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Found 58 results

  1. hi guys, plan to repair my fender and door, which gotten damage almost a year ago.. any reviews for the following shop? 1. HO AUTOGLOSS CENTRE 2. SZE KANG 3. KHEK JOO
  2. ChaosMyth

    Respray or new bumper/bodykit?

    Hello. Would like to seek some opinions here. Thinking of respraying my car as the paintwork is turning yellowish and there are paintwork damages (stone chips, dings and dangs) on the bumper. Previous owner also used liquid paper to try to mask up the stone chips. If I were to respray on the current bumper, after refibre/putty+respray, would there be a risk of the paintwork cracking after sometime? Or would it actually be wiser to replace the bumper with a good condition secondhand one followed by respray? I'm keeping my options opened. May be a good time to change new bodykit as well but not exactly familiar with the different types.
  3. wlalala

    Scratched bonnet

    Bonnet got scratched and small dent too Is quite deep This scratch is about 1 feet long If go for respray, will cost how much? If want the colour to be accurate, only can do at AD?
  4. Any good recommendations on "Alexandra Village" workshop for knocking panel & respray. Thank you
  5. Want to give my ride a new car exterior look after all the scratches and knocks for the past 3-4 years. Any idea how much I am looking at? Which workshop can give good quality results? I am driving a silver Honda Civic.
  6. why the price so different? thanks! my new purchase is a black lexus, but i'm thinking of respraying it into the lexus dark grey mica.
  7. WELCOME TO LYNSTON MOTOR & SPRAY WORKS Address: 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #05-66/68, Synergy at KB, Singapore 417800 Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:00AM to 8:00PM Tel: 9637 7254 (Louis) Website: www.lynston.sg Facebook: www.facebook.com/LynstonWorks OUR CORE VALUES EFFICIENCY We understand that time is money. Our mechanics are committed to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly and in a timely manner. FAIR & TRANSPARENT PRICING We offer honest, fair and transparent pricing for the most suitable parts and materials, obtained from reputable suppliers. WE MAKE IT EASY Our experienced team can help you every step of the way towards a seamless and hassle-free process for you. WHY CHOOSE LSM? We serve as the perfect alternative to the dealership, with the service and professionalism you expect at prices that you can afford. Our specialized workshop in bodywork is equipped with the most advanced machinery and employs only the best-trained craftsmen. OUR SERVICES · Vehicle servicing · Collision repair · Aircon repair · Vehicle diagnosis · Battery replacement · Dent repair or removal · Paint scratch repair · Respraying works · Insurance claim CURRENT PROMOTIONS: Ushering in the festive season with Lynston Xmas Promotions: Respray your vehicle from $800, coupled with tag a friend to respray together to enjoy additional $100 off! Price varies from different car model, call or send a message to enquiry. Promotion valid till 24 Dec 2017, however you can place a 50% deposit before the promo end and schedule the respray works within a month from the time you place the deposit. Upcoming Chinese New Year 2018 Promotion!
  8. Recently wifey got into a little parking accident and scrapped a rear passenger door against a pillar. Two mass stretch of lines and the door got indented like an mini inverted wok. Only 1 single door was affected. Guess will need some panel beating and re-spray of the affected door. Anyone any recommendations where to do repairs? Got quoted $380 from a workshop recommended by a friend. Is it considered reasonable?
  9. Steven

    Panel Beating & Respray

    What would be the cost like? Was quoted $400+ & need 2.5 days to complete. Reasonable?
  10. Hi guys, how much does it cost to repair the above? Car model, 2009 Hyundai Avante.. would 1.5k suffice? Or too much? If worse comes to worse, change door how much? Light dent but deep scratch in the paint work, so i guess need to respray the whole door?
  11. Reverse and hit something. Bumper dented but doesnt seems to have too much damage to the paint work. Is it possible to just knock back my bumper without respray as the car is already on its final year?
  12. I resprayed my car last year after an accident. But I'm a lazy b**tard and don't wash my car often, so the paint is a bit faded. Quite obvious because it's black. I also didn't do any coating or waxing after the respray, wasn't even aware of such things until recently. The car is coming to 10 years old but I'm thinking of possibly extending the COE by 5 years and I want to make it look nice again. Is it possible to send it for a thorough polishing job, and then do a new nano-coating to keep it shiny? Do I need to respray?
  13. Slowpoke

    Caliper respray

    The paint on my Brembo calipers are chipped and faded. Any recommendations for respraying the Brembo calipers? Inclusive of the Brembo decals and clear lacquer to protect the decals. I already bought the caliper rebuild kit to replace the pistol seals after the respray.
  14. Heard about this fella, Yas in the VAG forum.... dozens of them there engaged him to respray their rims / calipers and all came out very happy with the effects. I just made contact with him... am considering whether to go for a respray job on my rims filled with lots of scratches. Anyone here tried him before? Feedback?
  15. Hi, looking for recommendation to do panel beating and respray, any good recommendation in autopoint?
  16. Hi Did a search for car spary paint but not much info and outdated info. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  17. oomph

    Respray odyssey same colour

    Have a 5 year old white Odysssey, thinking about re-spraying whole car same colour. anyone done this, how much would it cost? how long would car be out of action?
  18. Xxadidasxx

    Respray if car

    Plan respray my car wish to change the current blue colour to white any idea wats the reasonable price I should be quote
  19. One of my sports rim (according to workshop rim is still usable) suffered multiple scratches in an earlier accident and I'm claiming 100% from the fellow who ram into me. According to the surveyor, I can either respray all 4 rims ($200+) or they compensate me $150 for 1 rim (because rim too old not in market liao). My sports rim is those stock type one . Just want to know if it's better to respray all 4 rims or accept $150 for the rim.
  20. Recently my car hit a barrier. The roof was dented and need respray. Was quoted dent repair $170 (have to remove interior lining, inorder to knock), respray whole roof $350. Total - $520. Is the cost reasonable ? My ride is a 2006 Vios. Thank you.
  21. Anakusop

    Customize Bodykit and Car Respray

    anyone can recommend me a workshop dat does decent bodykit customization as well as a full car respray..... can recommend me a separate workshop dat does bodykit customization and spray paint workshop oso no problem as long as they do a decent job.... would prefer if the shop provides installment plan.... thnx.....
  22. Unclebond

    Respray @$400

    Any lobang to do respray for small cat car budget ard $400?
  23. Ahjoe

    Respray in JB ?

    Hi guys , recently just scrape my car door against a pillar , anyone have any recommendations of workshop in JB that can respray the car door in a day ? Thanks
  24. Recently my car was hit on the back, now claiming the other party... so the other party insurance company and my insurance appointed workshop will change my bumper n knock back my boot, but spray painting will cover only affected areas only. W/S aknowledged the end result will have slight different in colour tone due to old and new paint... in order to avoid, the entire car have to be re spray.... so end up I need to pay $700 My question is this the norm and is this fair I do know other workshop not the appointed one will do 100% claims and such issues will not happen as they will spray everything and claim everything from the third party insurancer. On top of that, I had done many run to reporting centre, my friend workshop (check cost), my insurance workshop thrice (let the other party surveyer check cost, leave car there and eventually collect again next week ) .... spend afew half days leave doing this somemore :angry: :angry: : I think in future I will have to give it a thought which suppose to be the correct way The insurance industries kept saying claim are inflated due to all those above but honestly we working people due to time n saving our own pocket or smart people here may actually gain from this ordeal
  25. Hungryforcar

    Respray parts start peeling

    Anyone has such problem?