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  1. Timex1441

    Any recommended tyre shop

    So far, I've tried AL Tyres (Paya Lebar), Soon Huat (Toh Guan) and Tan Eng Hua (Clementi West). All are honest n reasonable.
  2. Timex1441

    Punctured tyre repair

    A few days ago, i had a slow leak in 1 tyre due to a nail. Went to this shop "Tan Eng Hua Tyre" at Blk 721 Clementi West St 2 (near the Sheng Siong). Very efficient service and cheap, only $8 for a patch. Highly recommended.
  3. Timex1441

    Caltex vs Essomobil vs Shell vs SPC

    juz to share: i'll show SAFRA card for the 14% discount and pay with Citi Dividend card which gives effectively 4.3% discount (provided the charged amount is >$50). Then, plus the Caltex reward points, the total discount is about 19.x% which is good enough for me. (i mean, even if Shell or Esso or SPC has some credit card or reward system that gives 20-21% discount, i'll still go for Caltex which is smoother, quieter and gives consistency in the FC, in my experience)
  4. Timex1441

    Caltex vs Essomobil vs Shell vs SPC

    Caltex clearly is smoother and less noise....also gives me about 0.5 km/L better FC than esso or SPC. (petrol 95)
  5. I zoomed in (using internet explorer's zoom feature), and I think it's not a SC* plate, but it's a SG* plate.
  6. Timex1441

    Car Choice

    u funny lah....ppl obviously looking for a premium brand....u come n suggest kia n a diesel
  7. Timex1441

    < 3 wk old car

    For ppl who drive north frequently, mileage goes up darn fast....i got a neighbour who has biz in penang n KL....he drives there almost every week...his 6-yr old car already >200,000 km....
  8. Timex1441

    Car Keychain

    used to use those chunky keychains tat r easy to hold....but nowadays need to put so many things in pocket (phone, workpass, house keys), so opt for smaller car keychain...my kids luv disney, so i got many of these at home n juz pick 1 of them to use
  9. Timex1441

    Will you give way to this kind of person?

    nowadays i live n let live....as long as the guy nvr cause me to jam brake, i'll give way....it's juz a few seconds of time, no big deal.... but talking abt this reminds me of incident last week --- i was turning fr telok blangah rd into harbourfront (the turn-right light junction), n an ass driver merging fr the opp direction didnt give way as he shld, n forced me to super jam brake....my kid was scared n cried...i was so pissed tat i overtook tat ass n stopped in the middle of the road to dare him to come down n talk....he no balls....juz sat in his car....CB!
  10. Timex1441

    Leasing Vs Buying

    today's newspapers had a Suzuki Swift ad tat shows $1048 for lease-n-drive scheme....sounds quite attractive....is it 3-yr or 5-yr period?....anybody has signed up n can share his/her experience?
  11. yes, thanx for the reminder....most importantly the seat belt shld not cut into the neck area of the child....
  12. if the child is 1.35m tall, then he/she doesn't need a child seat booster, n can use the adult seat belt...but i think most pri 1 and pri 2 kids are not tat tall....so it's probably a case of better-than-having-no-protection
  13. Timex1441

    17 people injured in morning accident on AYE

    in the odd hours, some lorry drivers very hiong....i ever saw one doing 120 km/h on KJE lane 1 at 2 am....
  14. Timex1441

    AXA Motor Insurance - Good or not?

    seems that way, based on the wording.
  15. Timex1441

    Appeal to traffic police

    ya, 6 mths seems too long a time in such modern age....