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  1. Dweller

    Lighting Strikes Our Merlion : GOOD or BAD Sign .....

    The last time they shifted this icon.....we HAD the RECESSION. Now, years later...HIT by lightning....."BAD SIGN" of course.
  2. I just got my tires changed. 4 tires at 1 GO....type ContiPremiumContact 2 Tires & brakes are very important. IT may save your LIFE 1 day....so read this before you change your next set of tires. DON'T ALWAYS GO FOR CHEAP...YOU LIFE IS WORTH MUCH MORE.
  3. Dweller

    Hougang vandal caught..

    If That mother FXXXER see u spray paint..he will scratch it again for sure..make u 2 lan.
  4. Dweller

    Hougang vandal caught..

    Wah liao.....my car was scratch 2 time. First time I went to spray paint...the second time sratch even longer at the same spot. After that I don't bother to even repair..just touch up paint. Anyway, If i caught him..i'll break his hand.
  5. In M'sia, from top to lowest..corruption is going on. TP ask for money from me b4. so do u think the top don't?
  6. This is basically a scam to jam up the road further. With this they will introduce ERP at that place of very soon. I've heard they are doing testing of GPRS fittted in cars. So in future, you might be charge once leave your car park U will be charge. More new tax & ways to collect more money for the government piggy bank. See wat happen to ECP. With less then 3 months since they increase 50 cents. Now they increase another 50 cents. Who is really doing the checking?? They increase cost @ ERP, Jam other road then intro few more grantry.
  7. I wait to hear or read from news paper that the car with decal scratch,screen or window broken. Must wait for 1 crazy fellow who is very Too L*N with the police. so better dont stick anything. Maybe you should change ur lic plate to QX.... Then sure won't kena fine.
  8. Dweller

    VW Passat & Polo made in China

    You never know who will be knocking next door. Mr Stu*d M rejected VM offer. Now VW fighting with GM built in M'sia. Proton is losing hell lot of money. Maybe we will get the car from m'sia in future. That I think will be even cheaper.
  9. I know....usless ppl at CASE anyway. They do nothing but talk. Can't shoot his MASTER foot can he???? & most likely he will be out of the job. Sing together..same old song The MASTER is only concern abt how much money they can suck from us. Time to collect more money, since they have given Sing-Ka_Po ppl money as sweet. NOW the TOOTH is decay..time to pull out our TOOTH.
  10. Well the MASTER is the supporter of the cartel of course. I yet to see CASE coming out to say something. Talk many many....that's the usual. Do nothing.
  11. Well, every year is the same thing in singapore. Petrol price will go up but never come down. Up 3 cents down 1 cent. The cartel is earning big money every year. They paid big bonus to their staff, so must collect more money back from consumer. Where is the CASE???? They only talk many many. Ask ppl to join member & don't know if they have increase joining fees since everything will be GOING UP SOON. Paper tiger with no tooth. GROWLLLLL MORE..U will see them commenting very soon in STRAITS TIMES about consumer rights & cartel not reducing price. Reduce petrol price means less GST.....................
  12. Just return from shanghai...Found so many Passat & Polo used by the Police, resident & of course the TAXI company. VW made in shanghai is so cheap. Saw the police also using passat 1.8T & the V6 engine.
  13. Dweller

    How to get rid of the new car smell?

    Go Geylang..buy D24 durian..leave in car for few hrs..wah lah. No more new car smell.
  14. Dweller

    Another Error On Car show Brochures

    I think all of us can be salesman. Seems that we know more about our skoda then the stup*d CA. How to sell a car when u don't even know wats its call.
  15. Dweller

    Parking Idiot / Parking Fail / Anyhow Park...

    This topic getting much interesting. We are reaching to the topic of politics. Ang Mo getting more chiem...I have to get my dict or Thesaurus to find meaning. Free English lesson for ALL. sori sometime my spelling no gd