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Found 13 results

  1. One step forward. Escooter to be banned in footpath. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/e-scooters-banned-footpaths-fines-jail-pcn-bicycles-12060932
  2. latest https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/e-scooter-pmd-16-years-old-pass-theory-test-no-phones-paths-12150670
  3. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/e-scooters-banned-footpaths-fines-jail-pcn-bicycles-12060932 BANNED!!! wow quite drastic....
  4. Good news or bad news? Your views? Cyclists and users of personal mobility devices (PMDs) such as e-scooters will soon have to adhere to a lower speed limit when travelling on footpaths, after the Government accepted an advisory panel’s recommendations. Starting early 2019, the current 15kmh speed limit on footpaths for PMDs and bicycles will be brought down to 10kmh. The lower speed will give PMD users, cyclists and pedestrians enough time to react to each other in unforeseen circumstances, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) said on Tuesday (Sep 4). “All riders must continue to give way to pedestrians and slow down when approaching crowded areas or blind spots. Riders should also exercise caution when overtaking other path users,” the ministry said in a press release. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/e-scooters-bicycles-speed-limit-footpaths-cut-to-10kmh-pmds-10682204
  5. kobayashiGT

    Do you think mobile devices ruin love?

    Having saw this post at Stomp. Was wondering if anybody have any experiences wanna share?
  6. Dear gurus i have a imap account Gmail, and a singnet account (pop3) in mail app across several iOS devices. whenever i delete an email on my phone, my iPad still gets the same deleted e-mail that i have deleted. so does my mac as well. is there a way to "sync" across this deletion through out the devices that i have?
  7. dear all, i am currently looking for some form of retail anti-theft devices and now doing a search for the best and economical way. Some fashion shops have a white plastic alarm tag on the clothings and the alarm at the door will trigger..is this expensive system ? and not sure if surveillance security cameras are sufficient to deter ?? any retail experts can advise...main objective is to prevent shop lifting and pilferage. anyone knows who can i consult or supplier to look for ? do i approach security company or any supplier with expertise...hope kind souls can point me in the right direction.
  8. My car has no cigarrete lighter. So how do i power or charge my GPS and other devices?
  9. Ahtong

    Pointless car devices

    By pointless, I mean ..... 1 - No improvement to car's performance, functionality or looks 2 - Claims to do something but doesn't 3 - Marginal difference but not worth the investment or effort 4 - Sounds like a good idea on paper but sucks in real life The car device can be factory fitted or aftermarket One really silly one I encountered is an automatic belt tightener in conti cars. It gives the passengers an abrupt jerk everytime they fasten up. (1&4) Voltage stabilizers are imo something cars can live happily with or without (1,2 or 3) Bodykits and spoilers are subjective cases (1 or 3)
  10. Ever since Nokia introduced AGPS in their latest devices (N95-8GB, N82 and N95 through firmware update), I find myself using my Garmin Nuvi less and less. These latest batch of phones with built-in GPS provide almost the same effectiveness in terms of navigation as SIRF III devices. Here's a video comparison between actual usage of my Garmin Nuvi 610 and Nokia N82 GPS: http://meandmyphones.blogspot.com/2007/11/...armin-nuvi.html I find AGPS consistently getting faster satellite fixes than my Garmin, give instructions that are just as clear and concise and maps that are very decent. Considering the fact that a Nokia N82 costs less than a Garmin Nuvi, and that an N82 can do a lot more stuff than a Garmin Nuvi, I'm not sure if standalone GPS devices are relevant anymore. I think most of you will agree that now, more than ever, phones that embrace convergent technology are getting really good. These are exciting times...
  11. jus curious.. how many devices can you install in your car before maxing it out in terms of power output? eg. gps receiver pda mp3 player fm transmitter dvd player lcd in addition to the standard ice, radio, air con in the car? and if it maxes out, will a battery upgrade do?
  12. Hi, anyone have contacts to repair electronics devices e.g. walkie talkie?
  13. Loosecannon

    Fuel saving devices ...

    hi all: here's a article on fuel saving devices , go right to the bottom .... happy reading http://www.chris-longhurst.com/carbibles/f...gine_bible.html