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  1. Bcos man c players don dive. Only other teams.
  2. y suddenly pool lose their composure. keep giving the ball away n losing all challenges.
  3. wth. still no cleansheet for pool.
  4. one concern i hv when pool is defending a freekick. the way they set up the defensive line, i'm not sure why they are choosing to stick to it. it's high line, almost at the top of the penalty box. n always the players cluster in the middle or near post. leaving the far post empty. villa got their goal when this setup failed. n genk had some good freekicks in with this setup as well. so why r they still doing it? it takes a fast attacker to sneak in behind n pool will confirm concede.
  5. With all the possession pool has, they really nvr threatened genk much. Genk happy to sit back n absorb. N pool with no creativity to break them down.
  6. Bcos arms cannot b considered when looking for offside. So the dirty Atkinson find the further part of the arm......
  7. now city leading. lead cut to 3 pts only.
  8. really lovren?? so many options yet he chose to play a hollywood pass n fail terribly
  9. dunno klopp wanna wait for wat till he make his 1st sub. take salah n hendo out. keita n ox in.
  10. wtf everything abt him today.
  11. the worst of the lot will b hendo, salah, mane.
  12. mane like wanna proof something to salah. everytime keep trying to pass to him. eventhough got better option
  13. all like shit today. mane trying too hard n choosing the wrong passes a few times already.
  14. martin atkinson in charge of VAR. nothing else to say.