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  1. Fark salah. Cross also cannot do properly
  2. Y take mane off sia. I tot he played better than salah.
  3. Salah not performing. Take him off for origi or minamino
  4. Pool has got to score one of their chances. Too many misses is not a gd sign
  5. as expected man u playing defensive with 5 defenders. confirm the plan will b same as at OT. stop trent n robertson.
  6. wahlau....all the time malay wedding at void deck. also multi-culture...everyone n anyone are invited. now ang moh wedding at void deck suddenly become news. n so-called "wedding like no other"?
  7. oh my.......already on fire in the air. something must hv gone terribly wrong if it's got nothing to do with the US-Iran spat.
  8. nice. hopefully another round for the kids
  9. some reports r saying shaq might b moved if there r buyers. no doubt i like him, but with his injury record, it's hard for the club to justify in keeping him. as for keita....really hope he can recuperate properly n stay clear of injuries. cos i tink he can offer more than shaq.
  10. Pool need that 2nd goal. Wolves still theatening to equalise.
  11. atletico gonna b a very tough opponent.
  12. I still hv not seen a clear reason why that is offside. The shots they use to determine the line is really not ideal.
  13. no clear cut chance so far. a lot of attack without really troubling watford.
  14. pool cant make the same mistake as man u. as gd as fergie was, he didnt hv the team ready for after his retirement. thats when they started to decline. n in NBA, warrios is suddenly a crap team, as they didnt keep/buy the players needed to carry on their dynasty.