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  1. Panda

    Titanium thingy

    I'm supposed to be rare. I like my beef medium rare, and pork should be best eaten well-cooked. btw, if some folks as claimed since 1982, discovered titanium solution in anything else other than concentrated acid, i swear they'd have won nobel for chemistry. come on, this is the age of reason...
  2. Panda

    Titanium thingy

    phiten has long been debated in states on sci. value / truth. best u read more and conclude yourself. if you like to sleep on magnetic mattresses and pillows, then pls ignore what i said. imo, their claims are ridiculous.
  3. Panda

    Sad story of the embassy hit n run victim

    creative rp on the thief. but, car-theft is rarely an act on opportunity. car-theft is an organized crime. unlike eu, joyride car-thefts are rare in sgp.
  4. If Khong Guan buys a controlling stake of Kong Guan tomorrow, that does not mean that Kong Guan will start making biscuits and stop making Pao. If Khong Guan sends a CEO to run Kong Guan, that doesn't mean that the formula of Pao will be injected with chocolate wafers or lemon cream. At the end of the day, Khong Guan would like to acquire a profitable successful Kong Guan, not invade Kong Guan and change the Pao's taste. Does it matter if Tata owns Jaguar? British designer works for British boss or Indian boss. British designer is still British.
  5. Panda

    Bilingualism policy was wrong

    I taste a bitter pacifier shoved into my mouth. I wonder if this script has been over dramatized for the impending political streaming exams. Policy to learn will fail as with your policy to teach, its just barking up the wrong tree. Just admit it, 2 generations of cultural suppression. Go on, I dare you to admit it.
  6. Panda

    What if.....accident with drink driver

    Thanks for a real-life example. Indeed that may be the moral that people learn from such facts. In the bigger picture, such a social system breeds norms (that is to avoid police involvement in drunk driving accidents), which over time evolves into cultures. I am alarmed at such contradictions, where on one hand we are focused on sober driving and social responsibilities, but in reality policies encourage cover-ups on minor drink-driving accidents. Until such a day when the perpetrator causes a big accident, that is. Insurance firms are private profit-taking agencies. How can we expect any moral obligation on their part until the laws have been legislated otherwise?
  7. Panda

    What do you guys think of China

    China is a country, and the population of China is predominantly Chinese-Han. Generalized, and where applicable, you make reference to Chinese as "we Chinese" (for Chinese in Singapore, feel free to append it with a "hor") The last major wave of Chinese immigration to Singapore was only 100 years ago or less. So you / your dad / your dad's dad crossed the finishing line first, right... or are you sure this is your finishing line? I am cautious of sudden migrant influx, so are you I'm sure. In reality, a hundred years later, would your children and grandchildren be the "sons of earth" or the indigenous people of this land? And the migrants you see today are the you and me of tomorrow? Think deeper. There is no horizon in time. Try to think beyond 5 minutes in front of your face.
  8. Panda

    HDB in need of $$$?

    i.e., they agree that it was an honest mistake on your part as you have mentioned, but it is still a mistake nevertheless, so... there you go. Of course we all understand that it was a good thing you were the occupant of that parking lot, otherwise, given another perpetrator may not have torn a single coupon at all and yet received the same fine. HDB could have lost 4 more dollars.
  9. Auto is clever. It is clever, so you can be stupid while driving it. Manual, on the other hand, is just plain stupid. It will become as clever as the driver operating it. Then again, that's machines for you.
  10. The day already came.
  11. Panda

    Grrrrrh! Parking lot snatched from under my nose.

    busy. cho kang. jia png. bang sai. koon.
  12. Panda

    Grrrrrh! Parking lot snatched from under my nose.

    before you kill alot of people, you kill all your brain cells and hair follicles... correction: you have already killed alot of hair follicles.
  13. I empathize with the victims of drink drivers. However, this is complete nonsense. Why? 1. Insurance excludes liability for drink driving. So what does insurance have to do with penalizing ex-drink driving offenders? The only difference made would be making that extra hundreds from ex-offenders. 2. This is double jeopardy. Doesn't this ruling (if true) foretell a dark age of legal persecution?
  14. Panda

    Rottweilers Attack again

    I'd like to summarize my thoughts on this piece of news based on my life experience, not with rottweilers, but with some software projects and a certain group of subject matter "experts". "Don't worry, nothing will go wrong. Don't worry, it will work. Don't worry it will be on time." As positive as I've tried to be, countless times, I am not impressed, I am not convinced, and I am dead-right. Or should I say, the project is dead and I was right.
  15. Panda

    New gs300 2008 model

    Reading this thread in amusement especially from some exceptional individuals who "knows a lot about cars" (specifications). I'll summarize. ANY IDIOT, and let me place double emphasis on "ANY IDIOT", can read specifications off a brochure, but how many can appreciate the art of engineering?