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Found 39 results

  1. Hi guys, just a check, what is the minimal grade acceptable for a used car to guarantee a safe buy? B? Will the STA inspection indicate all the defects and if got accident before will highlight to us?
  2. Hi all, helping a friend ask. For Fiat Grande Punto pump 92 or 95?
  3. Understand Direct fuel injection (DFI) engine requests higher petrol grade, can advis what grade is suitable? Heard most Jap automakers output models w/o (DFI) due to most countries fuel grade is not suitable for DFI engine, include Singapore?
  4. Hi all bros and sis, I am driving into malaysia to Genting this month. I know that singapore registered plate cars cannot pump subsidised petrol in JB. but once we travel beyond certain radius, can we pump subsidised petrol?? Thanks so much
  5. SINGAPORE'S Central Provident Fund (CPF) system ranks top among similar social security systems in Asian countries, but it is Denmark's well-funded pension system which has emerged the best globally. The 2014 Mercer Melbourne Global Pension Index identified Singapore's CPF is a "sound structure, with many good features, but has some areas for improvement that differentiates it from an A-grade system". The Singapore retirement system continues to score a grade of B, but is expected to be upgraded once shortcomings are addressed, said Neil Narale, Mercer's Asean Retirement Business Leader. "The lack of tax-approved group corporate retirement plans and retirement savings for non-residents continues to isolate Singapore from other highly-graded countries on the global scale," he said. http://www.globalpensionindex.com/country-summaries-2/singapore/ http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/singapores-cpf-system-ranked-top-in-asia-denmarks-system-leads-globally-mercer
  6. OK I have been receiving so many PM regarding what is said in the title, I will explain and make this sticky. Upon receiving your new Aveo, you will be entitled 3 free servicing. Please note that the servicing labor is free but the engine oil is not. SA will supply the oil and you have to pay for it. The 3 free servicing mileage are 1k km, 5k km, 10k km. You will forfeit the free servicing if you don't return at the specified intervals. SA will use Mobil Super S 15W50 for all the servicing. It costs $51.50/4L. I do not know what the factory fill is but it does not matter. Some have asked if they can use synthetic oil for all the servicing. You can actually but because synthetic oil is usually very expensive and draining it too early is terrible waste of money and oil. That being said, I don't think Mobil Super S is that great either. At that price for 4L and it is a blended oil! Blended meaning it is semi-synthetic, a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic oil. So what oil should you use? I would recommend any oil that is cheap at up to the 40wt grade. When I say 40wt, I mean any oil that is 0W40, 5W40, 10W40 or 15W40. As long as it is cheap because of the short change intervals encountered. For those who missed the boat, cxxxxxe Triple R Fully Synthetic 5W40 at the offer price of $29.90 is unbeatable. That is why I keep encouraging you all to get it when Carrefour puts it on the discount shelf. It is 5L per bottle and if you do your math right, you can buy enough for oil changes until 20k km. Aveo uses 4qt of oil not 4L. That is around 3.75L per change. Another good candidate is Castrol GTX 15W40. At $32/4L bottle, better than Super S and reputedly have more detergents. Another 15W40 that should not be overlooked if you frequently go to JB to get petrol is Caltex Delo 400 15W40. I know it is used for diesel engines but it also can be used for petrol engines. At MYR60/5L bottle, it is the cheapest you can get but it is the thickest of all the candidates here. The losses in the fuel economy department is very high but it will keep your engine very clean and have loads of antiwear additives. Next is Conoco Hydroclear Super All-Season Gold 10W40 at $30/4L bottle. You can get this from Yung Soon Auto Supply at Upper Weld Road near to where Song Yi is (Song Yi is very important when you drive a Chevy). This oil is uses a hydrocracked base. Very highly refined stuff instead of the neither here nor there sh1t called Super S. Royal Purple is another candidate. At $38 for 4qt, it is cheap and it is synthetic though I would say a bit wasteful to use it. Makes sure it is either the 10W40 or 15W40. Both are available. 0W40 oil is 100% fully synthetic and the only famous one is Mobil 1 Gold with Supersyn. If you are that rich to drain out this oil with less than 15k km intervals, you shouldn't be driving an Aveo. BP Visco 7000 is the other one and it costs about the same as the Mobil 1 Gold. You can't get it cheaper than $51.50. Finally how long for the break-in process. Don't mean to scare you but it takes as long as 25k km. You cannot rush it and neither will it be prolonged. Just drive normally as you normally do. No need to drive like a slow turtle and driving fast like a race driver will not speed it up. Finally, after the break-in with all these cheap oil what oil should I use at the 30k km servicing? Any 30wt oil will do. Just look for 0W30, 5W30 or 10W30. You will then start to enjoy the fruits of a more rev happy engine and in many cases with speed discipline, better fuel economy. Now if you cannot take all these losses in the fuel economy department, go get 5W30 or 10W30 and start using immediately and don't bother with changes in oil grade to confuse yourself. Unfortunately, the cheap oil with these grades can only be found across the Causeway. For 5W30, there is Conoco Hydroclear Super All-Season Diamond 5W30. You can find them at Projet stations for MYR79. If you know of friends or workshops in Malaysia that service Peroduas, you will find Castrol M-TEC 10W30 that is specifically formulated for them. They can be found with rock bottom bargain prices. However, Castrol has stopped producing M-TEC and instead. Perodua Genuine Oils (PGO) has taken over. http://www.autotrade.com.my/emzine/review/...d=RT.ATC.CAR.PV See if you can buy PGO oils from our local Perodua stealership. These are not synthetic oil but the Conoco one is very highly refined. After the break-period, you can get more expensive synthetic 30wt oil like Royal Purple (actually still cheap) or Castrol SLX-A3 0W30. All this advice does not just apply to Aveos. Optras and Vivants can take this course of action as well.
  7. Forte3737

    Commuters give SMRT a B grade

    expect a C grade. but commuters still gave SMRT a B
  8. Hi all, Just wondering which petrol / ron grade type do you guys use for your Honda Jazz. I will be collecting my vehicle 1.3A Jazz LX soon and am quite curious. So which ron number/grade do you use and how has it been for your vehicle's health? What do you recommend etc. Will be curious to see the different views in this especially for cars which have been more than 3 years in comparison. Thanks
  9. anybody encountered this? was ok w 98, managing 11.5 - 13km/l. after pumped v-pwr fuel due to promo of price same as 98, next few tanks returned much poorer FC, say around 10.+km/l. checked no leak anywhere, tire press ok, alignment ok, drivin pattern n routes similar nature, no extra load. anyone encountered this b4? if can't normalize, does reset ECU helps n how to reset? TIA.
  10. As current petrol price increasing, do you do that for couple of dollars saving? I'm thinking from 95 to 92 for my 5 years 1.5L engine[:/]
  11. Hi guys, can advise which grade of ATF does mazda3 uses? Devron? SPIII? and how many litres required? thanks alot!
  12. Honda-Fit

    Types of Oil Grade?

    Hi bros, anybody can explain to me what's the difference between all the oil grade? example; 0-40w, 5-50w etc... Thanks....
  13. My ride 05 civic based on SG fuel RON 92 - When RPM go above 3K the engine vibrating violently and will lag before picking up speed RON 95 - When RPM go above 3.5K the engine vibrating abit but will not lag when picking up speed. RON 98
  14. Hi guys, I came across this passage when was reading an article about improving car performance: "Higher compression ratios produce more power, up to a point. The more you compress the air/fuel mixture, however, the more likely it is to spontaneously burst into flame (prior to the spark plug igniting it). Higher octane gasolines prevent this sort of early combustion. That is why high-performance cars generally need high octane gasoline - their engines are using higher compression ratios to get more power." Is it true? Does it mean that those car with high compression ratio need to use high grade fuel e.g. v-power?
  15. saw bmw and merz using 92/95 before also saw entry cars using v power. i guess it boils down to the pocket. just a poll to find the general pattern. if possible list the car also.
  16. Ahtong

    Civil Service Pay Grade

    Does anyone know what the civil service pay grade is like? Is it possible to match each pay grade to an SAF rank and private sector equivalent? For example, Grade ??? ($?????) ----> SAF Maj ----> Middle Management I am only asking out of kaypoh
  17. As above, anyone tried on and what is the response ? Been using 98 for the first 2 servicing. Thinking of changing..
  18. Hi all, if can be grade, for general price of some japan car (from low to high): subaru, nissan, toyota and honda. do you all agree?, how about it's quality ? same grade too? thanks for any reply/ info
  19. Hi guys, I'm with a 2007 Lancer EX 1.5 now, but actually thinking of changing to a 2-3 yr old A3 1.8T or a Mini Cooper (an S would be of a different price). Both able to find one below 90k. Not sure if it would be a wise decision or not. Is the A3 also CVT? Coz i've been reading about the A4 (around the same price as well), but having doubts on it dies within a year or so. I know I can't have the confidence of a almost trouble free Japanese 1.6 saloon, but definitely something that doesn't breakdown every other month... Any advice??
  20. thinking of buying my auto gear's oil for the change but not sure how many liters it needs and what grade to buy.... have been seaching for 2 hours and no luck finding this info... kekeke... today is not my day........ any bro know??
  21. Hoppe

    95 to 92 Grade

    Taking Shell petrol as an example. With the price of petrol moving up and up, is it worthwhile to downgrade petrol to 92? Is saving a couple of dollars worth the risk of downgrade? Driving a swift here...
  22. Hi, I'm thinking of getting V-Kool. Their online calculator shows $1200 (top grade) for my Civic. Has anyone gotten their top grade V-Kool - would like to know if it had matched your expectation? Also, they have offices at Bukit Merah and Sin Ming. Would you recommend one over the other? Thanks!
  23. For the fun of it. Let's see what the majority pump nowdays after multiple price hikes.
  24. Passion

    Petrol grade

    Hi all,i've been using Caltex for my car,and sometime i use Esso Mobil.All along,i pump 95 Ron for my car.But one thing for sure is caltex petrol tends to burn faster than Esso Mobil.My friend who drove a sunny also say that Caltex petrol burn way faster than shell.Any bro here have any similar experience?