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Found 28 results

  1. hi! as the title says it all "Anyone knows what E-throttle proton persona/gen2 using?" and also do provide the hardness size too! it will be great info for us! and also how much isit! thanks in advance guys.. james
  2. Slackingbird

    Selling Proton Gen2 exhaust!

    Hi all... I'm letting go my Matola exos for proton gen2 as it's taking up space.. Bassy sound not loud.. Going for only $120!! So come on gimme a call or SMS to 96703777 today! First come first serve, cash and carry!!! Cya all! Cheers! Nick
  3. Anyone already have this in your Gen2/Persona? Looks good leh ... need some 1st hand comments before committing ... 2-din dvd player
  4. Hi all i have a Gen2 about 6 years old. Sometimes i encounter a behaviour with my car. When my car stopped at a junction and when i wanted to move off, i stepped on the accelerator the car will vibrate (like those manual cars going to stall) and there's no throttle at all. But when i release the pedal, the car continues to move slowly normally in Drive gear mode. i noticed that when i try to step more on the pedal when moving off or in very slow speed (probably in 1st gear), i will not experience this. This behaviour is getting more frequent. Everytime i need to switch off the engine and switch on again den i can drive off. i just went for my servicing last month where i changed the engine oil and automatic gear oil. anyone knows what might be the cause of this? Thank You
  5. Slonez

    Gen2 Good or Bad

    Hi All, My brother-in-law considering Gen 2 auto. I know that there were some bad press when it was released. How are things now? Need feedback on pros & cons so that he can make informed decisions. Thks!
  6. [extract] It seems 2010 is the year of car recalls. The latest victim to befall an automobile manufacturer is Malaysia
  7. Hi Pros Advise needed..... @ frist thought of getting Mitsubishi Lancer (manual @ $61,988) but after trying the Proton Gen2 (manual @ $56,388). I find it much more better. Now beri blur dont know which 1 to get..... Hope tat I can get some advise from U pros Out There.... Btw anyone have the Proton Gen2 (Auto)???? Good anot???
  8. how come launched in thailand first and not malaysia??? http://paultan.org/archives/2007/12/01/fac...ed-in-thailand/
  9. Flameblade

    Idiot Black Gen2 driver at CTE

    To the black idiot Gen2 young punk at CTE last night at around 11plus. What the fu*k are u trying to prove. People drive slowly in the 3 lane, not road hogging, not speeding and minding their own business. And here u are trying to find trouble. I know u "nice sounding" exhaust very loud, dont need to go beside me and start to blow blow blow like no other business. Dont need to go beside me to jio me to race, dont need to speed up when i change lane and stay beside me and waiting for me to race with ur "tiong" car. Come on lah, people got family, got their own live to live. U want to die ealier, go die urself with ur 3 idiot friends inside. Dont need to disiao us, want to find touble, come out talk. I am sure me and friends will want to see how u fu*king face look like. I am not here to find touble, i am just here to warn other drivers to not provoke other drivers uncessary. Want to die, die urself. i am sure no one will pity u if u die young bacuse of a moment of foolishness. My 2 cents. Ps: i was sitting in the passenger seat, my friend is driving, and thank god he is old enough to not be rash in a moment of foolishness.
  10. Hey guys, my dad seems pretty set on getting a cefiro but he is wondering what is the best way to sell off our opc gen2 that we boughtly 1yr ago. would be grateful for your comments and help.
  11. There'll be a TT (Gathering) going on tis Friday 16 Sept @ 8.30pm at Tampines St 11.. Its near blk 136 open carpark..sure got enough parkin space.. All Proton owners are most welcome to join in......
  12. Hi guys! I quite like the alfa romeo look of the Gen2 stock rims My lancer uses 4x100... wondering if the gen2's rims can be used. Like to find out the PCD, offset of this rim and weight of this rim. My oz f1 is about 8.5kg... :( Thanks guys!
  13. Odyssey02

    OCW [Wonder Wax from Gen2]

    haha, collected my wax yesterday from gen2 and today tried it out already. such an ease to use and produces pretty good results. since i already did the autoglym twins during the wkend, i used OCW straight after the wash.
  14. Tigger

    Gen2 ecu

    hi, did anyone knows is unichip 3rd gen being able to be install in gen2
  15. Tigger

    Proton Gen2 Meet up?

    Hi frens. Keen for a Meetup to discuss abt the car? If yes, what abt this coming sat?
  16. RM 150 per session only!!! For you to drive around the track. On top on that, food and beverages, goodie bags, organising , and the most important factor the 'mahaguru' for you to received guide and tips of car handling. We believe that it does value for the money that you are paying for. ****************************** Tentative Program itenary are as follow:- Date : 11th September 2005 Venue : SIC Sepang (Full track) Fee : RM150 Duration : 8am
  17. See you guys and girls there!!!
  18. Location : PUB Recreation Centre at 48 Woodleigh Park, off Braddel Road By PIE exit Braddel, BY CTE exit Braddel also.. Agenda : Talk about Gen2 Time : 8.00 Pm If you lose your way can call Irwan :93865824 or Sazali : 96842752 See you there......
  19. Sei_fei_loh

    PURPLE GEN2!!!! SUI!!

    Hello, while on my way back hm after lunch, i saw this purple Gen2. I suppose Gen2 population is rather thin in sg, anyone noes the owner?? He has de-badged the 'GEN 2' N 'CAMPRO', leaving only the logo. very tinted tail lights. side of the car has very big stickers.. OZ dark colored rims. Saw him a couple of times. BUT only today we came so close, but no chance to tok to the owner after i finish buying some stuffs. He parked 1 car beside me only!!!!! SUI SUI SUI SUI!!!!!!
  20. Hi does anybody have any lobang for Gen2 accessories & bodykit Or any advise on Gen2 engine
  21. Hi to all GEN 2 drivers out there. From my uncle, he received a call from PROTON SINGAPORE to replace the 'noisy' front suspension. I haf called up PROTON and verified that they would change mine during my 10k servicing. Aint sure if they called u, but no harm calling them. GOod deal leh.. hehe. new suspensions. i dun seem to have problem with mine but will go for more hard cornerings before changing. d: > btw.. hw many gen2 owners here??
  22. Hi Guys SG Gen2 owners meetup this Saturday 9th April at 8.00PM Location is at PUB Recreation Centre, 48 Woodleigh Park off Braddel Rd. Free parking there.To get there exit PIE at Braddel and drive towards Serangoon Gardens, take the first left after Bartley Underpass.See you guys there. Live ESPN at the cafe. Thanks. Other Proton Owners most welcome to jon in. If you have problems getting there PM/Email me
  23. Sei_fei_loh

    Any Gen2 owners??

    Hi all, any gen2 owners in this forum. I drive a grey 1mth old gen2. d: ) probably all gen2 owners can sign in and we can have meetups once in a while. d: > Btw. GONG XI FA CAI!!
  24. Shorty

    Gen2 for takeover

    anybody interested in getting a gen2?take over.no cash needed.SFN OPC car.light blue color.monthly abt $485 i tink.anyone?
  25. Jackhandle


    regardless of model.soup up or stock.young or old.ladies ur gentelmen place..DANGA BAY date...23/01/05 SUNDAY time...1000am ONWARD attire.. AS U LIKE ALL ARE WELCOME... sorry for the late posting http://www.autoworld.com.my/forum/allpost....tt+at+Danga+Bay