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  1. sHy3r

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    The tow truck uncle say... is reposessed... all cannot pay... U must have a lot of money where u can afford to let the car depreciate and dont drive... sell it lah...
  2. sHy3r

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    In SG... many prefer big brand to show off their status. It’s like getting LV bag but inside dont have money. $80k can fully paid a toyota.. but many would prefer a mercs.. Thats why when my car is tow to workshop, i always ask the tow truck uncle... and they always say everyday, they always tow mercs, bmw, expensive cars... cos the owners cant pay instalment. In sg, status more impt...
  3. sHy3r

    Esso discount voucher

    Calculate urself... $6 of $60 is how many %.
  4. Nothing fantastic. Normal Private Hire discount already 20-23%. Can just borrow anyone’s card to enjoy the discount... This promo only good for those normal station discount only. No NDP, i also enjoy 21% off... from ESSO...
  5. sHy3r

    Esso discount voucher

    Yes. If there’s vouchers.
  6. sHy3r

    Esso discount voucher

    Use PHV Card already 21% discount. This promotion only for normal smiles card. Waste time.
  7. When is your car registered? Is it in-line with your insurance? Your insurance is bought till 25 Feb 2020. But is your car registered on 26 Feb or 26 Aug?
  8. It must take 1 petrol company to offer 50%. Then we can see others follow suit. Sinopec offer 23-24%.... so others also follow... Can any petrol company up your balls to offer higher discount? I hope there’s one like Circle’s Life against Telcos...
  9. sHy3r

    Noob Qns on Pioneer AVH Headunits

    Hi guys.. i am thinking to change my original headunit to Pioneer headunit. I do not know which is good and best fit my budget. Budget $600-700 plus installation - Able to have USB port / SD card port - Can use my steering control - Can link with my original reverse camera - can watch TV. - Bracket for the HU. Im driving Kia K5. TIA :)
  10. sHy3r

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    iRoad cameras seem to be sucky at night recording. It was a replace set after original set recording at night sucks. I am thinking to change the iRoad to another brand. Disappointing camera.
  11. sHy3r

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    ST Group advertise... toyota corolla with overtrade $20k?
  12. sHy3r

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    There r also dealers & finance companies willing to loan 90-100% without registering a company. All they have to do is to mark up the selling price. Eg: Selling Price = $50,000 40% downpayment = $20,000 Loan amount = $30,000 But if buyer dont have $20,000, or not a single downpayment, dealer will use this method... Selling price: $83,350 Downpayment: $33,340 Loan amount: $50,010 (original selling price $50,000) But loan interests can be 3.5%-7%.... And in this case, it’s 100% for buyer. On paper, there is a 40% downpayment. But in reality, downpayment is invisible. Some dealers willing to help u if u have difficulty.. they link up many finance companies... all they need is to know ur monthly budget. The dealers also wont try bank loan. Cos sure cannot one. Finance/credit companies sure can.. cos most of their approval officer never base on real selling price to judge on how much to release loan. High % = they willing to take the risk and they earn more. This is something the Strait’s Times didnt mention...
  13. Can try Motorist.sg. They willing to match as low as u can get...
  14. sHy3r

    WORX Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

    Hi, how much are you selling?
  15. sHy3r

    Komoco new promotion

    C&C Ubi, Pandan Gardens have breakfast free too. C&C Sin Ming have biscuit n coffee machine all day C&C Alexandra I dunno.