to travel from the Cap in the boot, to the dist block in the front, to the amps under the seat, total distance will be about 4.5M the current will have to travel...unless it doesn't work that way?
  24. V-Power = 380km 98 = 350km 95 = 320km How I did it was to reset my meter after filling full tank. Empty fuel light comes on and I immediately went to top up fuel. At that point I take down how far I have travelled with the previous tank of fuel. Did my calcuation and realized I will be paying $5 more for V-Power compared to 98 based on distance per dollar. Decided to go with V-Power cos of the gourmet feeling! Hahahaha! Curious... would it be possible to feel the "pull" difference between 95 and V-Power when accelerating?