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  1. I think the more commonly accepted problem of COE if that the price swings too much until it is like lottery as others would say. So what is the solution. I think instead of a bidding system a pricing system by the government is better but than you have to think about how to control the quantity of COE. I don't know much about COEs so I am putting this suggestion up for criticism. 1) create a reserve COE pool of 1% which is 10k out of a million vehicles. 2) Instead of twice a month bidding, COE bidding or sale window (a better name since no more bidding) is increased to twice a week because we need a faster feedback response to set the price faster. The number of COE per window is divided accordingly 3) The two BIG question is how do you set the price and what to do if more people want to buy in each window than what is available. 4) price set is based on demand derived from each window. It is similar to how to price every goods. If we sell out, we increase the price depending on how much we sell out. If we don't sell out, we DON'T reduce the price to ridiculous level just to sell out like the current policy. The unsold COE goes into the reserve pool and the price drops based on how much unsold we have. 5) If we sell out, we can take a certain portion of the reserve COE to meet the sudden demand. If the demand is too big, it is by drawing lots to decide allocation. That is why we need to have more frequent COE bidding as you cannot be sure you will be successful. To solve this problem, we can also create a new Cat COE where it is by bidding. If you are time sensitive, you can go there. We also want to adjust the price faster so we don't have a sell out situations often and run out of reserve COEs. There are probably more details to iron out but I am wondering if there is anything seriously wrong with this. It sort of duplicates what normal people do when selling stuff. They keep inventories, and they price their goods based on demand. The only different thing is allocation is not allocated by first come first serve, but by drawing lots when sold out. If you looked at the current system, the MAIN problem of the system is that Price alone is handling ALL the fluctuations in the real world like demand. And instead of having the supply dampening those fluctuations, the supply itself is making worse as the supply it also wildly fluctuating based on things that happened 10 years ago. My system is trying to fix the supply side problem. It also removes the "bidding" problems like rigging, etc.
  2. Basically I wrote a feedback to LTA asking why is Vehicle Entry Permit for foreign cars cheaper when compared to current COE prices. Basically singaporeans who bidded for todays COE prices has signed up for an extremely expensive price for TEN YEARS. Foreign cars just has to pay VEP at $20/day for WEEKDAYS. It is FREE on weekends. This is the reply. I mean got reply like not reply. So what is LTA's stand???? never say anything at all. LTA is getting really bad ---------------- Dear Sir, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify on the VEP scheme for foreign-registered cars in Singapore. The Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) is a scheme for foreign car owners who drive in for business and tourism reasons. For this reason, the VEP fee is levied on foreign-registered cars to mitigate the cost difference of using foreign and Singapore-registered cars due to differences in road tax, insurance, fuel, etc. The VEP fees is regularly reviewed and is currently under review. We thank you for your feedback. Regards, Irene Liew
  3. About 900 long haul Business Class tickets were sold online in Australia for Economy Class prices. That's an error costing around 3 million dollars. Now SIA are trying to recover this money through Travel Agents or directly from the people who bought the tickets. Apparently according to Australian law SIA haven't got a leg to stand on. Why don't SIA just accept the error and not cause major problems with their standing as a 'great airline'. Also with the major fall in oil prices has anyone noticed any drop in airline ticket price here?
  4. Was looking for a used car which has 2-3 years left. Seems like used cars with 2-3 years left have ridiculously high depreciation, some cases even higher than brand new cars or those that are 1-2 years old? This is especially so for the popular ones like altis and camry where you can get the brand new ones for lower depreciation, with warranty and 5 years free servicing. I can understand the loan restriction probably pushed the price of these used cars up, but are this pricing really what is happening if I walk into a used car dealership?
  5. Have you come across prices for economy rice that you find absurd? I ever ordered mushroom (and some other vegetable another time which I avoid now) and the stall owner can tell me it's the same price as meat (on the receipt, it's labeled as pork chop/sotong). I didn't ask for a change as I it's already in the plate but I will avoid MUSHROOMS in future. I just don't understand why some vegetables are so expensive. Do you have a habit of asking for the individual prices before you order economy rice (if prices are not stated)?
  6. I am wondering how a distributor sell a item CR300HD that is listed by manufacturer for 295000KRW(SGD330 equivalent) as SGD599 here in Singapore? Are you blatantly ripping us off? Given you as the "distributor" Normally I would expect the price difference to be minimal from what they are recommended/selling!
  7. Anyone knows the pricing? Buyer's want to do a STA Evaluation before handing over my car. f--king troublesome ah neh. :angry:
  8. I found this in my old e-mail inbox Has HDB replied to this issue yet?
  9. My email to LTA ------------------------------ After the expansion of CTE, why are the ERP rates revised? It is not reasonable that one should pay the same rates leaving the CTE to PIE (the exit now is BEFORE braddel) as traffic going to the CTE.) ERP is meant to control congestion and not as revenue for the government. There is no Jam on the CTE before braddel on weekdays and yet there are TWO ERP gentry for cars that uses the CTE to get to Upper Serangoon Road. Why are we paying so much when the Roads are smooth? Why are cars travelling to Upper Serangoon Road paying as much as those travelling to the City when they don't contribute to traffic congestion on the CTE???
  10. The market-driven pricing approach taken by the government has contributed to cost in Singapore rising so rapidly, beyond the rate of growth of incomes of Singaporeans and beyond the rate of growth of company profits, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ang Mo Kio GRC Inderjit Singh said on Tuesday. He noted that the government has often been quick to increase its various charges, allowing costs to escalate, immediately upon a recovery from an economic recession. 'Each time this happens, we bring the cost base higher without having an opportunity for cost reductions. This has led costs to unrealistically increase faster and more than profit and income growth,' Mr Singh said. An example was in 2008, when property prices rose despite the recession because of 'liberal policies on capital inflows'. 'While the government should not interfere in the private market except to curb speculation, it could have done a lot for the HDB market had it not pursued market driven pricing,' Mr Singh said. 'Also market driven pricing has created huge cost burdens and will potentially edge out many of our SMEs because of squeezed margins,' he added.
  11. [extract] Conducted by Polk and AutoTrader.com, the 2012 New Luxury Vehicle Loyalty study examines the reasons why luxury car buyers stay loyal or switch to a competitor brand. The survey was conducted between September to November 2011 among 1485 American luxury car buyers from six high-end car manufacturers namely Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.
  12. Baphomet


    http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/fit-to-post...-073953723.html Some smartphone users in Singapore may see themselves paying more for data usage, as all mobile phone service providers here intend to review their existing 3G packages and may revise charges to deter massive usage by users, according to a report by investment firm Kim Eng. The report, released on Monday, cited plans by local telcos to reduce generous data caps, scrap the current unlimited data option in 3G packages, and roll out more usage-based plans in the future. The review comes after the ever-increasing adoption of instant messaging platforms and Voice over IP (VoIP) applications such as WhatsApp and Viber. Such tools allow mobile users to send text messages and make phone calls for free, thus eroding the need to pay for costly voice calls or SMS, the report noted. A spokesperson for StarHub confirmed with Yahoo! Singapore that the company is indeed working on reviewing the price scheme for its data packages and may consider rolling out usage-based data pricing. "We are reviewing current pricing plans and consider introducing usage-based data pricing to ensure optimal network quality for our customers," said Chan Kin Hung, StarHub's head of products and solutions. "In addition, we will not offer unlimited mobile broadband plan on the Long Term Evolution (LTE) platform when we launch our LTE service, which is likely to take place in the second half of 2012," he added. The revised charges, if skewed towards a pay-per-usage basis, will hit hard on customers who use a lot of data on a frequent basis. However, customers may see an improvement in network quality with the usage-based data pricing, as a lower data usage will be spread across the same amount of bandwidth. StarHub is the only telco here that offers the unlimited data option to its customers, while packages by SingTel and M1 have a data cap of up to 50GB. In 2009, M1 increased the data credit on its iPhone plans from 10GB to 12GB a month. At that time, both StarHub and SingTel were offering customers data packages with low data caps -- 1GB and 500MB respectively, according to iMerlion. It just gets better and better....
  13. Since the new 3 series will be out anyone know how is the price like or package(bodykit, GPS) like. Considered I have not own a branded conti car before.
  14. Toyota unveiled the more awaited 2012 Camry... it has revealing the pricing and details regarding this car... it will start at $22.000 and will come with a V6 3.0 liter engine. 2012 Toyota Camry What do you think about this car?
  15. ST Forum ExxonMobil explains pump pricing WE UNDERSTAND Mr Lim Kia Cheh's concerns ('Pump prices quick to rise, slow to fall', Forum Online; Aug 13). Pump prices do not rise or fall at the same time or magnitude as crude prices because pump prices are affected by a combination of factors, of which crude prices are but one of these many factors. Commodity and product prices, while linked, also have different supply and demand dynamics. In addition to market competition, fuel prices are determined by a number of other factors, including wholesale fuel prices (which may be different to crude oil prices), taxes and other operating costs. Some Competition Commission of Singapore staff had recently carried out an in-depth, independent study into the fuel retailing market in Singapore. Part of the study included an econometric analysis on the retail petrol prices to test if the 'rocket-and-feather' (where prices rise more or faster than they fall) phenomenon exists and they found that the results do not support the existence of such a phenomenon. Loh Pin Chuan Public and Government Affairs Manager ExxonMobil Asia Pacific
  16. Wah, take so long to reply. Talking nonsense. Our future pappy. She really learning gahmen style of spinning ridiculous story to the audience. How to get rid of these dumb asses? ST Forum Apr 1, 2011 Competition panel's view of petrol pricing PUMP petrol is a relatively homogenous product sold by a few companies in Singapore ('Watchdog should monitor pump prices' by Mr Elgar Lee; March 23). Hence, it is not uncommon for pump petrol prices to move up or down at about the same time, even in a competitive market. As long as the companies set their prices independently, the observation of parallel price movements does not provide sufficient evidence of anti-competitive behaviour. The Competition Commission of Singapore is monitoring the movement of petrol pump prices and will take action if there is evidence that market players are colluding to fix prices. Cynthia Chin (Ms) Senior Assistant Director Corporate Communications Competition Commission of Singapore
  17. As above. My mum gave the rims on the right side of the car a bit of kerb rash. Now checking how much would it typically cost to repair minor kerb rash (the damaged parts are less than half the size of my little fingernail) and maybe respray it to a different color. Because the people at C&C advised me to do it outside and i dont want to kena chop carrot head.... Driving a MB CLC 180 with the stock 18 inches rims
  18. Volvo is set to go mainstream as the company's CEO, Stefan Jacoby, has announced plans to drop their ambitions of becoming a premium automaker. Speaking with AutoCar, Jacoby stated "Let's ditch this talk about premium, it sounds like a pricing strategy and it's got an expensive ring to it." He continued, "We need to focus on elegant Scandinavian simplicity, our own unique identity, and not copy our competitors (Audi, BMW, and Mercedes)." While Jacoby has made previous comments to this effect, Volvo's Chinese owners have publicly stated they want the company to do the exact opposite - build a competitor to the BMW 7-Series / Mercedes S-Class. It seems that the management team at Volvo will have to iron out their differences in deciding the future direction of Volvo. Personally, I would like to see Volvo competing against Volkswagen as the automobile for the
  19. It appears that Volkswagen wants to dump its premium pricing strategy in order to compete with Japanese competitors in the compact and mid-sized sedan segments in the US. The first step begins with the redesigned 2011 Jetta sedan which will go on sale in October. The new Jetta pricing will start from USD $16,000, down from USD$18,435 for the current Jetta. In addition, the entry-level version is offered with stability control and air conditioning. Regarding the competition, the entry-level 2010 Toyota Corolla starts at USD $16,200 while the base 2010 Honda Civic is offered for $16,405. The Jetta will be the most affordable car from Volkswagen in the United States, slotted below the Golf which starts at USD $18,370. Apparently, the Jetta price was lowered because it is Volkswagen
  20. Saab will launch its new 9-5 lineup with the 2010 model year Aero sedan carrying a price of $49,990. The all-wheel drive 300-horsepower, 2.8-liter V6 turbo four-door will actually sit atop the range, with an entry-level 2011 model with Saab's 2.0-liter turbo powerplant coming on stream shortly thereafter with a promised MSRP of "under $40,000." That's ambitious pricing in what already amounts to a very crowded and competent sandbox. For reference's sake, the 2010 Infiniti M37x starts at $48,400 and brings 330 horses to the table, while Cadillac's CTS rings up at $43,465 in comparable all-wheel drive trim with a 304-hp 3.6-liter. The European establishment rings up at $48,925 for Mercedes-Benz's 268-hp E350, and BMW's new 2011 528i will start at $44,500, though both of those segment stalwarts are rear-drive and tend to run comparatively thin on standard equipment. According to Saab's hand-out press release (sorry, no digital version available yet!), the Aero will feature a six-speed automatic gearbox with paddleshifters, so apparently no manual transmission will be available with the V6
  21. Saab has announced UK prices for the upcoming new 9-5 model. Prices begin at
  22. Hi Can someone explain the the difference between LIST price, COST price and NETT price for spare parts? Thanks
  23. Altivo

    Harley Pricing

    Hi all, does anyone know what's the price for this beast here? Checking for my ang moh colleague who will be located to Singapore soon. Thanks... can't find a Harley forum to ask http://www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/Content...G#/model/xl883n
  24. NEW Price List from Traffic Police... (Price increase without further notice). Speeding: Exceeding 01 - 20km/h = $130 Fine + 4 Demerit Points. Exceeding 21 - 30km/h = $150 Fine + 6 Demerit Points. Exceeding 31 - 40km/h = $180 Fine + 8 Demerit Points. Exceeding 41 - 50km/h = more than $200 Fine + 12 Demerit Points + Court Exceeding 51 - 60km/h = more than $200 Fine + 18 Demerit Points + Court Exceeding More Than 61km/h = more than $200 Fine + 24 Demerit Points + Court. Driving Offences: Failing to Put On Seat Belt = $120 Fine + 3 Demerit points Crossing Double White Lines = $130 Fine + 4 Demerit Points Careless Driving = $150 Fine + 6 Demerit Points Inconsiderate Driving = $170 Fine + 9 Demerit Points + Court Dangerous Driving = more than $200 Fine + 24 Demerit Points + Court + Vehicle Compounded Illegal Racing = more than $200 Fine + Vehicle Confiscate + Court Mobile Phones: Phone/Text and Drive = $200 Fine + 12 Demerit Points + Phone Confiscated (Masduqi - NB) You cannot hold your phone in your hand when you drive, even with loud speaker and/or ear piece Drink Driving: For First Offence = Up to $5,000 Fine and/or Jail Term + License Suspended + Court For Second Offence = Jail Term + Fine + License Su spended + Court Other Offences: Fail to signal when changing lanes = $70 Fine Making an illegal U-Turn when no U-Turn sign = $70 Fine Driving after 7pm without headlights or taillights = $30 Fine No number plate = $70 Fine Obstructed or obscured number plate = $70 Fine Number plate of unapproved type = $70 Fine. Court Cases: If you want to be a hero and fight the court case yourself, and you lose, you pay the court charges yourself, which will add to your fine. Court charges are at least $200 and above. Demerit Point System: Let's say you have 0 points on 1st January 2009, and you committed the offence of 'Failing to Put On Seat Belt'. So now, you will have 3 demerit points and this will last for one Year. If during this one year you have no demerit point offences at all, your 3 demerit points will be gone on 1/1/2010. But, if during this one year, from 1/1/2009 to 1/1/2010, you commit another offence with demerit points, your very first offence will be extended for another year until 1/1/2011.
  25. I mean come on... 76K ? I can buy almost 2 Hyundai Advante Kia Forte or I also can settle for one MIJ car... Civic, LancerEX 1.6L at 105hp and 144Nm, thats Ah-Gong technology... newer 1.6L are running at least 120+hp
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