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Found 25 results

  1. hi all... all my previous rides even till now... i have always believed in a good oil... i can imagine sludge built up in the engine and i dont want that to happen with a lousy oil used... my last 4 oil services were with OWS NA Racing... i have used before Mobile 1, Shell Helix Ultra, x-REV, spitfire, bizol, KIC oils, liquid moly,idemitsu, Castrol... etc. i have never used mineral or semi-syn oil... always fully syni & I want my car to be fed with oil from at least a company with abit of positive reputation... until lately... i read and found out about many cheap fully syn oils in the supermarkets... so far reviews have been pretty positive... so i thought to myself... OWS NA racing 4liters = $135 (average price) VX Super Syn 5W/40 - 5 liters = $23.80 (promo) schnell is 4 liters german... $29.90 or $39.90 cant remember... c@rlube is 5 liters from UK... ($28.90 with engine flush@Giant) or ($38.90 with oil treatment@carrefour) ($50-$60@autobacs) carrefour also has a full range of the new oil from x-gold or smthing... Giant only 1 from the range but on offer $27 for 5liters basic range one 5W/40. this VX Super Syn is made in SG... i have purchased 1 btl earlier (note this is only at Carrefour Suntec... Plaza Sing dont have) and will change today thursday afternoon... i will just change the oil... no sparkplug change... no cleaning of my air filter, (also no oil filter change cause no tools to take out filter)... thus i can do a proper test with my butt dyno... haha 2.5liters i will need for my sunny... cost=$11.90... for a 5W/40 fully Syn engine oil change... with $135 ... i can change my engine oil 8 times plus 3 oil filters... i hope this oil is really as good as it looks... so far i've heard c@rlube is ok no problems... Schnell is ok and smooth no problems.... and as i am only using it for 5k OR less, i dont forsee problems... i hope. if its ok i might even change every 4k... haha... the thing is nothing beats a 'new engine oil' drive... so if $11.90 is all i need to get it, why not? more clean oil time for my car should be a good thing right? hang on for the results...
  2. hello guys. happy national day to everyone. hahah jus wondering, has anyone heard of this 2 brands of engine oil, namely idemitsu and cusco? has anyone tried using them b4? would glady welcome any feedbacks on these 2 brands and other recommended brands of engine oil. thanks
  3. Gtr206

    Motul engine oils

    Hi guys and gals, I'm thinking of changing my engine oil brand from FK Massimo to Motul. Can anyone advise me on how good Motul is with other makes of oil brands as I've never use Motul before and where can I get Motul oils in Singapore. Thank you in advance for your advises. Cheers!
  4. Any long term side-effects if keep changing different petrol brands/grades & also engine oil? Coz each time we change engine oil & top up petrol, sure have a few % left of the previous brand. Concern about engine internal cleaniness. Been doing that to my bikes before (now on bike no. 6); so far ok ok. For my current 1st car; abit cautious..
  5. Brock

    Motor Oils FAQ

    I found this webpage, read it and found it very informative, especially for a new car owner like me. I hope the moderators can consider this a sticky. http://www.mg-sportcars.co.uk/Motor_Oil_FA_Questions.htm Genie: Your comments would be well appreciated on this read.
  6. well i went Mech today leaking at gasket head... or something like that.. when engine start the oil will flow out. anyway i was think of changing to mineral oil thicker one is what visocity rate... i have been using full sys all this time so dont know what brand is good... thanks... anyone?
  7. Can anyone advise whether there are any adverse effects of using engine oils meant for Diesel engines, in petrol engines? Has anyone tried it? I'm tempted to try them out......
  8. Vulnerability to Quackery Stephen Barrett, M.D. Despite the advanced state of medical science, many people with health problems turn to dubious methods. Faced with the prospect of chronic suffering, deformity, or death, many individuals are tempted to try anything that offers relief or hope. The terminally ill, the elderly, and various cultural minorities are especially vulnerable to health frauds and quackery. Many intelligent and well-educated individuals resort to worthless methods procedures with the belief that anything is better than nothing. Victims of quackery usually have one or more of the following vulnerabilities: Lack of suspicion Many people believe that if something is printed or broadcast, it must be true or somehow its publication would not be allowed. People also tend to believe what others tell them about personal experience. Many people believe that any health-related claim in print or in a broadcast must be true, and many are attracted by promises of quick, painless, or drugless solutions to their problems. The mass media provide much false and misleading information in advertisements, news reports, feature articles, and books, and on radio and television programs. News reports are often sensationalized, stimulating false hopes and arousing widespread fears. Many radio and television producers who promote unsubstantiated health claims say they are providing entertainment and have no ethical duty to check the claims. Belief in magic Some people are easily taken in by the promise of an easy solution to their problem. Those who buy one fad diet book after another fall into this category. Overconfidence Despite P.T. Barnum's advice that one should "never try to beat a man at his own game," some strong-willed people believe they are better equipped than scientific researchers and other experts to tell whether a method works. Desperation Many people faced with a serious health problem that doctors cannot solve become desperate enough to try almost anything that arouses hope. Many victims of cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS are vulnerable in this way. Some squander their life's savings searching for a "cure." Many people suffer from chronic aches, pains, or other discomforts for which medicine cannot offer clear-cut diagnoses or effective treatment. The more persistent the condition, the more susceptible the sufferer may be to promises of a "cure." Many people in this category fall into the hands of doctors who make fad diagnoses such as hypoglycemia, "candidiasis hypersensitivity," or "multiple chemical sensitivity." Fears of social unacceptability or growing old (wrinkles, loss of hair and sensory acuity, decreased sexual potency, and incontinence) can also lead people astray. Alienation Some people feel deeply antagonistic toward scientific medicine but are attracted to methods represented as "natural" or otherwise unconventional. They may also harbor extreme distrust of the medical profession, the food industry, drug companies, and government agencies. http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRelate...s/quackvul.html
  9. Panalogic

    Combining Engine Oils

    Dear all, My car doesn't use the full 4 litres of engine oil when i go for its servicing. As a result, i usually have abt 1 l or 800ml left. However, my concern is tht if i were to mix like shogun and idemitsu (both w30), is this adviseable? Thanks.
  10. First, let me begin with a disclaimer, I neither sell nor am affiliated to anyone who sells "snake oils". I have never sold or received any commission for such products. The most I am "guilty" of are using and letting people try them out. I notice a number of forumers have lambasted certain products which are popularly regarded as "snake oil" even though they have not tried it. How do you know for sure it doesn't work, until you have tried it? Even so, is it installation or other factors peculiar to your particular vehicle? Take for e.g, X-reV. Perhaps in this case it is more of doubting the manufacturer's claims rather than slamming the product itself. I have to agree that the UOA was somewhat questionable. However, with so many good reviews, I wouldn't mind trying to see what the hype is about. The only deterrent is the price. Or if truly negative USER REVIEWS are heard. Only then can I know for myself this product is BS or good stuff. Another e.g, which I used but didn't work out too well, BUT IT WORKED FOR ME (for awhile ). The SURBO. This one is rather more controversial as it is a pretty simple device. Hard to see how it can improve power and pickup, and Heng's explaination isn't exactly compatible with mainstream physics that u learn at O or A levels. MONSTER air charger, another product which is sometimes classified as snake oils. I have not tried it, and will not. But can I say that it's snake oil? NO! Did an credible testing body verify it's efficiacy? Not that I know, but I would suspend judgement until such a time that it has been tested, or when I have tried it for myself. The most I can say is that "IMHO, this product doesn't seem too credible. I won't bother spending on this as an upgrade." But that's just my (pretty worthless opinion). Motor UP, which I use and which my dad used to supply to certain retail outlets (no longer, so pple condemn or buy like crazy i frankly dun give a sh|t.) http://www.ftc.gov/opa/1999/04/motorup5.htm Claims were "unsubstantiated", so maybe it doesn't "reduce wear by up to 50%". However, unbiased individuals (my gf and a colleague) on two separate occasions and with two separate vehicles have reported that the engine became quieter and smoother. My subjective opinion is that power has improved a tad, may not be worth asking price (but hey i got it for free ). Long term damage? my dad's previous camry used it for 3+ yrs clocking close to 170000km. no issues. So it had a positive impact in these few cases Beginning to think i'm promoting snake oils or even trying to justify my use of them? I feel sad for u then. My hope is that some of you out there can be a little more open minded. Not say to go and TRY each and every snake oil out there. But if there is a new product, or if people report positive results from a "snake oil", step back and think, is it REALLY snake oil? Perhaps not! And for pple who condemn sth without having tried it...
  11. Just got word that there are some synthetic multigrade oils that are almost like straight weight oil. They are: Mobil 1 10W30 Castrol SLX-A3 0W30 (explains why the wear is so low in when it is used) Redline 5W20 and 10W30 Amsoil ACD 10W30 They are synthetic oil that are like straight weights because their VII is very very low but still qualify as multigrade. These oil have very high HTHS.
  12. Hi all, been searching high and low the net for this, but it only listed Jap makes. Its from Autobacs and is in Jap. I got it translated using Altavista Babelfish Translator...so if any one can read Jap, please help to clarify. Here's the link: http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/t...eceeedfgfdffg.0
  13. Great article, http://www.machinerylubrication.com/articl...my%20vs.%20Wear ://http://www.machinerylubrication.com...%20vs.%20Wear
  14. Elfenstar

    Diesel engine oils??

    Though this thread is targeted at genie, i figured it would be good to post this up for everyones knowledge. As most here know, i sold my 180 and bought a 2nd hand jap import Sera (only been used in japan). anyway i was thinking of doing an engine flush as the 5E-FHE is very sensitive to poor oil flow. I do know the downsides of using engine oil flush and was thinking of using something that cleans the galleries at a slower rate (e.g. autoRX). Then it occured to me that diesel engine oils while being the same, have much more cleaning agents than our regular types. I have been told its safe for useage in cars, but i would like a confirmation from people who have either used it for an extended period of time or are knowledegeable in this field. Also does anyone know what the cleaning rate is compared to products like autoRX? Btw i do intend to use it for roughly 10000kms with both an oil and filter change at the 5000kms and 10000kms marks.
  15. They are all BS! I hope all newbies take note. Maybe make this a sticky. Please note that these are all crap! No need to prove that they aren't because many have tried and they don't work. If it did for you, you are most likely trying to justify your ultraexpensive purchase to save your own face by going along with the snake oil vendor by inflating your experience. DRUM ROLLLLL..... Tornado my 4ss! Ah yesss! Ionize your fuel with a 1million gauss magnet. Yeah right! http://magnapak-magnetic-mattress-health-therapy.com/xcart/image.php?productid=5 Results of a crap electric blower. Might as well install your KDK fan to your car. No damage to the car except the owner's wallet. Air Intake Temperature Sensor Hack. More performance is confirmed together with blackened spark plugs and astronomical fuel consumption. More turbo blower hogwash. And finally a sorry pic of a tornado/hurricane crap. Anymore crap posters want to add?
  16. Have you heard? have you seen? have you experienced? I catch many mechanics in SG and AU doing this all the time on other peoples cars, they charge you for fully synthetic oil, yet top up your car with mineral oil. They do it ALL the time. the only way to make sure is that you physically see them pour the good stuff in.
  17. Sorry for my noob question. Searched the forum but did not find any convincing answers. Can diesel powered vehicles like renault kangoo, opel combo, etc use light weight oils in order to improve FC?? Diesel prices have been rising too in case you dont notice.....
  18. As above. now that mobil 1 from carrefour/giant is no longer on offer...
  19. Quote from : synlube.com You will definitely get better mileage with SAE 5W-20 then SAE 5W-30 oil, but not by much, usually the optimistic estimates are LESS than 1%. The bad news is about 30% reduction in engine life (from 100,000 miles or 10 years to 70,000 miles or 7 years). Only manufacturers who have 3 years or 36,000 miles powertrain warranties currently recommend SAE 5W-20 oil to be used in their NEW 2000 through 2006 model vehicles (FORD, HONDA). By contrast Mercedes-Benz that offered 4 years or 50,000 miles warranty not only specified SAE 5W-40 motor oil, but in the USA, to assure that only that oil grade was used, provided periodic maintenance FREE to all its customers. (Free maintenance was offered by Mercedes-Benz from 2000 model years through 2004 model year, it was cancelled on 2005 model cars and SUV's) ALL heavy-duty engine manufacturers recommend SAE 40, SAE 15W-40 or SAE 5W-40 oil. FINAL choice is yours, you can get BETTER mileage, or LONGER engine life.
  20. Found this on the net: Mainly using Castrol Oils but can use as a reference. Cheers!!! Fuel Savings Possibilities from Low Viscousity Synthetic Motorl Oils.pdf
  21. well i went Mech today leaking at gasket head... or something like that.. when engine start the oil will flow out. anyway i was think of changing to mineral oil thicker one is what visocity rate... i have been using full sys all this time so dont know what brand is good... thanks... anyone?
  22. Hi, Anyone knows / reccomends list of brands of engine oil that have low ash content on UOA? The the "low ash" result has to be concrete from UOA or known manufacturer figures, not "feelings". Thanks!
  23. Hi everyone, There's a very interesting Q&A thingy by this person Ken4Camry at STC in Delphi. For those who are patient to read through the many many postings, it can provide quite an insight to anyone interested. http://forums.delphiforums.com/SGToyota/messages?msg=14093.1 He might be in the chemical engineering related line. At least what he is interested in discussing is based on science and facts.
  24. Hi there Just wanna share my experience I had today. I changed my own transfer case, differential case and transmission oils today. I used Caltex Gear Oil EP at S$17/4L bottle. It's SAE 80W145, GL5 rating. Normal gear boxers nowadays asks to be using at least a 90 oil. I used a total of 7.7L in all and I took 5hrs,with my back nearly breaking. I also used the cxxxxxe synthetic blend I bought some time back in Giant. On the first drive today aftetr the change, it's just super smooth cos it's new oil. Gotto minitor how the oil breaks down from time to time. But my advice to you is to let the garage earn the service charge unless you wanna get the satisfaction of a sore back and standing back to relive what you have done! The gear oil is available in Jurong Port Road Industral estate beside the Caltax Station. Regards Lester
  25. Chase

    Liqui Molly oils

    Heard of this brand of oils before? Anyone experienced their performance before?