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Found 56 results

  1. Zacxaviqer

    Booking air tickets with Jetstar

    Understand that I need to pay a booking and service fee if I pay by credit card. What if I opt for payment over at 7 eleven? Can I pay by credit card as well or do I need to pay cash? Pls advise. Thanks!
  2. Chanwil007


    F1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX tickets anyone want to go see do let me know I can book tickets for you all Please do let me know by 22 July so I can book for you all Payment mode will be by cash or funds transfer thanks. If you guys want the tickets we will have to meet on the 24 afternoon till evening to pass me the cash (downpayment) to me Pitstop Grandstand - 3 days pass- $1,200 ~ downpayment $1088 Padang Grandstand - 3 days pass- $550 ~ downpayment $508 Bay Grandstand - 3 days pass - $280 ~ downpayment $258 FYI Description Regular Price (inclusive of GST) Pitstop Grandstand - 3 days pass $1,288 Padang Grandstand - 3 days pass $598 Bay Grandstand - 3 days pass $298 you guys may sms me at 91165995:) e-mail me at chanwil007@gmail.com
  3. Neutrino

    Singapore Airlines pricing error

    About 900 long haul Business Class tickets were sold online in Australia for Economy Class prices. That's an error costing around 3 million dollars. Now SIA are trying to recover this money through Travel Agents or directly from the people who bought the tickets. Apparently according to Australian law SIA haven't got a leg to stand on. Why don't SIA just accept the error and not cause major problems with their standing as a 'great airline'. Also with the major fall in oil prices has anyone noticed any drop in airline ticket price here?
  4. Hi all, I got 3 tickets from the Juventus match in Aug which you can exchange to get a $20 discount for each ticket to the Brazil v Japan match on 14 Oct 14 at 6.45pm. Pls PM me to make arrangements to collect from me. You have to go down to Indoor Stadium to get the Brazil/Japan ticket yourself and show the Juventus tickets to entitle you to get the discount. Discount valid till this Sunday 21/9 only, tel: 63335000 No strings attached and absolutely free but preferably you take all 3.
  5. free plane tickets ... but still gotta pay taxes and fees ... last two days !! place seem to have improved a lot since i last visited there a few years ago.
  6. Now's your chance to win a pair of Marvel's Captain America Movie Ticket & Liqui Moly prizes - Simply join the discussion at 'Win Captain America Movie Tickets & Liqui Moly Products!!' Simply share your Liqui Moly experience in this format. For those who have yet to try any Liqui Moly products, head down to any of our authorized dealer to maintain & service your car with Liqui Moly! Example: I am using Liqui Moly Top Tech 4100 Engine Oil (The product that you have used) on 08' Suzuki Swift Sport (Year and Car make and model) The engine oil gives the car a better acceleration and this is a premium oil. I will definitely recommend my friends to try this oil! Prizes: 1st to 5th: A pair of Marvel's Captain America Movie Tickets & Liqui Moly CeraTec + Liqui Moly Octane Plus (Total worth $103 each) 6th to 15th: A pair of Marvel's Captain America Movie Tickets & Liqui Moly CeraTec (Total worth $78 each) Giveaway clsoed at 13 April 16 - 11.45 PM Yes, it's that easy - Share your Liqui Moly Experience below and stand a chance to win these fantastic prizes.
  7. Take part in our sgCarMart contest by answering question about Torque On The Move and stand a chance to win one of 10 pairs of tickets. Contest period from 1 August 2016 to 7 August 2016 The question is: This year's theme for Torque On The Move is $tretch. True or False Send your answer to pChou before 7 Aug!
  8. Hi anyone got tickets to this coming weekend Star awards 2016 part one? Where do people get them? I can't find any info on the web, it would be awesome if you guys have spare tickets lying around. I don't mind paying a token sum of $50 and collect at your convenience! :) Or are there any official channels to get the tickets from?
  9. Shor

    F1 race tickets

    Any bros have F1 race tickets for sale? I need a few for the final race, walkabout type. Kindly pm me if you have any to let over. Thanks!
  10. Finally! I have ballot with no success for 10 years. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/permanent-balloting-ban-if-you-sell-your-ndp-tickets#xtor=CS1-10 The price for getting caught selling National Day Parade (NDP) tickets is now a permanent ban from being able to ballot again. Previously, the penalty was a ban of three years. Brigadier-General Melvyn Ong, chairman of the NDP executive committee, said in a statement on Tuesday: "Monetising the privilege to be part of the nation's birthday goes against (its) celebratory spirit... Those found to be involved in such activities will be barred from balloting for future NDPs." He added that the committee is working with online sale sites, including Carousell and eBay. There are still cock-sters selling tickets at this time.
  11. missmarigold

    Japan - Studio Ghibli Tickets

    Hello All! Planning to go to Japan this coming Hanami! Any idea where can i get studio ghibli tickets other than from JTB Singapore? They required to do an accommodation booking with them, minimum 2 nights...so i wonder if i can get the Ghibli ticket from somewhere else...
  12. Hi all, is anyone familiar with the changi ferry terminal? I need to book tickets to desaru but there's not much info on it online. Any website for booking or tel number to call? I read somewhere that parking at e terminal is free for travellers. Anyone parked car there during your trip before? I wonder whether it is safe! Tks in advance for any advice
  13. SuPerBoRed

    F1 friday tickets - free

    Hi everyone am giving away F1 tickets for this friday -: batch of 4 in bay grandstand area. Ticket details as follows (2 each in light green and dark green respective.... please understand wld like to give them away as a group of 4) * only F1 friday tickets for giveaway, for free. Absolutely free. * no need to buy me dinner/present/etc...... NOT EVEN COFFEE. * Absolutely free. If you are keen, - please apply by posting only "YES, may I have the tickets ?". - DO NOT write any other queries/text as these would be "invalid entry". * example. "true or not, free?, ......" is not considered as application for the tickets - first come first serve basis. - i will confirm as soon as available. - upon my confirmation, i will request for your mobile no for communication purposes and subsequent pickup from me of the tickets - this is a personal offer on goodwill basis. I do not wish to be liable for any consequences in any way. Anyone keen ??????????? *copyrighted from bro opel17 PS.. pick up area is raffles place MRT station at 6ish or tomolo lunch time .. OR still road area 7ish tonite tonite 11 is mayday concert btw..
  14. Have you ever came across instances where you bought an item, but soon after, realized that you could have purchased it at a cheaper price with an ongoing promotion? This was exactly what happened to Soh Zi Haur when looking around to purchase movie tickets in Singapore. Song was frustrated with the lack of information to get the cheapest movie tickets. To make things more confusing, weekend rates at local cinemas are at different pricing tiers too. “So I bought this movie ticket and then later found out that I could have gotten it cheaper if I used another promotion. There are so many different promotions with different pricings too!”, Soh told Vulcan Post. That’s when he took matters to his hand and tabulated all the different movie tickets pricing into an easy to read table, and called it the Singapore Cinemas Standard 2D Ticket Pricing Cheat Sheet: Cathay ticket pricing sheet (Click to enlarge) Golden Village Ticket Pricing Sheet (Click To Enlarge) Shaw Ticket Pricing Sheet (Click To Enlarge) Filmgarde Movie Ticket sheet (Click To Enlarge) A quick look at the different pricing tiers, for normal tickets, weekend prices can be 30% more expensive that weekday showtimes. If you were to purchase movie tickets using your bank merchant cards, you can enjoy ticket savings up to 25%, during weekdays and weekends. Hat Tip to Soh for coming out with this handy list! Like us on our Facebook Page or subscribe to our Mailing list for more stories like this.
  15. Maybe we should do this to make someone's day... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsvymV8C2zs
  16. Submit a review on any GPS, Car Audio, Engine Oil, Tyre, or Accessories and stand a chance to win one of 8 pairs of Thursday Pit Lane Experience Tickets to see FORMULA ONE cars up-close! Two lucky winners will be chosen every week from now till 28 August 2013. About the Thursday Pit Lane Experience For the first time ever, 2,500 members of the public will be able to experience a Pit Lane walk for a privileged view of the Formula One garages up close, as well as the F1 Village in Zone 1 of the Marina Bay Street Circuit, before the Circuit Park opens to ticketholders. These 2,500 participants will also get to enjoy the F1 Village's carnival atmosphere, explore the interactive game stations, be entertained by live stage performances and roving acts as well as check out the memorabilia at the merchandise booths. The Thursday Pit Lane Experience will take place on 19 September 2013, a day ahead of the Circuit Park's opening. To find out the full list of exciting activities of the 'Rev Up Singapore!
  17. [extract] Most of us think lottery tickets are only good as long as the ticket bought by us wins a prize. Well, I suggest you think again. It turns out that used lottery tickets aren
  18. Just win two return tickets for 2 to hk..... Thru some lucky draw. Anyone know street value? Also if go hk... Do wat?
  19. Contest from 1st August 2012 till 31st August 2012 Take part in our monthly sgCarMart contest by answering questions about Pirelli Tyres and stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to $1,500. More details here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/contest/index.php Proudly sponsored by Pirelli
  20. Ftco

    Movie tickets to give away

    I have a pair of movie tickets to give away. Details :- Show : Ghost On Air Cinema : Lido Date : Sunday 27-5-2012 (today) Time : 6pm Interested, please PM me asap. Collect tickets from me in Simei. Time is running out. Hurry.
  21. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_794478.html NDP tickets: Unfair to bar previous ballot winners Published on May 2, 2012 I THANK Mr Lim Kim Thia for his feedback last Saturday ('NDP balloting: Exclude those who were successful in previous years'). Every year, on Aug 9, Singaporeans come together to celebrate National Day. The number of applications for National Day Parade (NDP) tickets overwhelmingly exceeds the seats available. Since 2003, the NDP e-balloting system has been used to allocate tickets to successful applicants on a random basis, to ensure that every applicant has an opportunity to join in the celebration at the NDP venue. Every NDP is unique. While we would like as many Singaporeans as possible to experience the parade, it would be unfair to deny those who were successful in previous years a chance to attend the nation's birthday celebration. Nonetheless, repeat ballot winners constitute a very small percentage of all successful applicants, and do not significantly reduce the chances of new applicants being allocated tickets. As we celebrate Loving Singapore, Our Home this year, those who are unable to secure tickets to the parade can join the Celebrations@The Bay, where complementary activities will be organised around the Marina Bay area. We wish to remind the public that the sale and purchase of NDP preview and actual-day tickets are strictly prohibited. Colonel Desmond Tan Chairman Exco, NDP 2012
  22. This holiday season, two-time Academy Award
  23. Piyopico

    SQ promotion tickets on sale now

    Those looking to travel for the school holidays and CNY can go take a look. Quite good fares. Just booked tics to Taiwan for CNY and itz only $583 per pax. Get to choose your own seats too. Enjoy.
  24. just helping a friend, he bought 2 tickets at $141 each and now selling $100 each anyone keen?
  25. Miles

    NDP tickets

    Anybody has a pair of NDP tickets, cant go and want to sell them ? Please PM me. thanks!