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Found 131 results

  1. At https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/forum-three-years-too-soon-for-first-car-inspection
  2. hi guys, i got my first annual inspection for my truck coming up soon. What do they look for? Previously in my stock lancer it was pretty smooth ( no mods or anything) My truck i'll be changing back to my stock rims + tyres and also taping up my side mirror lights ( blue light there). I'll be getting a hose to blast my exhaust pipe b4 going down. Just curious, how do they inspect the speed warning thingy? by pressing the button or driving up to 70km/h on the machine or anything? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  3. Folks, Just wondering, can I go and get my inspection done on my car, ie, 3 yrs, and is needed for road tax renewal WITHOUT the notice? I have not received the notice, and could be with the prev owner. Anybody got any info on this? Thanks
  4. Car owners can bring vehicles for inspection from June 8: LTA source: https://mothership.sg/2020/06/private-car-inspections-after-circuit-breaker/ Economic activities are gradually resuming in phases in Singapore after the end of the circuit breaker on June 1. Vehicle inspections to resume From Monday, June 8, inspection centres authorised by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be allowed to resume vehicle inspection services for private cars, LTA said in a press release on June 5. Inspections for private cars had previously been suspended during the extended circuit breaker period, although goods vehicles, buses, taxis, private hire cars, and motorcycles were still required to go for inspections as scheduled. Owners whose inspection deadlines were deferred will receive notification LTA said that vehicle owners who had their inspection deadlines deferred previously due to the circuit breaker measures will receive a notification informing them of the scheduled month of their inspection. These vehicle owners are "strongly encouraged" to adhere to the scheduled month indicated, and to visit the inspection centres alone, and not in groups. They should also avoid weekday peak hours from 10am to 2pm where possible, LTA said. They must also abide by safe management measures, including using SafeEntry to check-in and check-out when entering and leaving the inspection centres. Inspection deadlines previously extended Previously, the deadlines for private cars to undergo periodic vehicle inspection were extended by six months, for inspections due within the circuit breaker period, or within three weeks from the end of the circuit breaker period. This would apply to deadlines falling on or before June 21, 2020. LTA also previously said that it would allow the road tax for such private cars to be renewed for six months, provided they have valid insurance coverage.
  5. rickbath

    Brighter headlights needed

    Hi All, I'm driving a '08 Toyota Axio which i bought about 2 months ago. During a recent drive to KL and back, i realised the headlights are not bright enough especially during the stretch when there are no streetlights. I would like to change the headlights to something with is LTA compliant. I saw there are tonn of LED headlights but need to change back to stock during the inspection. I'd rather not take the trouble and change to something which is compliant and brighter than the current. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  6. Whats the difference between these 2 services? Always hear abt STA being use by car dealers, but no AAS. Why? Is it cost issue? If buying used car, send AA or STA is a better choice? Pardon for the many questions...
  7. Hi guys, just a check, what is the minimal grade acceptable for a used car to guarantee a safe buy? B? Will the STA inspection indicate all the defects and if got accident before will highlight to us?
  8. Hi, I will be trading in my used car to the AD's dealer. There will be a car inspection. May I know what should I look out for in order not to incur unnecessary cost to the confirmed trade in price? 1) Need to paint or touch up minor scratches on car? 2) Need to repair any worn out upholstery in car seat or scratches in car interior? 3) Need to bring normal service records (like invoices) as normally people do not keep it? 4) Do we need to go for pre-wash, vacuum or grooming session before heading to the inspection? Please give advices? Thanks.
  9. Ahrex

    Car Inspection

    Hi guys, i have received a letter from LTA to go for car inspection before my road tax expires in April. May I know wat do they inspect and how much it will cost? i have juz gotton my car for a few mths and i did not go for any Vicom/STA/AA inspection when i bought it. Is this inspection the same as that? any ideas how much it would cost? my fren told me $60++ only.. anything i should do 1st? appreciate ur replies!! thanks in advance!!
  10. Hi I understand some cars need to undergo a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) before they are delivered to the customers. I understand that PDI takes about a week to complete. Can anyone explain why it take so long? What does PDI entail? I understand that some, if not all, Conti cars undergo PDI before the cars are collected by the customers. Does this practice extend to the Japanese and Korean cars? Please enlighten. Thanks
  11. Victor68

    Facade inspection - new ruling

    http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/housing/industry-gearing-up-for-new-rules-on-facade-checks It is rather amazing that we have introduced so many new products and designs without giving thought to maintenance. now suddenly they expect the lowly maintenance guys to be experts and be able to view defects using binoculars on the facade! Surely these maintenance guys won't know if the product will be flammable or the internal clippers have corroded. I would have hold QP responsible for the design and approving authority to ensure adequate maintenance processes are in placed before approving them. many renown designs were never given thought on maintenance. now it is others to pick up these sh#t.
  12. Need to go vicom inspection - 1st one. Car abt to reach 3yrs old. Sorry, me 1st timer to inspection Do most of you service before going for vicom inspection? Given that my car has no issues and its still within 3 yrs.
  13. Is this considered invasion of privacy? I wonder if they inform the residents before inspecting. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/technology/heady-days-use-of-drones-to-detect-defects-on-hdb-blocks-takes-10599070
  14. Anyone knows what does the lr and ud stands for?
  15. Received a registered letter from LTA informing me that an error in either the IU or the stored Value Card (Cash Card) when my car passed thru the ERP gantry. I am now required to have my IU or the Cash Card in question inspected at the IU inspection Centers. Btw, I am a user of the MOTORPAY, which means I need not to insert my cash card in the IU for payment of ERP, the ERP charges incurred would be billed to my POSB Credit Card. Has any one here experienced the same before, pls share: How long will the inspection take? Any fee charged for the inspection job? If the IU is found faulty, will they required changing to a new one or just having it repaired? Thank you for your sharing.
  16. Hi All Have been thinking of changing my tail lights to LED type. But my car will be due for 3 year inspection next year. Just wondering, what do they test tail light for? Is it just brightness? If the LED is bright enough (its probably brighter than stock) then its ok? Or will they know it is a modification and will result in failure? For my car, i have to trade in my original tail light to get the LED tail light so once change will be very hard to change back. Thanks for any info that you can share.
  17. Hi, My Picnic is near 8 yrs old. And I'm thinking of the risk of breakdown is I drive it to Perak. Serviced at every 10k km. Replaced numerous parts since the 5th yr. 1. Disc rotors 2. Front wheel bearings 3. Recond alternator 4. Fan belt tensioner 5. Engine valve gasket 6. Big rubber hose to radiator 7. Radiator top tank 8. 2 fan motors for the radiator cooler 9. Front shocks with link stabilizer 10.1 mth old Tyres 11.1 yr old battery 12.Front brake pads 13.Engine mount 14.Recond starter What else is likely to fail during long trip ? Should I go for pre-trip inspection ? Any more safety measures to consider ? Please advise. TIA.
  18. Hi to all bro just to check with you all normally those brand new car that send to vicom for OPC inspection before the company hand over to you took how Long for them to finish everything
  19. Coaxialcable

    Vicom Annual Car Inspection

    Hey Dudes!! It's me again! My car will be due for it's first vicom car inspection. I've got some worries here and hope brothers here can give me some useful advices. My ride : Honda Civic ES5 Auto, 2003 (Pre-facelift Civic) My engine, muffler, intake manifold, extractor, cat converter, exhaust.....all stock and original. However, I have a pair of Angel Eye, which is a dual halo projector headlights with 6000K HID installed. I'm worried that the inspector will fail becoz of my headlights and my HID as they're after-market accessories. How?? What should I do......it's really a big hassle to change everything back to original prior my inspection....
  20. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/vehicles-with-illegal-mods-to-undergo-more-frequent-inspections SINGAPORE - From next month (Nov 1), motorists caught with illegally-modified engines or exhaust systems in their vehicles for a second or subsequent time will be subjected to more frequent mandatory vehicle inspections. Under this enhanced inspection regime, second-time offenders will be required to bring their vehicles for mandatory inspections every six months for a period of two years, while third-time or subsequent offenders will need to bring their vehicles for mandatory inspections every three months for a period of two years. This represents a more stringent inspection regime as compared to that for normal vehicles, which are typically inspected once every one or two years, depending on their age and type. "Any owner who does not comply with the inspection regime is guilty of an offence and can be fined up to $1,000 or jailed for up to three months on conviction for the first offence," the Land Transport Authority said in a statement Wednesday (Oct 28). "On conviction for a second or subsequent offence of failing to comply, the maximum penalty will be doubled." This latest move will complement existing penalties to deter motorists from modifying their vehicle engines or exhaust systems illegally. Any person who is convicted of an illegal modification can be fined up to $2,000 or jailed for up to three months, for the first offence. Repeat offenders can be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to six months. In addition, if a vehicle is found with a tampered engine, it will need to be deregistered and the owner may not be granted scrap rebates. The LTA said illegal modifications can create serious safety and environmental hazards. Once a vehicle's engine or exhaust system is modified without due certification and approval, the existing vehicle components may not be able to handle the increased power or speed. Such modifications may also affect the durability and reliability of a vehicle. Currently, motorists may choose to legally install aftermarket exhaust systems that are certified to be suitable for the specific vehicle make and model. These exhaust systems, which are specifically designed and engineered for a particular vehicle make and model, will have undergone testing either by the vehicle manufacturer or by independent test laboratories, to ensure compliance with internationally recognised standards.
  21. Hello Frens, Anyone know if reverse light not working can pass inspection? rgds
  22. angmoh

    Vitas Inspection

    My indented car was here since end of July 2015 and still pending for the VITAS inspection Is there any way we can expedite this?
  23. just received letter from LTA, asked me to do vehicle inspection before renew road tax by Aug. I bought a 2nd car last year in October and the car was inspected at LTA. I learned that vehicle from 3-10 years old only needs to do inspection every two years. Does the inspection whcih I did when purchaing the 2nd car count for what LTA requires for road tax renewal? do I need to do it again this year?
  24. Usually after my car detailing, it would be night and surrounding low lights makes it quite impossible to perform a good paintwork inspection? Any suggestions and link to images would be helpful ! Also cost sensitive ! Thanks.