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Found 101 results

  1. I don't know why the carpark carrier came down and didn't detect my car when I was going into my condo. Usually, it won't even come down when I follow closely behind the car in front and it did and I stopped and then it knocked my bonnet. Now has 2 small dent caused by metal and scratch somemore. Heart pain coz new car. Where can I get these fixed without forking out too much? This is a SUBARU Forester. It's such a small damaged, like 2 dots but have to fix coz scratched. Can someone advise? Boohoo... Took car from hubby for 1 day and kena this. Am I sway or what? Or rather, is he sway or what...
  2. wlalala

    Scratched bonnet

    Bonnet got scratched and small dent too Is quite deep This scratch is about 1 feet long If go for respray, will cost how much? If want the colour to be accurate, only can do at AD?
  3. "Car-loving creature trying to "monitor" engine problems from the inside" No tall 'tail': Large lizard found under car bonnet A video of men trying to yank a monitor lizard from one man's car engine has gone viral. The driver, Thum Wai Loong, shared with Channel NewsAsia, his close encounter with the scaly kind. Screengrab from a video of a monitor lizard stuck in a car bonnet (Image: Thum Wai Loong's Facebook page) PENANG: He left for a short business trip, and when he returned, found a nasty surprise in his car - a monitor lizard, wedged in the bonnet. Mr Thum Wai Loong, a Malaysian, posted a video of his scaly find on Facebook, and it has since gone viral, with over 6,500 likes as of Tuesday (Sep 9). The Assistant Sales Manager for Winston Engineering Corporation told Channel NewsAsia he had a business appointment on the island of Langkawi on Sep 3, and so drove from Penang where he lives, to Kuala Kedah Jetty. "I parked my car at an open car park exactly in front of the jetty entrance and boarded the ferry. I stayed one night and came back the next day (Sep 4) at about 2:30pm." The first sign of trouble came about five minutes after he drove off. "After passing two traffic lights, I heard a short tapping sound coming from the engine area," he related. He stopped by the roadside, and popped the bonnet open to check - then came the "surprise", he said. Mr Thum said he let go of the bonnet and stepped away as a natural reflex. "I could only see a big fat tail slithering. I didn't see the whole lizard." He called a friend for help, who in turn contacted RELA Corps - a volunteer community service group. Despite much tugging by two men, the reptile stayed stubbornly inside the hood. "The whole process took about 10 minutes. They couldn't pull it out, so finally they let go and it crawled underneath the car and quickly went into a big drain just beside the car," Mr Thum said. It moved so fast, he was unable to get a clear shot, but he estimated the lizard to be around 1.5 metres. "The tail itself was 2.5 feet (70 cm)." No word on how the lizard came to be in the bonnet, and where it slithered off to. However, netizens had a field day cracking jokes about the car-loving creature, with some saying it was simply trying to "monitor" engine problems from the inside. - CNA/ly (Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/no-tall-tail-large-lizard/1354148.html )
  4. Anybody needs new gas springs for their car's bonnet or boot? It is the lift supports that assists you in lifting the heavy covers of the cars when opening them. If you have furniture system that uses such lift supports and in need of change, I can assist with the change as well. Currently, I'm looking for others who needs such replacements to share shipping for the gas springs. I've have a supplier that sell these gas springs at very reasonable prices with limited lifetime warranty.
  5. Toeyritztt

    CF Bonnet for A159..group order...

    Few 159ers hv voiced their interests in getting CF bonnets....I've been looking at them too, but to bulk order needs a minimum. To custom-made will also need a minimum order, but at a cheaper rate. So, before we all get excited...I'll need the names of owners whom may be keen. We're possibly looking at about $900-$1k per bonnet, with a minimum order of 8pcs...so we shall see.... ;p 1. Toey 2. Hanzo 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  6. To fellow bros, anyone have any recommendations to install bonnet for toyota altis 08 make? tomyaaaaam
  7. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today, we're gathered here to watch a lesson carefully by Audi regarding the magic hidden atop the powerful engine of our cars. Right, it's the bonnet and it's very kind of Audi to teach us how to open it! Well, as a matter of fact, the German automaker is even more kind to also teach us how to close the bonnet again properly. This is to enable us to keep our cars in excellent condition, at least that's what the company claims. Well, it seems that we can go through an awful lot of pages just to figure out the proper ways of opening and closing the bonnet but no, don't worry, we aren't going to do that. However, I have to admit that sometimes automakers place bonnet releasing switches at pretty strange and unexpected places, especially when it comes to super cars. Thanks to that, some drivers end up making a fool of themselves for not knowing where to find the right switch for popping up the hood, especially when their car is still brand new. Well, for now, I guess we're better off watching this video carefully, especially if any of us owns an Audi and let's not make a fool of ourselves as well, shall we?
  8. Isn't it harder fr heat to disperse ?
  9. This car obviously is a Old Russian Lada Model, be it new and old cars engines, overheating can happen with least expected mishap. A car mechanic told me that latest Honda Accord has a automatic safety-cut-off to prevent serious damages during engine overheating, any Mcfer here to share these good-to-be-safe useful design in other car models and engines as well ? The dashcam video captured the Lada car explosion(@0:20) in a slow moving traffic jam, fellows regular mcf drivers are reminded to excercise cautions to open bonnet during engine overheats caught in massive jam on our expressway as well as in woodlands causeway.
  10. Does anyone know where to get the black coloured front lip as per the pic? And also where i can customize my bonnet like that
  11. Anyone had experience with having their car hood repaired before? Kissed the rear of a Proton Wira just now. His rear boot and bumper caved in. Haizz... Ganna claimed big time liao.. My front bumber took the brunt of it, but was generally ok. The bumper ends popped out slighly, so now not exactly flushed with sides now. The right side of my front hood looks like a dog showing its teeth one side. Can hood be repaired? Quite sure my NCD will be heavily reduced or wiped out since the other party will claimed against me. I think easily 5K - 8k (change bumper, boot, reverse sensor, wiring, check, spray painting, etc) and maybe more. Was wondering should I just claim my insurance for my own repairs, or just use my own money to make sure that my next year premium will not shoot up high? Some friends told me to claim from insurance for my own repairs since i will my lose NCD anyway once the other party claim against me. My repair fees does not make much difference anyway. Others mentioned that I shoudl mitigate against a high premium next year by minimizing the total expenses incurred by insurance. Any advice?
  12. Versatile

    Maintaining CF Bonnet

    Hi Bros, As per the title subject, how can i ensured that my CF bonnet will retain it's glossy look and also all lines & marks removed? Any polishing lotion will do the work? Or must i use specified polishing brand? A non-abrasive polisher? Or Wax instead of polish? Any wax-ing brand will do? I want to make sure that the polish lotion use doesn't "eat" into the protective laminate of the CF.
  13. Versatile

    CF Bonnet Question

    Hi Bros, What's the diff between bonnet that comes with undertray and some without undertray? With undertray, does that mean that airflow will be block from the air vent but water wont slip thru into enginebay? Without undertray, does that mean that airflow won't be block from air vent but risk of water slipping thru into the enginebay is higher? How to i ensured and prevent water from slipping thru into the engine bay and also at the same time allowing air from flowing from the airvent? I understand that some CF bonnet comes with water tray too.. Can someone enlighten me? I'm actually looking at this CF bonnet. http://www.nengun.com/monster/air-outlet-carbon-hood
  14. Hi, may i know where and how much to wrap the bonnet? tks
  15. Any Bros know where and how to solve the bonnet hydraulic faulty. When I open the bonnet, it just don't hold for 3 sec and dropped. Any advice?
  16. hi all, pls pm me . Thank u :) Jerry here.
  17. My car now in the ws for some small problems. my mech asked if i want to change to Aluminium bonnet from the current CF. should i do it?
  18. Deadly stunt: Motorist drives on PIE with bonnet open STOMPer Karen was surprised to see this motorist driving with the bonnet open on the expressway. The STOMPer wrote: "My husband was driving behind this car and we thought, why is there a big blue thing in front of the car? "To our surprise, the driver was driving with an open bonnet along the highway. "This is so dangerous!" She added in a phone conversation: "This happened last Saturday (Feb 19). "The car was travelling quite fast on Lane 2 of the PIE just after the Stevens Road, towards Changi Airport. "It was missing its front number plate. "We think that the car might have been involved in an accident and the bonnet couldn't be closed "The owner probably didn't want to get a tow truck.
  19. 10 mins ago i came back from a work shop. I saw the workshop guy instead of "slam" close my bonnet, he press it down to close my bonnet in lock position. AND THEN WTF SMLJ MY NEW BONNET NOW GOT 3 dents at the area he press. Who experience this?! or is it just my bonnet material is too "soft" ?! :angry: And these s--t make me lose my sleep.
  20. was quoted by CS $150. using STP. worth it? or can some bros recommend me something better?
  21. Sky_vinz

    Bonnet and headlight protectors

    Any opinions on bonnet and headlight protectors while travelling on North South Highway? Are they useful? Read thru some online reviews. Some mentioned the bonnet protector is useful, but only to a certain extent as it can only protect that small front portion. Stones deflected may be directed towards the windscreen. And the clips may scratch/damage the bonnet's paint. As for the headlight, is it tough enough to withstand hits from flying stones? Or is a protector necessary?
  22. any 1 have lobang to buy used SSS CF bonnet LTA approved and 4 pot brake kit...can send me a message with pic thks in advance...
  23. Unclebond

    Bonnet wrap

    Anyone got good lobang for bonnet wrap. So far most of them are charging $160 for medium sedan. Better deal??Cheer
  24. YellowDog

    Carbon Fibre Bonnet

    Hello good brothers... I thinking of change my original bonet to Carbon fibre one... but then I hear that it is not lasting and may flight up suddenly when you are speeding... So need some advise from good brothers here if that is true?? Anyway I play to buy those genuine CF one.. with the backbone.. So should be safe hor?? some of my friends say after 3 years plus, the bonnet catch will crack and means dangerous to use or must change liao?? Any bros can advise on that?? I dun wanna end up spending money, they the CF bonnet can only use 2 to 3 years.. like bo hua leh like that sia!! Thank you thank you bros...
  25. May i know how much am i expected to pay to respray my bonnet? any good workshop to recommend? thanks.