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Found 620 results

  1. Which petrol station is giving coupon now? Latest update... Whatever brands or station. Please share guys.. Cheers!
  2. Just starting a thread so members can post about any discounts, offers, promotions that can help us save $$$. This thread covers all brands (I noted some chat on adjacent threads about specific brands, and some chatter in the petrol thread too, so if this thread isn't appropriate, please merge) And some other threads are getting long? Anyways, please share any discounts and coupons, and if you have some, you can post here so others can get it from you. If you know if any new promotions, please post - location - brand - type of offer Thanks!
  3. SPIED! MERCEDES-BENZ CLA SHEDS SOME CAMOhttps://www.motortrend.com/news/spied-mercedes-benz-cla-sheds-some-camo/ Just a few months ago, our spy photographers caught a next-generation CLA prototype out testing, possibly in AMG form. Now, the CLA has returned wearing a different grille and less camouflage. Though that earlier prototype appeared to wear Mercedes-AMG's Panamericana grille, this CLA sports a front end inspired by the CLS-Class. The camouflage obscures the shape of the headlights, but the LED accents look similar to those of its swoopy big brother. It's also safe to say the taillights have changed. Unless the camo is fooling us, the rear end looks more upright than before. Overall, the new model looks longer than its predecessor. A few interior shots reveal a more streamlined cabin. This prototype features one large screen that runs across the dashboard, replacing the two separate screens for the instrument cluster and infotainment system. The circular vents take on a different look, and there is now a simpler array of buttons just below. Red contrast stitching and a flat-bottom steering wheel hint at AMG roots, but this car doesn't look like an AMG from the exterior. It's possible Mercedes will offer some sort of AMG interior package, or that this prototype is just a mixed bag of parts. According to Autocar, Mercedes has confirmed it will launch the CLA and CLA Shooting Brake next year. We don't know Mercedes' exact plans for the U.S. market, but the model will likely slot above the new A-Class with a sleeker coupe-like profile. The interiors of the A-Class and CLA should be very similar. The CLA could share engines and gearboxes with the A-Class. Our A-Class comes with a 2.0-liter turbo-four making 188 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque, which is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. An AMG version of the A-Class is also very likely coming to the U.S., although it's unclear how much power it will make. Photo source: CarPix
  4. https://mothership.sg/2020/10/shell-...V1h17lLs9hOBgc Shell: Committed to resolve matter as soon as possible Speaking to Mothership, a Shell spokesperson confirmed that such an incident occurred at Shell Upper Bukit Timah PIE on the evening of Sep. 18. They also said that they are guided by a set of internal procedures to investigate and get in touch with the customer concerned. Here's their statement in full: "Instances of unsuccessful payments for refuelling occur from time to time and are mostly accidental by nature. We can confirm that such an incident occurred at Shell Upper Bukit Timah PIE on 18 September 2020, 6.56pm. In cases like this, we are guided by a set of internal procedures to investigate and get in touch with the customer concerned. We are committed to resolve this matter as soon as possible with the parties involved. To respect the privacy of the customer and the service champion, we will not comment further." ____ https://www.facebook.com/penny.chua.7/posts/10157185008416331 For real? Shell deduct the $ from the attendant, and Shell no CCTV to capture the car plate?? Everyone flock to this station and pump and run?
  5. Do u all feel that with the shift in our attention towards rising coe prices, we have forgotten how crazy petrol prices have become? Are we getting used to rising petrol prices too?
  6. Hi, Would like to know how many will consider buying a EuroIV diesel car instead of the normal petrol car? The first consideration is of coz diesel car gives better mileage and maybe cheaper daily running cost. While car uses petrol is kind of rather standard on the cost of daily running. Your comments and thoughts plzzzzz...
  7. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/china-oil-giant-enters-singapore-petrol-station-business Or are they joining the cartel?
  8. Latioboy

    Petrol station car wash

    Hey guys... this is not a thread to offend people who go to petrol stations to wash their cars... As usual... had sat dinner with my family... both sisters came home to eat.. then my second bro in law... he is a doctor so no time to go wash car.. his maid also no time.. take care of children.. then he was like.. shall i try out petrol station car wash? I was like go ahead.. But his car also coated with amazing glaZE.. so. i was abit worried.. but he said. dun want u to wash cause very hazy... i just drive out to wash it. So we drove it to shell car wash. serangoon gardens. Went in, they sprayed the car with high pressure jet( cool! ) then they started to spray the foam.. that was nice.. but the sponge they use like never rinse or wash away previous cars dirt leh.. they just PIAK and start scrubbing away then when everything finish. they spray the car again . Now come the drying part. I was at the back seat and saw the guys taking cloths ( those normal cloths) and started drying on the car.. very effecient 3 men to the car. BUT. the cloth was black.. and when they finished drying the car, they used the same cloth to dry thye rims and tyres.. I WAS LIKE... OMFG! then i stared at my bro in law.. he was like.. yeah yeah. thats how they do it.. But overall... the job was not so good not so bad... okay okay only... For me, as a person who washes my parents car myself, i still considered the car dirty. So when we drove home, i inspected the car... some bird sxxt still stuck on the paint work.. then the rims... were oily.. i dont know why. And there was stil dirt. But no time to wash the whole car again. so i just re-washed the rims.. and they turned out shing shing sparkling clean again... So i am not against petrol station car wash. Just find that they dont do a very through job. But for $6, i think a job about 70% done.. okay lah.. nth much to say.. Yupp Just my six cents worth..
  9. Can anyone help me to calculate if it is worth to pump in Jb. Some ppl say worth, some say not worth. Staying at Pasir ris - about 26km into JB via woodlands. Usually I can pump 35Litre, go in at half tank and pump to brim. The cost of pumping in JB: - 35 x 2.76Rm = 97RM - Msia Toll - 20rm + 3Rm - SG Toll - SGD 1 Total convert to SGD is about $42 for 35 litres of Ron 97. In Singapore, SPC Ron 95 $2.29 x 35 litres = $80 - 15% = $68. So still have a saving of $26. Am I correct?
  10. 11 Reasons Why Diesel Trumps Gasoline source: https://www.drivingline.com/articles/11-reasons-why-diesel-trumps-gasoline/ Occasionally, we like to stir the automotive pot, and this one is sure to do it! It’s the age-old diesel vs. gas debate—and it’s guaranteed to get a few of you into a verbal throw down. While both forms of propulsion have their place, diesel tends to dominate when big jobs have to be tackled as efficiently and reliably as possible (hence its preferential use in the military, construction, transportation and railroad industries). On the racing scene, gasoline engines have long held the throne in most categories. However, in recent years, diesel technology has advanced at a rapid pace, which has only promoted further versatility—namely in 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks. No longer are these oil-burners limited to workday chores. It’s now common to spot an 8,000lb, diesel-powered Ford, GM or Ram tearing through the quarter-mile in 13, 12, 11 and even 10-second intervals. Diesels have also begun to draw large crowds at chassis dyno competitions and headline the biggest sled pulls in the country. Once upon a time, the Audi R10 TDI even infiltrated (and dominated) the esteemed Le Mans racing series. So, with diesel excelling in so many key areas, is it the better engine choice? Judging by the title, it’s pretty clear which side yours truly plays for, but whose side are you on? Diesel or Gas? 1. High Compression = More Power & Better Efficiency What do OEM manufacturers, aftermarket enthusiasts and all-out race teams do to increase power and efficiency in their gas engines? They up compression. Diesels range from roughly 16.5:1 to 19:1 vs. gasoline’s typical 9:1 to 10:1. This means higher cylinder pressures (hello torque), a cleaner in-cylinder burn and—being that diesels rely on compression ignition rather than spark—no worry of pre-ignition or detonation. 2. No Throttle Plate Unlike a gasoline engine, a diesel doesn’t have a throttle plate (which should more appropriately be labeled a “restriction plate”). This means a diesel’s cylinders are packed completely full of air during every intake stroke, regardless of the driving or operating conditions. By contrast, the only time a gas engine breathes this well occurs under wide-open throttle instances. A lack of throttle (restriction) plate also means no pumping losses for the diesel engine. Did you know a gas engine expends as much as 40-percent of its total power output trying to overcome its own air (throttle) restriction? 3. Any-Purpose Engine No other internal combustion engine is as versatile as a diesel. For instance, only a diesel-powered pickup can be used as an all-in-one work truck, tow rig, sled puller, drag racer and daily commuter and remain as reliable as it was the day it left the factory. There are thousands upon thousands of diesel trucks making 500hp (1,000 lb-ft) or more that serve all of the above functions, not to mention that four-wheel drive models offer year-round drivability and off-road capability. The allure of a diesel engine is its do-anything nature. 4. Better Ingredients Because diesels feature high compression ratios, see high cylinder pressures and are typically turbocharged—they’re built with burlier parts to withstand all the stress. This means premium items like forged-steel connecting rods, four-bolt mains, six head bolts per cylinder, compacted graphite iron blocks... even bed plates make it into a lot of diesel engines. As well, nearly all heavy-duty diesel engines are gear-driven (no timing chains or belts). 5. Leaner Air-Fuel Ratio When you run a gasoline engine too lean you kill its power potential, run the risk of overheating or worse, melting a piston. In an effort to cool down combustion, gas engines will dump extra fuel at wide-open throttle. The complete opposite is true of a diesel. Lean out the fuel and the engine runs cooler. Add fuel to the mix and combustion temps and exhaust gas temperature goes up. This is why diesels run a leaner air-fuel ratio than gas engines. In fact, some diesels utilize an air-fuel ratio as high as 90:1 or 100:1 at idle. Optimum gasoline air-fuel mixtures usually check in around 15:1, while most diesels operate at 18:1 or higher. 6. Better, Safer Fuel Diesel fuel’s chemical makeup makes it at least 15-percent more energy dense than gasoline. On top of that, diesel fuel is oil-based, which essentially makes it a lubricant when introduced to cylinder walls. By contrast, gasoline is a solvent. Gasoline is also much more volatile than diesel (i.e. more explosive/flammable), which makes diesel much safer in the event of an accident. 7. They Aren’t Picky Eaters Being that diesel is an oil-based fuel, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that virtually any oil-based alternative can be burned. We’ve seen diesel engines running on vegetable oil, grease, used engine oil and even automatic transmission fluid. But the diesel engine has always been capable of operating on alternative fuel sources. Case in point, the original diesel engine was designed to run on coal dust, but Rudolf Diesel subsequently found that it would also run (much more safely) on peanut oil. 8. Most Powerful The most powerful engine in the world is diesel. Measuring approximately 90-feet long, 44-feet high and weighing some 2,300 tons, the Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C cranks out 109,000hp. The Finnish-designed, 14-cylinder, low-speed two-stroke diesel behemoth spins a maximum of 102 rpm, but generates as much as 80,080 KW of power—enough to power a moderately sized suburban town. Fitting for the world’s largest engine, the Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C is used to propel the largest ocean-going vessels in the world, such as 1,300-foot long, 70,000-ton cargo ships. 9. Big Torque at Low RPM Thanks in part to the extreme cylinder pressures they see, most diesel engine’s produce their peak torque figure at or below 2,000 rpm. This not only makes diesel the ideal means of getting heavy loads up and moving quickly, but makes it easier for them to maintain speed while out on the highway. An abundance of low-rpm torque is also why 8,000lb diesel trucks can cut 1.5 to 1.8-second 60-foot times at the drag strip. While most gas power plants are just beginning to come to life between 3,000 and 4,000 rpm, a diesel is ready for the next gear. Living life at a lower rpm also lends itself to a diesel engine’s long-term durability. 10. A Mechanical Diesel is the Ultimate Doomsday Engine Older, mechanically injected diesel engines are stupid simple and require virtually zero electronics to run. Once started, all a fully mechanical diesel needs to stay running is a steady supply of fuel. There is no need to worry about air, as once you fuel the engine the air will follow. If things ever go dark, you’ll find us driving something with a 12-valve 5.9L Cummins under the hood. 11. Diesel Makes the World Go Round Frankly, if diesel isn’t superior to gasoline, why do the construction, trucking, shipping, railroad, aviation and mining industries rely on it almost exclusively? And why does every branch of the military depend on it? It’s because diesel is more efficient, powerful, reliable and versatile. With the power of diesel, you can travel farther, get more work done and even use an alternative fuel source if you have to. So, still think gas is best? Or is electric now the future? Join the conversation in comments below.
  11. Pump prices fall by up to 5 cents a litre a week after oil plunge source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/pump-prices-fall-by-up-to-5-cents-a-litre-a-week-after-oil-plunge?xtor=CS3-18&utm_source=STiPhone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2020-04-30 10%3A04%3A37 SINGAPORE - Pump prices here have fallen by up to 5 cents a litre, a week after crude oil plunged to record lows. The price of 95-octane petrol, the most popular grade here, is $2.04 at Esso, Shell, SPC and Sinopec - down from $2.09, according to fuel price tracker Fuel Kaki. Caltex is selling it at $2.06 a litre. All the reductions were made on Wednesday (April 29) except for Sinopec, which adjusted downwards on Thursday morning. The 92-octane grade is now $2 at Esso and SPC, and $2.02 at Caltex. Shell does not sell 92-octane petrol, and neither does Sinopec, which is said to get its supplies from the British-Dutch oil giant. On the other end of the price spectrum, 98-octane petrol is cheapest at SPC, which is retailing it at $2.38 a litre, followed by $2.41 at Esso and Sinopec, and $2.43 at Shell. Caltex is retailing 98-octane, which it touts as a rival to Shell's V-Power, at $2.53 a litre. The so-called special grades by Shell (V-Power) and Sinopec (Sino X Power) are retailing at $2.65 and $2.55 a litre, respectively. Diesel is cheapest at SPC, which is selling it at $1.64 a litre, followed by Esso's and Sinopec's $1.67, and Shell's $1.68. Diesel at Caltex is priciest at $1.69 a litre.
  12. Touch your heart and ask yourself when was the last time you’ve seen a Malaysian plated-car at our petrol station pumping petrol?? My answer : NEVER in my 18 years driving here.
  13. Fuel Kaki lets you view & compare latest Fuel Prices from all Petrol Station Retailers in S’pore at a glance Source: https://www.greatdeals.com.sg/2020/01/14/fuel-kaki-compare-petrol-prices-website Motorists in Singapore all have a burning question when it comes to topping up petrol for their vehicle: Which petrol station offers the best prices? FuelKaki.sg Now there’s a new website that lets you know the latest prices offered by all the fuel retailers in Singapore conveniently including Caltex, Esso, Shell, SPC and even the new kid on the block Sinopec. Fuel Kaki is created by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) to facilitate comparison of effective prices of retail fuel for motorists and is totally free to use, no registration required. According to the association, consumers get to enjoy substantial savings simply by monitoring and comparing fuel prices across the retailers. The aim of the website is to improve the transparency of retail petrol prices. Previously, consumers will need to check every retailer website individually to find out the petrol prices. Confirm very useful.
  14. KUALA LUMPUR: RON95 petrol and NGV fuel will be banned from being sold to foreign registered vehicles from tomorrow, the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism announced today. RON95 petrol would however be allowed to be sold to foreign registered motorcycles as an exception. Following the move, the requirement to produce Mykad by Malaysians using foreign registered vehicles for purchasing RON95 petrol at all petrol stations throughout the country had been withdrawn, the ministry said in a statement here today. On August 1 last year, a directive to ban sales of RON95 petrol to foreign registered vehicles nationwide was imposed with the exception given to Malaysians who could produce the Mykad for verification. The ministry in the statement clarified that the government had received feedback of leakages due to abuse of of the Mykad for purchasing RON95 petrol. According to the ministry, petrol station operators at border areas had also complained of difficulties in controlling and ensuring the directive on the petrol ban was fully complied with. "On this issue, the government is of the view that the ban on all foreign registered vehicles from buying RON95 petrol and the withdrawal of the condition that allowed purchase of RON95 petrol on producing the Mykad throughout the country with the exception of motorcycles, is reasonable," the ministry said. The ministry clarified that the ban also covered NGV fuel following the discovery that 311,000 litres of NGV fuel were sold to foreign registered vehicles each year. " At the rate of the current subsidy, the NGV fuel subsidy enjoyed by foreigners amounted to RM360,000 each year," the statement added. -- BERNAMA
  15. Pump prices mostly up 3 cents in Singapore after killing of Iran top general source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/pump-prices-up-3-cents-after-killing-of-iran-top-general?xtor=CS3-18&utm_source=STiPhone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2020-01-08 8%3A01%3A29 SINGAPORE - Most petrol pump prices here have risen by three cents a litre to yet another record high in the latest fallout from the assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani by United States forces last week. A litre of petrol at major fuel retailers here now costs $2.34 for 92-octane grade, $2.38 for 95-octane and $2.77 for 98. Diesel is $1.99 a litre. Caltex's 98 with Techron is $2.80, while Shell's V-Power is $2.94. All prices are before discounts. Caltex raised its prices on Tuesday (Jan 7), while Shell raised its prices on Monday. SPC was the only major player to resist the latest hike, with its prices remaining unchanged as of Tuesday afternoon. Observers said that while the killing of Major-General Soleimani had made the market more volatile, crude prices had already been climbing before his death. Fuelled by a thaw in the US-China trade war and ongoing supply cuts from major oil producers, Brent crude ended 2019 at a four-month high of US$66 a barrel. Brent has since risen further, ending at US$68.91 on Monday. The current volatility is also attributable to uncertainty over how Iran will respond to the killing. Many Iranian leaders have warned of reprisals. But oil industry consultant Ong Eng Tong reckons oil prices will rise, as Iran is likely to retaliate, and that would in turn ignite US sanctions, which will drive oil prices higher. The last time pump prices went up was just before Christmas, when rates moved up by three cents a litre. Compared with 18 months ago, pump prices have climbed seven cents.
  16. A recent Roads.sg video of two men using super unorthodox techniques to fill up a gas tank has caught the attention of many Singaporeans. At the time of writing this article, the post has since garnered over 100 comments (I’ll share some at the end of this article) which are pretty one-sided. Here’s the video if you haven’t already seen it. If you have, watch it again. It' bloody hilarious! Video from Roads.sg YouTube Channel Confirm Singaporean According to the Roads.sg video description, this incident occurred across the causeway. Screenshot from Roads.sg YouTube Channel The owner of what we believe to be a 2016 Toyota Vios, is definitely a Singaporean. I can say this with assurance because I've pumped petrol in J.B. before and you only ever see Singaporeans do stupid shit like this while Malaysians laugh at us. The back of the car looks similar! Do you save money in the end? If you're not too familiar with what is going on, the logic is simple. Bubbles are formed when you pump petrol in your car and these bubbles take up precious space in your fuel tank that could go to more fuel. Therefore, if you shake your car, the bubbles will dissipate, allowing you to get more petrol and more savings. Alright, you might save a couple of bucks, but the repercussions don't make sense to me. Not worth it You will eventually wreck your rear suspension which is not cheap to repair. You look like an idiot You give Singaporeans a bad name You will kena caught on video like this guy and, everyone will know you for the wrong reasons What the people say The answer is nothing. You saved nothing. Pretty sure he is. Facebook comments taken from Roads.sg Facebook Page That’s funny af.
  17. Seems like shell is giving away petrol vouchers, any Bros got any information? Saw people selling on Carousell https://sg.carousell.com/p/164642223 https://sg.carousell.com/p/164458875
  18. Hi, can I check if the petrol tank capacity for honda fit GE6 1.3 auto is 42L ? And, when low petrol warning indicator lights up...how much petrol is left ??
  19. Hi Guys, Its been a tough year and petrol are sibeh expensive nowadays. As we all knows, different petrol company got different discounts with the usage of different cards. Share whatever kang tao you have please?! Esso/Mobil 5% petrol discount onsite, additional 5% more using normal citibank credit card. Total 10% discount. Additional 4.5% on petrol at Esso with Citi Dividend Card. Total 14.5% Caltex 5% petrol discount onsite, additional 7% more if show Safra Card. Total 12% discount. If you Citi Dividend Card you will get 5% Rebate more on the total bill!! Total is about 16.4% discount.
  20. Here is another reason to start owning an electric vehicle in Britain. The amount of charging stations has surpassed petrol stations in Britain. According to Nissan U.K., the country has around 9,300 locations where EV owners can charge their cars and out of those, 1,600 of them has the ability to fast charging, which can bring up a typical battery’s capacity from 0 to around 80 percent in less than an hour, in cars that support it. With the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London, car owners are switching to EV as solutions for their daily commute, with the demand of battery-powered cars increasing by 158.1% this month alone. While EV stations have increased by quite a bit since 2011, petrol stations have been slowing decreasing and the currently count stands at 8,400.
  21. Last year 44% discount and a big big jam. This year have 45% or not?
  22. So now, you have put your precious money into buying that dream car and the day that it arrives in Singapore has come! It lands in our port, someone picks it up and it gets transported to our showrooms for collection. Have you ever wondered about the fuel that goes into the car? Does it come empty? How much fuel goes into it? What kind of fuel goes into it? Well here is the story of two companies who choose a quaint little station in the West Coast to top up the fuel for their new arrivals. Both Honda and Toyota use a small Shell station down South, close to the Pasir Panjang MRT, and everyday, rain or shine, more than a dozen car transporters stop here to fill up the cars they carry. If you do the maths, that’s about a ten cars or so per transporter and more than 100 cars each day! It also gives you an idea of the sales volume of these bigger car companies. The station has a total of eight pumps, and the two outermost pair are equipped with extra long hoses, which allow the driver to reach the second deck of his transporter truck, without having to move the long truck. And yes it’s usually the driver who does the job, rather than the regular fuel attendants, but they do help out sometimes. It typically takes the driver around half an hour or more to refuel all the cars in one load. So you get a full tank? Sadly no, they will give you 50 bucks worth of the golden liquid, and it’s Ron 95 for these cars. Diesel cars obviously get a different oil, but it’s still the same amount. Given current petrol prices, you will get around a quarter tank, depending on how large the fuel tank is. Other car companies have tie ups with other stations, but the more premium marques may give you a full tank if you get their more expensive cars, but most car dealers only give you around a quarter tank. Enough for you to run about for a while, but with fuel prices so high, I guess unless you are a top valued customer, a quarter tank will have to do. Cars requiring a higher Ron do get a different grade of fuel, but whether that makes a difference is left to another story to answer…. Who says Toyotas aren't selling well?
  23. Hi everyone, not sure if anyone encountered this before. Basically, I was trying to get some tissue from my car while holding onto the pump. Didn't press the lever but there was leftover petrol in the nozzle and it spill onto my car door. Wiped it down immediately. While the leather seems fine, there are ugly white trails on the plastic now. Anyone has solutions to that? Thanks!
  24. As above. usually felt spc a bit bolat, but as petrol was running low, went to spc station and pump $30 first of 95. surprisingly my 1.4 T car seems to have a slightly more responsive feel thereafter dont know if its me or that spc decided to put some good stuff in (at least for the initial branding campaign) anyway with 15% discount, not too bad for value too. any feedback ?
  25. lai lai lai... we are 1/3 into the month of May. Oil price has risen to new heights.... so will the greedy petrol cartel raise fuel price in May?