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Found 27 results

  1. Someone in Argentina chose to park his or her car in the wrong spot and was taught a lesson by the Supermarket's employees. As reported by Fox News, the driver of a silver Peugeot 208 decided to park the small French hatchback in an area where shopping trolleys are stored. To get back at the driver for causing much inconvenience, the employees decided to surround the Peugeot with dozens of shopping carts so it couldn’t get out. Images of the hilarious scene were shared online by facebook user Arnold Angelini who was took the photos after catching a movie in the shopping center at around 11pm . He wrote in Spanish, throwing his support behind the supermarket employees. The post went viral on Facebook and since its posting one week ago, more than 6,900 users have shared it
  2. Hi guys, am planning to attend some courses while clearing my leaves from work next month. one of the few i planning to take is security courses. i think this is one of the few trades in our current market that is in high demanding for standard and manpower and of course recession proof. Anyone here can share how the procedure works? where should i register myself for the courses? thanks in advance!
  3. Recently been doing appraisals for my guys and this question came up. People always like to ask why i promote this guy and not them. caused quite a bit of unhappiness. i guess it's quite normal. Then i came across this article. found it a very good read. hopefully it will help you guys in your career moving forward. Food for thought on a weekend!
  4. I would like to share my Car Rental Experience overseas here so you guys will manage the situation better than me when you go for your holiday. Earlier this month, i hired a car with a reputable international car rental company for my Gold Coast holiday for 7 days. I picked up the vehicle from brisbane airport and returned it 7 days later after filling up at the airport back to full, when i returned the keys to the airport counter, i was told their system was down and they couldnt print a receipt for me. I asked if they needed the petrol receipt and they also mentioned it was not required as, if the petrol was not full they will billed it my credit card. I was abit late for my flight because i was stuck in the dreadful M1 highway along with the city bound brisbane traffic on a weekday morning despite leaving my hotel 4 hrs earlier, i decided to practice some trust and just leave it as such. As with our common practice of returning the hotel or rental car via keydrop. Guess you would have guessed by now my credit bill now came with some funny charges, the Singapore office told me the extra charges were due to 1) The car was returned 3 days earlier, so they would charge me more because i only used the cars for 4 days instead of the 7 days. My actual usage aside, this really takes the cake, coming from the business standpoint, if i booked the car for 7 days and PAID for 7 days, by returning on the 4th day, it is to the car rental company advantage because they could have made extra money by leasing out for the 3 days already paid by me. Effectively they are telling me, a 4 days rental will cost MORE than a 7 day rental (not daily rate hor) but the total bill. 2) The car was not returned with a full tank of petrol. i scrutinized the receipt and found another shocking fact, i signed out the car at 18k mileage and returned at 19k mileage. The invoice generated shows i signed out the car at 19k mileage and returned it at 28k mileage. I wrote back n highlighted all the irregularity challenging them what kind of penalty is being imposed on returning the car 3days earlier when it was paid in FULL. 2ndly, i emailed in my petrol receipt showing it was refilled at the airport. 3rd, the mileage in their record was grossly wrong as it was nearly impossible i would have travelled 9700km in 7 days or by right as they claimed 4 days which will worked out to 1300km per day or 2400km per day respectively. While i am sure some of you folks will be able to do that on a GOR, i merely took day trips out as i have my folks with me. My hotel should have my records and my car being parked overnight in the garage as i have a private parking lot accessible by key card only in the hotel. i received a call later from the singapore manager asking me to confirm whether did i actually use the car for 4 days or 7 days because the petrol receipt showed me pumping on the 7th day (DUH). I will not name the company now because its still being investigated, but if they are really behaving in such way, the name will be big big in the coming days to come. Some references for you folks next. 1) Please do a proper handover when you return the car, try not to use the key drop service. Have a personnel inspect the car and the petrol and generate you a proper receipt with the proper mileage ESPECIALLY if your rental has mileage limitations. It was fortunate mine was unlimited mileage. 2) If you are in my case, late for flight, system down and all the bollocks or if die die need to use a keydrop because ur flight is red eye, take a picture of the petrol receipt beside the odometer/ petrol gauge showing the mileage with date/time if possible with the airport in the background. i was lucky i kept the petrol receipt. Let me know what you guys think and if you guys know the consumer authority in Queensland, it would be helpful as well. Have a good friday ahead.
  5. Little_prince

    Naomi neo and her breast lesson to guys

    "Guys, just so you know our boob sizes differ with the kind of bras we wear. Get over it that our boobs don't look the same all the time. Just bcos it's diff, it doesn't mean it's fake. Stop being so ignorant. Thanks." Her real teeny. interesting trivial : NAOMI spelled backwards is ''I MOAN''
  6. Lesson 101 for Driver. The spark plug's location exposes it to extreme temperature variations, chemicals, fuels and oils. It is also attacked by cylinder pressures produced by the piston and cam timing, then it is also assaulted by high-output ignition units. As a result of all of this, one can effectively learn what the engine is doing by reading the firing end of the spark plugs. By careful examination of the plug's color, gap, and any deposits that reside on it, you will be shown the efficiencies as well as deficiencies of what is going on in the engine. Spark plugs should be checked at least yearly, and replaced as often as necessary. In most cases you can follow the manufacturers recommendations for replacement intervals. How a Spark Plug Works: The basics of a spark plug is that it must perform two primary functions. To Ignite the Air/Fuel mixture To REMOVE the heat out of the combustion chamber Spark plugs transmit electrical energy that turns fuel into working energy. A sufficient amount of voltage must be supplied by the ignition system to cause the spark to jump the across the spark plug gap, thus creating what is called Electrical Performance. Additionally, the temperature of the spark plug's firing end must be kept low enough to prevent pre-ignition, but high enough to prevent fouling. This is called Thermal Performance and is determined by the heat range of the spark plug. It is important to understand that spark plugs CANNOT create heat, only remove it! The spark plug works as a heat exchanger, pulling unwanted thermal energy away from the combustion chamber and transferring the heat to the engine's cooling system. The heat range is defined as a plug's ability to dissipate heat. The rate of heat is determined by: The insulator nose length Gas volume around the insulator nose Materials and/or construction of the center electrode and porcelain insulator Now to the actual function: As the Ignition is triggered it sends the spark through the rotor, to the cap, down the wire and then it jumps the gap of the spark plug, a spark kernel is created that ignites the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Proper timing of this spark is not the only concern as described above. You must have the proper heat range as well as the correct gap. Opening The Plug Gap: On weaker or stock ignitions, opening up the gap CAN increase the spark kernel size, thereby creating a more efficient burn. The problem lies in that any added gap creates more strain on the other ignition parts. Coils may not have enough stored energy to fire, or in the least case, not enough energy to cross the gap, creating a miss-fire. Plug wires will break down due to the added resistance as the spark tries to reach ground. Rotor and Cap, as well as points (if you still have an interest in prehistoric ignitions), and the carbon bushing in the center of the distributor cap will show early failures. All of this is because the greater the gap and the higher the voltage requirement to jump the gap. Do not forget the gap between the rotor arm to the distributor cap too. A high performance rotor is a bit longer at the tip, allowing less spark loss or chance of spark scatter in the cap as the spark attempts to jump the plug gap. It is also possible to slow down a car if the gap is too big. Spark Plug Heat Range: A spark plug's heat range has no relationship on the actual voltage transferred through the spark plug. Rather, the heat range is a measure of the spark plug's ability to remove heat from the combustion chamber. The heat range measurement is determined by several factors: The length of the ceramic center insulator nose The insulator nose's ability to absorb and transfer combustion heat The material composition of the insulator The material composition of the center electrode The longer the insulator nose gives you a larger surface area exposed to combustion gasses and heat is dissipated slowly. This also means the firing end heats up more quickly. We are talking about exposed ceramic length, not extended tip length. The insulator nose length is the distance from the firing tip of the insulator to the point where the insulator meets the metal shell. Since the insulator tip is the hottest part of the spark plug, the tip temperature is a primary factor in pre-ignition and fouling.The spark plug tip temperature must remain between 450
  7. Uniquely China, this is how their dad lecture their son.
  8. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today, we're gathered here to watch a lesson carefully by Audi regarding the magic hidden atop the powerful engine of our cars. Right, it's the bonnet and it's very kind of Audi to teach us how to open it! Well, as a matter of fact, the German automaker is even more kind to also teach us how to close the bonnet again properly. This is to enable us to keep our cars in excellent condition, at least that's what the company claims. Well, it seems that we can go through an awful lot of pages just to figure out the proper ways of opening and closing the bonnet but no, don't worry, we aren't going to do that. However, I have to admit that sometimes automakers place bonnet releasing switches at pretty strange and unexpected places, especially when it comes to super cars. Thanks to that, some drivers end up making a fool of themselves for not knowing where to find the right switch for popping up the hood, especially when their car is still brand new. Well, for now, I guess we're better off watching this video carefully, especially if any of us owns an Audi and let's not make a fool of ourselves as well, shall we?
  9. does anyone have good school/coach to recommend in the East side? how young should one make their kids learn swimming. My boy just turn 3, too early?
  10. Maybe our teachers here should get a lesson too from Jeff,
  11. Wonder anybody experience the following..........I was too shocked for words. My 5 years old gal was enrolled with "Berries" & " I Can Read" for pte lesson for some time. Last week, junior fell sick and was given MC by KKH due to Viral fever and hence missed a lesson form both of the above institution......then the shock came....both ctr said they dun do refund but will make up class....."I Can Read" said they will make up 1/2 hr (normal lesson 1.5hrs).....I was like :wacko:, I ask thme what then happen to the 1 hr.....they said is their rules. The more shocking came...."Berries" said they will make up.....15mins (normal lesson 1hr 45mins)........I more :blink:, what then happens to the 1hr 30mins....again rules...wow my blood really boils.........meaning the kids can't fall sick and each time they sick the ctr gonna benefit from 1hr to 1.5hrs, what more kids fall sick easily..... Are they regulated by MOE....or sukar sukar set rules?????? Feell like asking our Minister via his FB is there anything to do about this??? (already did shared on his FB)
  12. Eastsidex

    Where have cake baking lesson?

    Hi bro and sis out there, I'm looking for courses for cake baking-birthday cakes. Do you happen to know where has cake baking courses that I can go for? I need to master how to bake different cakes by december. If you happen to know one , please leave the contacts and name of the place. and idealy how much it will cost. Thanks in adv! P/S: I already called all the CC(community centres) in sg, they do not have the courses I wanted to enter.
  13. Will the owner of the cargo claim back his property? Hard to tell if cargo vehicle along lane 1, or victim swerved car, or authorities towed car to lane 1. Accident probably involved black scooter? Rider in brown being questioned...
  14. Tjkbeluga

    Saxophone lesson...

    Hi guys, thinking of picking up saxophone lessons. Any guys any experience or recommendation for a good instructor? I'm a left hander. Any problem to that? Any relevant input is appreciated. Thanks....
  15. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22751899-23109,00.html
  16. One of my friend got into an accident with a cab yesterday Cab was stopping along a single way, dropping his passengers along the driveway of a condo's carpark. As the driveway is wide enough for 2 cars to pass through without difficulties, my friend drove pass the cab when the cabbie suddenly open his door & wanked onto the front fender of her ride The incident was witnessed by the security guards as well as taken down by the security camera of the premises but the cabbie dunno According to her, cabbie came out of the ride looking quite apologistic and offer to settle the repair privately Both exchanged their phones and proceed to the agent to check out the price. Halfway there, cabbie changed his mind and informed my friend that he wants to claim insurance instead. Both drove into a petrol kiosk to 'Talk' In the petrol kiosk, cabbie changed his face & started to KPKB and said that my friend, got no licence (Cos my friend do not want to hand over hers as cabbie refuse to give her his particulars) & had knocked into his cab instead As friend was not much into this insurance claim thingy, she called me up. After talking with her, i know that this cabbie now wanna play punk Told her to wait for me while i zoom down. However, i still told her to try to write a black & white which indicate that the cabbie is at fault & let that cabbie signed (Though i know that chances are zero but nevertheless we still give it a try ) Cabbie of course refused and continued KPKB-ing. Then i told her to get the photos of her damaged portion plus the cabbie's ride with his licence plate number and also contact her security department for the witness thingy Dunno if it is Tee Gong got eyes but at the petrol kiosk while the cabbie was KPKB-ing pretty loudly at her, one of her cousin was there doing re-filling & went to her help. Cabbie on seeing that a Tar Por is around then tone down his tone & attitude As the necessary thingy have all been taken down, both left the petrol kiosk. However, before leaving, cabbie said that he will report his 'Story' to the insurance company But my friend told cabbie, whatever story which he is going to make up would be useless because the security camera & security guards had truly witness the whole incident. The cabbie's face At the agent's accident claim dept, the people there was helpful and with all the details plus witness, the claim is said to be able to proceed without affecting her NCD My friend called me up while i was halfway reaching that things had already been settle else i will sure make him remember my Deceipticon face for the rest of his life This is to teach us that it is this type of fxcking cabbie that made a bad name for the whole cabbie industry
  17. the recent case of rich tai tai slapping stewardess has made mi realize 1 imp lesson. botox n face lift may onli works on ppl in early 50s n not e late 50s. the tight looking face makes one loook like smiling all e time while u actually is not smiling at all
  18. Chickenfarm

    Brain Teaser - England lesson

    'Two individuals proceeded towards the apex of a natural geologic protuberance, the purpose of their expedition being the procurement of a sample of fluid hydride of oxygen in a large vessel, the exact size of which was unspecified. 'One member of the team precipitously descended, sustaining severe damage to the upper cranial portion of his anatomical structure; subsequently, the second member of the team performed self-rotational translation, orientated in the same direction taken by the first team member.' ANY GUESSES WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT?
  19. First off...need to clarify that this is indeed my own fault...but it does help me to realised this mystery...the car park attendants do work even when it rains! Was at Indoor Stadium last Tue for the Disney on ice show...as you all recall...it was raining the whole day...I displayed 1hr coupon and was surprised to see i was serve my "paper" when I came back...totally wet piece of summon... Always thought that when it rains...we can have a breather...but now I was proven otherwise...either that or they are now super "ON" since privatised!
  20. Found the following post written by someone in a forum.... quite thought provoking... comments? This is how the cookie crumbles. Please read it carefully. Let
  21. Rules No. 1 in Management Lesson : "Never Starts a Project Unless All Resources Are Available"
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3xoRQd0dLk...related&search= Jeremy Clarkson said the Lada cannot accelerate beyong 25 miles per hour. I think he shd simply use =his brains and just upshift to the next higher gear. Towards the end, he said "Let that be a lesson to car makers everywhere". When will Jeremy lay his hands on Chery & Geely? ... and Thai assembled Toyotas soon?
  23. http://theoildrop.server101.com/...t_topic;f=3;t=002298 The above link goes to a discussion on some guy's 383 CID (cubic inch displacement) engine with Royal Purple Racing 21. Now the gist of this discussion is not the RP Racing 51 oil. In other reports in the forum, people have nothing but praise for it. The crunch is that this poor fellow used this snake oil called "Prolong" with the oil. Seems like Prolong only prolong engine agony. There is a link to the virgin analysis of Prolong in the discussion. It is filled with crap. Be informed.