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Found 5 results

  1. Ahtong

    Singapore's Chiobu Undertaker

    I am sure many will be dying to meet her. I think funeral services should be quite a profitable business if you can get past the taboo factor. I just wonder where they get morticians from and what's the pay like. I heard in SGH, it is a bangala who cuts open the cadavers while the doc just examines the organs???
  2. Mcf777

    Undertaker car

    Fugly. Take out the license plate, place a photo and can be use as a undertaker car! http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info_ph...amp;CUR=2#photo
  3. Folks who know me long enough. I never said I was undertaker nia. Although I did work with the dead in the clinical selnse thru forensics, one thing led to another and voila....i become undertaker. how the hell I became the MCF undertaker befuddles me Can anyone shed some light??
  4. Apollo

    [Court] Undertaker vs Paul

    Undertaker on trial By Elena Chong, Courts Correspondent Roland Tay (left), 61, is said to have swung a crowbar at Mr Paul Wong Wah Suang, 53, and threatened him with 'bxxxxxd I want to kill you' along a Lavender Street walkway on March 31 last year. -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW A WELL-KNOWN undertaker went on trial on Monday for allegedly threatening a business partner. Tay Hai Choon better known as Roland Tay, 61, is said to have swung a crowbar at Mr Paul Wong Wah Suang, 53, and threatened him with 'bxxxxxd I want to kill you''along a Lavender Street walkway on March 31 last year. He is also accused of punching and kicking Mr Wong. Also being tried with him are his workers, Raj M. Perumal, 45, Suresh Kannan Selvi, 34,and Kelvin Mark Marie, 34, who denied assaulting Mr Wong at about 4.30am that day. A private eye, Mr Dennis Lee, took the stand and recounted the events that day when he accompanied his clients, Ms Wong and his wife, Ms Annie Heng, to the premises to retrieve their things. Ms Heng is a director of All Saints Christian Bereavement, whose other director is Mr Eric Yeo. All Saints Christian Bereavement Services was set up in May 2006 with the involvement of Tay. Tay, who runs Direct Singapore Funeral Services in the same Lavender Street office, has received wide media coverage for overseeing the funerals of murdered China girl Huang Na, Kallang body parts victim Liu Hong Mei and MRT train victim Tan Jee Suan. The All Saints venture soon turned sour after the partners squabbled over money issues. The hearing continues. http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking...ry_269389.html such coincidence for the name of his partner.. let's see how Paul was attacked
  5. Thefear

    JuOn the Undertaker

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=gEBeQ0pYLog Haha very cute Double chokeslam in the end somemore