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Found 123 results

  1. Just curious, if there are some engine oil left-over from a car's servicing, can it be used to top-up a diesel engine ? (e.g. Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40)
  2. If i ask my dad buy bmw for me don`t know can or not
  3. Vin Cars, Vince Cars and Car Times, are they under the same company or group..?
  4. I am trying to comprehend. A brand new is the same price as old car by prorating the brand new depreciation value. Many people discourage from buying new by saying you lose 30% value the moment you step out of the showroom. Ive gone through the listings and made comparisons. It's not the case. Used cars sell up to 95% of brand new car value even if 1 year old with over 10k mileage
  5. why the price so different? thanks! my new purchase is a black lexus, but i'm thinking of respraying it into the lexus dark grey mica.
  6. This article is taken from Pink Dot website hor, homophobia please stay out hor. btw, I am straight. I am just curious to read more on Pink Dot I didn't know MCYS allows adoption by same sex couples. Honestly, mayb I have some homophobia in me, isn't it inappropriate for same-sex couples to adope children? What kind of family values will the child get? They call their parents Papa and Papa? 2 men taking care of their kids together. P.S: my homophobia only limited to guy-guy. I am perfectly fine with girl-girl. But again, what kind of values will girl-girl couple teach their adopted children? Mama and mama? ---------------------------------------- SOMEDAY, TODAY, NOW! Posted on June 8th, by Pink Dot Sg in Pink Dot 2012, Someday. It is not “someday”, but today. My best friend and her husband, both devout Christians, are happy now that their lesbian daughter (in her late thirties) has found a loving, supportive partner for life. Their daughter and her partner live with the partner’s family, and the couple visit and dine regularly with my friend and her husband, like any good, married daughter and her spouse. A few months back, my former student took me out for lunch, and told me about his long-term partner, who is English. The two men, who work in the medical field, have been together for more than 12 years, and his good news is that their families have accepted their relationship. My former student’s family is Singaporean and Catholic, and his partner’s parents are English and Anglican. Since we were having a Japanese lunch, we toasted his good news with sake. A few years ago, I had a similar happy surprise when I met a former nun and her partner at a tai chi class. The couple told me that they have been together for more than 15 years. With the blessing of their Catholic families and friends. My heart leapt. What wonderful, loving families they have. Since the publication of my book, “The Lies That Build A Marriage” and the TV film, “The Morning After”, I have had the opportunity to meet several gay and lesbian couples who have been together for several years, some for as long as 25 years, which makes it a union much longer than many marriages between a man and a woman these days. One such couple I had the good fortune to meet are two highly talented musicians in their early fifties who celebrated their 25th anniversary three years ago. Both men had met when they were young twenty-somethings. Today they are a mature, loving couple, and it is such a joy for me to be in their company as I listen to the music they produce with their eyes, their laughter, and their gestures. And I can’t help but wish and pray that some day, my son will have a long-term relationship like theirs. I know some time this year I will be drinking a toast to their 28th anniversary. There is another gay couple I know in Singapore who have been together since their varsity days. The two men are highly respected professionals in their mid-forties, and they are quietly bringing up their three lovely children with the support of their parents and extended families. These two long-term relationships remind me of my family’s amah and her life-long partner. The two women shared a home in Jalan Besar and adopted a daughter who became my playmate. As a child, I was fortunate to have had such a loving amah who took me to her home when she went back to visit her partner and their daughter. During such visits, I don’t remember my superstitious, temple-going mother ever making a fuss about sin and morality. My amah and her partner lived together till death parted them, and I celebrated their life-long devotion to each other in my short story, “My Two Mothers.” Today, these loving, long-term, gay and lesbian relationships in our midst are often hidden from view. When more of them become visible to the public, there will be no need to turn pink every year. Some day we will not need a pink dot to clamour for social acceptance. Some day, the heterosexual majority will feel secure enough about their own values and morality to accept the gay and lesbian relationships in their midst, without feeling threatened. It will happen. It is already happening, albeit quietly, for real change takes place below the radar and twitter of the Internet and the media. Today, there are already many families in Singapore who have accepted (often without much fuss) the long-term gay and lesbian relationships of their children, siblings and relatives. For deep down, most of us in the heterosexual majority can see beyond the sexual orientation of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunties. Deep down, we see beyond the laws of church and country. It is not so much the social acceptance and legal freedom to love, but the fidelity and the commitment to each other to work at nurturing our partnership for the long haul that transforms a couple’s relationship (whether it is heterosexual or LGBT) into a marriage.
  7. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...mber_plate.html 2 different cars spotted with exactly the same number plate How is it possible that two different cars have exactly the same number plate, a STOMPer asks after spotting these vehicles parked side-by-side in her condominium carpark. This should not be possible both legally and logically, she says. The sender says: "This morning, I saw two different make cars bearing the same number plates parked in my estate. "Logically there shouldn't be two cars with exactly matching number plates. "They were parked inside our condominium's surface carpark lots so they should not be residents in our estate". ---------------------- Pending transfer of licence plates?
  8. Hi, I test drove a lot of cars at the start, but now I think I have shortlisted down to 2 cars. So I want to test drive them again and compare between the two. Should I look for the same SEs who helped me the first time, or just any SE at the showroom? I'm just concerned that if I look for the same SE, they will take it a serious sign of interest and disturb me with phone calls, etc. What do you guys do for 2nd test drive?
  9. Pic taken from online citizen
  10. Hi all japan and continental car almost same (or some of them cheaper continental) price now, but why ppl still buy japan car? example: honda civic 1.6 vs renault megane 1.6. the price cheaper megane(correct me if i'm wrong) interior : megane sure win engine : maybe honda win ? stream/ wish vs opel zafira/ citroen grand c4. the price -+ same !!! (the most only diff 1-2k more expensive continental car) interior + space: sure continental win engine : maybe japan car win ? Any idea what other reason ppl still buy japan car ? thanks for any reply.
  11. So_nice

    US Approves same gender marriage

    Gay couples rush to get married after historic US Supreme Court ruling LOUISVILLE (Kentucky) Mr Benjamin Moore and Mr Tadd Roberts wore matching tuxedos to the county clerks office in Louisville to get married yesterday (June 26), and the mayor greeted them with a bottle of champagne. They were among a rush of gay couples across the South and Mid-west who celebrated the Supreme Courts ruling legalising same-sex marriage with spontaneous weddings. They were young and old, they wore gowns and suits or T-shirts and jeans, they kissed and waved flags that read love wins. Its just been incredible and historic and amazing to live this moment, Mr Moore said. The mayor took commemorative photos of him and Mr Roberts getting their licence. But the reaction wasnt as welcoming in some of the 14 states that had been the last holdouts against same-sex marriage, creating confusion as some officials embraced the ruling and others rebuffed it. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who has long fought against same-sex marriage, said states can fight the ruling, as they have decisions allowing slavery or abortion, and predicted that it would spark a national backlash from Christian conservatives. Theyve just disregarded everything that precedent holds, and theyve destroyed the foundation of our country which is family, Mr Roy Moore said. In rural Alabama, Pike County Probate Judge Wes Allen said he would stop issuing all marriage licences to avoid having to give them to gay couples. Mr Allen said Alabama law gives judges the option of granting licences, and I have chosen not to perform that function. Governors in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas also railed against the ruling. And clerks in some of the affected states refused to issue licences, citing a three-week grace period allowed by the Supreme Court or forms now out of date that specify bride and groom. But by yesterday afternoon, couples had received licences in all but one of the 14 states, according to the Human Rights Campaign. In Louisiana, where Republican Governor Bobby Jindal is running for the White House as a conservative Christian, same-sex couples were turned away. It was kind of bittersweet, said Mr Earl Benjamin, who waited with his partner for hours for a licence and was finally told that the states ban on same-sex marriage remained intact for now. In Texas, many counties held off on issuing same-sex marriage licences until receiving guidance from Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, who scolded the Supreme Court but left counties in limbo for hours. Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said yesterday that same-sex marriages cannot take place immediately. But amid the confusion over when weddings should legally begin, three couples received their marriage licences in Hattiesburg, and took their vows on the courthouse steps. Other clerks scrambled to issue licences as gay couples rushed to their offices. In Arkansas, Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane held a hand to his heart after the Supreme Courts ruling. It is a special day, he said, choking up. Im honoured to be a part of it. Ms Jessica Dent and Ms Carolee Taylor got married a few blocks from the courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama. Never thought it would happen in our lifetime, said Ms Taylor. After their ceremony, they returned to the courthouse to file their licence, making them officially married in the conservative state that had fought back against efforts to legalise gay marriage. After a federal judge ruled earlier this year that the states gay marriage ban was unconstitutional, about 500 same-sex couples were married before the Alabama Supreme Court directly ordered probate judges to stop issuing the licences. We waited so long. When it came through, I cant think of a better way to celebrate, the decision and our love, said Ms Dent, walking out of the courthouse holding a sign that said All love is equal. Some Southern politicians said they were concerned about the religious freedom of ministers, cake bakers and others who might be asked to participate in ceremonies. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott issued a memo saying the government should not pressure people to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs. He later clarified that he does not condone discrimination or authorise state agencies to deny benefits to same-sex couples. Mr Jindal also issued a statement vowing to never stop fighting for religious liberty. Marriage between a man and a woman was established by God, and no earthly court can alter that, he wrote. The Supreme Court allows for a 25-day delay while it considers a rehearing. The Louisiana Clerks Association advised clerks to wait until then before issuing licences. In other states, governors, even those who disagree with the ruling, made decisive statements, calling gay marriage the law of the land and instructing their clerks to issue licences right away. Mass marriages were planned in Michigan, Kentucky and Georgia. Minister Danielle Goeckel stood on the steps of the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta yesterday morning holding a sign reading: Yes I will gladly marry you! The fee for her services? Two hugs. In Arkansas, Pulaski County Judge Chris Piazza, who struck down the states gay-marriage ban last year, presided over one of the states first same-sex weddings. I looked at their faces and realized how much this meant to them, Mr Piazza said after marrying two men in his courtroom. Mr Luke Barlowe, one of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case, said hes pleased that their fight will save younger generations of gay people the pain he endured. But still he resents it took nine strangers on the Supreme Court to decide he has the right to love Mr Jimmy Meade, his partner of 47 years. They married in Iowa in 2009, and sued to have their marriage recognised in Kentucky. For decades, they hid their relationship, pretending to be roommates and avoiding public affection. Yesterday, they walked down the sidewalk in downtown Louisville, holding hands. AP http://m.todayonline.com/world/americas/gay-couples-rush-get-married-after-historic-us-supreme-court-ruling I never knew it is so sexicitng for same genders to get married. Sorry to those having a different sexual preference but I just can't imagine one day my son comes home wif another person's son and tell me they are getting married![grin]:omg:
  12. i also wanna send my son t that school to have Kong Hee Huat Cai life~
  13. Dear gurus i have a imap account Gmail, and a singnet account (pop3) in mail app across several iOS devices. whenever i delete an email on my phone, my iPad still gets the same deleted e-mail that i have deleted. so does my mac as well. is there a way to "sync" across this deletion through out the devices that i have?
  14. Dear all Some dumb-ess actually used bleach to try to clean my car. Yes you heard it first here in MCF. Bleach to clean car. Now my paint getting bad to worse, macham like kanna loan shark spray as the affect areas continues to darken. So obvious now. Problem is my car COE til Mar 2016 and I do not want to spend too much on the paint job. Any suggestion or lobang? Many thanks in advance.
  15. Hi all, my friend just purchased a vacuum for $3000 plus, similar to Rainbow / Delphin that kind of machine. But few days ago he google and he saw his $3000 plus machine is being sold at 1600 Turkish lira in Turkey, that's about $1000 sg only. Do you all think these 2 machine are the same from the link, though brand names are different, I see similarity 90%. http://makinecim.com/ilan_106687_CLEANING-ROBOT-Turkey-90-212-352-29-92_en#.U2jJ8sK_mUn http://lura.sg/product-accessories.html
  16. Is this a record ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POtnqaTv5Q4&feature=youtu.be
  17. Good Day All, would like to know if the engine from the same make and model, but different drive are the same and able to inter swap? i'm looking to import a scarp car to replace all my car's wear and tear, however, its a left hand drive unit, i only need the gearbox, and some engine parts of it. please to hear all advises. cheers!
  18. Picnic06-Biante15

    Same Dates & Days Between 1997 & 2014

    Not many notices but 2014 share the same dates & days with 1997 ... Will history repeats itselfs ... Happening in 1997 Asian financial crisis, 1997-1998 The Asian financial crisis started in Thailand with the collapse of the Thai baht in July 1997 and quickly spread to the rest of the region. What began as a currency crisis soon affected the wider economy and led to economic downturns in several countries. Singapore was not directly hit but suffered the spillover effects of the economic slowdown among its regional neighbours and fell into recession in the second half of 1998. Realising that stimulating domestic demand was not a viable option in a downturn caused by external circumstances, the Singapore government implemented various measures to help ease the cost burden on businesses and individuals. Just before the Thai baht collapsed in July 1997, it had been the target of intense speculative attacks. For a while, the Thai government managed to defend the currency, which had been pegged to the United States (US) dollar. However on 2 July 1997, it announced that it would no longer intervene and would allow the baht to float. The sharp depreciation of the baht against the US dollar began that same day. Given its close economic linkages with other Asian countries, Singapore could not escape the effects of the financial crisis facing its regional neighbours despite strong economic fundamentals. Overall, the Singapore economy contracted by 1.4% in 1998 in terms of real gross domestic product (GDP). This was the first decline in real GDP since the 1985 recession and came after an average growth of 14% per annum from 1986 to 1997. The impact on Singapore was indirect but wide-ranging. Many companies went out of business, leaving their workers without a job. To survive, other companies cut cost by retrenching staff, suspending new recruitment and reducing wages. In the last quarter of 1997, 4,280 workers were retrenched, more than three times higher compared to the previous quarter. The situation worsened in 1998, with quarterly retrenchments averaging about 7,300. Company closures and downsizing also translated into lower demand for commercial, industrial and residential properties, which put downward pressure on property prices and rentals. Stock prices fell and this had a negative wealth effect which further weakened consumer sentiment. for more of the report, link : http://infopedia.nl.sg/articles/SIP_1530_2009-06-09.html It all started from Thailand and now Thailand Gov is unstable with peoples still camping outside Gov buildings. Hope this will not repeat again in 2014 ....
  19. Okay here goes, I have a honda stream (2007 model). When I'm driving, everything is smooth. Here's the problem, when at idle or stationary, the car's vibration (slight) is still bearable, but when the aircon compressor kicks in, my RPM would drop to about 600-700 and the entire car would rattle. If it's just a once in awhile thing, I wouldn't mind, but the problem with Honda is that the damn compressor kicks in every other minute. Although it has been like that for quite a while, it hasn't caused any problems but as of late, it has become increasingly irritable and uncomfortable to me. Anyone out there has faced the same problem? Any ideas what might go wrong and how do I go about fixing it? Much thanks.
  20. Bros. This time.. I tio from mata jialat.. sibei jialat. 2 weeks back , I was waiting for relative at Beach road.. in front of the Golden Mile Bus stop. Bo pian.. he missed his flight. Then he had to cab down to catch a coach to Penang. Knn.. I never even see the mata.. now I tio 3 summon letters.. stating I park within a demerit point zone.. when I was was waiting in the car.. jialat lor.. total I tio $360.. and 9 points. You think it's worth to appeal? Because. Really.. 1 is already bad.. 2 is worse. 3.? I can suicide liao.. Pics coming up real soon..
  21. Any bro did that? like owned this model before but end up buy again? exactly the same model, not facelift or all new one, exactly same model. those bought again same model but facelifted or all new can vote. I vote YES I must be mad
  22. Why do we need 3 or 4 categories of COE when they are same? The recent improvised COE cats, all same price, takes a genius to figure that out... The best solution to your traffic problem or the best tweak to the previous coe formula is to have the same coe price for all categories.. [laugh] This to due to the economic law of convergence, where it states that the optimum coe prices must converge for all 4 wheeled motor vehicles in the long run. CAT A Car (1600cc & below) & Taxi [View Past CAT A Results] Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received $62,497 Up $1,468 $81,237 333 993 CAT B Car (Above 1600cc) [View Past CAT B Results] Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received $62,000 Down $5,010 $84,879 310 683 CAT C Goods Vehicle & Bus [View Past CAT C Results] Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received $58,502 Up $2,491 $55,590 225 354 CAT E Open [View Past CAT E Results] Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received $62,000 Down $4,989 - 240 421
  23. stay in singapore complain to singapore govt move to johor also complain to malaysia govt better ask malaysia govt to allow more FTs land bigger can absorb more Some firms put move on hold; M'sian minister says KL will try to resolve the problem Mr Mustapa: The dearth of human capital tops the concerns of Singapore businesses looking to move to the Iskandar region, he said. [sINGAPORE] Businesses that are looking to set up shop in Iskandar Malaysia to escape the tight labour market here may face a similar set of problems across the Causeway - a lack of skilled labour to support their operations. The dearth of human capital tops the concerns of Singapore businesses looking to move to the Iskandar region, said Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed. He was in Singapore yesterday to meet companies looking to expand or relocate there. Mr Mustapa told reporters that he had met with the chairman and 12 board members of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) and separately with six Singapore-owned SMEs yesterday to address concerns they had about moving to Iskandar. "Labour keeps cropping up (in discussions)," said Mr Mustapa. He noted that the companies he spoke to did not have too many issues otherwise but the lack of skilled personnel stood out. He said it was a universal problem. Nevertheless, it is a pressing concern for Singapore SMEs looking to expand there because there is "no point setting up business there if you cannot get people to work", said Chan Chong Beng, president of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) here. However, he said that the shortage of workers in Iskandar is not surprising, considering that Malaysia as a whole is facing a dearth of skilled manpower and even Kuala Lumpur has not been spared. Part of the problem with Iskandar is that a high proportion of the skilled labour in Johor already plies daily to Singapore to work here. "The lack of manpower there is a very important issue as most of the skilled labour nearby is already coming to Singapore to work," explained Douglas Foo, CEO of Sakae Holdings whose plans to move there hinge on this issue being resolved. "We need to convince some of our colleagues (in Singapore) to assist (in reducing their demand of skilled labour here) if we are to move forward with our plans," he added. Mr Chan agreed that the inflow of skilled Malaysian labour into Singapore hampers ASME members' plans to expand into Iskandar. But he said that some SMEs here are exploring ways to overcome this structural problem. "A lot of SMEs here are asking their Malaysian labour here, especially those that travel into Singapore every day, to stay in Johor and work in their operations there instead. In return they are even offering to continue to pay them in Singapore dollars," Mr Chan said. In the interim, SMEs here are even asking their Singapore staff to work in their Iskandar operations, although Mr Chan admits that this will not be a sustainable solution in the long term. Shifting the supply of labour from Singapore to Johor may just add more pressure to the already tight labour market here. And paying workers in Malaysia in Singapore dollars or sending Singapore workers to work there will only increase the cost of labour in Iskandar, which could ultimately erode the cost advantage Iskandar has to offer. According to Mr Mustapa, the Malaysian government recognises the problem and is taking steps to address it. These include working with companies to identify Malaysian university graduates and training them in the required specialised skills. It's not just the SMEs that are worried. Even large companies here, that are looking to Iskandar as a cheaper cost alternative, are hesitating in moving because of the labour shortage, Shankar Iyer, the former chairman of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) told BT. The problem may only worsen as the Iskandar region develops due to the increased demand for labour, especially if infrastructure does not grow adequately. "If you look at Nusajaya and Medini, there are very impressive projects coming up, but the problem is basically manpower in general, not just skilled labour, and part of this is because there is inadequate infrastructure to bring the people in from the rest of Johor," said Mr Iyer, who is chairman and CEO of The Iyer Practice. As Iskandar grows, the rise in SMEs there, both domestic and foreign, will increase the demand for manpower. There are almost 70,000 SMEs registered in Johor now, with 85 per cent of them operating within Iskandar. As at the end of the first quarter of 2013, the cumulative committed investment coming from Singapore into Iskandar Malaysia stood at 6 billion ringgit (S$2.4 billion). According to Ismail Ibrahim, the chief executive of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), out of this amount, as much as 5 billion ringgit of investments into Iskandar are from Singapore manufacturing companies, most of them SMEs.
  24. Is there a thin line in between?? Sales job n business development jobs?? Sale job is just to sell ?? But business development job need more brains??