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Found 88 results

  1. Brock

    Reckless Cyclist

    Any idea on the price range, charging times, usage time, place to get them? Thanks in advance.
  2. Judging from the numerous threads of durian threads, I can see that most people like MSW. However, I do not prefer MSW as I think normal durians are enough for me. The main aim of the post is to see if anybody is like me(ie. likes to find budget durians) and if my statement of most people like MSW . PS.T his is not a thread for academic purposes.For general discussion only. Thanks with regards, Brass. There is apparently no poll on this kind of question, so I created this thread. If moderators feel that this thread is similar to other threads, please merge them to other durian related threads. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Let me do a poll here for this thread ... so post your feedback from here onwards ...
  4. Greatbirdlegend

    'cheap, good' food in S'pore

    I think there are some good food at cheap prices around the island. Problem is that these are few and far apart. Hardly what I would call easily accessible. Most of them are overpriced crap that they sell in aircon places. ----- Jun 10, 2011 Case poll finds 'cheap, good' food in S'pore By Jessica Lim Despite complaints that prices of food have gone up, people can still get a decent meal for $2.50. -- PHOTO: THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP DESPITE complaints that prices of food have gone up, people can still get a decent meal for $2.50. A survey released by the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) on Thursday found that 331, or 54 per cent of the 611 non-air-conditioned food stalls it checked sold dishes for $2.50 or less. The remaining number of stalls priced them between $2.60 and $6. The consumer watchdog ran the survey in April. It was carried out with the help of 10 mystery shoppers - a mix of volunteers and its officers - on randomly selected stalls. Portion sizes and the quality of food were not taken into account. The check focused on the prices of single portions of five common dishes here: plain roti prata, chicken nasi beriani, chicken rice, fishball noodles, and a plate of rice with two portions of vegetables and one of meat. Read the full report in Friday's edition of The Straits Times.
  5. This may crop up in the near future. For the record. I am not a supporter of the current regime. I support LKY, the man though. Thoughts?
  6. Heartlander

    Is MIK cars really CMI?

    I have often read about postings here that condemn MIK cars, and most often without any personal experience but just quoting stories from friends of friends or uncles of uncles. Of course it could be true, and the opinion could have formed over 10 or 20 years ago. Similar to what VW owners went through now. I believe since then, MIK rides have improved by leaps and bounds. I have owned a 2009 Kia Carens for 2 years, and it served me very very well except for a faulty ABS sensor which is non-critical. As such, I would like to invite fellow MCFers to put your personal experience down by taking part in the poll attached. The options are not exhaustive, but I am sure we could learn a lot about the performance of MIK rides by genuinely putting our personal experience down. I stress it is only for personal experience, not counted if the ride belong to your daddy or uncle or colleague or friend as you do not handle the ride and would not know if the ride has been maintained properly. Also, I hope you would be kind enough to put down the details of your MIK ride (model and year) and problems faced if there are. I could definitely have been lucky with my previous MIK ride. Please contribute and help this community to have a genuine picture of MIK rides.
  7. let's see what is the percentage of COE expectation in MCF
  8. 1) Expectation 80city/20 highway - 10km/L (Constantly accessing ~3k rpm) 2) with 2 child seats at the rear, can fit a 70-75kg adult in-between fairly comfortably 3) Max torque acheived =< 4k rpm. 4) rear leg room important. As I extend driver seat quite far back 5) easily available and affordable spare parts. 6) Point A to Pt B driving. 7) Cold Efficient air-con. PS : I cant afford an Altis nor a VTI, Sushi pls. Thanks in Advance.
  9. There were a lot of argument car is so expensive due to high COE and profit margin by AD/PI. It will be interesting to see how many people who purchase car in recent time paying for their own car OR someone else pay for it. You may stay anonymous without owning up..
  10. Hello all, I'm serching for mid-size SUV, narrow down this 2 model, Price: Forester wins Performance: Equal Badge: Land Rover wins FC: Forester wins Safety: Forester vs Freelander, which one win? Gear Box: CVT vs 6 speed (A) which one win? Maintenance cost: Forester wins Space: Equal Relability: Freelander wins Kindly review 2 models
  11. Upon request from the other thread I started, looking for consensus on the above 4 cars. Which one would you go for?
  12. Carmour

    Crazy crazy poll

    1. Cut out four ovals from bread. Cut out a small circle from the centre of two of them. 2. Slice asparagus diagonally to make 4 leaves. Mash the rest of the asparagus. Mix egg, asparagus and mayonnaise in a bowl. Spread butter on the bread and place egg mixture on top. Make a small dent in the centre, then place the hollowed out slices of bread on top to make sandwiches.
  13. Hello all, I'm serching for mid-size SUV, narrow down this 2 model, Price: Forester wins Performance: Equal Badge: Land Rover wins FC: Forester wins Safety: Forester vs Freelander, which one win? Gear Box: CVT vs 6 speed (A) which one win? Maintenance cost: Forester wins Space: Equal Relability: Freelander wins
  14. mean keeping hair long will not become a slut? I understand some schools discourage female teacher to go for this event, it could be for valid reason. but for girl who brave themselves for good cause, what was the principal thinking, trying to train their student to be Miss Singapore and rich tai tai?
  15. Want to be cool? Well, then you should be seen driving the coolest machine, Ferrari. According to a survey conducted by an U.K. company called Clear, over 20,000 participants and 678 brands, Ferrari came out on top in the automotive category and third overall, behind Apple and iPhone. This is the third year the poll is carried out. Ferrari improved its rating by a whopping 34 percent as compared to a year ago. In Singapore, the 'cheapest' way to be cool is to purchase a Ferrari California 360 which will set you back by $976,000 without COE. It's clearly hard to be cool on our tropical island.
  16. The COE was set up to limit the amount of cars on the road, but it does not look like that it is effective and responsive. There is always a few months/years lag between cutting the quotas and getting a reduction on the roads. I think that the COE system should be scraped, and replaced with a usage based system. Since we have the ERP system, it would be seamless to switch. I suggest the following. $15
  17. My ass says it will be butt doctor. My heart goes to LLL.
  18. Actually starting this poll for fun, for I know which of the 5 will get the most.
  19. Only in the US they do this sort of surveys [laugh] But damn funny!!! TGIW bros! From AsiaOne: http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...109-394266.html US Congress less popular than cockroaches: poll AFP Wednesday, Jan 09, 2013 WASHINGTON - The little loved US Congress, fresh off its fiscal cliff budget crisis, is now less popular than cockroaches and lice, a survey released Tuesday found. The Public Policy Polling survey of 830 Americans from January 3-6 revealed that Congress had hit new lows in the eyes of the same US voters who sent representatives to work there. The legislative body proved less popular than traffic jams, Donald Trump, France, lice, Genghis Khan, cockroaches and used car dealers, the poll found. Just nine per cent of those surveyed had a favourable opinion of Congress. "We all know Congress is unpopular," said Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling. "But the fact that voters like it less than cockroaches... really shows how far its esteem has fallen with the American public over the last few weeks."
  20. I think most likely they will all get jail sentences. At most 1 will hang.
  21. COE going to 10 years, 2nd hand car market also quite ex even if COE sky high now, but still can find some affordable models in new car market, narrow down to above mentioned 3 models, doing some homework prior to negotiation my major concern as: 1. Power 2. FC 3. Price 4. interior space regardless: Make, exterior look etc kindly advise
  22. The_Bear

    Annual Mileage Poll HD

    Dear Members, Everything is going HD lately. For the benefit of our readers, I have re-created a new poll in HD to better clarify the results as mentioned by a few brothers in the old thread. In view of the blatant odometre tampering in Singapore, I hope that this poll will give used car buyers a feel of the distance covered by a car in a year to make a better decision. Don't think there will be a third one as I am not planning a trilogy. If it is, it will be in 3D. The numbers will have to jump at you.
  23. The_Bear

    Annual Mileage Poll

    In view of the problem of odo tweaking of used cars, I hope that this poll will provide a feel of the kind of distance covered by a car in a year for buyers. So if you see a 5 year old car with too low mileage, chances are it is too good to be true.