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Found 22 results

  1. SGCM_editorial

    MCF Hangout with Motul x Subaru

    Over 30 MCF members with their loved ones arrived at the Subaru showroom in Leng Kee last Saturday, in the latest edition of MCF Hangout in partnership with Motul and Subaru. The hangout with French lubricant brand Motul and Subaru isn’t a random occurrence. Motul and Motor Image, exclusive distributor of Subaru cars in Singapore, has held a partnership for many years. In 2008, Motul, along with Motor Image Rally Team (MIRT) developed the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Team Racing Oil. 100% fully synthetic, the APRC Team Racing Oil is specially made for MIRT’s cars racing in hot Asian climates. Just earlier this year, Motul and Motor Image announced that it will supply an exclusive line of lubricant products to its customers. Developed in Japan, the new Subaru engine oils by Motul are specially tailored for the brand’s boxer engines. MCF members also got a chance to learn more about Subaru’s range of cars on offer, as well as Subaru’s EyeSight safety assistance systems at the event, too. Member of the Editorial team at sgCarMart, Idris Talib, shared his experience using Motul’s 5W-30 engine oil for his Subaru Forester XT after a service at Motor Image. Idris mentioned that he was previously running 5W-40 oil, based on recommendations from friends and workshop owners. “Many have told me to use 5W-40, as turbocharged engines run hotter and require thicker oil. But upon using Motul and Subaru’s 5W-30 offering, I was getting better performance, improved fuel consumption and never had issues with engine oil temperatures” At the event, Senior Manager - Regional Product Planning at Motor Image Enterprises Pte Ltd, David Ting, shared more on the benefits and abilities of EyeSight Technology. He also answered questions on the technology from MCF members. EyeSight’s Driver Assist Technology includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Braking and Throttle Management, as well as Lane Departure Warning. According to David, these systems can function to alert and mitigate collisions from speeds as slow as 1km/h, up to a top speed of 200km/h. After the sharing session, MCF members also had a chance to experience the safety assistance systems at work with a live demonstration, using a Subaru Forester equipped with EyeSight. Later in the day, MCF members were also treated to a lucky draw session, where three members walked away with limited edition Subaru WRX STI collectible models worth $50.
  2. MCF HangOut with Motul & Subaru: Find out how Subaru helps keep you and your loved ones safe! Join This Event! Saturday, 21 September 2019 Time: 10 am – 1 pm (Registration starts at 9.30 am) Veun: Subaru Singapore, 25 Leng Kee Road, Singapore 159097 Registration Fee: $10 per registrant (Complimentary goodie bags worth more than $20 for every registrant) Each goodie bag includes: Motul Tissue Box Motul Tin Can Moleskin Notebook Motul Stickers Subaru Merchandise DO YOU KNOW THERE IS A CO-BRANDED SUBARU-MOTUL ENGINE OIL? Motor Image and Motul developed the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Team Racing Oil – a 100% synthetic engine oil that is specially formulated for racing cars in the Asian climate in 2008 - 2009. This formula was designed to provide optimal lubrication and maximum power output for engines operating at very high temperatures. Since then, Subaru and Motul have been partners. Introducing the first of the exclusive Subaru lubricant product line-up launched by Motul, the 0W20 and the 5W30. Specially researched and developed in Japan, these 100 percent synthetic oils are licensed for retail only at Subaru outlets. This is only the first of what is to come as Motul and Subaru come together to expand this exclusive product line. HUH? I can use other types of engine oil what. Why must I choose this? These Subaru exclusive products are designed to optimize driving performance and fuel efficiency for Subaru vehicles across Asia. Tailored for the Subaru Boxer Engine and 100 percent synthetic, these oils are superior products that provide excellent engine protection. With improved fuel economy and greater power when compared to their lower quality counterparts, what’s not to want? We’ll be glad if you could join us at this coming MCF Hangout and participate in the car clinic so that we are able to address your questions! sgCarMart automotive journalist, Mr Idris Talib who is also driving a Subaru Forester will be sharing his experience with Motul. Woah, good leh. But I am not driving a Subaru. How? This car clinic is organized by MCF, Motul and Subaru so we’re not only going to share more information about how you can get more mileage out of your car, but there’s also Subaru test drives available for your experience. Feel the difference when you test drive Subaru with the four Subaru Core Technologies: The Boxer Engine, Subaru Global Platform, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. With a lower centre of gravity, the Boxer Engine enhances every Subaru with excellent balance, handling and stability to create a smoother ride. The Subaru Global Platform ensures safety and performance. Get unbelievable traction on any surface with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as it distributes power to all four wheels and adapts to provide maximum road grip and fantastic control during turns. The EyeSight Driver Assist Technology gives safety unlike any other. Built to prevent accidents, the many functions of EyeSight are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe on your daily commutes. To find out more, simply register! Okay, go on. Still got what? If you’re short on time, I would especially recommend that you try out the EyeSight test drive which demonstrates how Subaru can make safe, safer. Find out how their pre-collision braking, a.k.a “auto brake”, can help reduce accidents. We’ve also prepared a special treat for you, a chance to witness the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive in action. Don’t wait and sign up today! Lucky draw prizes during the event: 3 sets of LIMITED EDITION WRX STI collectable models for 3 lucky winners (worth $50 per set!) WIN a weekend driveaway worth $1,088 during the lucky draw too! Join This Event! 9.30 am – Registration 10.15 am – Opening Speech by Subaru 10.30 am – Editorial Talk about Motul experience with SGCM Editorial 10.45 am - Subaru EyeSight Technology Introduction 11.00 am – Subaru EyeSight Demonstration 12.30 pm – Lucky Draw 1.00 pm – End of Event
  3. In Japanese, "Kansha" means "thank you" and this expression of gratitude is a value that Subaru holds strongly to. For all Subaru customers attending the event: Up to 90% discount on selected accessories. Subaru Maintenance Package (One free extra servicing session with every package purchased) 20% discount on Subaru merchandise Motor Image Singapore would like to take this chance to invite the public, as they offer exclusive deals on selected Subaru models, accessories, parts, aftersales services and even lifestyle merchandise products that will only be available during the two-day festival. There will be service clinics with participating sponsors such as Motul and Autoglym. What is Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology? How Does it Work? Subaru’s EyeSight technology works as a “second set of eyes” on the road ahead. Designed as a preventive safety system, EyeSight can warn you when there’s a potentially dangerous situation ahead and can even apply the brakes if you don’t respond fast enough. Powered by dual colour cameras placed strategically at the top of your Subaru’s windshield, this safety system helps add some peace of mind behind the wheel. Watch these video and find out more about Subaru EyeSight Technology! In collaboration with Motul, Motor Image's exclusive engine oil supplier, there will also be car care clinics organised by Motul on how to choose the right engine oil for your car, as well as some car care maintenance tips. Plus all attendees will also get to enjoy other special and exclusive offers from Motul. [Join Subaru Kansha Day] So, what should I be looking out for if I am attending Subaru EyeSight Test Drive Event? 1) Intending to get a car? Come and test drive the Subaru Forester with the latest EyeSight technology and obstacle test drive! It’s now bigger and better with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Boxer Engine, Subaru Global Platformand EyeSight for safer and more stable drives. Do give it a try! It is an excellent time to check out all the latest car technologies. It will show you why Subaru has performed strongly with its safety features compared to some of its competitors in the market. To sign up for their test drive, visit this link and you can get an exclusive Subaru goodie bag worth more than $100! Enjoy these exclusive deals! Get FREE five years Servicing 10% insurance savings on Subaru EyeSight models Sure Win lucky spin #besttimetobuycar [Join Subaru Kansha Day] 2) I am already driving, so what now? Subaru has partnered with various sponsors to show appreciation toward all your unwavering support! All attendees for the festival can participate in Motul tech talks on engine oil and maintenance tips. Autoglym car polishing & cleaning workshops will also be conducted! It's good to know what is going on with your car right? [Join Subaru Kansha Day] 3) It is a family-friendly event! Subaru has made it family-friendly. So you can bring your partner and kids along to the event. They have bread tasting from Asanoya Boulangerie, free head and shoulder massage, freshly brewed coffee and even kid-friendly activities like mini palm challenge to keep the kids occupied while you can check out what Subaru has to offer! 20% off on Subaru merchandise. Bread tasting from Asanoya Boulangerie Free Freshly Brewed Coffee Free Head & Shoulder Massage [Join Subaru Kansha Day]
  4. Lmws214

    Hybrid 0W-20 (Motul)

    sharing this new EO. Looks good! As there are more of hybrid cars now, Motul has this new EO and it is good for hybrid vehicles....will try it and share the feedback when my next oil change is due. cheers! Hybrid 0W-20 100% Synthetic "Fuel economy" engine oil specially designed for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (H.E.V) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (P.H.E.V) fitted with recent gasoline engines, turbocharged or naturally aspirated, direct or indirect injection, designed to use SAE 0W-20 oil with low friction and very low HTHS. Suitable also for battery electric vehicles (B.E.V) fitted with thermal gasoline engine used as Range Extender. Compatible with catalytic converters. http://www.motulconnect.com/sg/?skippromo=1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MotulSG_Product_Launch&utm_content=MotulSG_Product_Launch+CID_3d4247bd17b2f93f15764257d5484a49&utm_source=campaign%20monitor&utm_term=Find%20out%20more#featured-products/passengercar-everyday
  5. I just changed engine oil a few days ago , using eh Motul 8100 X-cess engine oil. My feel is that my car is more responsive and more importantly it can stretch more mileage, from the usual 9 km per litre to 10.5 km per litre (same mobil petrol I am using). Same driving style and same usual route I am taking. This is a good engine oil so far I have used. So far I have used Redline, Shell, Elf, Mobil. More info can be read here below:- http://www.motul.com/sg/en/news/products-innovation/new-x-cess-sae-5w40-for-the-toughest-demands
  6. hi, will like to seek advice. can or advisable for an old engine of 2008 kia rio to use Motul x-cess 8100 5w40 EO? Thanks.
  7. Bonjour fellow MCF members! MyCarForum is collaborating with Motul to give away 60 bottles of Motul engine oils (300V, 8100 & H-TECH) that all comes in 5W-40 & 5W-30 viscosity! About Motul Motul formulates, produces and sells automotive (cars, motorcycles, racing karts, etc.) lubricants in more than 100 countries. Motul also offers a wide range of maintenance products for various types of vehicles. Their flagship racing oil 300V carries the latest technological evolution ESTER Core®, which is used exclusively in the 300V range. This technology allows your car to achieve maximal performance, over and beyond existing standards. ESTER Core® technology guarantees unrivalled protection for your engine, even under the most demanding conditions. Do check out their 300V Reward Club! Here’s how to join the giveaway: Register here. Registration period: 7 Nov - 31 Dec 2016. We will then contact you within seven working days. If you are selected for the giveaway, we will send you the link to complete the registration. You will need to pay a registration fee of $20, which exclude the oil change labour charges. After payment is completed, kindly do the servicing before 21 January 2017 at any of recommended servicing workshops. Please find the list of recommended servicing workshops here. We will update the oil change labour charges shortly. MyCarForum will be giving away our exclusive MyCarForum cashcard with $10 value inside for every participants who have submitted a review before 31 January 2017. To receive Motul merchandise worth $15.90, prove how Motul Engine Oil has improved your driving experience. Members have to talk about Fuel Efficiency, Performance of the car and idling. Share your review before 31 January 2017 at: Motul 300V (5W-40) Motul 300V (5W-30) Motul 8100 (5W-40) Motul 8100 (5W-30) Motul H-TECH (5W-40) Motul H-TECH (5W-30) Terms & Conditions: Servicing must be done before 21st January 2017. Participants who do so, are entitled to win MCF and Motul merchandise worth $35.90. Registration fee of $20 is non-refundable - exclusive of oil change labour charges (payment of oil change labour charges is payable directly to servicing workshops) Please ensure you submit the correct car make and model. For cars with bigger capacity engines, we will need to take note on the quantity of engine oil to use. Motul merchandise needs to be self-collected at SGCM Pte Ltd, 61 Ubi Avenue 2, Automobile Megamart #07-05/06. Clause for Indemnity: SGCM Pte Ltd will not be liable for any dispute between the workshops and the car owner. Kindly double check the condition of your car and the job sheet before the workshop starts servicing your car. More details about the product: http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/listing.php?BRD=Motul REGISTER HERE
  8. ADK Auto Accessories - Dabonda Race2 Bundle Deal, includes a free solar film and a pair of wiper blades ($480) The Dabonda Race2 dashcam is a dual-facing HD blackbox capable of recording up to 720p@30FPS on both cameras. It features a Quick Button for easy access to functions like Event, Mute, Self Format and Park Mode. Customers who purchase the Dabonda Race2 Bundle Deal also receive a free solar film and a pair of wiper blades. Terms and conditions apply. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=110100 Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd - BlackVue DR650S-2CH ($568), DR650S-1CH ($378) The BlackVue DR650S Series is the ultimate in cloud dashcam technology, featuring remote Live View capability. The DR650S-2CH is a dual-channel (front + rear) dashcam while the DR650S-1CH is a single-channel dashcam that combines performance and elegance. Even with Wi-Fi, GPS, impact detection, motion detection and cloud connectivity, both DR650S Series dashcams sit elegantly under the windscreen, behind the rear view mirror, without obstructing the driver's field of view. The BlackVue DR650S-2CH comes with a free 32GB microSD card. Any purchase of the BlackVue DR650S-2CH or the DR650S-1CH comes with a free smartphone ring/kick stand and retractable charging cable, worth $38, for iOS and Android smartphones. Any customer who makes a purchase during this festive period will be entitled to a lucky draw and stands a chance to win a total of $5,000 worth of prizes. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=110322 3A Carmats - Premium Grade 3A Car Mat (25 percent off) Premium Grade - an established car mat maker - prides itself in fabricating some of the best quality mats in the market. Its 18mm-thick fabrication promises a plush and luxurious experience. Yet, with unique designs such as the heel plate on the driver's side, it is able to withstand the rigours of daily usage. To suit different makes and models in the market, Premium Grade car mats come in a variety of colours. They are also available in single and dual tone designs, including black, grey and light brown. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=110143 Car Creed - Festive promo for Moty M110 Servicing at $108 (U.P $158) 30% Saving! Moty's high-performance M110 5W-40 is the most popular of Moty's engine oils and is designed for street and circuit use. It consists of a high-performance hydrocarbon-type base stock and ester-type synthetic base stock fortified with carefully selected function additives. Positioned just under the M111 racing oil range, the M110 delivers exceptional smoothness and protection for a wide range of car types, from highly-tuned engines to factory stock performance cars. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=110097 To view all Festive Deals, click on the link: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=festivedeals
  9. Hello, any one from MCF heard of this grade of oil from Motul... its H-TECH 100 5w30 100% synthetic engine oil... apparently, my mechanic mentioned its so new that even the motul website has not been able to update on its corresponding webpages.. except for those found in Japan.... A check with the specfications... SM grade leh. anyway, i just did my 10k servicing.. wah the engine is very very quiet now.. smooth and like very eager to rev... and accelerate... thinking about the previous FC i could get, think it will only get better.... Gurus, genie47, trex and all others.. please feel free to comment... would like to hear from everyone... http://motul-asiapacific.com/product_line_.../4stroke18.html This is from motul asia pacific website.. its not updated yet for this new oil... attached are the photos and the bronchure which i got from my mechanic.... enjoy brothers... before this.. i never really heard of motul oil one.. call me a mountain tortise [inline DSC00750.JPG] [inline DSC00751.JPG]
  10. Jordanplus

    Redline or Motul better

    Bro. as above which is better?
  11. Wpower

    Motul rbf 600

    anyone know where i can get it? most distributors dont bring in anymore. 1 even recommend me to try ate. autobacs still has some on sale. but their price is
  12. Hi ANyone can recommend? Tks
  13. Gtr206

    Motul engine oils

    Hi guys and gals, I'm thinking of changing my engine oil brand from FK Massimo to Motul. Can anyone advise me on how good Motul is with other makes of oil brands as I've never use Motul before and where can I get Motul oils in Singapore. Thank you in advance for your advises. Cheers!
  14. I decide to try out the oil since there is so much ho ha about it. Bought 2 cans from MX trading. Drain out my 1500KM old Amsoil 20W50 and pour it in. Wow!! Smooth man!! Awesome!! 1 week later....... Duh, no difference leh. The feeling is just what I get from brand new oil earlier on. Try revving to 5-6K RPM....... Can't tell any difference compared to Amsoil as well. FC slightly better than Amsoil. Just slightly better. So, I will just stick back with Amsoil during my next oil change. Maybe it will work if I track often or rev till redline all the time. But for normal driving I don't see the point. My $$$ just went down the drain..... :(
  15. Hi bros comparing the three on top which is the best for performance? my ride is FI with SC. Performance is the most impt consideration because I change engine oil every 5000 km. Anyone got the prices too bro? Cheers
  16. Yewhiong

    Motul V300 5W-30

    Dear Bros, I am driving Honda Fit GE6 to Genting and KL on 16 - 18 Nov 2008. My mileage is only 3000++km. My current engine oil is Preston and my scheduled change of oil is 5000km. I would like to get advice whether should I change my oil before I go for my trip? Which brand of oil do you recommend? What type of oil? 5W-30 or 5W-40? Where can I get Motul V300 5W-30? Regards, Kent
  17. Anyone know where to buy cash and carry the above motor oil?
  18. Hi, I am currently using Amsoil ATM 10w30. Intend to change to a 0w20 oil. Was deciding between: 1. Motul 300v 0w20 S$100 for 4Litre or 2. Amsoil ASM 0w20 S$60 for 4quart. Need some advice on whether "Double Ester Technology" is really better in protection? Is it proven or just a hype? Appreciate your input. Thanks in advance for advice.
  19. Hi Guys, Anyone knows which service shop uses Motul or Amsoil for oil change? Or do we purchase it on our own and change at the shop? Thanks
  20. Garlic

    Motul 300V

    Hi guys, Those who are interested in this oil might want to contact VantiveTech, they just brought in the following grades: 1. 5W30 http://www.motul.com.sg/product_line_up/4s.../4stroke05.html 2. 5W40 http://www.motul.com.sg/product_line_up/4s.../4stroke04.html 3. 15W50 http://www.motul.com.sg/product_line_up/4s.../4stroke07.html Free delivery with every 4L purchased. Anyone tried this oil before? Price wise, its higher than Amsoil or Redline.
  21. Laojiao

    MOTUL Engine Oil

    For those who use MOTUL oil, what's your feedback? Just wondering, where do they sell MOTUL oil in SG and what sort of engine oil range do they have? Do most use the 300v series? Best pricing?
  22. Chingfrog

    Chemlube & motul

    did anyone try these engine oil b4? how's it?