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Found 9 results

  1. Kangadrool

    Proton Persona 1.6M

    Any owner here? Comments/feedback about this car.
  2. hi! as the title says it all "Anyone knows what E-throttle proton persona/gen2 using?" and also do provide the hardness size too! it will be great info for us! and also how much isit! thanks in advance guys.. james
  3. Just receive an email from Proton regarding these models and yes they will bring in the Exora Bold Light turbo mpv sooner after they cleared the Exora MC stocks latest by May.The new Persona replacement also will make appearance by mid year and they will only bring the high line version that pack with features suchs as light pressure turbo CFE 1.6 engine,7 speed Cvt with manual mode,Reverse cam,Built in DVD and gps,Auto wiper,Windows with sensor,6 airbags,daylight led lights,push start button,6 speed for manual and autofold led wing mirrors.Also they will bring a few units of the new Saga FL 1.3 with led wing mirrors,full power windows,USB/bluetooth audio,New meter panel,new design headlamps and rear led lights.
  4. Anyone already have this in your Gen2/Persona? Looks good leh ... need some 1st hand comments before committing ... 2-din dvd player
  5. Escksu

    New Proton Persona Car??

    I gotten this image from another forum. Not sure if its true. But the car looks decent though.
  6. hi guys, share ur experience with us what exhaust you guys mod to and did it pass the inspection? i thinking of changing but still nt sure of which to change to...hopes this threat can help me with abit... thanks guys,.
  7. Folks who know me long enough. I never said I was undertaker nia. Although I did work with the dead in the clinical selnse thru forensics, one thing led to another and voila....i become undertaker. how the hell I became the MCF undertaker befuddles me Can anyone shed some light??
  8. Picanto

    Proton Persona at $82.9K

    Would you buy it? Latest Price: SGD 82,999 Engine: Straight , 4 Cylinders 16-valve Power: 110 Bhp @ 6500 rpm (68.9 bhp/litre) Torque: 148 Nm @ 4000 rpm 0-100 km/h: 12.6 secs Transmission: 5 -speed Manual Kerb Weight: 1215 kg Book a Test DriveAverage User Rating: Not yet available No of Reviews: Not yet available Fuel Consumption: 13.3 km/litre Latest OMV: SGD 9,972 Buy this car? Get your finances right. Latest Price (SGD): SGD 82,999 (24 Feb 2011)
  9. Chickenfarm

    Do u put on a "new" persona at work?

    Just curious... I see alot of wayang everyday - pple talking and joking like sister / bros but soon after the "gathering", they bad-mouth each other. I have pple telling me "colleagues can nvr be frens". I oso have pple telling me tt, "For survival sake, I can even lunch wif the murderer of my parents bcos I need to get what I want". Do u put on a different persona at work as a strategic "defence" mechanism or the so-called "survival in the jungle" or do you have many colleagues practising this infront of you?