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  1. You could be on the nomination list, if lucky you could be walking away with one too. But do not be too happy yet. Summary of report - TNP, 7/10/2008 Singapore Movies selling like "hot goreng pisang Selected(it does not read elite though) guests of a budget hotel in Klang, Selangor have unknowingly become 'stars' of sexy videos secretly recorded by the hotel operator sold to video pirates for RM$1000 to RM$3000. "I always pick those who are not only nice looking but are good 'actors' too. Of course, the bedroom activities are a must in the video." Besides, the hotel operator also get a royalties cut of at least RM$5 per copy sold. Titles such as Asia Bagus Vol 1 contained something like 27 episodes are selling like hot 'goreng pisang'. The videos are from all over the country - Klang, Malacca and Johor. so when you go up there to recieve your GH Award, put in a word of thanks to the hotel operator.
  2. Source: https://mothership.sg/2023/07/confused-horse-spotted-trotting-along-cars-on-bke-escorted-to-safety-by-lta-officer/ A brown horse was spotted on the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) on Saturday (Jul. 8). A video of the creature was captured on camera. It was uploaded onto the Complaint Singapore Facebook group by user Raven Qiu. A similar video has been uploaded onto SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page, where the video has garnered over 100 shares in five hours. The video showed the confused-looking horse trotting along the busy expressway as cars drove past it. The saddle fastened to the horse suggested that it wasn't a wild horse. The horse then stopped in the middle of the road and turned around to face the car behind it, before walking along the side of the road against the flow of traffic. Another video showed the horse being escorted by a Land Transport Authority (LTA) officer towards Turf Club Avenue. Although the caption of the video suggested that the horse had escaped from Singapore Turf Club, Mothership understands that the horse belonged to Bukit Timah Saddle Club instead. "We are aware a horse belonging to Bukit Timah Saddle Club found its way outside of its stable and onto the roads briefly. It has since been safely returned to its stable," A Singapore Turf Club spokesperson said. Mothership has reached out to Bukit Timah Saddle Club and LTA for more information.
  3. Viral: Son praises SGH staff for helping his elderly father who was stranded on overhead bridge for 3 hours. https://coconuts.co/singapore/news/viral-son-praises-sgh-staff-helping-elderly-father-stranded-overhead-bridge-3-hours/ If i encounter such situation, i will just call police/hospital n wait till they come to help the old man but this lady and the old man daughters take the risk of moving him down the bridge, really salute her heart of gold and of course the man's filial daughters too ...
  4. This is the first time I hear about horse therapy and still wondering how it work. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/horse-therapy-is-gaining-traction-in-singapore SINGAPORE - The weather on this September afternoon is hazy and humid, but it does nothing to dampen the spirits of the 10 nursing home residents - some of whom are in wheelchairs - who are eagerly waiting to walk with and groom two gentle beasts. Argentinian former polo ponies Costera and Valentina are the stars of this session by charity Equal-Ark Singapore, whose Elderly Programme has used equine therapy to help improve the emotional well-being of hundreds of seniors with dementia or depression. Working with the animals is a novelty for long-time St Theresa's Home resident Bertha Hang, 74. "I'm very happy with the horses - I can go round with them; touch them," she said as she deftly slotted a body brush onto her amputated right arm to groom Valentina. Ms Hang, who had lost parts of her four limbs to gangrene in 2003, had become downbeat after she was hospitalised for sepsis - a life-threatening illness as a result of the body's extreme response to an infection - last year. Grooming the horses is a role reversal and an empowering activity for Ms Hang, who, like other nursing home residents, are usually the care recipients. While the use of dogs and cats in animal-assisted therapy is more common here, equine therapy has been gaining some traction in land-scarce Singapore. Organisations such as Equal-Ark, Therapeutic and Educational Riding in Singapore (Theris), Healing Horses Singapore and Hovi Club Horsecity have been growing their clientele and expanding their programmes over the last few years. The goal of equine therapy is to help people develop necessary skills and attributes, through their interaction with the horses. It includes therapeutic horseback riding, where riding lessons are adapted to the person's disability and needs, and hippotherapy, which uses equine movement to engage the sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems. "Being prey animals - as compared to dogs, cats and even humans, who are predators - horses are incredibly sensitive to their environment, and are able to perceive and respond to the smallest of changes, including our tone of voice, body language, behaviours, emotions and even our biochemistry," said Theris' founder and managing director Jessamine A. Ihrcke. "They also provide immediate feedback in response to these aspects, which creates an opportunity for people to reflect on or be more aware of their behaviours and emotions, and adjust themselves accordingly in order to build a relationship with the horse," she added.
  5. Maybe the mare knew that the our country is going into a semi-lockdown state and wanted to do some last minute exploring first... Spotted by several road users along Eng Neo Avenue, the white horse was apparently lost and was in fact trying to find her way back to her stable on 5th April. As reported by The Straits Times, its owner Ronnie Lim, who also owns Paisano Polo Academy at Turf Club Road, the 11 year-old horse was found 20 minutes later after running off at 4pm. A horse handler had taken it to the paddock that afternoon and was just about to close the door when there was a loud screech from some vehicles on the road nearby, causing her to take fright and run. According to Mr Lim, it was the first time this happened and Cocorita, was a children's riding horse and was usually mild mannered. "Horses tend to find their way back and we're happy she's all right," said Mr Lim, 58, adding that they had found her grazing on a grass patch along Eng Neo Avenue. "She probably got distracted and had a bite." ea6e93fa-bbff-46bc-a4a5-4d669c18cbd6.MP4 f2c06154-220d-4b9c-b3f3-59a2540bed49.MP4 b6a36525-3c1d-4249-bc54-5fc24182ea30.MP4
  6. https://mothership.sg/2020/04/white-horse-petrol-station/ A white horse was seen in Bukit Timah galloping along Eng Neo Avenue across a road junction at 4pm on Sunday, April 5, 2020. The bewildering sight was captured in a 15-second video and put up on Facebook, which has enthralled the nation, given how surreal the scene was. It turns out the 11-year-old horse, named Cocorita, was sent bolting out of the paddock nearby after it heard a loud screech from some vehicles, which startled it. The horse is one of 15 located at the Paisano Polo Academy at Turf Club Road. The horse's owner said the runaway equine was found within 20 minutes of its escape. It had apparently stopped to graze on grass along Eng Neo Avenue and a collar was put on her and she was walked back to the stables. Naturally, the video of the majestic animal conjured up references to White Horse, the Taylor Swift song, as well as the fabled classification of certain individuals who enlist into National Service. However, other footage shot by another motorist showed the horse horsing around a little bit during its escape, as it entered a Shell petrol station along Dunearn Road. It was literally demonstrating what is the meaning of horsepower, as motorists looked on as if unsure about what they were witnessing. Before we get carried away, it is a common misconception that one horsepower is the same as the peak power output of an actual horse. The truth is that 1 horsepower is closer to 14.9 horses. The initial definition of horsepower was based on the continuous, sustained power output of a horse -- measured according to how much water a horse could raise in a minute, at a normal walking pace, which turned out to be 550 ft-lbs/s. The average person can produce up to 1.2 horsepower briefly at their peak, and 0.1 horsepower over time. The rear electric motor on a Tesla produces over 400 horsepower -- equivalent of being pulled by 600 horses. An amazing feat considering that the motor is no bigger than a watermelon.
  7. I hope he gets well soon. My childhood idol https://sg.style.yahoo.com/major-road-closures-as-injured-andy-lau-arrives-at-hong-kong-hospital-043408651.html
  8. what do you think?? 1. as a business owner, you should take all the criticism and improve on it. 2. as a so-call social media consultant (wtf do these people do?), should watch what they write (words used) even if they have negative feedback.
  9. Nic_low

    When things turn ugly

    The new F12berlinetta is provocative. The sensual styling will likely appeal and tempt those who are into wheeled art. Not to mention by bearing the highly praised badge on its bonnet, it must be good. Then, things could have been very different. Mansory, a luxury car modification firm based in Brand, Germany, showcased its take on the F12 at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. Called the 'La Revoluzione', the GT has now been cloaked in maroon carbon fibre, which looks highly exotic, but less pleasing to our eyes. We reckon the firm could have been more creative with the moniker too (likely to have been inspired by Ferrari's halo car - LaFerrari). It seems to be a case of 'too many cooks spoil the soup'. In our humble opinion, the people at Maranello did a good job with the F12. But Mansory - not so. Other than the unique carbon fibre body, we thought the fixed wing broke the svelte, graceful silhouette of the stock car. From the front, it seems that Mansory has eradicated the clever active cooling duct for the brakes. Gone too are the aero bridges behind the front wheel arches. The fixed wing looks fine from this angle, though, and if there's one thing Mansory did right to the aesthetics, we reckon it would be the exhaust tips. The German tuner has upped figures from the 6.3-litre V12 to above 1,200bhp, which enables the La Revoluzione to complete the century sprint in 2.9 seconds - down from 3.1 in the stock car. Before we end this post, we thought we should remind you of how gorgeous the original car was.
  10. Finally found it after so many years. Lost more or less 20k on this game. Spent my primary, secondary school pocket money and holiday job money on this. Free to install. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dzwf.race
  11. The news has been going around for quite a few weeks, looks like quite a few countries are affected. Literally, hanging cow's head but sell horse meat. Do you mind if the beef you bought contains horse meat?
  12. Drive big car = big ego = small brain or no brain ..... This Big white horse has been parking in the handicap lot on a daily basis ....... and he would not spare a thought for some one that realy needs the lot .... my guess is that he is probably mentally handicap .. or practising to park for his future needs. Bloody inconsiderate if you ask me .....
  13. I noticed there are 2 different types of engine block design for E200ML : 1) One with a stainless steel bar across the engine block (printed with Mercedes) 2) The other type has NO stainless steel bar across the engine block (just the Logo close to the engine oil inlet) Anyone know the difference ? ie : Any horsepower difference ? Or one is newer than the other ?
  14. Yesterday - 27@1930hrs. Location - Marina South Pier carpark. A 14-footer lolee hit a bike(Yamaha - R6) in a carpark in which bike was parked nicely/accordingly in the bike lot..the driver tried to "run" was caught by public prior exiting the cp barrier... Driver have the 'cheek' to siam avoiding responsibilities.....luckily bike owner get assurance from lolee company bozz to pay for the repair cost. Another very good example of a NO ( and will nvr be ) ethic road user. Is not the cost of repair ( approximate $600++ ) - is the mentality of THIS NON CIVIC minded road user / motorist. NO prize / Christmas gift to guess who the lolee driver.... Another FW or shud I said it knn another FT.... Ho ho ho Merry xmas / ho ho ho...welcome welcome MORE FT please
  15. TCB rally really impresive , much better than wayang TT at UOB plaza , and the other tans leh ! Anyone got his speech to share here ?
  16. Bros still remember this category of NSFs back then? This classification was supposed to be scrapped by now. My time there was this coy during BMT that seemed to be very well-treated. Whenever we went training they were always the last few to move out but whenever we came back exhausted and muddy from training, these guys were already cleaning their rifles in the coy line and laughing and joking with one another. Our DIs later told us they were White Horse (WH) coy but did not elaborate. Only later then we realized what WH means... Any bros got any stories to share?
  17. wow so many nice places to drive overseas..... singapore is like a concrete jungle
  18. ??? Technology cheats or unfortunately coincidence or judgement day? http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread...-the-apocolypse http://tomkovach.us/CB-4v1/2011/02/225/
  19. its been quite a while since i left the army. was wondering whether the armed forces still practise white horse system?
  20. Pastor Dunn stressed that claims of extravagance have been exaggerated. 'Concerning the lifestyle of Rev Kong and his wife, we know them well. Rev Kong is a dedicated and motivated senior pastor of the church. He has been working hard for the past 20 over years and is a renowned and recognised personality on the speaking circuit. His wife is a successful singer,' he said. 'While their lifestyle reflects their own accomplishments, we do not see it as lavish or excessive.' In the NKF saga, we hv the PEANUT woman. In this CHC saga, we hv the PEANUT pasta.
  21. Saw the evening news paper headline. Sigh. I pity the 30K members. And I am sure the members will believe what what she is going to say. "I do it in the name of Christ to bring God's word to the black in USA, the losses is nothing compare to the priceless God's word" To me it looks like a classic pattern of commercial crime if there is the intent to do so. And is this the best way to "wash" the $ to make it become yours? Any comment?
  22. Aston Martin has done it. Porsche has too. Even Lamborghini toyed with the idea in the form of the Estoque concept. But according to chief executive Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari will never follow its rivals in making a four-door model. The closest we'll get, points out Felisa, is the Maserati Quattroporte, the four-door sports sedan from Ferrari's Modenese sister-company, which is set to gain a baby brother in the near future. Maranello once considered the idea of a four-door with the 1980 Pinin show car (above), but as close as it may have come, the concept never made it to production. Addressing the notion that Ferrari once swore it would never make a hybrid or use start-stop technology
  23. Emkay

    True horse power

  24. PI ferraris anyone? (still from Hong Seh) extracted from Asiaone.com S'pore company loses 25-year-old Ferrari dealership By Christopher Tan HONG Seh Motors is slated to relinquish its Ferrari franchise by the middle of this month, and will have to refund deposits it has collected for a new model. The privately-owned company, run by businessman Alfred Tan and his son Edward, has represented the marque for 25 years. It has reportedly taken more than 120 bookings for Ferrari's California convertible. Although prices have not been confirmed - as the California has not been officially launched here - Hong Seh is expected to return the $50,000 it collected as deposit for each car. "We have refunded those who asked for a refund," Mr Edward Tan said. Ferrari Asia-Pacific spokesman Matteo Bonciani has disclosed that Hong Seh's replacement - to be revealed next week - will launch the California. Mr Bonciani said customers can also look forward to the new F430, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Mr Bonciani said the race to represent Ferrari is now between Komoco and Premium Automobiles. Komoco is owned by hotelier Ong Beng Seng, who also holds the Singapore F1 franchise; Premium Automobiles is owned by Indonesian entrepreneur Hadi Tanaga, who also has the Audi dealership for Singapore. They were among eight parties pitching for Ferrari's franchise. These included Mr Andy Goh, brother of Lamborghini dealer Melvin Goh; Porsche dealer Karsono Kwee; and Mr Arthur Tay, who runs leisure group SUTL. On why Ferrari has not yet decided after months of deliberation, Mr Bonciani said: "We're taking a long time to consider every possible proposal carefully. "As you can imagine, Ferrari is very special. If you want to work with us, you have to be a solid partner." He revealed that Hong Seh had tried to hold on to the franchise and only fell out of the race "very recently". Hong Seh, which has since secured brands such as Spyker and Artega, did not want to talk about losing Ferrari. Industry observers said its relationship with the Maranello manufacturer had been strained in recent years, with Ferrari wanting its representatives to invest more in the brand. This has led some to give up the Prancing Horse. London-based Inchcape stopped representing Ferrari and sister brand Maserati in the UK in 2007. And over the past two years, Asia has seen a slew of agency changes. These include South Korea, Japan and Malaysia. Changes are in the pipeline in Thailand and the Philippines as well. Insiders claim this signals Ferrari's ambition to stay ahead in the sports car segment in the face of intensifying competition from the likes of Lamborghini and Porsche. Lamborghini outsold Ferrari in Singapore for the first time in 2006 and again last year. Ferrari, which once said it would not make more than 3,000 cars a year, ended last year with record sales of nearly 6,600 cars. Mr Bonciani said it will now turn out no more than 7,000 cars a year. News of the impending change of Ferrari franchisee in Singapore has prompted several customers to write to The Straits Times requesting updates. One, a prominent lawyer, quipped: "I am a Ferrari owner dying for change." Hong Seh, meanwhile, may still continue to source Ferraris for loyal customers by parallel-importing them.
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