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Found 59 results

  1. Hey Guys, So I decided to compile this list of complains of mine. I know its probably irritating to some as well but we all share the road so here I go: 1. Head Lights I start small with this pet peeve of mine. Similar to the "say until sian already signal light" can people turn on their bloody freaking headlights? You know Singapore is well lit so you take it for granted? I mean come on la, if you are lazy hit the auto on and leave it there. How many times do we see cars that drive late at night without headlights. You are assuming all of us have amazing vision and that we can see you coming through the darker alleys / side roads? Can you be any lazier? 2. Chiong-sters I am a firm believer of you reap what you sow. You want to chiong go ahead. But can you dont chiong and danger our lives in the mean time? We all went through basic theory test right? What is the first lane of the expressway for?. . . . OVERTAKING. Please keep your charging activities to the 1st lane or make sure you drive at 11pm - 6am. You can race all you want without getting us involved. You want to drive beyond the speed limit? Sure go ahead not my business, just don't swerve in and out of the lanes like an a**hole. 3. Motorcyclists Dear Motorcyclists, I dont mean to say all of you but a LOT OF YOU do ride like a crazy person. You are assuming that we are all pin-point technical drivers that will check our blindspot religiously. You know driving on the road is not fair to you guys in terms of safety right? You know that a lot of us work super hard; drive our kids; had a bad day; and we might not be 100% focus to the "T" that you can risk your lives like that right? Many of you are a friend; a brother; a sister; a husband; a wife; a dad; or a mum. Can you be more responsible and drive safer? Its a combination of ALL of the above: Driving on without head lights; SQUEEZING through 2 cars on a highway; Riding on the line; Hogging on roads to smoke while riding. OH COME ON. Man, the culture of driving is so straightforward. You see a signal light: I give you way; and hopefully, when I show a signal you give me way and not SPEED UP AH!! TIME TO NOT LET HIM PASS. I am so confused? Does getting to the destination 5 - 10 mins faster make your self esteem grow? Sian....... Anyway... just a complaint post that I need it out there.
  2. For maybe a week there's been a da da da da etc noise coming from a 60mm diameter water pipe in our utilities cupboard. The da da da noise is extremely loud and the da da are as fast as you can say them. It kept me up most of last night as it seems to travel up and down the floors of our 40 story HDB, sometimes loud on our floor sometimes loud on another floor. My missus has spoken to Town Council and yesterday they sent a plumber to fix it, don't know why because I doubt if he has a clue - no disrespect to him. He removed a small pressure gauge from our Utilities cupboard and that was the sum of his work. He didn't even put a plug in the hole the pressure gauge left. I think this is water hammer, anyone confirm and who best to contact to deal with it. Driving me mad, like.
  3. Imamiah

    Major ship collision

    Read from yahoo news about the following collision. Swear that i smell gasoline smell from my 14 level flat in sengkang. Did anyone smell it too? Its like a very strong karosine smell. So strong that i got to lock myself up in the room and on aircon :P http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/05/25/oi...essels-collide/
  4. Hi guys, I was about to commit a second hand about 2 years old A6 1.8 TFSI Ultra Edition. What is the pros and cons of this car? Tried searching but to no avail. Seems like there not much mentioned. Also, do you guys know how to differentiate the Matrix headlight? Heard that this is a very expensive option. Any comments and advises are welcome. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Every blocked up; tonnes if personnel around. Major ops ongoing at woodlands checkpoint coming back from JB
  6. Saw in 2 weeks ago malaysia news that they will soon stopping cars from leaving malaysia with outstanding summons,intitial thoughts was "talk only".. Last week saw major road block at 2nd link but was already pass midnight and started raining so wasnt stop... Yesterday when entering EDL highway from tebrau area towards woodlands checkpoint,shits!!! Roadblock They divert ALL cars into the R&R and every single car plate is scan through their system to check for outstanding summons.End up Rm1k poorer exiting the R&R for summons backdate all in 2012.. Not saying speeding is right but there are alot ladies there summons for over 5-10km/h some backdate from 2008-2009 Just in in case any bro may be going into jb during this ops period do at least bring credit card along as they will compound car and only release until you pay up no matter how..and there is no "special counter" where u can negotiate discount price..
  7. 5 MAJOR FACTS ABOUT SINGAPORE THAT EVERY SINGAPOREAN SHOULD UNDERSTAND http://theinfluencermedia.com/2014/07/20/5-major-facts-about-singapore-that-every-singaporean-should-understand/ Lately there has been an ongoing trend of Singaporeans lashing out at the government, voicing out unhappiness and dissatisfaction. We saw a article of how we are ranked in the top most expensive cities, we had Roy Ngerng causing a huge stir about the CPF system, we had photo comparisons of what a 3-room flat in Bishan can be like a bungalow in Pennsylvania. Many people are saying that our ministers are getting paid too high and there is a large widening gap between the rich and the poor. To make things worse, the recent boom in foreigners has caused upset amongst Singaporeans, citing that Singapore has less Singaporeans than foreigners. We love comparing to successful first-world countries. Oh, look at how great Germany is doing. Look at how wonderful it is to live in the Scandinavian countries. It will be so much better to migrate to the UK or Australia. What I can tell you is that if you are someone who follows world news, global economics and politics closely, you will realize that every country has their own problems as well. 1) Population Control A.K.A. Why are there so many foreigners in Singapore? No, Singapore is NOT the only country that is facing an immigration issue. The United Kingdoms, Germany, Australia, United States of America, Canada is also facing the same issue. Ironically, these are the countries that Singaporeans want to migrate to because they believe they can enjoy a better lifestyle there. Before you start to tell everyone about your dreams to migrate, have you considered that when you migrate to a foreign country, you automatically become one of those foreign immigrants which Singaporeans are so upset about? Here is the hypocrisy when Singaporeans point out they are not happy that so many foreigners are overtaking Singapore, and Singaporeans say they want to migrate to other countries, and eventually they end up being a foreigner in a different land. And this is exactly how our first-world counterparts feel. People in Europe and the U.S. are complaining that there are so many Asians flowing into their country. Their own local populace is also crying out that there are too many people coming into their country. And this is why we must look into the reason on why immigration happens. People immigrate in hopes of finding a better lifestyle than staying in their home ground. Countries allow immigrants to come in, if they can provide the countries with benefits. Why has Singapore become a hotspot for immigrants? Let me introduce to you jobs which pay about $1,600-$1,800 a month, to do cleaning services, waitressing, laundry, bus operators, cashiering, clerk assistants or construction labor. Too many proud, and elitist mindset Singaporean graduates want the easy life and cannot handle hardship. If every Singaporean refuses to do blue-collar jobs, who will do it? Who will be the ones who keeps our streets clean, construct awe-inspiring buildings like the Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, operate our MRT and bus services, serve our food at restaurants, maintain proper roads and infrastructure? 5 marina_bay_singapore The governments and employers have no choice, they need to open up the job offer to anyone outside our country, who are hungry for jobs and dont mind taking up the offer. And yet certain, bad-mouthing Singaporeans still complain that they get bad service from foreign workers. The notion here is, If you think you can do a better job than them, go ahead and do it instead of complaining 2) Treating the CPF system like it is a complete scam A certain blogger Roy Ngerng has churned out many infographs about how menacing the CPF system is. While the the information cannot be proved to be true, what we can comprehend is very clear. Personal income tax in Singapore averages 6.5%. The top marginal income tax you could ever hit is 20%. CPF contribution is also another 20%. This may sound harsh to you, but please take note that in other first-world countries, their personal income tax is higher than our maximum 20%. Some countries go up to 50%. Thats like an employer promising you a $4,000 salary but you only get to take home $2,000. In Singapore, we may only take home 70-80% of our net supposed salary. However, 20% of that amount is still technically yours. Unlike other countries, our government has not completely removed that 20% away, never to be seen again. It is simply kept in a retirement account. And the bonus is that you can still use your CPF to pay off any medical bills, insurances and housing bills. The CPF money can still be used and planned to a certain extent. I dont know about you, but I much rather have 20% in a retirement account than have it completely taken away by income tax. No matter how bad you might assume CPF is, its already a system that is much better than 90% of other countries. If you blatantly say you just want to migrate to other countries because there is no CPF there, you are forgetting something called 2-3x higher income tax rate 3) Complaining about Real Estate and Car Prices Thousands of motorists sit stuck in the Ladies and gentlemen, this is what our roads and highways will look like if the government makes car prices as low as that in the United States ($20,000 avg.) If we let every Singaporean have the privilege of owning a car, we will have infinite traffic jams, and even commuters who choose to take the bus will find themselves caught in these massive jams. Even motorcycle users will be affected. Air pollution indexes will raise higher than what our forest fire hazes have given us, and everyone will have to walk out with N95 masks everyday like the situation in Beijing. Is this what you want? Low car prices? Flash news! Singapore is an island state that is no more than 42km wide. It is irrational to blame the government for having such a small island to work with. Since we are born into a small country state, maybe its time to accept the fact that not everyone can be allowed to own a car. The COE system is put in place so that people with higher status, eg. businessmen, professionals, managers, politicians who have a bigger need for cars can afford the $70,000 to travel around. The notion here is that if you cant afford a car, simply settle for public transport. It only takes a maximum of 1 hour 15 minutes to travel from Tampines to Jurong via MRT. Anyway, if you are a financially educated person, you will know that owning a car is having more liabilities, which is a bad financial decision especially if you are aiming to get rich ASAP. In a way, the government is discouraging people from buying cars, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Which brings me to my point of soaring real estate prices in Singapore. HDB_10_2_1 We simply love comparing that our $400,000 3-room flat in Tampines/Bishan can afford us a freakin Villa (complete with poolside and balcony) in Thailand or Mexico. Let me emphasize again that we are a small island, so it is simply irrational to blame the government for having such a small island. We cannot build 1,000,000 Villas for the 1,000,000 households in Singapore for everyone to live in. There is not enough space. This is common sense that you cannot fit so many big houses into a small country. Take a look at other countries who are suffering from land shortages. Real estate prices in Hong Kong are more expensive than Singapores. Japans real estate prices is almost similar. Everywhere in the world, real estate prices are generally rising due to demand and supply from people who need a house. Another notion here is, if you cannot afford to buy a big house, settle for a small one, or just rent out a flat. And if you really want to live in a Villa with $400,000, please consider migrating because you wont find anymore hope here. 4) Difficulty of finding employment, even with a degree In agreement to point number 1, its really not the case that its hard to find employment in Singapore. Its more about us Singaporeans being too elitist and picky for own good. What do most of us always say we want to be upon graduation? 9168898_orig Oh, I wanna be a [insert industry here] manager Well, captain obvious, if the entire population dreams of becoming a manager, who will become the employee? Think about that just for awhile. Working as an employers assistance, I have posted out job listings calling for receptionists and customer service executives needed for SMEs. The pay given was $2,200, which includes potential commission if sales deals are closed over the counter. I specifically stated that the education level required was not necessary, as long as the applicant knows how to speak fluent English and their natural mother tongue. The catch? You must commit to a 6-day work week, 9 hours a day. This sounds like a grind, but, I got 0 replies from Singaporeans, and 20 replies from foreigners. You see, its not that its hard to get a job in Singapore. Its just that if everyone wanted to become managers, theres simply not enough. Once again, simple demand and supply concept. As for people who rant about how so many foreign workers are taking up managerial positions and commanding Singapore employees to do jobs instead, I believe that from a HR perspective, these foreigners have already achieved a good reputation through networking and work experience. Because honestly, if you are a Singaporean with a good track record of experience, and your foreign rival has no experience at all, any logical HR manager will hire you instead. Before we start jumping to conclusions, we need to take a step back and appreciate that some foreign workers indeed have the necessary years of experience required and have displayed good working habits in order to get the promotion to a managerial role. Trust me, if you set up your own business one day, and get a chance to be your own boss, you would also choose your employees based on their work attitude, personality, and years of experience. Nationality is a very weak subject in the world of employment. 5) No explanation needed Singapore-River 1_marina_bay_night_2012 Our government has transformed Singapore from 3rd-world kampung island to 1st-world global recognized state in a matter of 40 odd years. If you cant even appreciate this fact, its time to do some self-reflection of whether you can do a better job in their shoes, if we reset time to 1965. Jackie Loh Writer The Influencer Media
  8. New roads in the Marina South area will be opened on Sep 28, giving motorists using the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) "a more direct connection" to the city centre: LTA.http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-roads-connecting-mce/1362778.html
  9. Since there has been a lot of discussion on this... thought of taking a poll. Sorry if I have missed out your favourite Conti AD but can't possibly name them all . Also, maybe someone should start a worst service poll !
  10. I am doing 80k major servicing for Toyota Wish (bought from PI). Not going back to the PI workshop as there is no more warranty. My understanding is that major servicing will change the following : 1) Engine Oil and oil filter 2) Spark plug 3) Brake oil 4) ATF oil 5) Coolant As the workshop usually use a different brand from my preference and also the charge more if use their own. Thus, I intend to buy the above and only pay labour for the mechanic to change. But I have the following queries for 1 and 2 are quite standard and i have no question on that for 3, i heard there is different grade of oil. Dot 3, Dot 4, etc. Which one should i use for Toyota Wish? For 4 n 5, is there any thing i should look out for. eg. brand and grade of material? Is there anything i missed out on the major servicing? Thanks for your kind advise!
  11. Transport Minister warns of ‘major consequences’ of a transport model that is overly reliant on cars Major thoroughfares such as Alexandra Road and Holland Road may be subject to Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) if traffic speeds fall below the optimal range of 20 and 30km/h, according to the refreshed Land Transport Master Plan that was released yesterday. Other than the two roads, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it is also keeping an eye on Jalan Bukit Merah, Commonwealth Avenue, Telok Blangah Road and Depot Road. These roads are currently within the optimal speed range, but the LTA added, “should these roads become congested, we will implement ERP there as well”. These roads are near the Ayer-Rajah Expressway, where traffic congestion around the Clementi area has been deteriorating. From the middle of next year, motorists will have to pay ERP as three gantries will be installed to help improve the flow of eastbound traffic towards the city during the morning and evening peak hours. As he launched the new master plan, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew yesterday cautioned about the “major consequences” of a transport model that is overly reliant on cars. First, the environmental impact would be “significant”. While measures to reduce such impact can only mitigate, they will fundamentally not solve the problem, Mr Lui said. “Fuel efficiency and technology alone will not be sufficient to bring down transport emissions, without a reduction in demand,” he added. Second, building a new road or widening an existing one in land scarce Singapore may mean that roads are built closer to homes and the living environment becomes noisier and less comfortable, Mr Lui said. Despite strict policies on car ownership, Singapore’s car population grew 11 per cent between 2008 and last year, while resident population only grew 5 per cent in the same period. “The car is not a basic necessity in Singapore given our easy access to public transport,” the new master plan said. “Going forward, we will build new roads primarily to serve new residential centres and economic activities. Expansion and improvements to existing roads will mainly be to support the movement of buses so as to bring about a better public transport experience.” The LTA is currently studying how an underground road system could serve the new waterfront city area that will extend from Marina Bay to Pasir Panjang, via Telok Blangah. The underground road system was first mooted in the 1980s as two concentric rings of underground tunnels, each about 15 kilometres long, which would encircle the city area. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/more-major-roads-may-be-subject-erp
  12. A very bad and major traffic accident on AYE towrads Tuas this morning during peak hours at ab 9am....a tipper truck toppled and may have crushed a taxi and motorcycle on the extreme right lane...a section of AYE was closed and motorists were forced to turn back into a slip road for a while...then they opened up the road shoulder for vehicles to pass through. Two ambulances, 2 fire engines, one red rhino, two crane trucks and police vehicles all came to the scene to help to remove the truck...I hope no one is dead or seriously injured in the accident...they are still trying to upright the truck now...lets pray for the accident victims...
  13. Hello Folks! Were very excited to announce the new myCarForum forum board and interface! As we're very happy with some of the recent changes we've made, we want to share them with you! These changes are meant to bring about a better user experience. The below are some of the major changes. You will see that all posts now come with a Praise and a Junk button. This is a new function that will allow myCarForum to be a self policing community. The praise button is for you to click should you find the post useful. Clicking it will increase the points of the poster, which will ultimately increase his rank. The inverse is true for the Junk button. Users with too high a negative reputation will fall under moderation. Take note that the number of points you have available per day to praise/junk posts is limited by your Power, which you can see on the top right corner box. The old MCF ranking system which is by number of posts will be replaced by the point system described above. The moderators have done a point conversion for your account. Your past number of posts has been converted to points. If you have received yellow card warnings before, your points will be deducted. Read more on Guide to Point System Additional folders have been created to better cater to different interest groups. They are Healthcare & Wellness, Mens Hobby & Car Accessories. Not only are we enhancing the forum, we are also taking this opportunity to officially change myCarForum logo to better present the standing of myCarForum as the official forum of sgCarMart.com We hope the new myCarForum can be a place to ask, discuss, learn and share about cars. Keep those posts coming in! For feedback on bugs, errors and usability, please post them in our MCF feedback thread.
  14. Great video of a cover version of Bowie's Space Oddity. Really gave the impression of being Still in space.
  15. Happening right now. Jam. Please avoid. Dont know what happen but saw a merc landing in between the road divider. Along the way 2taxi hitted, a a bus also got involved. Anyone knows?
  16. Just came across a major accident along KJE towards Tuas before corporation rd where a white Honda fit crashed into the rear of a cement mixer. Several motorist whom stopped to help is looking helplessly at the badly crashed front cabin of the fit. Looks like driver/passenger might not haf make it..
  17. It may be less than a smooth ride for commuters using roads in Rochor, Newton, Orchard, MacPherson, Geylang and Thomson over the next eight to 10 years. Construction of five major infrastructural projects will take place over the next decade, and of these, two or more will be converging in these areas from next year until 2022 or so. These are transport and power projects that involve deep excavations, which means commuters can expect road diversions and traffic disruptions. The projects are: the Downtown MRT line, Singapore Power's (SP) Transmission Cable Tunnel, the Thomson MRT line, North-South Expressway, and the Eastern Region MRT line. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...ojects-20120926
  18. Read through the major servicing menu and found that there are a lot of parts replacement which comes with a *, which note "if applicable" The cost will be around $400++. My thought is that if those parts are not replaced, the servicing will be as good as a normal servicing which cost $100+, which means I am effectively paying $300 for visual check, which of course I wouldn't know if the check is even conducted and how detailed. Can I know how many of you still go back to your agent for servicing after warranty period, and how likely major servicing has all the listed parts replaced? I am OK with the price if the parts are replaced. Else, I would rather go elsewhere and get them changed. Any feedback?
  19. simi taiji again?!!!
  20. Alim


  21. Wow! It's the first time I see convoys of so many Sports/performance cars along ECP Keppel road area (12+am 9th Aug 2012). And I mean ALOT! From entry level Swift Sports to Powerhouse GTRs..... What is the event huh? Some major National Day night meetup??
  22. Hi all, will be doing the above servicing next week after getting my 2nd hand Swift. It's out of warranty though and i would prefer to send it to AD as i don't have a trusted workshop. Anyone has any experiences to share when you sent your car there for servicing? Like did they a good job and check every detail thoroughly? I'll be taking Menu C i think, $378 for Synthetic Oil. Are they persuasive in the sense that they will push you to change the parts which are still in good/okay condition? I might probably get duped if that's the case as i do not really have much mechanical knowledge. Also i discover the audio CD player can't eject the disc i inserted in. Can i get this repaired there as well? How much do u guys estimate this cost to be? Pls help. Thanks
  23. SINGAPORE: Three people were injured in an accident involving a truck and two cars on Sunday evening at Farrer Road near Blk 64. Traffic was almost brought to a standstill for about two hours on Farrer Road toward Holland Road. This after an overturned mover's truck blocked three out of the four lanes. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it received a call about the accident at 5pm. The SCDF despatched a fire engine, one red rhino, two ambulances and two other support vehicles. Three men were injured including the truck driver - a male Chinese national in his 30s, his passenger who is a Singaporean man in his 20s and a pedestrian in his 40s. It is believed that the pedestrian was hit by a car while trying to help the other two men. SCDF said the trio suffered abrasions and cuts on their limbs. They were sent to Alexandra Hospital in a conscious state. Credits go to CNA For more photos please visit Facebook CNA http://www.facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia/photos
  24. It has been determined that the most used sexual position for married couples is the doggie position. The husband sits up and begs. The wife rolls over and plays dead.