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  1. SINGAPORE - The multimillion-dollar Pagani Huayra supercar owned by beleaguered businessman Ng Yu Zhi was among the $100 million worth of assets seized by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD), The Straits Times understands. Ng, the 33-year-old director of Envy Asset Management and Envy Global Trading, was charged last week with two counts of cheating fund management firm Envysion Wealth Management and its chief executive, Ms Shim Wai Han, of at least $48 million. Ng also faces two charges of being a party to his two firms, which were operated for fraudulent purposes. At least
  2. 1. A motor insurance may be cheap, eg. DirectAsia (this is my current plan after I've switched from AAS available insurance plans since 2+ years ago). However, I have recently been told that when it comes to claims, there seems to be fineprints that void certain claims, eg. windscreen. 2. My NCD is 50% discount and I am thinking thrice now about renewing with DirectAsia - because in case I have claims, I don't want to be caught by it's fineprints. 3. This survey is to crowdsource motor insurance claim experiences from fellow forumers who have had at least 1 claim and would appreciate i
  3. Now this is one heartening sight! Our local police force is working hard to catch bad-behaving vehicles on our roads! Seen on SG Road Vigilante is this video of an unmarked Traffic Police vehicle zooming up fast on the AYE towards Tuas to catch a motorbike on 13th of December 2020. We can't really see why the bike was being stopped but according to the source, it is a Malaysian-registered bike with a mini rear number plate. While having such a number plate is an offence in our sunny island, we thought the police might also be catching the biker for a speeding offence or having
  4. Spotted somewhere on the many pages of Facebook is a post where a motorcyclist managed to do a proposal with the help of his mates on the road. Done somewhere in our MCE tunnel, Hasan Sanny and his wife-to-be were supposed to be married on the 29th of Aug 2020. However due to the pandemic, the wedding had to be postponed. Not wanting to let that defeat him, the motorcyclist got his friends who then rode on 3 different bikes and wore t-shirts with the words "Marry Me ?" to carry out the proposal. Did he managed to get his girl of his dream? Watch the video here and see for y
  5. Remember the time when a video of an LTA enforcement officer that stopped an offending PMD rider by giving the rider a good kick, causing the offender to fall off his PMD? Now, something similar is going viral in Malaysia. According to The Star, the incident happened in Sibu, a town in Sarawak, Malaysia where two police officers were conducting a spot check at Jalan Temple around noon. A motorcyclist that was approaching the road block decided to turn around to avoid them but failed to do so when one of the officers acted quickly by giving the biker a martial art-style kick
  6. Good day, anyone manage to catch the glimpse of the Johor motor plate that drive along SLE on 1st lane around today, 715am, he was going fast and best of all, with no helmet. Sorry, No picture, hopefully still can talk. my dash cam should have his wonderful footage
  7. one month can take back 6k to 8k for car sales. not bad. the toyota brand alrdy sells for itself SINGAPORE - In what may be another sign that the motor trade is bracing for a tailspin, Toyota agent Borneo Motors is planning to cut commissions paid to its sales staff - the first time it is doing so. According to sales executives who spoke on condition of anonymity, the Inchcape company is proposing to cut commissions by $100 to $350 per car. At the same time, it is looking to raise sales targets. "Easily, our monthly income will fall by $2,000," said one salesman, noting that sales staff'
  8. Over 30 MCF members with their loved ones arrived at the Subaru showroom in Leng Kee last Saturday, in the latest edition of MCF Hangout in partnership with Motul and Subaru. The hangout with French lubricant brand Motul and Subaru isn’t a random occurrence. Motul and Motor Image, exclusive distributor of Subaru cars in Singapore, has held a partnership for many years. In 2008, Motul, along with Motor Image Rally Team (MIRT) developed the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Team Racing Oil. 100% fully synthetic, the APRC Team Racing Oil is specially made for MIRT’s cars raci
  9. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/reduce-speed-limits-for-healthier-streets-motor-vehicles-travel-too-fast-on-the-streets-of?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=STFB&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1BYhn3aDSrGRtyJfQbNmneCvSWplc-3T8kn_0kk7-0UsHjK_hg-3OLXp0#Echobox=1555284502&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=addtoany i can hear @turboflat4 fuming aldy...hahahaha kong jiao wei
  10. Was rear ended. Clear-cut fault of the party as he did not stop and rammed into my vehicle. Did not experience any noticeable injury then. Took photos and exchanged contacr. Wanted to keep it fuss free and private settle as the other party admitted full liability. Reported to my insurance. Was told to bring car to any approved or preferred workshop with the Accident Report to process with the accident repair. Today I am beginning to feel effects of whiplash. Havent seen a doctor yet. If medical is included with vehicle repair, I dun think can private settle as sum will be too big.
  11. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/state-courts-launch-motor/1080434.html must buy one: $15
  12. Hi Folks, The power window motor on the driver side of my G9 had died.. Any kind souls can advice where can I find a replacement and the estimated cost. I understand if get original ones made in Japan will be very expensive hence looking at Altis power window motor which might be cheaper since its made in TomYam Land.
  13. Hi all, Anyone can advise me where to find the kit for Honda City 2017 facelift side mirror motor with folding and unfolding feature. Brought one that came without and would like to DIY. Thanks and have a nice day ahead. Rdgs
  14. A quick look at some of the new stuff that appeared at the Paris Motor show I’ll do Audi, BMW and Merc (alphabetical order mah, not fanboy hor) and others Audi - New A1, Q3, A6, A7 and the e-tron
  15. HI anyone knows and can recommend a good car electrician. I need to know whether it can be done to my car's front lights. One side cannot turn on automatically and only at times it lights up. My workshop mechanic says need to change the control module that cost more than $ 600. I wonder whether any electrician that can wire it from one side to the other light ( power line wire ) when it automatically lights up. Hope I have explained clearly. Its an old coe mitsubishi grandis. TIA
  16. Anyone bought? How is their claims service?
  17. WELCOME TO LYNSTON MOTOR & SPRAY WORKS Address: 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #05-66/68, Synergy at KB, Singapore 417800 Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:00AM to 8:00PM Tel: 9637 7254 (Louis) Website: www.lynston.sg Facebook: www.facebook.com/LynstonWorks OUR CORE VALUES EFFICIENCY We understand that time is money. Our mechanics are committed to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly and in a timely manner. FAIR & TRANSPARENT PRICING We offer honest, fair and transparent pricing for the most suitable parts and materials, obtained from reputable suppliers. WE MAKE IT
  18. Gotten am invite to view the all new A8 with level 3 self driving capabilities.
  19. https://youtu.be/cv8kfAjCITo Bros and Sis, if you are visiting the Singapore Motor Show 2018 in the next few day, please approach all the girls in the show and tell them their video is uploaded in Youtube. They are eagerly waiting to watch it. And please guys, do not comment negative remarks of any of the girls because I find them very pleasant and cheerful in person. If there is any doubt in my claims, blame it on my camera.
  20. Might have some good deals coming up at the Singapore Motor Show, 12-15 Jan 2017 http://www.motorshow.com.sg/2017/home/ So far no exhibitor list available. Don't know which Distributors & Parallel Importers are coming in.
  21. Bagaimana cara mendatar uber mobil dan motor secara online berikut adalah panduanya: Syarat mendaftar uber mobil: 1. SIM A/B1 /B2 2. KTP/resi ktp 3. STNK MOBIL ( MINIMUM 2012) 4. SKCK/KTA bagi TNI/Polri Syarat mendatar uber motor: 1. SIM C 2. KTP/resi ktp 3. STNK MOTOR( MINIMUM 2010) 4. SKCK/KTA bagi TNI/Polri Semua dokumen harus asli masih berlaku, tidak fotocopyan cara datar uber mobil online pertama : REGISTER keterangan : masukan nama depan dan belakang, kalau tiga suku kata nama depan di kolom pertama,/first name dan nama kedua dan ketiga di kolom ked
  22. This year japan's car industries so happening. 1st is Kobe steel scandal, now Nissan also face trouble by allowing their unqualified staffs to QC their cars on final inspection stage before rolling off the assembly line. Its across the whole range of their vehicles, not just 1 or 2 models involved. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nissan-recall/nissan-to-suspend-domestic-production-of-cars-for-japan-market-idUSKBN1CO1FW Recall list: http://www.nissan.co.jp/RECALL/DATA/report4126.html?rstid=20140314rst000001001
  23. The Motor Traders Association could soon be the Minor Traders Association if the number of members keeps falling. The Motor Traders Association of Singapore (MTA) is a grouping of new car distributors and some commercial vehicle dealers. Its membership has been sliding over the years and the latest to leave its fold is Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS) - the distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Hino - leaving it with 26 members. With BMS's exit at the end of this month, Singapore's top three brands - Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Toyota, in that order - will not be part of the MTA. Critics now
  24. Hi all, My car's starter motor was changed in 2011 to a brand new unit. However, it gave me problems today and I was advised to repair it. My trusted workshop quoted me an approximate figure of $200-$300 for re-conditioning. Does anyone know a direct source where I can get it re-conditioned at a cheaper price instead? I am amazed at why a starter motor would fail so frequently. :angry: Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  25. Just received the renewal notice from Aviva. Due to good driving habit and accident free, I am awarded the Safe Driver Discount. Sad news is, the premium will increase about 25% to $750 (last year was $570). Doesn't seem to be logical at all....
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