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  1. Thefear

    SAF Med Officer Convicted as Carpark Coupon Cheat

    Wow Ociffer job too stressed liao si boh?
  2. Thefear

    How much are those blings?

    Those are Kirameki Glitter Sheets. I have them on my interior but the owner is gonna regret putting on his exterior & such a big pc somemore Must have cost him quite abit.... Btw wat car is that sia??? Pretty horrendous yeah
  3. Thefear

    Dunch tailgate me!

    Well need to change ur mentality of the above in bold dude. Rule of thumb is simple, on the 1st lane, if u are not willing to drive faster or as fast as the car behind u, then pls give way no matter the speed. He doing 200km/h is HIS problem, maybe he really got emergency or he just has a deathwish, not our problem. Just give way. BUT if really no chance to give way cos of traffic on the left then the dude is being an ass for continuous highbeaming...
  4. Thefear

    Who heard of Delorean b4?

    Yeah man, Marty McFly, Doc Emmet Brown, Hoverboard, Back to the Future?? All don't ring a bell for u??? Freakin legendary movie series with an equally legendary car man!!
  5. She needed to be shaved bald due to the burns & for skin graft... u think she want wan meh?
  6. Thefear

    Where to rent rims?

    TS already said a week, probably due to 4 rims or long queue at the shop... Some shops also do not have space for u to leave ur car there to idle one week. I know of ppl who can't live w/o car for even few hrs due to nature of job. Lastly, buying those steel stock rims is even cheaper than renting a car for ONE day. So unless TS got 1 week leave or have many many $$$ to burn, ur idea may be the lazy way out but definitely not the most practical or cost effective bro...
  7. Thefear

    Where to rent rims?

    I am sure u can request to rent from them temp for a small fee also since they put in shop also collect dust... =)
  8. Thefear

    Where to rent rims?

    Not sure but y don't u just go to any rim shop & buy from them those 2nd hand stock steel rims. Just have to tahan for a week ya?
  9. Push chiongsters to speed??? Seriously?? Thats entrapment man...... So ur fren saw the WRX & put the pedal to the metal??
  10. Thefear

    Fast & Furious 5: Fast 5 Trailer!

    OMG another testosterone overloaded movie after the Expendables... 3 muscle bound botaks, Tyrese Gibson, Vin Diesel & the Rock all on the same screen. Can't wait to see Diesel vs Rock!!
  11. Er owner never say where he stay, which mscp?
  12. Thefear

    All about PS3 (3)

    Bro just use painkillers if need be. Get a strong n fast weapon like the knife gloves & keep 2 or 3 coffee creamers on u then from the start just chiong one girl. i always chiong the one in yellow. Ignore the blue one just keep attacking the yellow one. Pretty easy actually haha
  13. Thefear

    Audi all new R4 in SG.

    No offence to ur bro but thats already a very nice car to begin with, why do that? The ONLY thing ur bro needs to do ASAP is upsize those rims man
  14. Thefear

    All about PS3 (3)

    Yeah i cleared all bosses less the 2 magicians, haven't tried them.... There are some bosses u MUST face like the SGT later in the game... Cook Antoine pretty straight forward too. Stay away from him & avoid his frying pans & plates. When he starts eating, run up to him & give him 2 hits, den roll or jump away. Keep ur distance & when he starts running to the next makan spot, run up & hit him twice again. There are only like 3 spots where he will eat so just anticipate & rinse & repeat. Why 2 times cos 3rd time he would have turned round & smacked u liao, hurts man. So don't greedy. When injured just run out, there are TONS of food ard cos food court haha.. Like i said once u level up, all this bosses will drop like flies..
  15. Thefear

    All about PS3 (3)

    Bear in mind the bosses in DR2 have mainly one tactic to beat them which is hit n run. It also helps too when u are levelled up. I am level 43 now with maxed damage so one hit from me takes out a big chunk of their life. So if u can't beat a particular psycho, just f care him & come back in ur next playthru to whoop his ass. Of cos there are certain tricks to certain psychos like the jump kick for Slappy 7 of cos its best to keep a few good foods like the coffee creamer on u. The rest are pretty much hit & run. Btw u guys know u can mix up special drinks ya. if u are having probs, just mix up vodka + vodka. Refills full life & makes u take half the damage for a short while, awesome against tough bosses....