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Found 24 results

  1. Gilahonda

    Aircon Blow Hot Air

    Anyone know whats wrong? My car's aircon is now blowing hot air. Had an inkling that this happened when I went over a pot hole or I fiddled with the thermostat. Car is a Civic 1.8. Also, can recommend a good aircon workshop? Thanks in advance!
  2. This problem only occur recently, need advice from bro here to prevent being smoked by workshop. When I park under hot sun for quite long, the aircon will just blow out hot air, need to drive a while and on again before the cold air comes out. After that it will work normally. This only happens after parking under hot sun. Any advice what might be wrong here?
  3. Alim


  4. Gilahonda

    Aircon Blow Hot Air

    Anyone know whats wrong? My car's aircon is now blowing hot air. Had an inkling that this happened when I went over a pot hole or I fiddled with the thermostat. Car is a Civic 1.8. Also, can recommend a good aircon workshop? Thanks in advance!
  5. Alamak... Low pay no enough now must make them work longer. Is this kind of work arrangement consistent with the loud calls for a more inclusive society?
  6. Freaking disgusting... 60-year-old admits to sexually abusing boy, 12 AsiaOne Monday, Oct 10, 2011 SINGAPORE - Tan Geok Kim, 60, admitted in court today that he made a 12-year-old boy perform oral sex on him and vice versa on August 12, 2009. The Straits Times reported that the unemployed man had met the boy at the toilet of Eunos MRT station earlier that day. Following the student out, Tan told him that he was very handsome and asked for his contact number. Tan then met him after school and took him to his flat with the intention of having oral sex. There, he kissed the victim in the bedroom and made the boy perform the sexual act on him and vice versa. According to the national newspaper, Tan offered the boy a pornographic VCD after the victim had showered. The boy refused the VCD, left the flat and called the police. Tan is charged with two counts of sexually abusing a minor and faces a jail term of up to 20 years and a fine on each charge. His case will continue on November 9. AsiaOne
  7. RadX

    Not easy to blow the Vuvu

    [laugh] [laugh] I got my vuvuzelas today...and was like an idiot trying to blow it......maybe i dun do blowjobs [laugh] anyway here is the link on how to blow it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X031mwwuLg
  8. Virtually every driver will, at some point, get that sinking feeling that comes when your car doesn't start. Digging out a set of jumper cables to boost a battery is a rite of passage. Jump-starting a car can be a slightly tricky process, though. The positive and negative terminals of the booster and "boostee" need to be connected properly or the battery can be blown up. Which is, you know, sub-optimal. Over the past decade, a number of devices have come out to help ease the battery-jumping process, including portable booster batteries and even jumper cables that plug into a 12V outlet inside the car. Those plug-in cables will never be connected with reverse polarity, but they might not be able to carry enough current to actually crank your engine. Enter the Michelin Smart Jumper Cable. Instead of the usual color-coded clamps for your battery's positive and negative terminals, the cables are all Michelin blue. Halfway down the cable is a box of electronic smarts. Just put one clamp on the positive terminal of the battery and the other on any piece of bare metal and the electronics will detect whether you've made a complete circuit and illuminate an LED on the central box. When the second battery is connected, the electronics automatically determine the polarity and switch it as needed. A set of these smart jumper cables runs about $30 to $40. http://www.pylonhq.com/products_smart_jumper_cables_tm.php
  9. Sat, Feb 20, 2010 AFP TOKYO - The Japanese auto industry suffered a fresh blow to its reputation Thursday as the transport ministry announced the recall of 4,000 Isuzu trucks, after Toyota said it was checking a fault with its top model. Isuzu Motors, which is part owned by Toyota Motor Corp., was to recall the 4,286 natural-gas powered trucks in Japan from Friday, due to a natural-gas fuel leak that could result in fires in the cab, the transport ministry said. Toyota is facing a new US probe into complaints of steering problems with its Corolla, the world's best-selling car, in a fresh setback to the crisis-hit auto giant's efforts to restore trust in its brand. The Japanese maker, already recalling more than eight million cars worldwide over defects linked to more than 30 deaths, said Wednesday it was looking into the issue and would recall the Corolla if it found a dangerous flaw. Another recall would deal a heavy blow to efforts by the world's biggest automaker to bounce back from a string of safety issues and criticism that it was slow to recall potentially dangerous vehicles. The iconic company, whose global expansion pushed it past General Motors in 2008 as world number one, is facing a litany of complaints ranging from unintended acceleration to brake failure and steering problems. Now Washington has launched an investigation into the 2009 and 2010 model Corollas over the steering issues, a US Transportation Department official told AFP on condition of anonymity. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was expected to officially announce the probe -- involving up to 500,000 vehicles -- as early as Thursday. "It's just one piece of bad news after another. We don't know what will come next," said Shigeru Matsumura, an auto analyst at SMBC Friend Research Center. Investors fear Toyota "hasn't hit the bottom of the crisis yet," he said. "The situation is so bad we can't even forecast what sales and earnings will be in the next quarter," warned Matsumura. Toyota shares lost 0.59 percent to 3,360 yen Thursday. The stock has plunged about 20 percent since January 21 in response to the mass recalls, which have triggered fears for the brand image of the whole of corporate Japan. US authorities on Tuesday demanded that Toyota hand over documents to prove it did not drag its feet in recalling the vehicles once it learnt about defects that can lead to unintended acceleration. There have been more than 160 complaints to US authorities since 2009 about the steering of the Corolla, the world's most popular car with global sales of more than 30 million since the first version was launched in the 1960s. The 2009-2010 Corolla is among the models involved in Toyota's earlier recalls to fix the accelerator problem. The number of complaints alleging deaths related to unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles has surged to at least 34 since the company announced on January 26 it was suspending sales of eight models in the United States. President Barack Obama's Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has vowed "to hold Toyota's feet to the fire" to make sure its cars are safe. The company faces dozens of lawsuits in the United States alleging Toyota was too slow to act on the problems. Experts say the legal action could potentially cost the company billions of dollars. In a bid to prevent runaway car crashes, Toyota announced Wednesday that it would fit all new models with a system to cut engine power when the driver steps on the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time. The US Congress on Thursday invited Toyota president Akio Toyoda to testify on the safety of the company's cars, despite his insistence that he would not appear. The Toyota family scion, who is notoriously publicity-shy, signaled on Wednesday that he would skip a hearing by US lawmakers next week about the company's mass vehicle recalls and insisted that that his regional chief was well-equipped for any testimony to Congress. But he said he might reconsider if formally invited by lawmakers, prompting US Representative Edolphus Towns on Thursday to write his letter to Toyoda, in which he requested a response by 5:00 pm (2200 GMT) Friday. "There is widespread public concern regarding reports of sudden unintended acceleration in Toyota motor vehicles," wrote Towns, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, in the letter noting "growing public concern" about Toyota cars. "To help clarify this situation, I am inviting you to testify at a hearing of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform." Congress is planning to hold at least three congressional hearings to examine Toyota's handling of the massive safety recall.
  10. Bought 2 x Air-Water separator, short lenght hose & 4 brass fitting connectors. Here are the step by step DIY for the Oil Catch Tank: Here are the items
  11. Sunlight

    HeadLight Blow

    My front headlight blown after changing 4-5months ago. Anyone can advise why blow so fast?
  12. http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnough...oddlyEnoughNews
  13. to all mcf bros,pls advice which brand/make 2 buy.....
  14. Car Warning Lights: Is My Car Going to Blow Up? Myths & FactsBy Theodore Olson Today
  15. Posting on behalf of Turtleswift: whenever i blast deep base songs 2 my system, my sub woofer fuse surely blow... U hav any idea bro??? by d way, i try 2 post tis problem in tis forum but cannot. They promt me due 2 many new poll or thread. But any way if u hav d ans or some idea maybe solutions, plz... reply me back. Thanks... Turtleswift HU- Pioneer P80 Front Speakers- CDT Euro Style Series 2way Amps- 1x2way Blitz1000watts, 1x4way Blitz1000watts Sub- Sound-stream 12inch ported box Speaker Cables- Phoenix Gold Rca cables- Efx Power cables- 4gauge Capacitor- Boss audio 1 Farad System set up- Running active SQ
  16. Is it possible to install a blow off valve and turbo timer for a Turbo diesel engine? What brand is recommended for the two? Thanks.
  17. Snuffy

    Blow off valve

    hi im new here.. quite newbie abt cars too.. but i wanna get a bov for my yrt.. any idea how much it cost or where to get it? 1st hand or 2nd hand.. ur inputs will be appreciated.. thx
  18. Secondhand

    Blow Off Valve for Skoda

    Ok.. Ok... I know our beloved Skoda Octavia and Fabia... Maybe not so for Skoda Octavia RS... Dont have turbo. But I itchy wan to ask this question. Can we install BOV in our ride? Add NOS after that? and maybe mod to make short shift?
  19. Origin_boi

    Blow Off Valve Mystery

    Helo, Just installed a Blow Off Valve on my Rex and felt that whenever the valve opens, my car will lose power very drastically. its a 100% to atmosphere valve. Any useful comments whether to keep the valve or not? I've read alot about the blow off valve and got a lot of different comments. Dunnoe which one to believe?
  20. running a turbo car and would like to install a BOV to help aid the turbo. there are so many brands out there and types & i got no idea which are the ones are suitable and good. budget is not an issue here, just want something good for my car. heard bout the Apexi Twin Chamber BOV that can alter the type of sound released. besides this, what others out there are recommended?
  21. F1fan

    Blow Off Valve

    Is it possible to install a BOV in an NA car just for the sound effect? What are the components involved in the installation?
  22. BLOW OFF VALVE vs WASTEGATE In a turbo setup, the exhaust gas spins the turbine which in turn spins the compressor, therefore the compressor wheel is constantly in motion. When you are accelerating, the compressor is spinning at X rpms over idle. Therefore it takes Y amount of time for the compressor to slow down to idle RPMS (no boost). Now, when you are accelerating, all of the air that the turbo is pushing is injested by the motor and expelled out the exhaust however, when you let off the gas (such as during a shift) the throttle plate is instantly closed off, thereby stopping the flow of air that the turbo is pushing. Because the turbo requires that Y amount of time to slow down to an RPM where it is no longer providing boost, during that instant when the throttle plate is closed, the turbo is STILL pushing pressurized air into the intake pipe. Because of this, during that moment, the air is backed up and has no where to go except back through the compressor side of the turbo. That is not an ideal situation because of two main points: 1. its creates "compressor surge" which puts unnecessary stress on the bushings/bearings 2. slows down the compressor, so you need to spool it back up again after the shift. (slower ET's) Because of this phenomenon, it would be benificial if one could stop this charged air from flowing backwards through the turbo when you let off the gas and the throttle plate closes. Hence the use of a BOV. It sits on the intake side of the turbo. When it senses vacuum the internal piston/valve within the BOV is instantly opened the moment you let off the gas, allowing the charged air an ALTERNATE route to take instead of flowing backwards through the turbo. It can now vent to the atmosphere, which eliminates compressor surge and maintains spool up of the turbo during the shift. You may be wondering why they don't equip production cars with BOV's? Well, MANY cars have factory BOV's. The 1G-2G Eclipses ALL have a stock BOV. You have to remember, the average Joe, that drives an Eclipse may not like the loud BOV sound, so they are designed to be as quiet as possible, therefore you may not have noticed it was there. Some people have asked if whether or not venting the BOV to the atmosphere is legal. It is perfectly legal! Why? Because its just regular air... the air that surrounds us. Its just the air from outside that the turbo has sucked in. Venting the WASTEGATE to the atmosphere on the other hand IS very illegal, because it is venting EXHAUST GASES to the atmosphere which to be legal, MUST go through the catalytic converter. Therefore, all factory wastegates plumb the exhaust back into the downpipe so that it is routed through the stock exhaust system. Why do people vent them to the atmosphere then? Because plumbing the wastegate back into the downpipe generally LOSES anywhere from 10-20hp. So what exactly is the wastegate? The wastegates ONLY function is the regulate the maximum boost pressure that the turbo will provide. Similar to a BOV, the wastegate also has a piston/valve that is opened, however NOT by vacuum like the BOV, it is opened from the exact OPPOSITE - boost pressure. That's what makes them different from each other. The wastegate has a spring inside of it (internal and external wastegate) that hold the piston/valve shut. The vacuum line attached to the side of a wastegate allows the boosted air to enter the lower chamber of the wastegate and when the boost pressure inside the wastegate OVERCOMES the spring holding the pison/valve closed, it cause it to open which allows the exhaust gases that normally flow through the turbo, to exit via the wastegate. Because the exhaust gases now have an alternate route to take, the turbo can no longer continue to spool up and create higher boost pressures. Therefore it will maintain the same boost pressure that the spring is set at.. That is why if you have a 8psi spring in a wastegate, the wastegate will open at ~8psi and hold boost levels at 8psi and will not (should not) allow the turbo to build up higher boost, otherwise you'll end picking up pieces of your motor. Some people may argue that "the turbo must be too big if you have to stop it from spooling too high, so why not get a smaller turbo?" That statement is INCORRECT. ALL TURBO'S will continue to spool faster and faster until the exhaust gases cannot spool it up any further. The problem you run into is the efficiency range of the turbo. Any given turbo will only operate effciently within a givin PSI range. The size of the turbo will dictate how fast boost will come on and how much maximum potential HP it can attain. So if you want an ALL OUT high HP drag car, then you'd want a LARGE® turbo that can provide 20-30psi and still be within its efficiency range whereas if you wanted a daily driven streetable car or for autox etc, you'd want to get a smaller turbo so that it can spool up quicker and give you boost almost instantaneously however will NOT be able to provide the peak HP you're looking for (lower max potential HP). Both turbo's regardless of what motor they are on, will still require a wastegate otherwise you can't set how much boost you want to run. Thats where a boost controller comes into play, but that is another topic.
  23. SKODA OCTAVIA WORLD RALLY CAR 2003 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Engine Type 4 cylinders, 20 valves, 1999cc, twin overhead camshafts, Garrett TR30R turbocharger Bore/stroke (mm) 82,5/93,5 Compression ratio 8,7 : 1 Max power (bhp/kW) 300/221 @ 5500rpm Max torque (Nm) 600 @ 3250rpm (370lbs) Lubricants Shell Transmission Permanent 4WD with active front and centre differentials Clutch Carbon twin-plate Gearbox 6-speed sequential plus reverse
  24. Turbobrick

    Need a blow-off?