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  1. Sg2303

    MCF Badminton (pattern) workout

    This thread actually made me log in after so long! I wanna join the badminton MU!
  2. Sg2303

    Esso in Jalan Kayu closing down

    Coupons given away successfully.
  3. Sg2303

    Esso in Jalan Kayu closing down

    Coupons still available. No small token or whatsoever required. Just come and pick up the coupons from my location. PM me your contact and we arrange from there. First come first serve. While stock last!
  4. Sg2303

    Esso in Jalan Kayu closing down

    Giving away 2 coupons. I'll be at VivoCity till 2pm. PM me if you can meet me here.
  5. Looking to buy SGG2303T. Currently on a mazda 3, going to de-reg in may 2016. Please PM me if you are the owner or if you know the owner. Thank you.
  6. Sg2303

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    SPC also just drop 5cents at 12.45pm according to here: http://www.spc.com.sg/ourbusiness/latest_pump_prices.asp
  7. You will not get 5% dividend rebates because you charged less than $50 to the dividend card. Citibank Dividend card must charge minimum $50. You should have purchased coupons or some other things to make up $50. I just pump $50.00 and paid $36.50 using DBS Esso platinum. I think best deal already.
  8. After 3 pages, no one has mentioned this? The best deal is buy coupons at Sheng Siong and pay with POSB Everyday CC to get 6% rebate of your coupons. Otherwise, all Esso stations accept coupons with petrol purchase and payment by CC. Best deal is Citibank Dividend CC with 5% rebate. AFAIK, some shell stations do accept CC payment for coupons and petrol.
  9. Over the weekend, I spotted 2 vehicles with NO WORKING brake lights. I was unable to inform them as they turned while I was going straight. Please inform them if you happen to know them. Toyota Vios SGH486G Hyundai Accent SFY6509H
  10. Sg2303

    New SPC&U card 17% discount in Oct

    Ya lor she told me $62 I also stun. But heck lah, just use the everyday card Yah, depends on the UOB card. I seldom use UOB card. I thought there's no min amount for everyday card? Any amount also 6% right?
  11. Sg2303

    New SPC&U card 17% discount in Oct

    UOB: pump $62, minus 17% minus $3 = 21.8% discount plus UOB rewards points POSB everyday: any amount, minus 17% minus 6% = 22% For people who dislike the inconvenience of pumping petrol, POSB everyday card is the best. For people who do not mind pumping $62 or $124 each time and have to return to pump more often, UOB is the best deal. Please remember to register your new card online to get extra 2% this month! Me too. I just pumped this evening. $60 bucks but no $3 discount from UOB card so the cashier said if I have registered online and is entitled to 17%, i need to pump $62. Otherwise, $60 is sufficient. I changed payment to POSB everyday card.
  12. Sg2303

    New SPC&U card 17% discount in Oct

    I made a mistake in the above post. Best combo for SPC is in fact POSB Everyday card. I just pumped $60 and paid $49.80 with $2.99 rebate earned. Any amount - 17% - 6% Total discount is 22%.
  13. Sg2303

    New SPC&U card 17% discount in Oct

    Remember to bring the card home for registration or snap a photo of the card number. IC number is the log in id and card number is the password for first login. https://members.spc.com.sg/Login.aspx
  14. Sg2303

    New SPC&U card 17% discount in Oct

    No lah. Whether you are existing member or not doesn't matter. It's like a new card issuing programme.
  15. Sg2303

    New SPC&U card 17% discount in Oct

    You have to go SPC station and give them your IC or driving licence. They will give you new card. 1 IC number 1 new card.