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Found 181 results

  1. HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS? http://www.businessinsider.com/these-hydrophobic-coatings-protect-almost-everything-2017-6?IR=T Our products are from Manufacturers and not re-branded or self label like others. We do not use off the shelve products on your rides as we emphasize on Quality of works. Equipment plays an important role for workmanship. As such, we use top quality Germany and Italian tools, Certified calibrated paint thickness gauge, Quality polishing pads, LED lightnings, swirl checker, inspection microscope etc… WHY ACE GT PTE LTD? Detailing & our attention to detail, we offer a range of services. From Car Wash, Industrial fallout removals, Paint Restoration, Leather Steam cleaning, Carpet and fabric extraction, interior cleaning, Exterior protections, waxes, sealants, Interior protection/conditioning and many more to suit your requirements. Best of all, we work in clean confine space. Where to find us? 9 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-69/70 North Spring Bizhub Singapore 768163 Our Services Pre-Sales Detailing Polishing and Waxing Interior Detailing Paint Restoration Paint Protection Interior Restoration Interior Protection And Many More! Simple task as a wash, we take Pride and Professional Care We Take care of your Interior too Body contact areas covered *The Brands* *Cleaning / Preparation / Conditioning / Restoring* Highest standard of Workmanship for Paint Correction With 3DHD Car Care Protection Ceramic Pro Coating Videos KAVACA Videos Ceramic PRO is always ahead of others. Better Products, More Range, Always ahead of Others Why Choose Ceramic Pro - Advanced Nano-Ceramic Protective Coatings The Ceramic Pro range are formulated by a qualified chemist with a high level of experience in the industrial protective coating field, Ceramic Pro has been specifically formulated for Automotive substrates and is always undergoing extensive testing for new and improved versions to take the coating industry to new levels. Ceramic Pro are trusted by Carlsson, and also ecurie25 in Australia to protect their $8+ million dollar Exotic Supercar Collection. The Ceramic Pro 9H Permanent Paint Protection coating is an "Above 9H" rated coating with superior Chemical Resistance, Super-Hydrophobic Effect, UV Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Temperature Resistance and Corrosion Resistance. Ceramic Pro has been tested & certified by "SGS" - www.sgs.com SGS are the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. In 2010 the Ceramic Pro range was started with a series of protective coatings suited for Automotive, Air and Marine surfaces such as Paint, Glass, Alloy, Fabric, Leather, Plastic and Rubber. Ceramic Pro coatings are a unique ceramic molecular compound formula (nano-ceramics), with new formulas always under testing to make them the most advanced protective coatings on the market. 2010 Released the Ceramic Pro range of protective coatings for Automotive, Marine and Air. 2011 Official SGS Certification of Ceramic Pro Products. Ceramic Pro Strong (Industrial) contracted with Russian Military Aircraft Manufacturer and Oil Pipe Lines. 2012 Release of Ceramic Pro Textile (Super-Hydrophobic Textile Coating). Partnership with ecurie25 - The World's Largest Exotic Supercar Collection. 2013 Ceramic Pro on display at Top Gear Festival Australia with a new Lamborghini Performante. Release of the new 9H Permanent Coating. 2014 Release of Latest Generation Ceramic Pro 9H Coating. 2015 Release of New Product - Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Coating. Ceramic Pro Millionaire Club (high end detailing and coating shops) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Yekaterinburg, Russia
  2. Any other alternatives? I suppose warranty will void if go service other workshops?
  3. Dear all, Need some experts to show some light. In 2013, the COE sky Rocket to above $70-90k. Those cars that was purchased during that time will have a high paper value. May I know what are the advantages and disadvantages of having cars with high paper value? An example: A KIA K5 2013 currently has an estimated paper value of $50-55k as of now. But in SGCarmart, dealers are selling 2014 at $61-$65k. What does that implies? Will the dealer refused to take in the 2013 car as the paper value is high and very close to 2014/2015 cars?
  4. Horsepower has always been a universal indicator of a car's performance. So, let's find out what are the cars that offers the lowest cost per bhp! To a car enthusiast, every detail in the specification sheet of a car is important as they all play a part in painting a complete picture of the car in point. To most people, however, information such as 'double wishbones suspension', 'Carbon fibre monocoque' or 'gasoline direct injection' are just technical jargons that serve little purpose. Horsepower, however, is much simpler to understand. As the term suggests, the origin of this unit of measurement came from the desire to compare the output of an engine to that of horses (which were used to complete tasks such as pulling carriages in the past). So, more horsepower equals to more energy which is surely a plus point! Our aim here is to find the cars that give you your metaphorical horses at the lowest price point, which will no doubt means the best deal (because, clearly, power is the only thing that matters). Here are the top 20 new cars with the cheapest horsepower. 1. Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI RS245 $539/bhp Price: $129,900 (including COE) Bhp: 241 OMV: $26,004 Annual Depreciation: $11,600 2. Kia Stinger 3.3 GT V6 $542.46/bhp Price: $197,999 (including COE) Bhp: 365 OMV: $42,239 Annual Depreciation: $17,200 3. SEAT Leon CUPRA 2.0 TSI DSG $543.36/bhp Price: $155,400 (including COE) Bhp: 286 OMV: $33,884 Annual Depreciation: $13,500 4. Maxus G10 Executive 2.0T Luxury $544.18/bhp Price: $116,999 (including COE) Bhp: 215 OMV: $25,085 (Flagship) Annual Depreciation: $10,343.95 5. Subaru Forester 2.0 XT $549.58/bhp Price: $130,800 (including COE) Bhp: 238 OMV: $16,760 Annual Depreciation: $12,200 6. Mazda CX-3 2.0 Standard $575.64/bhp Price: $89,800 (including COE) Bhp: 156 OMV: $17,024 Annual Depreciation: $8,100 7. Hyundai Elantra 1.6 GLS $587.29/bhp Price: $73,999 (including COE) Bhp: 126 OMV: $12,424 Annual Depreciation: $6778.7 8. Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI Ambition $589.40/bhp Price: $127,900 (including COE) Bhp: 217 OMV: $27,255 (Ambition Plus) Annual Depreciation: $11,282.15 9. Subaru WRX 2.5 STI M $593.92/bhp Price: $175,800 (including COE) Bhp: 296 OMV: $26,700 Annual Depreciation: $16,100 10. Subaru WRX 2.0 M $597.73/bhp Price: $157,800 (including COE) Bhp: 264 OMV: $24,239 Annual Depreciation: $14,500 11. Renault Megane RS 1.8T TCe $597.82/bhp Price: $164,999 (including COE) Bhp: 276 OMV: $30,800 Annual Depreciation: $14,700 12. Honda Civic Type-R 2.0 Turbo $598.04/bhp Price: $182,999 (including COE) Bhp: 306 OMV: $41,257 Annual Depreciation: $15,800 13. Toyota Harrier 2.0 Elegance (MY18) $599.07/bhp Price: $135,988 (including COE) Bhp: 227 OMV: $32,604 Annual Depreciation: $11,700 14. Kia Cerato 1.6 L $603.17/bhp Price: $75,999 (including COE) Bhp: 126 OMV: $11,115 Annual Depreciation: $7,000 15. Perodua Bezza 1.3 Premium X (M) $604.26/bhp Price: $56,800 (including COE) Bhp: 94 OMV: $10,986 Annual Depreciation: $5130.70 Source: https://m.sgcarmart.com/articles/articleinfo.php?CT=e&AID=3628
  5. https://www.aic.sg/sites/aicassets/AssetGallery/Forum/Keynote_Prof%20Michael%20Porter.pdf It’s not easy but I really think that is the way forward. Every time I see a specialist I always wonder, do the doctor really want to make me healthy or does he just want to operate on me.... what’s in it for him to keep me healthier as that means I don’t need him and he will be out of work. He needs to pay for all the expensive overheads, u can’t blame him for trying to sell expensive ops. The current volume based healthcare is so fundamentally wrong.
  6. fungyee77

    Best Value Compact SUV

    The compact SUV segment is the probably the most competitive segment in the market today, with superb new entries such as the new CR-V (my personal favourite), new Tiguan, new CX-5, highly acclaimed Sportage, Tucson, facelifted X-Trail, Forester etc. And pricing in Singapore spans from SGD110k-ish for base versions of Forester/Tucson to almost SGD200k for the Tiguan R-line. Putting aside the question of which is best, I wondered which is best value. Because of differing AD margins, OMV games, and pricing dynamics due to strong brand loyalties, the car pricing in Singapore can be quite out of line with the rest of the world. I wanted to figure out, for instance, how fair is the SGD160k being asked for the new CR-V, Tiguan etc? Have set out the summary table in the spreadsheet link below, and the methodology below that. There are many possible methodologies, but this is a quick and dirty one that appears to provide reasonably defensible conclusions. Essentially, the quick and dirty conclusions appear to be:- 1. Median SUV is Nissan X-Trail, which is priced about at the average price of the segment for both Singapore and Australia 2. Best value compact SUVs in SIngapore are - Forester XT: Priced 8% above average in Australia and 9% below average in Singapore - Sportage 2.0 GT: Priced 7% above average in Australia and 10% below average in Singapore 3. For the new SUVs: - CR-V: the 7 seater CR-V is considerably better value that the 5-seater. - Tiguan 1.4: Not great value if priced at SGD160k. In Australia, this is priced below the equivalent X-Trail. - CX-5: Best value for a new SUV. It was an interesting experiment for me, so thought I'd share the conclusions above. Am not saying this is the definitive guide, but its a useful perspective. Spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Nh8lN2guUJ6dh_Nt53i2zQMaW3wSCTB-v1lItsz88Z0/edit?usp=sharing Methodology:- 1. Australia pricing was used as the comp set because:- - Both RHD countries - Both countries import all the cars being compared, so no local content taxation distortions - All cars compared are non-luxury models, so no luxury tax considerations in Australia - All are Cat B cars, so no COE distortions in Singapore 2. Used mid to high spec cars for comps - Pricing range is between AUD35 to 42k - No point comparing poverty spec versions because the versions sold in Singapore are all mid to high spec 3. Compared cars using identical / similar spec levels in both countries - Had to make some manual adjustments for engine/features set differential in Australia for some cars 4. Used recommended retail price in Australia, and listed in Singapore - For Forester XT, last known pricing was about SGD127k, but other cars are mostly listed price - Can amend spreadsheet if anyone can provide updated numbers
  7. Genes

    Good Value?!?!

    Noticed these when I was clicking around.. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2Eftwggi-1039.html http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2Eft9ml4-1039.html Wonder whats the deal with these
  8. Hi friends! Since the COE dropped i guess it's time to replace my family car! i have 2 kids and 1 helper - all quite big sized, hence not looking for cars like Attrage.. Wanted the Impreza 1.6 but Subaru stopped bringing this in to SG :( My budget is around 75-90k and these are my research results: Sylphy - nice looking, good interior, but seems like a lot of problems ie gearbox issues and bad fc (from what i read here).. or can anyone say otherwise? Altis - the base model is 95k which is very ex..., but reliable and spacious Sienta - seriously considering this. K3 - Spacious, cheaper than the rest, but bad fc and this is a very old model.. Eltantra - not many comments about this car, seems spacious too. Any opinions from the experts here?
  9. Hi all, I would like to check and discuss on this topic. Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CS3 MANUAL, due 2016 October.. Is it better to sell your car 6 months before due date or just drive till end of 10 years and scrap? I heard is better to sell 6 months before scrap date, you will have a much higher value... Come lets discuss! Cheers
  10. I started the thread on 7-seater MPV. After some due considerations, I may go for a normal 5-seater saloon car since my 'kids' are now all adults and may not need to take my car anymore. At today's COE, the cheapest of the lots are around the high $80 to $100K. What would you consider as the best value buy and why? This is to get opinions and there is no right or wrong. At least when COE drops to $20K, those in this segment can 'rush' in and get the ideal car, hopefully.
  11. I wonder if any of the 'savings' went toward a lower purchase price for the buyers! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/4-weeks-jail-fine-for/2838302.html 4 weeks’ jail, fine for parallel importer who under-declared car values Ang Wee Tat Vida, 35, the manager of Dream Auto, was sentenced to four weeks' jail and fined nearly S$600,000 for under-declaring the values of 47 imported cars.
  12. I own a KIA k3(top specs), around 11months, average mileage, accident free. I itchy backside wanted to change to the face lifted 2016 Vezel or Sportage 2016 and so i went to test water on how much my resale value of my k3 is. Quotes received from the various websites and PI. Sg Motorist - 74k Sg Carmart - 70k to 75k PI - 70k. If i were to take the price of 74k, my car depreciates by 40k in less than a year. But then I saw a 2013 Forte(the previous model, not k3) is selling for 75k by a dealer at sgcarmart(i assume the dealer bought @ 65 to 70k from the previous owner?). My question is are they trying to carrot me or the price is really so low? How do i really know the true value of how much my car can fetch? Anyone i scratch my backside already, not itchy anymore. Now just curious is this the norm....
  13. I need some help with some clarification. I've purchased a used Proton Gen 2 1.3M with the COE due on 1 August 2016 for $5500 OMV: $9,221 Original registration date: 1st August 2006 Actual ARF Paid: $10,144. Parf eligibility expiry date: 31 July 2016 Parf rebate amount: $5072 QP paid: $10,803 I need to ask if I were to de register and scrap/export my car on 22 July 2016, will that means I'm able to get back $5072 from the Parf rebate when encash? Will I need to pay LTA approved dealer for the processed of scrapping or exporting my car? And also do depreciation value take parts in the amount I can actually get back from LTA. Cause the seller wrote to me this. Buy: $5500 Min Parf: $5072 Diff: $430/3 months Depreciation lesser than $144/per month. This sounds too good to be true. Owning a car at $144 per month. Please help I need to know the actual cash that I can get back after scrapping/export my car after I de register it. I'm still new to all these. Hope for enlightenment.
  14. I believe many gentlemen over here are waiting for the COE to drop before buying their new car. And I believe among this crowd, there are people who just want a simple car as a transport. Don't care too much on the HP but not 1000cc n below la. And I'm have to searching through online to check which car has the lowest price (excluding those china cars la) And I came out with the following models 1. chevrolet sonic hatchback 2. nissan note 3. Honda fit 4. accent 1.4m of course must consider their cevs then the parf value. And There might be models I missed out. Guys any good suggestion for a lowest price with the best bang for your bucks?
  15. Dear All, Say I purchase a Hybrid vehicle with OMV of $22,000 and CEVS rebate of $15.000. What would the scrap value of my car be? Thanks.
  16. Dear members, I have been looking around at Off Peak Cars but am somewhat confused by the Paper Value calculations for such cars, be it new or pre-owned. Hence I am hoping for some advice. For a new off peak car, and assuming the following: COE = 30k OMV = 14k Am I right in saying that the Paper Value at around Year 5 is: COE = (30k less 17k)*(5/10) Parf Rebate = 75% of 14k add both to get paper value of 17k? For a pre-owned off peak car, assuming: COE = fully deducted OMV = 14k Min Parf Benefit = 6k Paper value around Year 5 after its first registration is: (6k/50)*75 = ~9k I hope my example is not too confusing. Taking in all advice! Thanks and have a good night!
  17. In general, people are saying Mercs hold its value well. Using my own, it's a Jan 2011 C180 which I bought from a dealer for 140k around a year and half old. Coe was 35k. Fast forward. Taking a similar year and half C Oct 2014 below, they are selling at 147k but coe is 65k. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=529153&DL=1013 Is this the indication how Mercs are holding their value? Of course, this is disregarding low-balling from dealers. I am looking at selling price in the market.
  18. Hi guys Based on past servicing I notice I pay 3% of car value for servicing each year A good example is vios at 3% means $3k servicing a year May I know for higher level cars like conti is it 5-10% of car value Eg Audi is 200k so servicing is $10k a year?
  19. Civic3106

    Parf Value

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=498841&DL=2724 Need some help. Am I right to say the Parf value of this E200 NGT is $31614. 55% X OMV.
  20. darkgod123

    Rising resale value of Kia

    perhaps 5-10 years ago, kia resale value is probably tagged to near hyundai, whereby people stay away from them due to the low resale value after few years. Compared to toyota and honda whose resale value sustains. However, when getting my new ride k3 from kia comparing to the new altis, I was surprised by the outstanding functions that the car offers compared to altis. Cruise control, paddle shift, rear aircon vent , sunroof, 17inch wheels where altis has none of them. And definitely i would say kia has improved tremendously over the years and i believe that its resale value will catch up to the japan brands in few years time. What do you guys say?
  21. Hi Guys, My Integra is gonna due for scrap. Any ideas how much can the body fetch if i send it to those export dealers? Maybe we can consolidate a list for easy reference on various model? Thanks
  22. im toying with the idea of exporting my car at 10 years to australia for personal use. question is how do i derive the value for customs duty, gst etc..? since at 10 years.. the possible remnant value is the paper? i had to pay for shipping and custom duty and gst and any possible fees to get it on road there. tried contact freight companies to no avail... anyone to advice?
  23. Pusiwagon

    Deregistration Value

    I know that the existing scheme for post Feb 2013 cars will be based on 50% of ARF. On my vehicle's "log card" as obtained from the LTA / OneMotoring portal, there is a category entitled "Actual ARF Paid". Hence for degistration purposes, is the 50% (almost at the end of the 10 year period) based on this "Actual ARF Paid" amount? OR is the reregistration value actually the amount stated under the category entitled "MinimumPARF Benefit" (which is also stated on the "log card"). Many thanks.
  24. A friend told me if the owner doesn't drive his car too often and his car is always parked outdoor exposed to hot weather, he shouldn't pump full tank petrol because the full tank will take weeks to be used up ie the petrol left in the tank will be subject to high temperature (from hot sun) for too long and its octance value will drop. As a result, if he pushes the engine hard when the octane value drops too low, it's no good for the engine, and the engine may "piang" !!!? [sweatdrop] His advice:- if the car is not driven often, just pump enough petrol each time to last say the next 3-4 weeks. I am not sure what he said is correct.
  25. Nonewposts

    Car export/scrap value

    Hi, I have a 523i due for scrap in a few months time. Hence I would like to get a gauge of what to expect