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  1. Xi Jinping signals intent to remain in power by revealing politburo with no successor https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/25/xi-jinping-signals-intent-power-successor-politburo-china China’s president unveils his all-male cabinet, but crucially no member is young enough to take the reins from Xi at the end of his second term Xi Jinping has kicked off his second term as leader of the world’s second largest economy, vowing to spearhead the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” and signalling his intent to tower over Chinese politics for decades to come. At just before noon on Wednesday, Xi unveiled the new line-up of China’s top ruling council – the Communist party’s politburo standing committee – leading six besuited comrades out into a blaze of camera flashes in the Great Hall of the People. “Here, on behalf of the newly elected central leadership, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all other members of the party for the trust they have placed in us. We will work diligently to meet our duty, fulfil our mission and be worthy of their trust,” Xi said in a 21-minute address that marks the formal start of his second term. Crucially, the all-male group contained no potential successor, since none of its five new members – all aged between 60 and 67 – is young enough to take the reins from Xi after the end of his second term, in 2022, and to then rule for the customary decade. Such is the secrecy that cloaks Chinese politics that the identities of the standing committee’s incoming members were known only as Xi escorted them out onto a scarlet-carpeted stage. Joining Xi and premier Li Keqiang on the elite committee are: Li Zhanshu, 67, Han Zheng, 63, Zhao Leji, 60, Wang Yang, 62 and Wang Huning, 62. “I still can’t get over the fact how the world’s second largest economy, which is declaring this new role of global leadership, is nearly as opaque as the North Korean political system,” said Jude Blanchette, an expert in Chinese politics from New York’s Conference Board research group. “I just find that absolutely striking and in a way almost unacceptable for a system that wants to play such a fundamental role in guiding and shaping the 21st century.” China’s propaganda apparatus has touted this week’s political show as an example of openness and transparency. However, a number of major western news organisations whose coverage of Xi’s rule has irked Beijing were excluded from Wednesday’s event without explanation including the BBC, the Financial Times, the Economist, the New York Times and the Guardian. In his address, Xi outlined his vision for what he called China’s “new era”, an era in which an emboldened and purified Communist party would play an even more prominent role in returning the country to its former glories. “It is my conviction that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will become a reality,” he said, urging his party to become “the backbone of our nation.” “We should never entertain the idea of taking a breather or halting our steps. Instead, we must continue to rid ourselves of any virus that erodes the party’s fabric, make great efforts to foster a healthy political environment of integrity and generate waves of positive energy throughout our party which can build into a mighty nationwide force driving China’s development and progress.” Xi also pledged “a resolute push” to eradicate poverty, to “open China still wider to the world” and hinted at the more assertive and muscular role Beijing is expected to seek on the world stage in the years ahead. “With confidence and pride the Chinese people will be steadfast in upholding our country’s sovereignty, security and development interests,” he said. The unveiling of China’s new ruling council came one day after the end of the 19th party congress, a week-long political summit at which Xi established himself as the country’s most dominant leader since its revolutionary founder Mao Zedong. On Tuesday, Xi’s eponymous political philosophy was enshrined in the party’s constitution alongside those of Mao and Deng Xiaoping, the architect of China’s economic opening to the world. Experts say that momentous and highly symbolic achievement puts Xi in a virtually unassailable position at the pinnacle of the 89 million member organisation. Having failed to anoint a successor, he is now likely to be calling the shots in Chinese politics well into the 2030s. With Xi now entering his second, although perhaps no longer final five-year term, thoughts are turning to what the next stage of the Xi era might hold. Supporters claim that having used a ferocious anti-corruption campaign to purge rivals and consolidate his grip over the party during his first five-year term, Xi will now turn his mind to comprehensive reforms of China’s economy. “I think the real reform just began,” said Wang Wen, a pro-establishment scholar from a thinktank linked to Renmin University. Wang argued that Xi would enter his second term with “much more authority” and a greater ability to implement his blueprint for China. Such optimism was echoed in China’s party-run media on Wednesday as cadres lined up to heap praise on their all-powerful leader. “We firmly believe that if people all over the country roll up their sleeves under the guidance of Xi’s Thought … we will move steadily into the future with the irresistible force of a high-speed train,” Chen Meifang, a Shanghai railway official, was quoted astelling the Beijing Daily. However, such hopefulness is widely disputed. Blanchette said he expected to see a “super-sized version” of Xi’s first-term policies in his second stint, as China’s leader pursued what he saw as his “program of Chinese greatness”. That would mean accelerating efforts to build a modern, battle-ready military that could begin to push the United States further and further out of what China saw as its Pacific backyard; an increasingly assertive foreign policy in regions such as the South and East China seas; and continued efforts to promote a hi-tech economic revolution by championing huge companies that were either controlled or heavily aligned with the state. It would also mean that the Communist party – and the Communist party only – would continue to lay down the law, in all aspects of Chinese society. In an editorial celebrating the start of Xi’s “new era” on Wednesday, the People’s Daily, the party’s mouthpiece, argued: “History has shown and will continue to show that without the leadership of the Chinese Communist party, the idea of national rejuvenation is a fantasy.” “We should hunker in for a long winter of tight political control,” Blanchette predicted. We should hunker in for a long winter of tight political control Jude Blanchette Elizabeth Economy, the director for Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, said she saw this week’s congress “as affirmation of the direction in which Xi has already been moving the party as opposed to a point at which now we are going to see the real Xi Jinping and his real reforms emerge”. She added: “I think what we are going to see is an intensification along the same lines.” Economy balked at the suggestion that Xi – whose first term has witnessed an unusually fierce crackdown on party opponents and human rights – might suddenly emerge as a political reformer. “I don’t think a crypto-liberal would do what he has been doing over the past five years. I don’t think a crypto-liberal lets Liu Xiaobo die in jail, and the arrests and the intensification of the attacks on the [human rights] lawyers. That is not a crypto-liberal,” she said. Blanchette said Xi had shown a remarkable “mastery of the political system” in China during his first term in power: “The second question though is does that mean he has an omniscience or an omnipotence to deal with all the significant challenges that China is facing? “There is a huge list of challenges that Xi Jinping has to deal with,” he added, pointing to a gradually slowing economy, a looming debt crisis and the possibility of a nuclear conflagration on its doorstep. “He now has the power to do it. But how he deals with these challenges will be one of the most important indicators of whether or not he is able to stay on for the term that he feels he deserves.” Additional reporting by Wang Zhen. What 'Xi Jinping Thought' Stands For https://www.forbes.com/sites/salvatorebabones/2017/10/22/what-does-xi-jinping-thought-mean-and-how-does-it-compare-to-america-first/#2bfee5ab3262 Xi Jinping is universally regarded as China's most powerful leader since Deng Xiaoping, and perhaps since Mao Zedong. Both Deng and Mao left their marks in the charter of the Communist Party of China, and the rumor is that Xi will be their first successor to do the same. Mao's "mass line" and Deng's "seeking truth from facts" have become official tenets of Communist Party dogma. Xi's "socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era" may soon join these august concepts as official truth. But just what does "Xi Jinping Thought" really consist of? To answer that question, it helps to compare Xi's governing principles to those of the four preceding "paramount leaders" of China's Communist Party. Xi versus Mao Xi Jinping is most often compared to Mao Zedong, China's revolutionary leader, red emperor and communist theologian. Mao's political maxims were collected in the Little Red Book once read by leftist college students and Latin American guerillas. Mao Zedong thought is not all that bad, if you happen to be planning a people's revolution to overthrow your government. Unlike Lenin and most European Marxists, Mao taught that revolutions had to come from below. And unlike most revolutionaries, he still fought to overthrow the government even when he was the government. The infamous Cultural Revolution that rocked Chinese society from 1966-1976 was the result. Xi is no revolutionary, and he is certainly no Mao. Xi'sChinese Dream is a "moderately prosperous society," not a communist utopia. Xi does talk a lot about "national rejuvenation," but that's really just a way to avoid using the Western word for what he really means: renaissance. Xi's Chinese renaissance is all about China's space program, high speed rail network and high technology parks. But a real Chinese renaissance requires the reversal of China's long-term brain drain to the United States and other English-speaking countries. The problem? Most Chinese scientists are unwilling to give up their tenured positions overseas to take a chance on a permanent return to China. Barring a reversal of epic proportions, in 2021 Xi will preside over the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party. That will be as good a time as any to finally lay Mao Zedong Thought to rest for good. If Xi has his way, they may just take the opportunity to bury Mao along with it. He's been waiting long enough. Xi versus Deng Soon after the death of Mao, his long-time frenemy Deng Xiaoping put paid to the Cultural Revolution and started China on the path to opening and reform that it has followed for the last 40 years. Famous for saying that it was OK for some people to get rich before others, Deng was repeatedly condemned by Mao as a "capitalist roader" -- which, as soon as Mao died, is exactly what he turned out to be. To facilitate his economic reform agenda, Deng urged that China should "keep a low profile" in international affairs, biding its time while building its strength. Xi'sstrive for achievement strategy couldn't be more different. In his landmark Communist Party Congress speech, Xi pledged that China would have a "world class" military by 2050, in line with his policy of relentless maritime expansion in the South China Sea. Xi has departed radically from Deng's advice on foreign policy, but what Xi shares with Deng is a staunchly conservative preference for order over chaos. Deng ruthlessly suppressed the Tiananmen Square democracy movement in order to preserve the rule of the Communist Party. Xi has much more subtly turned the screws on political dissent using the more discriminating but perhaps more effective tools of online surveillanceand selective imprisonment. As the ever-quotable Deng said himself, "it doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice." Xi versus Jiang Deng Xiaoing's successor Jiang Zemin is perhaps best remembered for the fact that everything done under his leadership was done "with Chinese characteristics." Deng may have coined the phrase "socialism with Chinese characteristics" to justify his introduction of the market into China's planned economy, but under Jiangthe phrase became a standing joke. Jiang Zemin codified these Chinese characteristics into the "Three Represents": the idea that in addition to the poor, the Communist Party of China would also represent China's business and cultural elites. Under Xi, this has evolved into the Two Represents, and if China's new rich get their way it may soon degenerate back into a novel kind of One Represent. Xi versus Hu Hu Jintao's major contribution to the intellectual life of the Communist Party was to bring Confucius back into the fold. Long prescribed under Mao as the reactionary idol of the pre-revolutionary patriarchy, today Confucius is back in China, with no small thanks to Hu, who rehabilitated Confucian thought, reopened Confucian temples, and chartered the Confucius Institutes to become China's cultural ambassadors to the world. Hu's trademark slogan was the "harmonious society" -- i.e., trust the government and don't complain and everyone can live in harmony. No word on what thenotoriously cranky sage, who got himself successively kicked out of ten different countries for criticizing their poor leadership, might have thought of this. Hu later extended the harmonious society to the harmonious world (i.e., trust China and don't complain and the world can live in harmony). With his One Belt, One Road expansionism and South China Sea island building, Xi seems keen to continue Hu's expansive foreign policy program, only with even less emphasis on the "harmonious" part of the equation. "Party First" Xi Jinping Thought, in a nutshell, seems to boil down to something resembling "America First, with Chinese Characteristics." By all accounts, Xi and U.S. President Donald Trump got along surprisingly well at their first meeting in April, perhaps because at a level deeper than mere speech they spoke the same language. If Xi's political philosophy isn't exactly China First, it is something close to it but at the same time distinctively Chinese: something like "Party First." And putting the interests of the Communist Party first is one thing he shares with all of his predecessors. Like Deng, Xi is a pragmatist who will stay on the capitalist road so long as it leads to much greater wealth than any other. Like Jiang, he is very happy to lead a ruling party dominated by his country's business elite. Like his immediate predecessor Hu, he is crafty enough to use patriotism and ethnic pride as tools to keep ordinary Chinese (if not necessarily China's minority groups) on his side. And like Mao, Xi seems to be ruthless enough to succeed in making his own Chinese Dream a reality. As long as he continues to put the Party first, Xi is likely to maintain his grip on power -- and the Party's loyalty. And as long as the Party puts Xi first, he is likely to have no cause to complain. Xi Jinping Thought may not sell as many books as Mao's did, but come 2021 it will be Xi who sets the course for the next 100 years of the Communist Party of China.
  2. Is this a Parking Idiot? Yes or No? Was the driver selfish in the way he/she parked his/her car, depriving others of a legitimate parking lot?
  3. Was travelling along Lornie Road (Towards Sin Ming) and saw the massive jam on the opposite side... Saw some firemen and a fire engine parked along side and seems they have just put out a fire on a Toyota Corona... Seems like car fires are becoming quite a trend recently...
  4. I have the following existing incurable illnesses: 1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urticaria Seen specialist in National Skin Centre 2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uveitis Yearly visit to specialist in National Eye Centre 3) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ankylosing_spondylitis Three mthly visit to specialist in SGH 4) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irritable_bowel_syndrome Open date appt given by specialist in TTSH And just last week was diagnose with : 5) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosacea Saw specialist in SGH How can I lower my medical bills??? Currently paying subsides rate of S$25 for consultation for seeing the different specialist. Each visit to SGH, spent S$100+. Every time ask me go for blood test, x-ray, bone density scanning and trying different expensive medicine. Any insurance company out there willing to cover me??? Willing to pay a small premium mthly to cover all my existing medical expenses. Currently it is being paid by my company lah but when I resign/terminated/retrench/retire, I still need to see these specialist for treatment. And not sure wat next illness will come and find me.
  5. CNA reported : SAFRA to spend more than S$50m to redevelop, strengthen its relevance By Monica Kotwani | Posted: 19 July 2012 2058 hrs SINGAPORE: SAFRA will spend more than S$50 million over the next five years in a bid to redevelop and strengthen its relevance. The move is also to keep up with the changing lifestyles and interests of National Servicemen (NSmen). Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen, who is also the chairman of SAFRA board of governors, said this at the 12th SAFRA Awards on Thursday. As a start, the association will add two more clubs to its current five. The first club, due to begin operations in 2013, will be a six-storey multi-entertainment centre in the town area for NSmen aged 18 to 35 years. It will be located at the former SAFRA Town Club building, which closed last year. The second will cater to NSmen and their families, and will be located at Punggol. The club, to be built on a one-hectare plot of land, will have family lifestyle resort features. The club is expected to cost some S$50 million and will be completed in 2015. SAFRA will also be enhancing its benefits and programmes. This includes looking into a new package for NS units to enhance its programmes in cohesion-building. The new package is expected to be implemented in 2013, benefitting over 100,000 NSmen annually. The initiatives are some recommendations at the end of a year-long review that focused on three areas. They are furthering SAFRA's market reach, strengthening its position as NSmen's choice club and finding ways to better recognise NSmen's contributions. Helmed by Minister of State for Defence, Lawrence Wong, the Strategic Review Steering Commitee held focus group sessions and conducted online and face-to-face surveys with more than 1,800 NSmen who shared their vision for SAFRA. Some 400 SAFRA volunteers and NSmen attended the awards ceremony. Dr Ng said: "I think this was the original idea of SAFRA. The idea was that since we require Singaporeans to do National Service, we must find a way to help them benefit from the progress of the country. "Why not give them access to a range of quality social, recreational, sports and educational facilities that help them experience regularly, what they are protecting. "Even as we focus on facilities, programmes, how we can continue to provide benefits to SAFRA members. "None of us want to forget the founding mission of SAFRA - that while it provides benefits which private social clubs and recreational establishments provide, our critical mission is different, and that is to recognise the vital contributions, to foster cohesion among NSmen, to build SAF as a cohesive fighting force, operationally ready and committed in both heart and mind to defend Singapore." - CNA/ck I was wondering, SAFRA clubs really serve us, NSF or running as just another entertainment hub ? The places are running like a business hub where all entertainment under one roof and furthermore, operates by private companies which only offer discount to NSF. Other eateries elsewhere also offer same or better discount by certain credit card companies. I do miss the 70's where we have the NCO Club at Beach Road where beer is so cheap cos its duty free. At Tampines SAFRA restaurant, there is one run by Sakura and in Clementi Wood branch offer much more varities of food. If really want to help those NSF, build medical facilities at the club houses to cater to their needs. Coming into the workforce after completing NS at the age of 20+ would not earn them much (unless graduates) and had to work its ways up through years in workforce before he can command a good salary. Dental treatment is another way as the cost outside are super expensive and the waiting list at Polyclinic Dental Clinic or at HPB at Outram is at least more than 14 months wait. As stated, serving those age 18 ~ 35, some would want to set up family around age 26 ~ 35, help them to get cheaper HDB flats or reducing their queue number in getting a HDB flat. This is also a way of recognising their NS contribution. Restaurants, Bowling Alley, Jackpot Room can be commonly found everywhere in SG. Those who wants to play Jackpot, can always go to the 2 casinos. Be the first to set up Medical & Dental facilities at all SAFRA clubhouses to cater to NSF and it families at a special price would be very much appreciated. Nowadays, waiting at Polyclinic to see a doctor without appointment is minimum 3hrs. Even with appointment, one have to spend at least 2hrs. at the polyclinic. my 2 cents worth of contributions.
  6. this was like in the movie Avatar if this can apply on human
  7. ICA officer reprimanded after passenger by-passed airport clearance Check it out . . .
  8. Viral: Son praises SGH staff for helping his elderly father who was stranded on overhead bridge for 3 hours. https://coconuts.co/singapore/news/viral-son-praises-sgh-staff-helping-elderly-father-stranded-overhead-bridge-3-hours/ If i encounter such situation, i will just call police/hospital n wait till they come to help the old man but this lady and the old man daughters take the risk of moving him down the bridge, really salute her heart of gold and of course the man's filial daughters too ...
  9. http://news.insing.com/tabloid/underaged-g...7103f00?src=Sat A teenager and his 40-year-old neighbour gang-raped an underaged girl in a lorry. The case came up in Court on Friday and the teen is expected to be sentenced on 12 December, pending a probation report. If convicted, the teen could be jailed 10 years, fined, or both. The case against the 40-year-old neighbour, Hang Tuah Jumaat, will come up for mention in January next year. The 17-year-old teenager studies in the same school as the underaged girl and is her ex-boyfriend. Hang Tuah Jumaat is believed to have instigated the crime by asking the teen to invite the girl for drinks one day in April 2010. On the day of the incident, Hang Tuah Jumaat drove his company lorry to Sungei Kadut, then change to a larger lorry and drove the two teens to a road near Kranji Camp. He then plied the girl with orange juice mixed with strong alcohol, causing her to become intoxicated and drowsy. Hang Tuah Jumaat then asked the teen to have sex with the girl, but the teen declined and went to sleep. When the teen woke up, he saw Hang Tuah Jumaat having sex with the girl. The teen was again told by Hang Tuah Jumaat to have sex with the girl and this time he did. The Court heard that the girl's eyes were closed and she appeared intoxicated throughout. Hang Tuah Jumaat then drove the teen and the girl back, but left the girl sleeping in the lorry when she complained that she could not get up. The girl later went to school where she was referred to a counsellor, and a police report was made. On the same day, the teenager was detained in school where he admitted to the offence. Court documents revealed that he claimed he was high on heroin at the time of the incident and had acted out of fear towards Hang Tuah Jumaat. Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 11 November 2011. Click here for the Chinese report. stupid c--k, confessed on taking drugs some more, double charge....
  10. My sil who has had fiber internet and phone for 9 years or so and had fiber TV installed last December had all her fiber connections fail a few days ago. Nothing, nowt, zilch on TV, internet and phone. A Starhub technician was at her HDB yesterday and diagnosed that the fiber signal strength was too great and the fiber termination point box could not cope with the high strength of signal and an Open net/Net Link will have to send a technician to sort it out. Although her system has been working well for four months it seems strange that it failed because the signal was too strong. Apparently no one else in her block had developed this fault. Anyone else here heard of this type of problem and how soon can it be repaired? PS My sil is even less of a techie than I am, if you can imagine that ha ha.
  11. @count-bracula ur cousin ah https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/personal-information-of-over-800000-blood-donors-exposed-online-hsa?xtor=CS3-17&utm_source=STSmartphone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2019-03-15+20%3A01%3A19
  12. Story still developing. Several injured. Whats going on https://bbc.in/2FcIMdu A square near a tram station has been cordoned off by authorities, and emergency services are at the scene. The shooting took place at about 10:45 local time (09:45 GMT). Three helicopters have been despatched. Police have asked people to keep roads clear for emergency workers to get through.
  13. The Straits Times www.straitstimes.comPublished on Sep 05, 2012 Accountant allegedly misused $16.5m of firms' funds By leonard lim An accountant hired by five companies linked to global computer giant Hewlett-Packard is alleged to have misappropriated $16.5 million of their funds. The firms - which had engaged Mr Ewe Pang Kooi to take them through a liquidation process - successfully applied to the High Court for an injunction last month to freeze his assets up to that figure. An employee of HP here also lodged a report with the Commercial Affairs Department in late July and investigations are believed to be ongoing. A police spokesman said yesterday it was inappropriate to comment. It is understood that no criminal charges have been filed against the 59-year-old Mr Ewe. The Malaysian, a permanent resident here, declined comment yesterday but confirmed that he was out on bail. The $16.5 million figure, if eventually proven, will be higher than the David Rasif and Singapore Land Authority (SLA) cheating cases. The cases involving the rogue lawyer and two SLA executives involved about $11 million and $12 million respectively. The five HP-linked firms - 3Com South Asia, 3Par Singapore, Compaq Asia, Mercury Interactive (Singapore) and Compaq Computer Asia - had all engaged Mr Ewe, well-known for providing insolvency services in industry circles, as their sole liquidator on separate occasions between June 2009 and November 2011. The companies were dormant at the respective times. [email protected] Copyright
  14. hmmmmmmm sth brewing? @tianmo https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/a-level-results-students-apply-polytechnic-skip-semester-courses-11245456 Singapore A-Level results out next Friday; graduates who opt for polytechnics can skip semester image:  File photo of students at Singapore Polytechnic. (Photo: TODAY) 15 Feb 2019 11:22AM (Updated: 15 Feb 2019 12:21PM) Share this content BookmarkSINGAPORE: The results of the GCE A-Level examinations will be released next Friday (Feb 22), the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Friday. Students may collect their results from their schools from 2.30pm on that day, while private candidates will be notified of their results by post. The ministry also announced on Friday that A-Level graduates who choose to further their studies at polytechnics can now skip the first semester for more than 100 courses. Currently, most A-Level graduates apply for and enrol in a polytechnic only one year after getting their results. This is because most polytechnic admissions exercises would have closed by the time the A-Level results are announced. READ: O-Level grades will no longer form part of admission scores for Poly grads applying to NUS, NTU from 2020From Academic Year 2019, eligible A-Level graduates can be admitted directly to Year 1 Semester 2 each October for 110 polytechnic courses, up from the current nine. This will reduce their polytechnic course from three years to two-and-a-half years. Advertisement The 110 courses make up about half the diploma courses offered by the five polytechnics, and span several course clusters. “A-Level graduates who are not enlisting in National Service will be able to enter the polytechnics in the same year that they receive their A-Level results. As a result, this group will be able to graduate one year earlier,” MOE said. image: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/image/11245562/0x0/819/511/72007b68a9c769b719a86efa69bb462d/Df/polytechnic-admission-for-a-level-infographic.jpg Source: Ministry of Education Interested A-Level graduates will be able to apply to the polytechnics directly for these 110 courses in mid-August, for matriculation at the start of AY2019 Semester 2 in October this year. More details will be available on the respective polytechnics’ websites by March 2019. 200 A-LEVEL GRADUATES ENROL IN POLYTECHNICS ANNUALLY Places for A-Level graduates will be separately catered for, and there will be no impact on the number of places for O-Level graduates or ITE graduates, MOE said. "The number of places for A-Level graduates will depend on the demand from and quality of applicants, and hence will vary from year to year," it said. According to the ministry, about 200 A-Level graduates are admitted each year to the five local polytechnics – Nanyang, Ngee Ann, Republic, Singapore and Temasek. "These are students who are keen to pursue an applied pathway at the polytechnics, that matches their area of interest or aptitude," it said, adding that the number includes both A-Level graduates who have applied and those who did not apply to the local universities. READ: Better pay, job prospects for polytechnic graduates in 2018: SurveyFor most polytechnic courses, A-Level graduates would need passes in two relevant H2 subjects to receive module exemptions. These requirements may differ for specific courses. Courses which offer module exemption have "sufficient commonalities" between the A-Level and polytechnic curriculums, MOE said. The exemptions are mostly for polytechnic foundational modules, and students would have covered similar curriculum in preparing for the A-Levels. For example, A-Level graduates in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Information Technology may be exempted from the modules on Computing Mathematics and Programming 1 if they have passed H2 Computing or Computing Science, and H2 Mathematics. Similarly, A-Level graduates in Temasek Polytechnic’s Common Engineering Programme may be exempted from the modules on Engineering Mathematics 1, Engineering Physics, Digital Fundamentals 1 and Circuit Analysis if they have passed H2 Mathematics and H2 Physics. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/a-level-results-students-apply-polytechnic-skip-semester-courses-11245456
  15. He has nothing on him but he jin heypi sia. https://www.facebook.com/100009230834010/videos/2202043966779943/
  16. AsiaOne Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011 SINGAPORE - A highly decomposed body of a man was found at Pandan Reservoir this morning, reported the Lianhe Wanbao. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received a call at about 9.10am informing them that a body had been found in the reservoir. Officers got to the scene and pronounced the man dead at about 9.17am. According to the Chinese daily, the man has been identified as a 30-year-old Chinese national. His body was highly decomposed and is believed to have been undiscovered for several days. He was found floating face-down by a PUB staff who was conducting checks around the area. The deceased was wearing an orange coloured T-shirt and jeans. Police are still investigating the case. Members of the public who have any information that can assist the police should call 1800-2550000. This is the most recent case in a spate of deaths discovered at Bedok Reservoir. Six bodies have been recovered since June this year, the last being the body of a Chinese man found on Nov 5. Source : http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...123-312270.html
  17. Great actor, always remember his role in 倩女幽魂
  18. https://mothership.sg/2018/05/married-couple-divorced-buy-hdb-flat-as-single/?nlarticleid=11561273 Husband and wife agree to a divorce of convenience A husband and wife in Singapore had apparently agreed to divorce — just so that they can each own a HDB flat. This was after they figured marriage is just a status, and by divorcing, they can unlock their Central Provident Fund monies in a different way. Wife bought another flat under singles scheme The couple originally bought a HDB flat together when they got married. It was paid for using the husband’s CPF. The husband is now a cab driver. He is likely to be 54 this year, or somewhere in his mid-fifties. He claims he cannot withdraw his CPF money by next year because it does not meet the Minimum Sum, or Retirement Sum, which is the minimum amount of money needed in your CPF account when you turn 55 before withdrawals can be made. The wife too will not be able to withdraw any CPF money in a few years’ time, since she also does not meet the minimum sum. The plan Husband and wife then divorced. On paper. But they are obviously still very much together. This frees up the wife to buy a HDB flat of her own as a single under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) scheme. She is able to get a housing grant for the flat as a second-timer single Singapore citizen applicant. She can pay for it with her CPF — which otherwise would be locked in once she turns 55. The man now owns the first flat as a single. Rental income Since he has lived in the house for longer than the five-year Minimum Occupation Period, he is able to rent it out. The husband then proceeds to live with his now ex-wife in the new flat, while both enjoy the passive income from the rental of the first matrimonial flat — said to be about $2,500 monthly.
  19. Asian gunman held after shooting at California retreat LOS ANGELES: A 72-year-old Asian man was in custody on Wednesday after shooting dead a woman at a Korean Christian retreat in Southern California, authorities told AFP. Riverside County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Herlinda Valenzuela said the gunman's attack on Tuesday had left one woman dead, and another person hospitalised with gunshot wounds. Two other people were hospitalised for "injuries consistent with a struggle" but had not been shot, Valenzuela told AFP. No further information about the victims or the gunman was released. The incident occurred at the Kkottongnae Retreat Camp, run by the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus, a Christian social service, outside the city of Temecula at around 7:30pm (0230 GMT) Tuesday. Other shootings: 1) A gunman in Alabama shot dead his wife, daughter and two other people before killing himself. 2) Last weekend a man in Washington state shot dead his five children before killing himself after discovering his wife was leaving him. 3) On Saturday three police officers were killed by a 23-year-old man at his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 4) An unemployed man stormed an immigrant services centre where he had been learning English in Binghamton, New York and went on a rampage, killing 13 people before taking his own life. 5) On March 29, a heavily armed gunman shot dead eight people at a North Carolina nursing home, days after six people were killed in a murder-suicide in an upscale neighborhood in northern California's Silicon Valley. 6) And on March 10, an unemployed man killed his mother, grandmother and eight others on a vicious shooting rampage in Alabama. - AFP/de 7) There were also 2 other shooting incidents in Germany as well. Is it time to ban the possession of personal firearms?
  20. I was in CT Hub and happened to see this banner. Wow! Co-farming in Aussie land and can get 64% high returns?
  21. Any bros bought any travel packages from them? http://www.wanbao.com.sg/local/story20150523-55466#local 乐乐假期旅行社突停业 500旅客受影响 营业13年的乐乐假期旅行社,昨天突然关门,贴通告宣布停业,超过500旅客受影响,单本周末就有近300名学生和旅客受波及。 rough translate; Asia-euro holidays travel agency closed down suddenly yesterday, which has been in the travel-related business for years. Notices were put up on their shops at Chinatown Point and is believed that more than 500 customers were affected, including close to 300 students planning for trips this weekend.
  22. Singaporean wins 800 million won jackpot in South Korea: Yonhap SINGAPORE: A 45-year-old Singaporean won a mega jackpot worth 884.8 million won (US$800,000) in South Korea, Yonhap news reported on Saturday (Jun 9), citing casino officials. The 45-year-old Singaporean, who was not named, made the fortune at Paradise City, a foreigners-only casino located in Incheon's Yeongjongdo district. The winner played various casino games from Friday evening before becoming Paradise City's seventh mega jackpot winner. Paradise City's casino in Incheon is one of South Korea's largest foreigners-only casinos. Its three other casinos are located in Seoul, Busan and Jeju. All four casinos have a jackpot ceiling of 1 billion won per win. In March, a mega jackpot winner walked away with a record 988 million won from the casino's branch in Seoul. ** apparently, one of the commentators could not differentiate US$800mil from US$800
  23. May 23, 2008 Man charged with molesting maid By Elena Chong A MAN was charged on Friday with three counts of molesting his Indonesian maid and also insulting her modesty. Saharom Jailani, 33, a driver, is said to have kissed the 23-year-old on the cheeks, licked her neck and fondled her breasts one Sunday last October. He was also accused of molesting her around mid-November. He allegedly intruded into her privacy by entering the toilet when she was inside on Dec 9. The next day, he allegedly outraged her modesty. All the alleged offences took place in a Jurong West flat. Bail of $15,000 was set. Saharom will appear in court on next Friday. If convicted, he faces a jail term of up to three years or fine or caning of any two such punishments for each charge of outraging of modesty. The maximum penalty for insulting modesty is a jail term of up to one year or fine or both. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_240256.html sibeh happening... but hor, SMLJ driver. can afford to keep a maid somemore.
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