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Found 32 results

  1. Those who frequent, looking to buy, rent, live or stay in private apartments or condos, what do you expect? What is "24 Hour Security". Got number to call in case of emergency and help endeavours to arrive within 15 mins considered? Having as many CCTVs as units yet no known policy, procedures and management known? When requests made, response is only for alleged criminal acts? Is the phrase too loosely defined that agents may wantonly use to attract viewing? In this time and age, in Singapore, with managing agent and cleaning staff on site, are security guards needed? >
  2. Yamapi

    Expect a wet and windy CNY

    According to NEA, a monsoon surge is forecast to affect the region from Feb 7 to Feb 9 and it is expected to bring windy conditions with widespread moderate to heavy rain to Singapore. Rainfall for the first two weeks of February 2016 is expected to be slightly above average. Dunno zhun or not but looks like its going to rain throughout CNY. No need to wash car liao... haha... and pls drive safe if it rains
  3. let's see what is the percentage of COE expectation in MCF
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    FW Here Expect To Increase ......

    from CNA : Demand for foreign manpower expected to increase in 2030 Posted: 12 November 2012 1037 hrs SINGAPORE: The demand for foreign manpower is projected to increase for the healthcare sector, construction sector and foreign domestic labour sector in 2030. This is the projection by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) in an Occasional Paper released on Monday. NPTD said the projections are not targets but illustrate the growth and change in demand for workers in these sectors based on certain assumptions drawn from the country's demographic and demand trends. For example, with Singapore's ageing population, there will be fewer young people for each elderly person. The ageing population would require more healthcare services. The demand for healthcare workers is expected to grow from 50,000 in 2011 to 91,000 in 2030. NPTD said of this total, 28,000 are projected to be foreign healthcare workers, up from 13,000 in 2011. The demand for foreign domestic workers (FDWs) could rise from 198,000 in 2011 to 300,000 by 2030. This is due to the expected rise in the number of resident households with young and/or elderly persons and the number of households where both spouses are working. The demand for construction workers is expected to remain strong, from 250,000 in 2011 to about 280,000 in the next two to three years. NPTD said this is due to the increased construction workload as the government ramps up infrastructure development, such as expanding the rail network, launching more Build-To-Order housing projects, and building more nursing homes and hospitals to cater to the ageing population. With projected improvements in productivity in the construction sector, NPTD said demand for construction work permit holders should be between 250,000 and 300,000 by 2030. - CNA/xq That's only for nursing and constructions...... So with industries, cleaners, service sectors (counter staff, operators, waitress, salesgirls ...etc.) and maintenance companies, the figure cold reach millions of FW in SG competing with our children (decline birthrates)...... Even if jobs at 'fast food' outlet will be mended by FW, where do our children or when older Singaporean stand against the influx of FW. Currently, Gov trying to induce 'silver' hair to come out of retirement to work at service sectors and with the housing prices keep rising, how to survive in 2030?
  5. It may be less than a smooth ride for commuters using roads in Rochor, Newton, Orchard, MacPherson, Geylang and Thomson over the next eight to 10 years. Construction of five major infrastructural projects will take place over the next decade, and of these, two or more will be converging in these areas from next year until 2022 or so. These are transport and power projects that involve deep excavations, which means commuters can expect road diversions and traffic disruptions. The projects are: the Downtown MRT line, Singapore Power's (SP) Transmission Cable Tunnel, the Thomson MRT line, North-South Expressway, and the Eastern Region MRT line. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...ojects-20120926
  6. JobsCentral Survey: Recent Graduates Expect Higher Salary and Fast Promotions 'By Juliet Soh 64% of recent graduates expect at least $3000 monthly salary in their first job, according to an annual survey by JobsCentral, Singapore's most popular job portal for university students and graduates. In 2011, the same survey reports only 55% of respondents demanding more than $3000 per month for their first job. Fresh graduates expect first promotion within first two years of work Three out of four (75.5%) of those who were surveyed expressed that they expect their first promotion to occur within the first two years of their career. 22.6% believe that they may be promoted by the first year of work, while 52.9% indicated that they expect to be promoted in their second year.' http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/jobscentr...4--finance.html From the above which sg company can retain staff? We would need an army of FTs to be junior staff to this batch of graduates.
  7. Picnic06-Biante15

    Where Do You Expect The Elderly To Go.....

    CNA news : Residents upset over planned elder day care centre SINGAPORE: Residents in Woodlands Street 83 are up in arms over the proposed construction of an elder day care centre in the neighbourhood. They have petitioned their Member of Parliament (MP) Ellen Lee, in a bid to get the centre to move elsewhere. The Ministry of Health plans to set up a 570 square-metre elder care centre at the void decks of Blocks 860 and 861 at Woodlands St 83. But nine in 10 residents in the area are against the idea. Some unhappy residents said the centre will affect the value of their flats. One resident said: "Actually we are very squeezed for space here. There is a Residents' Committee office at the void deck, and next to it there is a childcare centre. So there is very little space left for children to play in." MP for Sembawang Group Representation Constituency, Ellen Lee, said: "My conflict is how to balance the needs of these elderly who need this service -- not only the elderly but also their caregivers -- with that of residents who feel that their space has been violated, will be taken away from them." To deal with a greying population, the Ministry of Health aims to build more elder day care centres in housing estates. Currently, there are 54 such centres in housing estates, out of which, 41 are located at void decks. - CNA/wk Residents of Woodlands Street 83, you will get your chance to have grey hairs in time to come ...... Would you rather see those elderly sitting at the void deck playing cards, get cheated by con men/women, sleeping on the benches beside the letter boxes, ..... etc.... or would you prefer them being taken care off in a home with volunteers looking after them, couple with physical & social activities. My area of abode have 2 elderly home within 500 meters radius, 3 childcare centres, 2 RC's centres and 1 Kindergarden. The elderly there never feel neglected as activities were organised by RC, from temple volunteers nearby and housewives & maids staying within the area. I am proud to say, no elderly were found sleeping on the benches at void deck or any lift lobby..... Please think twice before you all petition, have some compassionate hearts for the elderly.
  8. One such 'irritating' thing:- Feel high tide, rush to toilet, unzip in front of urinal..... water fall starts, before halfway mark ...... ring, ring, ring, and hp in pocket vibrates.... look at the display:- OMG, boss calls from overseas..... but while holding hp to read the caller ID, di di swings to side and water fall goes the wrong way.... to answer the call, or let it ring but use the hand to 'steady' the di di?? so many times, when doing the water fall thingy, hp sure rings OR going from home to car outside, both hands carry bags, newspaper, water bottle, running shoes.... ie both hands are full.... then the hp starts to ring and i am not wearing the bluetooth ear piece.... you guys ever encountered before anything worse than the above???
  9. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_670669.html let's hope so la... dun ask us move to JB Analysts expect shift in housing policy By Esther Teo, Property Reporter SOME property analysts are anticipating policy shifts on HDB flats and mass market private homes, with the appointment of Mr Khaw Boon Wan as the new National Development Minister. They say Mr Khaw, 58, the outgoing Health Minister, is known to be an effective game changer. Since housing affordability was a hot-button topic during the elections, the analysts foresee Mr Khaw as being forceful on this issue, at least early on. Analysts note that Mr Khaw had volunteered for the portfolio, replacing Mr Mah Bow Tan, who is retiring from the Cabinet and the post he has held since 1999. They recall Mr Khaw was parachuted into the Health Ministry after the 2003 Sars crisis. The well-liked politician was instrumental in restoring confidence in charities after the National Kidney Foundation scandal. DMG & Partners Securities research co-head Terence Wong said he would not be surprised if Mr Khaw shows determination to make housing more affordable for the young.
  10. Singaporeans may have to pay higher insurance premiums as a result of the recent devastating 9-magnitude earthquake in Japan. Officials of the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) said Thursday that the cost of buying insurance from major global reinsurers would increase, and local insurers could pass the cost on to consumers. "What has happened in Japan is unprecedented. I think this will seriously impact many of the global insurers, and the truth is the global insurers provide capacity and protection for all insurers. So what will happen is the cost of capacity will increase, the cost of protection will increase. How much is a big question mark," said Terence Tan, who heads GIA's committee for work injury, personal accident and health insurance. While many big reinsurers set their premium rates at the end of the year, some set their rates at the beginning of April or July. Thus, there could be an impact on insurance premiums in Singapore as early as this year, industry officials said. Segments expected to be affected include motor insurance, and property and casualty insurance. Higher motor insurance Other factors are expected to contribute to a rise in insurance premiums. In the motor insurance segment, young drivers may have to pay more for premiums as the risk to insure them has gone up. Young drivers, those below 25 years old, accounted for 21.9 percent of total personal injuries accidents reported in 2010, up slightly from 21.8 percent the previous year and substantially higher than the 18 percent recorded in 2008. "This is a very alarming trend. You are talking about young drivers, probably fast cars, high speed and serious accidents
  11. Samuel72

    Expect ERP in TPE soon......

    I drove pass TPE yesterday afternoon and to my surprise I saw 2 beams on the island in TPE towards PIE(Airport) after Punggol flyover and before the Lor Halus flyover and I suspect the ERP is finally on it's way to TPE since they have spent so much expanding the road , so friends if you are working in Changi or using TPE to ECP do top up your cashcard.
  12. Sick of reading threads blasting the gov not that I am super pro gov but it's getting old reading the same of ranting. Let say the next general election see a radical change in the government ruling party and majority is won by oppositions. What will we expect to see? FT policies changes? CPF policies changes? Transport changes? Wage changes? Life style changes? Education system changes? Development changes? Censorship changes? Bills changes? anything Just like to hear from fellow MCFers on what they think the opposition can bring to the table and how it'll change our way of life in like 5-20years?
  13. I find it very very hard to find true friendship. Do you feel everybody is out to screw you? Feeling dissapointed in my mechanic friend. I dont expect him to give me free work but I dont expect him to screw me as well. Pressure sensor for aircon= $50 when I buy at $8. Yeah I know he is running a business but you dont screw your friends do you? Moreover I am a 20 year old friend who helps him out at his business foc. Haiz with friends like this I dont need enemies, might as well bring my car to normal cut throat mechanic.
  14. LoverofCar

    People...don't expect no flood....

    Singaporeans cannot expect the island republic to be completely free of floods. That
  15. Hi All, I will be doing my 40K servicing in about 1 month time. What are the things that need to be change? Top up the auto oil? Aircon flushing? When I bought my car at ~32K mileage, I have already changed the sparkplug and did the engine flush. I suppose I do not need to do engine flash liao? Spark plug also dun need to change rite? My current workshop charges are a bit ex. Any reliable and reasonable pricing workshop to recommend? Tks!
  16. My roomy gonna hit 30k km in a week or 2. Wonder how much is the 30k km service gonna cost me at HA. What r they gonna change? Just oil and filter again? In fact the car is running better then before, I don't even feel like sending it in for service. Last time I had a vibrate problem. Car vibrates all the time, few weeks back, the battery died. After I change a new battery, vibrate problem gone and the car never felt better. Last service at 15k km. Die die must send in at 30k km? Or if just oil and filter change, I can just DIY but again afraid HA will not warrenty me should anything happen. Haiz I guess no choice gonna let them chop me a few more times. Just wonder how much they gonna chop me.
  17. Crude Oil went up over USD8.00 per barrel in the last 10 trading days. An increase of ABOUT 12% DO expect pump prices to go up. Not by 12% of course ..... maybe 6 cents per litre or 3+%.
  18. http://divaasia.com/article/5156 what an idiot this hubby is....he expects his wife (already divorce) to forget the whole issue...this guy really dreaming, pls go back to your mum and drink milk better.....
  19. The topic of discussion is.... What do you expect a person who comes under public limelight and the role he/she is supposedly to project to the public..... that he/she is working towards good causes for the benefit of humans as well as for animals alike? For me ...They should be selfless and not be materialistic in their life pursuits. They should lead their personal lives based on good moral conduct and with principles and not to be beholden to eithier ppl below them or above them. If there are laws and policies which seem to undermine their efforts to steer towards a good balanced outcome on different issues that come before them...they should seek the proper avenues and with patience.... the good will eventaully prevail if they persist for a change that is for the good for all. For the above one do not need to act as some role model or take up a religious role to achieve it.... It is afterall, all within oneself to know what your good intentions are and what you are doing that can be seen, felt and known by others. For this, there are already many good souls that are quietly helping in many good causes but were never placed in the public limelight and these are the ppl who would rather not want to be in the limelight. Many have only themselves to blame when some ppl who was supposed to be what they are, did not turn out to be. Simply becos you have placed the expectation on what you think another person should be, rather than what you should be instead. If you had, then you would have realised long ago, that ppl who project themself in the public limelight as what they are, seldom are what they project themself to be. Cheers
  20. Zanter

    Do you expect a pay cut?

    Leading by example? SINGAPORE, Nov 21 - Singapore's state investor Temasek Holdings [TEM.UL] said on Friday it would cut pay across the board in a bid to slash costs as the firm projects tough economic conditions in 2009 and beyond. ADVERTISEMENT Temasek, headed by Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, said senior managers had volunteered to take a pay cut of between 15 and 25 percent. "We anticipate a global recession in 2009 and possibly beyond. Therefore, Temasek will institute a firm-wide wage cut," said Robert Chong, managing director of human resources at Temasek. Chong also said the current crisis "will throw up tremendous opportunities" and that the majority of wage savings will be borne by their key managers. Temasek said it aimed to increase headcount by 15 percent over the next two years. Temasek owns stakes in global banks such as Standard Chartered , Barclays , Merrill Lynch , Bank of China <601988.SS> and India's ICICI Bank , the stocks of which have all fallen as the credit crisis unfolded, some of them very sharply. Final government data released on Friday confirmed that Singapore was in recession. The city-state's economy shrank at a worse-than-expected rate of 6.8 percent on an annualised and seasonally adjusted basis in the third quarter, and the government said the economy may shrink next year.
  21. Expect thrills and spills at Singapore F1 By Asha Popatlal/Patwant Singh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 07 September 2008 1811 hrs SINGAPORE: Singapore will host the world's first Formula One city night race at the end of this month. But the entire race track will be lit up as if it was daylight. With F1 cars whizzing by at speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour on what are essentially just city streets, fans can expect some spills and thrills. The excitement begins from the start at the pit straight where drivers line up for a 61-lap race on a track that is just over 5 kilometres and has 23 turns. From Turns 2 to Turns 4, spectators will get to see the power of an F1 car as top drivers overtake and establish their leads. But if it is speed fans are after, they have to wait till Turn 6. The fastest corner on any street circuit ever, Turn 6 is where cars could go faster than 300 kilometres an hour. Spills could be likely at Turn 7 - one of the best overtaking opportunities - as cars slow down to take a sharp left. If it is the best seats fans are after, they should try the Grandstands at Turn 8. Here, cars will whizz by heritage buildings like the old Supreme Court and the colonial Anderson Bridge, creating a backdrop similar to Monaco's Casino Square. Spectators would have to agree that the bridge will definitely be one of the most unique features of the Singapore F1 track. But from a technical perspective, it will also be challenging for the drivers. Only the left side of the bridge will be used, and at 8-metre wide, will be the narrowest part of the circuit. The difficulty does not end there. After crossing the bridge, the cars will approach Turn 13, which is the tightest turn on the circuit. There will be more excitement at Turns 8 and 14 - where it may look like cars are going to crash into one another, because of the way the circuit is designed - slower cars come down one way and faster cars go up the other in an unusual two turns. Cars will then whizz past Raffles Avenue, where there will be another overtaking opportunity before reaching the Bayfront where a wrong move could possibly land a driver into hot water. Water is not the only concern for the drivers, as this is also the slowest part of the track, working the brakes hard and really testing the drivers' skills. After running along the waterfront in front of the Bay Grandstand, the cars actually turn beneath the grandstand itself at Turn 18 - another aspect of the track that sets it apart from the rest. After that, a few more turns and the cars will be back at the Pit Building for a thrilling end to the race. the reporter fails to report on the following things 1) racer has to stop every traffic lights and look out for mobile speed camera 2) racer must ensure enough funds in their cashcard for night erps charges (schedule a pitstop to topup cashcard0
  22. For Singapore next ERP system, current cellular mobile systems or third generation wireless communication could be employed and the mobile set could be embedded in the IU. As 2.5 Generation wireless communication, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) has quicker session setup, permanent connection, lower cost, higher data rate performance[5]. Furthermore, it is IP based data transmission so the transceiver is unnecessary in the management center, which is connected with Internet. It is better choice for the next ERP system and can be easily upgraded into the next generation wireless communication. http://www.gisdevelopment.net/application/...t/ma06_28pf.htm
  23. Hi all I am planning to do sound proofing of my 4 doors. Primary aims are: 1) Reduce road noise. 2) Make stock speakers sound better. 3) Nicer closing door experience. Will soundproofing my 4 doors only achieve the above objectives? Are my expectations realistic? Is a budget of $300 enough? Please advise.
  24. like to know what is the market practise