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Found 24 results

  1. Zxcvb

    JB Crimewatch

    Let's start a thread here to archive JB's crime. There's a similar thread in sammyboy alfresco forum.
  2. Is it easy to use? Can use throughout Malaysia? Consume alot of data?
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/trial-under-way-to-get-mpvs-to-use-bus-lanes-at-tuas-checkpoint new year, starting new rules, wonder if this is good or not. So many pros and cons
  4. TL:DR – A Singaporean-registered Altis and a Trans cab travel on the fast lane of the causeway, but only the Altis gets apprehended by the Malaysian police. There are no shortcuts in life. Likewise, in recent times, there have been no shortcuts on the causeway. If you’re sick and tired of waiting in the queue, you can always try your luck on the fast lane. You might get away with it, and you might not. Just like these two vehicles in the 43-second video below. What happened? A Trans Cab followed by a red Altis cuts into the car lane from the fast lane of the causeway. The Trans cab successfully merges into the queue, whereas the Altis did not have much luck as three officers eventually surrounded it. Unspoken rule I was very curious as to how the Taxi managed to evade capture. Some of my colleagues mentioned that public transport (buses and taxis) could travel on the fast lane. I even saw some comments that supported this claim. I tried to search online for material that could further support this hypothesis, but I found myself hitting dead ends. No official document from any authoritative body states that taxis are allowed to use the fast lane. So, I’m still stuck with my question of “HOW?” Maybe the comments section can enlighten me. Online Chatter It looks like netizens are as confused as I am. What is a lucky escape? Or a ‘close one eye’ situation for taxis? ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  5. I'm gleaning off the pages posted by a HWZ member mosmos. Here are some places for food in JB from some foodie magazine found in JB. For driving instructions, I suggest using maps.google.com To tag places, I suggest using mapdoo.com This is a map company based in Malaysia. Free membership and tag to your heart's content. Do post your tags here for places you have eaten. If can take picture for FR, please do. Restaurant name: Warisan Anjung Location: D/A Taman Seri Budaya 296A Jalan Petri 80100 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Malay food Restaurant name: Carabao Restaurant Sdn Bhd Location: 16 Jalan Datok Abdullah Tahir 80300 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Thai Restaurant name: Restoran Tea City Cuisin Sdn Bhd Location: 100, 100A Jalan Serampang Taman Pelangi 80400 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Chinese Restaurant name: La Mian Kitchen Location: 26, 26A, 26B Jalan Serampang Taman Pelangi 80400 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Chinese (la mian) Restaurant name: Restoran Huamui Sdn Bhd Location: 131 Jalan Trus 80000 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Malaysian chinese local hawker kopitiam Restaurant: Hiap Joo Bakery Location: 13 Jalan Tan Hok Nee 80000 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Baked stuff like bread. Restaurant: Indonesian Corner Fast Food Location: 1 Jalan Bayu 2 Taman Perindustrian Tampoi Jaya 81200 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Indonesian Restaurant: Modern Revelation Music Restaurant Location: 79A Jalan Sutera 1 Taman Sentosa 80150 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Steamboat? Restaurant: Restoran Hak Seng Location: 66 Jalan Stulang Darat 80300 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Roast chicken Restaurant: Restoran Xin Yong Location: 25 Jalan Maju Taman Maju Jaya 80400 Johor Bahru Cuisine: Dim sum I'll update this as I get the time to glean through
  6. TL;DR - Chief Minister of Johor scolds the staff in CIQ for slow work and half of the counters being closed. Regardless if you go to JB for holiday, everyone knows about the horrific jams on the Causeway. And those are on normal days, let alone holiday periods where jams can last up to 7 hours. However, those days might be over after this. Watch the video to see why! What happened? On 20th April yesterday, Chief Minister of Johor Onn Hafiz Ghazi came to Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex to conduct a spot check before the Hari Raya holidays. And he was not pleased. We can see in the video that he asks what counters were open for cars to pass through, seeing that at least 4 were red in the video. (How many red ones?) After his check, he tells the staff at CIQ to sort out their human resources, and that he will wait until the situation at the causeway is settled. Chief Minister Ghazi went on to tell the media that efficiency at the BSI complex was not up to his expectations and it was currently not operating at its maximum level, saying that it was operating at 80% efficiency. He was quoted saying “I have requested all counters, whether for cars, motorcycles, bus passengers or pedestrians, to be open and in working order. All the technical and staffing issues must be resolved fast.” With Hari Raya looming, the checkpoints are sure to be full with people going to JB for a short holiday. If the minister can get all the checkpoints open, maybe we won’t have to wait as long this time round. Online chatter People praised the Chief Minister for coming down and trying to improve the situation at the checkpoint. Others expressed doubt that there would be any change at all. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  7. I have a question: Why do so many of you guys like to go JB during ”long weekends” when all the extra day or two does is give you more time to sit in a jam? Not judging, just feel like I’d turn back after the first hour. This guy had to turn back no matter how long he waited though. What happened? Two Nissan Qashqais thought they could cheat the system and decided to use the bus/goods vehicle lane to get a shorter queue in SG during Labour Day. However, an officer caught on to this and made them leave the lane. This meant they would need to U-turn and go all the way back to the beginning of the queue, costing them who knows how much time. I can feel the drivers in the other lane going “serves you right”... Look at how the officer just shoos them away too. Online chatter Another rare moment of unity as people praise the authorities for doing their jobs and turning the offending Nissans away. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  8. You might want to reconsider your next holiday destination after this story. What happened? 3 robbers robbed a man from his car while in front of Teega Suites in JB at the drop-off lobby. The robbers used weapons such as hatchets and a machete in order to break the Toyota’s windows and harm the victim. The Toyota was unable to move due to a Honda Civic blocking his way, and an unidentified white car at the back, leaving the victim stuck in the car as the robbers came from the left and right sides of the vehicle. The entire robbery seems premeditated as the white car and the Civic also repositioned themselves to block the Toyota after it was temporarily able to break free. However, one of the accomplices was caught by the police following a chase. Coincidentally, new vs old Civic. And the new one won! Facebook comments were mainly about the lack of safety in Malaysia. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  9. TL;DR - Yet another SG-registered Mercedes GLA180 driver enjoying the cheap RON95 from Malaysia. Despite several signs put up around the petrol kiosks, people just seem to intentionally be oblivious to those posters. Here's what I mean: What happened? Many Singaporeans head into Johor Bahru for the cheap food, cheap massage and most importantly, cheap petrol. This man is no exception. The Mercedes driver was caught filling his car with RON95, the forbidden petrol that is exclusive to MY-registered vehicles only. In case you didn't know, a litre of RON95 costs ~SGD0.60 and a litre of RON97 costs ~SGD1. The difference in price is not worth the public shame lah… And the fact he drives a Mercs makes it worse. Online Chatter When you put cheapskate and Mercedes in a sentence, you get this 'xia-suey' driver. Tsk… throw Singaporeans’ face sia. Cautionary Reminder Under the Control of Supplies Act 1961 and Control of Supplies Regulations 1974, individuals can be fined up to RM1 million (S$321,000), or jailed three years or both if found guilty while entities and companies can be fined a maximum of RM2 million. (Source: The Straits Times) ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  10. TL;DR - The Mercedes driver was caught dabao-ing several (plastic) containers of Malaysia’s RON97 and smuggling them deep into his car boot. Inflation is real. Watch this 67-second clip of this driver who has no peripheral awareness, sneaking RON97 into his car. What happened? This SG-registered Mercedes driver was seen refilling RON97 into his plasticwares and tying them up in red plastic bags, slotting them right deep into his car boot. In case you didn’t know, one can only bring a controlled amount of petrol from Malaysia back to Singapore. And it has to be declared at the ICA. Failure to do so will result in a hefty sum, that is definitely not worth the risk. And the shame. Online Comments Desperate times call for desperate measures. Refill first, think later! Netizens were also speculating that his car is not even 3/4 filled in the first place. Which is also another crime in itself. Moral of the Story Don’t be a cheapskate lah… especially if you’re driving a luxury car. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  11. TL;DR – A video uploaded on SGRV shows a Malaysian traffic enforcer casually strolling along the long queue of cars at the JB checkpoint and collecting what looks like money from cars travelling on the motorcycle lane. Now, that's easy money! We all like to take shortcuts now and then. I'm guilty of it myself occasionally. There are some shortcuts in life one should never take. This is one of them. OR IS IT? Watch the 42-second video and make that decision for yourself. What happened? If you can't see, the empty left lane is for motorcycles. The right lane is obviously for cars. Along comes a car travelling on the motorcycle lane. Uh oh! The officer walks up to the vehicle's window, sticks his hand in, takes something and goes on his merry way. No words needed. Their relationship transcends the spoken word. He does the same thing with another car, and we can have a closer look at what's being passed to him. Looks like money, doesn't it? Online Chatter Really meh? What tf did I just read? EZPZ money If 50RM like worth it leh? No meh? Just some calculations Let's say if it was 50 RM. Paying a 15 SGD fine is okay to skip the queue, no? Even if it's 100 RM, that's like 30 bucks to escape a long wait time. Hmm. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  12. TL;DR - A man was caught driving under the influence (DUI) into Malaysia as his breathalyzer test exceeded the maximum alcohol limit for drink driving. Ever since the borders between Singapore and Malaysia reopened, there have been many incidents reported of Singaporeans getting up to mischief and/or displaying erratic behaviors. Here is just one of the many examples: One good egg does not make a dozen but one bad apple can spoil a barrel. What happened? A man was caught by the Malaysian police for drink driving into Malaysia. Netizens managed to ‘suss out’ and found that this man is a Singaporean as he was driving a SG-registered car (based on his car plate and in-vehicle unit). Under SG law, if you are convicted of drink driving, you can be fined up to $10,000 and jailed for up to a year for first-timers. Repeat offenders can be fined up to $20,000 and jailed for up to two years. Under Malaysia law, a person convicted of driving or attempting to drive whilst their alcohol level exceeds the prescribed limit, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of 2 years and a fine of at least RM10,000 and not more than RM30,000. Upon conviction, the driver shall be disqualified from holding a driver’s license for at least two years. It is unclear which country would press charges against him, but either way, it's bad. Let’s hear from the netizens ‘Orbiquek’... (Singlish ver. of serves you right) Kudos to Malaysia's PDRM (a.k.a traffic police) for being so vigilant and arresting the man before he could cause any accident. Takeaway Remember to always make good decisions and plan ahead - if you know you're going to drink, don't drive! Drink and drive is a deadly mix - keep yourself and others around you safe. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  13. Last Sunday night 21 August, I saw on the traffic cam that there was a MASSIVE traffic jam returning to Singapore on the JB side. The Causeway was clear so the bottleneck is the JB Custom. The jam according to Waze extended past Taman Pelangi on the EDL side and past Century Gardens on the Tebrau Road. If you are familiar with JB you will realize how massive it was. Anyone know the cause? Did the JB Immig system crash or all the officers go on strike? It was crazy. It must have taken people 6-8 hours to clear. Anyone caught in that Jam and can shed light on what is the issue?
  14. Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/johor-bahru-checkpoint-closes-one-zone-for-renovation SINGAPORE - Motorists heading to Johor Bahru via the Causeway could face delays from Wednesday. The Arrival Car Zone D at the Sultan Iskandar Building’s Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) checkpoint in Johor Bahru has been closed for renovation, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. ICA added that the CIQ’s other zones are operational, while there were no details on when the renovation will be completed. Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) Immigration Office, the Johor immigration authority, also posted on Facebook that Zones A, B and C at the checkpoint will remain operational throughout the renovation period. Both ICA and BSI highlighted that travellers can also cross the border at Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar via the Second Link.
  15. One thing that annoys me is the inability to find an available lot in a carpark - but that's part and parcel of driving, right? However, what's worse is when you stumble upon an empty lot, and another car decides to be a d1ck and 'vultures' your parking lot away. Just like the couple of a Mercedes-Benz GLB200 here: What Happened? A Singapore-registered Mercedes-Benz GLB200 swooped to the front of the cam car and stole the parking lot that the cam car was waiting for. However, this whole act was only made possible by the 'chope culture' that inspired the actions of the Mercedes-Benz SUV's female passenger. While waiting for the Toyota to exit the parking lot, the female passenger of the Mercedes-Benz alighted from the SUV, simply stood around the parked Toyota and acted blur. As the Toyota sedan exited the lot, she stood in front of the cam car to block and 'chope' the empty lot for her Mercedes-Benz GLB200. The Mercedes-Benz SUV driver reversed almost immediately into the empty parking lot as soon as the Toyota left the lot. In response to the Mercedes driver's actions, the cam car driver repeatedly sounded his horn at the German SUV. And from the honking alone, I can easily sense the frustration and anger coming from the cam car driver. Netizens' Comments NGL, this GLB200 really asking for it by pulling this stunt in Malaysia. I mean why rage so much when there's an empty lot with a green indicator just up ahead (assuming if the carpark availability system is working fine)😐 eh don't give idea leh. Next thing you know, people are gonna use oversized tissue papers to 'chope' parking lots already. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  16. Since the border opening, there have been numerous incidents of Singaporeans misbehaving in Malaysia: Singaporean Volkswagen GTI driver enters a roundabout at full speed, hits a MPV and scoots off in Johor Bahru Mazda 5 driver from Singapore parks and hogs an entire single lane in JB, also gets caught driving on the road shoulder of an expressway BMW 523i driver comes out of his car and pees in public. Gets caught on CCTV And who can forget the infamous 'Kia Cerato' lady who made international headlines? Now, a group of Singaporean 'ah bengs' are wanted by Malaysian Police for investigation after allegedly assaulting a Malaysian man with a wrench. Watch the confrontation between these Singaporean 'ah bengs' and a group of Malaysians here: Here's what the video didn't show Apparently, the three 'ah bengs' confronted a Malaysian man in his car after they had a misunderstanding in the entertainment venue they were in earlier. According to the police report lodged by the victim, one 'ah beng' swung a wrench at him when he wound down his car's window, causing injuries to his nose and right eye. (In the video, an individual could be seen waving a wrench in his hand while making aggressive gestures.) After realising their friend was in trouble, the victim's friends rushed to his aid. Subsequently, the Singaporean 'ah bengs' scooted off in a white Lexus after the assault on the victim. After completing their preliminary investigations, Malaysian Police are now looking for the 3 Singaporeans involved in the alleged assault case. Netizens' Comments That's savage. If this really happens, these three guys will be public enemy #1 because we won't have access to cheap(er) petrol anymore😪 Wah, that will be a plot twist! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  17. Here I am writing two back-to-back articles on accidents involving reckless Singapore-registered vehicles in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This time, it involves a hotter hatch than the Volkswagen Golf GTI (Read it here) - the Mercedes A45 AMG. Watch the video of the accident here: What Happened? The following accident occurred in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in the early hours of 8th May, Sunday. A Mercedes A45 was gunning down the road of Jalan Johor Bahru - Kota Tinggi (Jalan Serampang Intersection) at high speed. Somehow or rather, the Mercedes driver lost control of his hot hatch and skidded. As a result, it slams into a total of five vehicles (including the cam car) before coming to a stop in the middle of the road. Among the five vehicles, four were waiting at a red-light in the opposite direction where the Mercedes driver came from. According to Johor Bahru Selatan District Police Headquarters, the Mercedes driver was tested negative for driving under the influence of alcohol and substance. Also, Johor Bahru Selatan District Police Headquarters have since launched an official investigation into this accident under section 43 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987. Thank goodness those involved managed to escape with only minor injuries. Here's wishing all those involved in the accident a speedy recovery! P.S. I am guessing the Mercedes driver's insurance company ain't gonna be happy about this! The involvement of numerous parties and foreign-registered vehicle(s) seems like this will make this accident claim a troublesome one. Aftermath of the Accident Below are some snippets of the accident scene. The Mercedes A45 seems like it was damaged the most during the accident compared to the other vehicles - the hot hatch looks like a complete wreck! Do you think the A45 is salvageable? Or would it be heading for the scrapyard back in Singapore? Netizens' Comments Planking in prison? I can't tell if this netizen is being legit or not... I wonder if this works both ways🤔 NGL, its getting annoying. I can't see the video/image without the watermark obstructing my view. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  18. After 2 long years, we can finally drive into Johor Bahru to do the things we love - pumping cheap petrol, eating delicious food and going for massages. However, not all of us deserve this privilege. Especially for reckless hooligans such as this driver: What Happened? The following incident occurred at a roundabout in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A Singaporean Volkswagen Golf GTI was travelling at a fast speed and recklessly cutting lanes as he entered a roundabout. Just as he chiong-ed into the roundabout, he was caught unaware of an oncoming Malaysian MPV (?) to his left and collided with it. The MPV involved in the accident immediately pulls over to the side of the road. However, after the Volkswagen driver realised what had happened, he floors his accelerator and scoots away from the accident scene, committing a hit and run. What are your thoughts on such irresponsible drivers? Netizens Comments 😳😳😳 A short and sweet way to describe the GTI driver! I realised this too. Why ah?! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  19. We need to shine the spotlight on a Singaporean driver who puts all other Singaporean drivers to shame. Let’s look at the minute-ish video: Mazda 5 driver, why are you so entitled? There are two incidents here. 1. Driver parking wherever he pleases It’s a single-lane road in each direction. But our friend thinks he is some big-shot Datuk and happily parks his car on the road. Other cars behind would have to go around the Mazda 5 if there’s no oncoming traffic in the opposite lane. How selfish can one be? 2. Driving on the road shoulder like an uncivilised turd If you thought that was all, unfortunately, it’s not. Additional footage in the video caught the same Mazda 5 driving on the road shoulder of an expressway. This is not how you behave in a foreign country It’s very embarrassing for Singaporeans to watch this. Malaysians will think all Singaporean drivers are like that when they see this video. In fact, this post has gone viral on some Malaysia FB page. Translates to Yes, we get it. Singaporeans can drive to Malaysia now and enjoy everything our neighbouring country offers. Malaysia is truly Asia after all! Does anybody remember this ad? But no matter where you go, know that someone is always watching. Online Chatter I don’t know where this fella plucks the figures from. But yes most drivers these days have a dashcam installed. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  20. With border restrictions lifted on the 1st of April 2022, Singaporeans can finally travel to Malaysia whenever they want. That means driving in for 'Lok Lok', getting a massage or filling your tank with subsidised petrol is now possible once again! However, security and law enforcement across the border tends to sway on the lax side of things as seen in this alarming video of a Singapore-registered car being "broken into". Or is there another story? Don't be so quick to judge Before you read on, let me establish the possibility of having two sides to the story. The obvious story A Malaysian man (supposedly) was caught on camera attempting to break into a Singapore-registered Hyundai Avante using a tool that resembles a metal ruler. The culprit was likely eyeing valuable contents in the car. Despite committing a crime in broad daylight, he seemed calm during his break-in attempt. In fact, it seemed like he was experienced in what he was doing. It is unknown if the culprit was successful in his break-in attempt. Another story to consider Some comments on the post have said that the man works at a car wash and was trying to retrieve the car key, which was locked inside the car as the auto-lock function did not work in his favour. And just so happens, the person filming the video happened to witness the entire incident without any context and assumed the "culprit" was trying to break into the Singapore-registered Hyundai. If you think about it, it makes sense for the "culprit" to appear calm as he was not committing a crime. A random thought: Can your car auto lock if your car key is inside the car?🤔 Wouldn't a modern-day car have a feature to prevent locking your keys inside your car? Strange. Which side of the story do you think is true? Let me know in the comments below! Update #1- 11th April 2022, 2315h Update #2- 13th April 2022, 1130h Netizens' Comments With this video going viral, the queue to enter JB is gonna be much smoother🤭 Just gonna leave this here~ ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  21. The recent weekend was probably eventful for most Singaporeans and Malaysians in Singapore as the Causeway reopened for the first time in 2 years due to the pandemic. Many Singaporeans flocked to Johor Bahru to do the things they love most: shopping, eating and pumping cheap petrol. "Sia Suay" Unfortunately, Singaporeans have become notorious in Malaysia for the wrong things during the opening weekend. This includes jacking up their car to 'effectively pump more petrol' and pumping the subsidised RON95 fuel, exclusive only for Malaysians. NGL, the above incidents aren't much of an issue - the pumping of RON95 could be an honest mistake from the lack of the driver's awareness after not driving into JB for so long. A National Embarrassment Guess what's worse? This guy, a young driver of a BMW523i fitted with quad-exhaust, urinated publicly in Johor Bahru. He was caught in high definition by a CCTV camera and posted online for the world to see him urinate publicly. Watch it here: *Warning: The following video could contain sensitive content. The viewer's discretion is advised.* Drop your thoughts on this incident in the comments down below! I, for one, feel disgusted and ashamed of him and his actions. Netizens' Comments Give this man a medal. One of the funniest comment I have read so far! I guess you got your answer on the size of his LJ. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  22. Any bro with recommendation on reliable service and indicative pricing? Thanks.
  23. https://www.facebook.com/minzhuqingnian/photos/a.797958413582910.1073741829.791332874245464/938366196208797/ doubt she knows the history of DAP.
  24. If you haven't been keeping up with the news lately, Malaysia just started a new rule for foreign registered cars. From today onwards, foreign registered cars will not be allowed to pump more than 20 litres of petrol within 50 kilometres of border areas. Put a cap on those tear ducts because it's not all that bad. Unless the Malaysian authorities have found a way to measure the amount of petrol you've pumped, you can just easily pump 20 litres at this petrol station then go on to the rest to top off your tank. Assuming you're that determined. True that it's an inconvenience but only a minor one for those looking for half-priced petrol. Be warned though. If you're caught flouting this rule, there'll be a heavy price to pay. Literally, in the region of RM$100,000. I'm sure corrupt Malaysian officials will be having a field day with this one for a while to come. Personally though, I think the Malaysian government (as usual) are implementing a rule that's going to end up shooting themselves in the foot. Considering that border towns like Johore are going to feel a steep drop in revenue with Singaporeans finding less reasons to drive up North. It's not unlikely that the Malaysian government won't reverse this rule if they suddenly find it unpopular with the locals and (most definitely) foreigners. Unfortunately, there is some confusion regarding this new rule. Some are misinterpreting it and assume that the Malaysian government expects Singaporean cars to leave JB with only 20 litres of petrol in their tanks. Does it mean the excess fuel has to be siphoned out of the tank and burned? The more prudent motorists out there would understand that this rule only limits the amount of petrol you can buy before re-entering Singapore. Nevertheless this is a dark day for those who frequent the North for a quick pitstop. It's just a shame my little Swift never got a chance to sip half-priced petrol. Sigh...
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