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Found 19 results

  1. The pettiness of our sports committee is going to cost us medals for Singapore. How can we have this type of people in the selecting committee, who put their own 'buay songness" above the glory of Singapore? https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/athletics-shock-as-two-time-marathon-champion-soh-rui-yong-is-not-selected-for-sea-games
  2. http://www.spcnet.tv/forums/showthread.php/17396-Jinyong-Character-Level-Ranking-Chart#.VLMs_NKUd6w Any Jin Yong Fans? Agree with the levels?
  3. Anyone tried the Yong Tau Foo located at #01-23, Ang Mo Kio Food Centre, 724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 ? The taste was good but the queue was bad !
  4. User12343

    NKF in the news

    ST 4July BANKRUPT former National Kidney Foundation (NKF) chairman Richard Yong has been arrested in Hong Kong for fleeing the country illegally and failing to hand over assets. The Subordinate Courts had issued a warrant for his arrest, and Yong was declared a wanted man on June 13. The charges: Fleeing the country illegally on May 17 and failing to hand over assets as required by the Bankruptcy Act. Yong's departure came in the wake of revelations on May 9 that he had sold three apartments for $7.5 million shortly after losing a suit the NKF had filed against him, ex-board members Loo Say San and Matilda Chua, as well as former chief T.T. Durai. The charity's lawyers on May 11 obtained a Mareva Injunction - requiring Yong to give details of his assets, and to prevent him from disposing of them. Three days later, the NKF filed a police report against Yong alleging that he sold his property to escape paying the $11 million he owes the charity in damages. He was declared bankrupt on May 16, but he crossed the border into Malaysia late that night before the immigration authorities could be alerted. In a statement on June 13, the Ministry of Law said that the Official Assignee (OA) had worked with relevant authorities to determine if Yong fraudulently disposed of his property. The OA is an officer of the court who administers the affairs of bankrupts. Yong was supposed to have filed a Statement of Affairs - a written declaration of a bankrupt's assets and liabilities - to the OA by Tuesday. The statement came to the Insolvency and Public Trustee's Office, but only after it had closed for the day. On May 21, Yong had filed a brief affidavit from Kuala Lumpur stating that he had only $247 in a bank account and that the cash from selling his properties had gone towards repaying loans and legal fees. The Bankruptcy Act states that it is an offence for a bankrupt to give away or transfer assets for a period of five years prior to the date of the bankruptcy order. Those found guilty face up to three years in jail and a maximum $10,000 fine. Bankrupts who leave the country without permission face up to two years in jail and a maximum $10,000 fine.
  5. Attended a free concert at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, at the National University of Singapore recently. They call this event, "Let's make a musical friend". This conservatory is the first in Singapore to offer full time studies, leading up to Bachelors or Masters of music degrees. It is located next to the Lee Kong Chian history museum (where they are exhibiting the sperm whale). The conservatory has a very cool building. From the inside, it looks like this. The first part of the event was held in the conservatory concert hall. A beautiful hall! The whole idea of this event is not some high-brow classical music concert that would certainly put the kids to sleep. Rather, it was designed as a fun event, to showcase the classical instruments of an orchestra to the families and kids. For a start, here was the introduction to the woodwinds. Which instruments are these? Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon. The instrumentalists on stage. All studying at the Yong Siew Toh. Next, introduction to the instruments of the marching band - BRASS! Loved the surprise surround sound and the way the students marched in. Just 5 instruments and the sound was gorgeous. Next, strings. I think all of us are familiar with the violin. But there is also the viola, cello and later on the double bass. In this picture, there were all holding up their bows. The emcee was comparing their bows to lightsabers. After the strings, came the percussion. Too many instruments to name, so the emcee didn't name them. The performance was pretty good. And finally, the entire orchestra came out on stage to perform, the theme from Harry Potter! Very nicely done. The acoustics in the concert hall were fantastic and the kids were rather well behaved! After the concert, we could attend what they call sectionals, or information sessions for the various instrument groups. We decided to check out the woodwinds. Here is one student playing a short phrase from Swan Lake, on the oboe. Overall, it was a wonderful afternoon spent. Kids had plenty of fun. They hold this event once a year, at about this time of the year (usually March holiday weekends). So go catch it if you are interested to expose your kids to classical music.
  6. Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some imput there, I'm making a trip up north and it will take me pass Yong Peng - Segamat. I've heard from friends that the condition of the road there isn't very good. Does anyone here have any experience? TIA.
  7. Alim

    Yong Vui Kong

    Saw this on TOC and gave me mixed feelings, it was touching what his family did for him and at the same time makes me wonder what kind of "power" our President has or none at all. Watch and you'll understand.
  8. where to park for free near Ampang yong tau foo area at siglap area? feel like gng there to eat tomorrow.. thnks
  9. Guys , A short one week trip to Seoul next week.. Please advise me on what can I do during the evenings.. The daytime I have a hectic schedule.. At evening and at night , what is there to do? Besides visiting xmm... Dont intend to sleep much.. Exploring is my main thing during night.. Thanks and Cheers
  10. http://theonlinecitizen.com/2011/04/toc-br...-guan-join-sdp/ TOC has confirmed through reliable sources that two heavyweight candidates have joined the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). Mr Tan Jee Say, former Principle Private Secretary to Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and prominent grassroots leader Dr Ang Yong Guan have thrown their lot in with the party. [Picture right: Tan Jee Say, in black jacket; and Ang Yong Guan] Mr Tan Jee Say
  11. Yaloryalor

    Nanyang coffee shop in Yong Peng

    Anyone heard of this Nanyang coffee shop in Yong Peng? Will be going to Melaka tml, heard this coffee shop serving nice coffee. Pls advice the direction if you know. Tks!
  12. Gadgeter

    Congrats to Audrey Yong

    I would like to congrat Audrey Yong (Daughter of Pauly75ts) for winning a Bronze medal in the Youth Olympic Games. Well done to the Yong Family. From source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/spo...1077023/1/.html YOG: Bronze for Singapore in windsurfing By Raj Kumar, Patwant Singh and Chung Lyn-Yi | Posted: 25 August 2010 1443 hrs SINGAPORE: Singapore's Audrey Yong has secured another bronze in sailing for the nation in day 11 of the Youth Olympic Games. The 15-year-old Mayflower secondary school student finished third in the final race of the Techno 293 windsurfing event, held at the National Sailing Centre. She totalled 43 points after 10 races, missing out on the silver by just four points. The silver medal went to Italy's Veronica Fanciulli instead, while Thailand's Siripon Kaewduang-Ngam took the gold. Israel's Mayan Rafic won the boys' event. Hong Kong's Michael Cheng was second, while Britain's Kieran Martin, third. Meanwhile, Singapore's two-time World Champion Darren Choy finished the boys' byte CII event empty-handed. Choy came in 12th in the final race, and was seventh overall. The gold went to Ian Barrows of the US Virgin Islands. Germany's Florian Haufe took the silver, while Just van Aanholt of the Dutch Antilles picked up the bronze. Austria's Lara Vadlau won the girls' event. Singapore's Natasha Yokoyama finished fifth overall. Singapore's medal tally now stands at two silver and four bronze medals. -CNA/wk Photos 1 of 1 Audrey Yong at the podium after winning the bronze medal in the Techno 293-girls' windsurfing (SPH-SYOGOC/IMRAN AHMAD)
  13. Yaloryalor

    Any Jin Yong (金庸)'s fan here?

    Any bro/ sis are Jing Yong's fan? Myself like his novels very much! Have been reading 3~4 times of each novel for the past 10 years. 飞雪连天射白鹿 笑书神侠倚碧鸳
  14. Taking this opportunity to congrats Audrey (daughter of Pauly75ts) for taking third position in race 11 to win bronze for Bic Techno girls (wind surfing) for Singapore in the AYG 2009! Little Audrey in action.
  15. Hi all, I am thinking of organising a slow and steady trip to Yong Peng, lets cap all the speed at say 140km. Its more like for clearing carbon build up. Somewhere Oct 10 will be good. Any Takers.
  16. Hi all, I urgently need to pick up one of my relative at 3 am later tonight at the rest stop that the express bus from KL normally stop at Yong Peng but not to sure of the way to get there. I am familiar with the NSE as I normally drive up KL but not too sure if need to exit from Yong Peng or not to get to that particular rest stop for bus.....Please help!! Thanks a lot in advance
  17. Received this from the e-mails and would like to share with all. It is a printout of a receipt and you will be shock for the price of "Yong Tau Foo" cost at the Food Republic, Vivo City. Would you pay $19.20c for a bowl of ordinary Yong Tau Foo.......... crispy Tau Kee - 1 pc at $3.00/- bitter gourd - 1 pc at 90c the rest of the items as stated in the receipt......
  18. Altivo

    Yong He Bean Curd - Gone?

    hey folks, any idea what happened to the famous Yong He Tou Hua (Bean Curd) at Geylang? Went there a couple of days ago and is closed. Even the signboard is gone. Did it closed down or has it moved somewhere else?