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  1. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    2 nos. Oil filter suitable for Tucson 2016 onwards to give away. Bought them from Fitin part.sg for my ex Tucson.
  2. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Hi guys, I have OEM oil filter and air filter for Tucson 2.0 to give away FREE. I bought these items for my 2016 Tucson 2.0S/R but now changed to MPV so no longer need it. Anyone interested pls sms me at 90109555. I have 3 oil filters and 1 air filter
  3. If u don't mind to walk abt 10mins can park at MND building at Maxwell road or roadside carpark along telok ayeh street,amoy street and Stanley street. U can easily get a lot if u reach there before 8.30am. No need season parking can use coupon or parking app. Since u have few sites to run, likely u don't park for whole working hour. It may cheaper than season parking rate. Full day parking rate is $24, $2.4/hr from 8.30am to 5.30m. Other than that is $1.2/hr.
  4. Jordanplus

    2017 Peugeot 5008

    There r 1.2l turbo in 2 variants and 1.6l turbo in 2 variants. Both are petrol engine with 6 speed AT. No more diesel engine.I have test drive 1.2. Power is suffient but 1st 2 gears a bit jerk. The features for 1.2l are very basic. With the price they offer not worth it.
  5. Jordanplus

    Tens of thousands will have to give up car as zero-growth policy kicks in

    Since car lite policy is co-introduced by URA and LTA. Their staff shall be not allow to drive to work to set as initiative to convince our people. Following up all civil servants should also ban to drive to work.
  6. is the buyer wants to back out the deal not seller. buyer already cancelled the deposit cheque. and now seller didn't get a single cent and already bought a new car.
  7. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Yes I found Tucson suspension is soft and bouncy, so I had installed spring stiffener to all 4 springs.It Improved a lot. Also would help absorber to last longer. My ex-ride also did installed spring stiffener, the original set of absorbers r still in good shape throughout it 9.8years life.
  8. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    i believe urs is sony hu with navigation, same as mine. just to to navigation setting, then unable safety warning alert.
  9. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Komoco only accept 10k booking deposit pay by credit card, balance down payment only can make by cash. They do not charge extra on car selling price if you choose pay in full cash. Seem like different SE has different pattern. For my case, cannot source own bank loan & insurance. No alternative insurance company only AIG, but my premium not so ex, only $990 with 50% NCB. If I can source my own insurance, I only need pay $700 for directasia. Overall I'm satisfied my SE service. Came down to my place for documents sign & collect payment, book servicing appointment. Also hinted how to claim free new battery when close to 2 years warranty.
  10. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Yup, initial is $123k, Coe rebate at $43k. Got Coe at $38.6k, so Komoco got to rebate $4k+ to me.
  11. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Today got the solar film installed. Get the highest grade titatnium which originally $1500. But just need to top up $450 with that voucher. Quite fast done in less than 2hours. I paid for $119609 after Coe rebate.
  12. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Yes, I was given a voucher for solar film by glymaxx worth $325 @ Seranggon Ave 4. Which my SE told it just a basic solar film. I would go for a better solar film with top up. Yet to book an appointment to get it install.
  13. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Yup, I stay in Punggol , Edgefield Plains.
  14. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    My two days old Tucson .Had done the PPS. Still need to get use to it wide body, abit hard to park, still need to take 2 shot to park in the lot. My previous ride colt plus always park in 1 shot.
  15. Jordanplus

    New Hyundai Tucson

    This is what komoco motor given.