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Found 215 results

  1. Stratovarius

    Proton X50

    Nice. Seems like many brands are stepping up the game by providing good looking cars with nice interior. Are we ready to look pass the badge?
  2. https://mothership.sg/2020/08/malaysian-drive-old-proton/ Hi, I'm Ken. This is my experience of a 27 years old Malaysian guy on driving an old Proton car in year 2020. Ever since graduating from my university on 3 years ago, I've been driving this car as my daily car. Time to sell this old Proton for a new car that is more suitable for someone of my age? Not yet. The car I'm driving is just a 1999 Proton Saga Iswara 1.3 Aeroback. An old car that is as normal as you can get in Malaysia. Not a BMW, Lexus, Audi, Nissan GT-R or any other luxury cars. Owning a new car in Malaysia can be expensive considering the price of a new car per average monthly income ratio. By average, I would say it is easily over RM500 per month for the upkeep of a new car in Malaysia even if it is an entry level car. By average, what was needed for the upkeep of this Proton Saga Iswara per month would be around RM300, inclusive of fuel, maintenance and any random repairs. Yup, that would be around RM3600 per year and it should roughly be enough to keep my car running for a year. It doesn't demand repair every single month of course and those are the months that I can save up more. What have I learned from driving a 21 years old Proton as my daily car? Well, at first during my early days of driving it, I do get a lot of negative feedback from it as it was in quite a poor condition before I restored it. Many recommended me to take up a car loan for a new car instead of wasting my money to fix up this Proton Saga. It is a good thing that I din't or else I would still be paying at least RM500 per month for the 9 years car loan installment at this moment. I haven't even include the costs for fuel and the yearly insurance costs which isn't cheap for a new car. My current income is eligible to sign up for a RM50k to RM60k car loan from a bank but why spend so much per month to pay for a new car that I use as a daily point A to B transport? Not only that, a car value depreciates quickly per year, even faster than the amount that you are paying in a year for some cars. Say if I buy a car for RM60k under a 9 years loan, by the time I finished repaying the loan, the car is probably worth only RM20k by then. RM40k lost in depreciation and I have not even factor in the amount that I've lost in paying interest rates to the bank. Instead of tying myself up under a loan commitment, I'm better off driving this old Proton Saga and save up all the extra money per month. What I can get with the extra money would be flexibility as it can be invested, given to family, saved up for the future, for property, etc. Obviously compared to my similarly aged peers, I look like the sad poor guy who drives an outdated old Proton Saga that his family handed it down to him when others are driving shiny brand new cars with latest technology. Some will even say that I am risking my life because of the poor safety features in this car. Hmm, does that mean that motorcycle riders are battling against life and death daily as they ride out? Or maybe your parents or the older generations are risking their lives too during a few decades ago when they are driving cars like this? I can't say there is a 100% guarantee in road safety regardless of what car that you are driving but having a nearly empty bank account per month due to high commitments is a guaranteed risk in personal finance management.
  3. Sgguy

    Proton gen 2 mods

    hi ani ppl fm sg mods their gen2 car.i just join these rm.
  4. Hi all! Very fed up with TTS (long story)..anyway, just wanna know where do you guys go to service / repair your Proton cars in Singapore? I specifically want Singapore workshops for those ocasional urgent issues whereby its too troublesome to tow to JB. Thanks!
  5. I am asking this question is that it seems like Proton are treating us as a fool. Example, they have came out Waja with Campro engine more than 8 months ago (I knew because my in-law drives one) and we are still not selling it here. Waja with Campro engine could clock at least 650km per full tank with the way my in-law drive in Malaysia. He told me that Waja without Campro engine could only clock max 580km per full tank. Since in Singapore we are paying so much for a car, Proton is not selling us their latest/best car. Same thing goes for Perduo, Myvii has been selling like hot cake in Malaysia and is a good car but in Singapore it is still not available, they are still selling Kelisa..... Don't proton owners in Singapore felt short charge? No wonder their sales never go up.
  6. SGXora

    Proton Exora#2

    I recently encountered the similar prbolem, after diagnosed, one of the ABS Sensor cable faulty. Replaced it (M$185), problem solved. bro...which shop u went? Sorry have to answer you at te new topic. i went to the nearest Proton Service Agent located at Gelang Patah, after you came out from Second Link and headed to Gelang Patah direction, turn right from the first traffic juction, then at the second traffic light juction, turn right and turn left, you will see the "workshop" at the end of the road.
  7. totally should read MAHATHIR want to manufact supercars instead of msia... ISTANBUL — Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has pictured the possibility of Malaysia producing "super cars" in order to further enhance the capability of the nation’s automotive industry. Dr Mahathir said Turkish supercar producer Onuk had indicated willingness to cooperate with Malaysia to produce the exotic vehicle. Dr Mahathir said he had long been aware of Turkish companies’ capability but only now he could see it first-hand. “I was aware of their capability. But there was no follow-up at the time as I was not the prime minister then, so making progress would have been difficult. “And now they are ready to collaborate... not only with that type of car (super car) but also with other cars,’’ he said . Dr Mahathir was speaking to Malaysian reporters at the end of his official visit to Turkey at the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (ISGIA) on Sunday (July 28). The Onuk Sazan and Onuk S56/G super car models areexhibited at ISGIA and Dr Mahathir took the opportunity to check them out before he left for home. On Friday, Dr Mahathir had a dialogue session with Turkish captains of industry, and offered them Malaysian expertise to produce their own national car based on the success garnered by Proton and Perodua. Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir praised Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd's (MAHB) success in managing (ISGIA) Turkey’s second largest airport — showing Malaysian companies’ capabilities as well as their ability to expand their operations abroad. He said that although MAHB operates airports in several other countries, ISGIA — which the company wholly owns — is the largest, handling 34 million passengers annually. “It’s much larger than KLIA (Kuala lumpur International Airport), and its management is something special. There are people who recognise our capability in this field and give us a lot of opportunities," said Dr Mahathir. On Friday, Dr Mahathir visited ISGIA, which was taken over entirely by MAHB in 2014, and witnessed its operations. Opened in January 2001, the airport is the second busiest in Turkey and the world’s busiest single-runway airport and terminal. Located some 45 km from Istanbul, it recorded 16.7 million passenger traffic movements as of June this year over first half of 2019, up 3.4 per cent over the same period last yeaar. In 2018, it posted 34.1 million passenger traffic movements and revenue of RM1.15 billion (S$382 million). NEW STRAITS TIMES
  8. Not sure if anyone post before. Malaysia BOLEH... http://www.------.com/news/9802/proton-just-as-good-as-bmw-putrajaya-says
  9. boonhat_91

    Proton vs. Perodua

    For a budget daily driver, is Proton or Perodua better? Interested criteria would be running costs, maintenance and overall reliability. Is there any unspoken consensus here or across the causeway which brand is preferred? Also, Proton is no longer selling in Singapore?
  10. Dear all, I saw a notice pasted immgration counter at malaysia First link CIQ. i ask the counter officer what is it about as it is all written in malay. She say from 14 Aug they are closing the counter top up at immgration. Meaning to say no touch and go no entry There is two thing that will happen. the jam will be damn bad as a lot of people don't have sufficent credit. Please use second link as there is automated machine. I may be wrong as i rely on the officer rely of message, please becareful and factor more jam time. Rustyz
  11. Any shops that carry parts for Satria Neo? Cause I ask around for shops that sell spark plug cables. None..... Thanks
  12. Kumweng

    Perodua Kenari

    Is Perodua Kenari a good and reliable car? Thinking of buying 1 used one. Please advise.
  13. Ayie88

    Proton Gen 2 Fall in..

    Was quite puzzle how come no Gen2 driver Wana open their own tread here. Hi guys hope we can share good Lobang example workshop in JB, accessory shop etc etc.. Let me intro myself. I am a Ayie driving a red Gen 2... How abt u all Gen2 drivers??
  14. Just finish my 4 days off(Saturday to Tuesday) and have for 4 weeks more to enjoy weekends off again.Last week I hang out with other Malaysia car makes owner @ Tampines Teh Tarik and I was thinking of gathering most Singapore Malaysia makes car owners.Last week there is 2 gen2 1.6,1 Viva 1.0,1 Myvi 1.3,1 Saga Blm and 1 Exora.Our discussion is mainly car acc and parts.Hope to hear more positive feedbacks here before proceeding
  15. First off the line since the Geely acquisition (49.9%) based on the Geely BoYue. not interested much in proton or geely but i have to admit it has a very striking exterior. The Boyue is designed by former Volvo designer Peter Horbury, its a five-seat C-segment SUV measuring 4.5 metres long. Engines range from 2.4 litre (162 hp/210 Nm) to 1.8 litre turbo (163 hp/250 Nm). already testing on MY roads though LHD. Targeting mass market. Will it be as ubiquitious as the 1st gen saga or myvi over there?
  16. Kangadrool

    Proton Persona 1.6M

    Any owner here? Comments/feedback about this car.
  17. Mustang

    2011 Proton Saga Facelift

    Proton Saga Facelift
  18. Gadgeter

    PROTON owners please come in

    Hi all Proton Owners, (be it wira or waja or satria etc) Just want to find out who are the Proton Owners here, so that we can share Tips and Tricks about the car. LIST - Wira 1. Gad 1.5M 2. 3. LIST - Waja 1. 2. 3. LIST - Other models (Saga, Satria etc) 1. 2. 3.
  19. inlinesix

    KL Motorshow 2018

    Mitsubishi Triton FL Proton X70 Ford Mustang Hyundai Kona EV Hyundai Nevo
  20. Shorty

    Cameras for Travel

    hi guys, what do u guys prefer to bring on ur travels for photography? do u just make do with ur smartphones or digicams? im contemplating whether to get a compact digicam for my holidays. of cos it will also b used on other occasions. but also thinking if my phonecam will b good enough. wats ur opinions?
  21. Mini-itx

    Proton Sataria NEo

    Anyone driving this car? How is it? Cause it looks very nice to me. Good potential for mods (I meant engine etc mods) and can turn it into a mini powerhouse w/o anyone knowing....
  22. Wahaha....i feel so insulted for milo https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/mahathir-disappointed-over-cool-response-to-second-national-car-10536322 KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Monday (Jul 16) expressed disappointment that his idea for a second national car has not been well-received by the people. Dr Mahathir said he was informed that no one wanted to see another national car being developed as most of the people regarded “it was enough” having the Proton, which has been deemed to be a failure. In a posting on his blog, Dr Mahathir sarcastically remarked that “we are not qualified nor capable of having an automotive industry”. Malaysians, he said, were prepared to buy imported cars, including from China, and also get Japanese-made and German-made cars, especially those who could afford them. "I still remember the Japanese car after the war. As users, if we scratch with our fingernails, we’ll see Milo tins, but it is from these Milo tin cars that came the various models, such as Toyota, Nissan and Suzuki which we are now using. "Certainly this will not happen with Malaysia. Our car will always be made from Milo tins forever,” he said. Dr Mahathir clarified that the government had no plans to make the proposed second national car as a government-owned automotive industry He said the private sector in the country was now capable of designing, making clay models and test models, as well as produce cars on a large scale. “But, because early on we have rejected the idea of a second national car, then we will oppose all proposals to produce cars by the private sector. Certainly, the government will not have a government-owned automotive industry,” said the prime minister. Dr Mahathir said the country’s market was now full of imported cars, both of good quality and also the Milo tin type. "Produced by giant companies, they monopolise Malaysia’s car market so much so that it buried Proton. “In the end, Proton was sold to foreigners. There is no more national car, no more automotive industry. Workers, engineers, managers are also out of jobs. Everything drops. "Malaysia becomes a consumer country, padi farming country, fishing. It’s alright. This is what we want and this is what we get. Just forget about Vision 2020,” said Dr Mahathir.
  23. Fitnessbuff

    Malaysia Lambo

    Malaysia make
  24. as attached, really unbelievable 2013 whole year, proton only sold one unit in Singapore, back to many years ago, my boss was proudly driving Proton waja :angry: maybe Singaporean jealous our northern neighbour has own automobile industry, intentionly boycott thier product M03-Car_Regn_by_make.pdf
  25. https://my.news.yahoo.com/proton-finally-reveals-pcc-glory-152550780.html After months of speculation and the rumour mill brewing with ridiculous expectations, Proton has finally given us some actual facts about the PCC. Proton prefers to keep a tight lip regarding information on its future vehicles. The company, like Apple prefers to keep mum until the eventual launching. In the case of the PCC however, Proton did exactly the opposite by allowing journalists into a secluded area of its Centre of Excellence building in Shah Alam – a place that the outside world rarely gets to see. Like any other automaker, Proton prefers to keep prying eyes away from models currently under development, which is the same in the case of the PCC or Proton Compact Car. The PCC, seven of them to be exact, were placed in a special storage room whose entrance was manned by two police officers and a number of Proton employees. Since the PCC has not been launched, flash photography was strictly prohibited during the reveal and Proton went through great lengths to keep it that way as even smartphones of journos had their camera lenses covered by tape and then the phones placed in plastic bags. This made me wonder, if Proton was going to show me a car or a spaceship. This much of security for the PCC? The security level there was befitting of a UFO reveal at Area 51 but, I guess Proton had its reasons. Anyway, after a brief presentation on the car, the PCC was finally revealed in all its glory. Dimensions wise this small Proton is 3,905mm long, 1,720mm wide and 1,550mm high. By comparison, the Perodua Myvi is 3690mm long, 1665mm wide and 1,545mm high, which means the PCC is a relatively bigger car than Perodua’s breadwinner. Proton says that 4 years were spent on creating the PCC at a cost of about RM500 million. This goes without saying that the national automaker is hoping for great things from this little car. Having had first hand experience with the car, I can say that quite a lot of effort was put into it, both in design and construction. The body structure utilises ultra high strength steel, the same kind used in the Preve, which makes the body rigid and able to protect occupants effectively during a crash. From the front, the contours as well as the headlights look very similar to that of the Saga FLX, while the grille and chrome pieces look akin to that of the Preve. At the rear, the PCC takes on an angular look with the tails lights and boot lid taking on prominently sharp lines, which should be to the liking of younger car buyers. When launched, the PCC will be offered with a choice of two engines, which are a newly developed 1.6-litre VVT unit and a 1.3-litre VVT one that is said to be a reworked version of the current 1.3-litre CamPro engine. Both engines will be mated to either a CVT transmission or the tried and tested 5-speed stick shift. Just like its bigger brothers, the PCC will come loaded with tech that are lightyears better than vehicles like the Saga and Savvy. For starters, manoeuvring through tight spaces won’t be an issue because the PCC is equipped with electronic power steering. Hill Hold Assist, is a feature that keeps the car from rolling back when the PCC stops on an inclination. All the driver needs to do to get going is, to step on the accelerator pedal and set off. Keeping the PCC in check are a plethora of safety systems that include 6 airbags, Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electric Stability Control (ESC), Tracton Control System (TCS), Electronic Brake Distribution(EBD) and Brake Assist. This is an impressive list of features though I’m a little skeptical about the base trim car getting everything mentioned here. Like Proton’s current line up, the PCC comes with power windows, but, what sets it apart from that of its brethren is the ability to roll the windows back down when an obstacle (your hand) prevents it from going up fully. This is a welcome feature especially for parents who are worried about their kids getting their hands injured. The system works pretty well although I have a blood shot middle finger to prove that it isn’t idiot proof. Inside, the interior is unlike anything you’ve seen from Proton, as the quality of materials used far exceed that of the Saga BLM. But what is most interesting is that, despite the car’s dimensions, the cabin offers generous legroom both for front and rear passengers. To put that into context, a driver with a height of 187cm could adjust his seat comfortably and the rear passenger of the same height, will still have more than enough legroom to remain comfortable on long journeys. But what will interest many is the addition of two USB charging outlets for your smartphone and tablet on top of the dedicated USB outlet for your thumb drive. When launched, the PCC will be offered as three variants; Standard, Executive and Premium. The 1.3-litre car will come in Standard and Executive trim levels while the 1.6-litre car will be offered as Executive and Premium variants. The Standard doesn’t come with a lot of the “bling bling” of the Premium variant and as such has to forgo many of the chrome trim pieces, DRLS, rear spoiler and a number of other trim fitments. Despite countless cleverly disguised questions thrown at the Proton team, they refused to divulge information regarding pricing but it has been understood that it will not exceed RM70,000.00 because that would cause it to encroach on territory occupied by bigger offerings. The “take home” of this entire “Top Secret” reveal was for the public to know that Perodua’s Axia isn’t the only game in town and that come 25 September 2014, the highly anticipated PCC will be launched for Malaysian car buyers. So mark that day on your calendar!