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Found 53 results

  1. Hi guys, am planning to attend some courses while clearing my leaves from work next month. one of the few i planning to take is security courses. i think this is one of the few trades in our current market that is in high demanding for standard and manpower and of course recession proof. Anyone here can share how the procedure works? where should i register myself for the courses? thanks in advance!
  2. Sdf4786k

    Skills development fund

    as an old man, I am keen to re skill and re learn to be prepared for the possible disruption in my job. Anyone here have taken the opportunity the govt has provided in terms of Cybersecurity and is there a list of the organisation that is keen to soak up the graduate after taking the course?
  3. Last weekend I visited a Success Resources seminar with Robert Kiyosaki as the main speaker. I was wondering why these rich gurus like peng joon or Sandy JadeJe will wanna teach their secrets to others. supposedly secrets that can easily earn thousands every day or so. I am trying to be more positive and think of good reasons. i admit i am not those super selfless generous guys. I have my ways of trading and earning a good profit month to month, but I don't think I will openly share. i earned it the hard way and i don't dare to be responsible if someone learns and lose money. I have my ecommerce business that my company and I are working hard, but all these are like hardearned secrets we built up. Am I the odd one out? Or maybe coz I am not rich enough to be openly generous? I know this forex trader, he just opened his corporate office in marina bay, a nice trading floor. i put my money with him for 3 years, earning 3% per month and happy with it. so when he corporatised and planning to register with MAS for private fund, i ask him if he would be able to teach me more on forex, i don't mind paying to learn. this is a multi millionaire trader and he told me "sorry pal, i won't teach anyone.." i mean, that makes complete sense. i don't blame him for keeping his trading skills private. i just don't get it why so many gurus teaching their skills and knowledge for barely $2000 SGD (most of the courses at Success Resources are abt $1998 SGD) its so little. say one course has abt 100 particpates, thats $200,000 minus all the commission (credit card fees, payment for room, payment to Success Resources) maybe you get back only $120,000 or so? isn't that very little considering the skill sets they have can net them hundreds of thousands monthly easily? Why add competitors to their fields? i like to think they are nice generous people who really want to help the world, but i have this feeling I am the naive guy. just feel sad that so many people sign up, not sure how many will truly benefit from it.
  4. Madarmour

    Defensive Driving Course

    This is a re-posting. You may have missed the last one....... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys, AROC-SG is organising a Defensive driving course conducted by Harvey Yap and is opening the invitation to MCF forumners. Theory: 9/11/02 (Sat) at Massa Auto in Teban Gardens. Practical: 11/11/02 at Pasir Gudang. Cost: S$270 (There may be a reduction if the group is bigger) I think lunch and tea is provided on the practical day and there's a free track session at the end of the day. Those interested, please indicate your name and e-mail. I'll get the AROC-SG comittee in charge of the event to contact you. However, you can forward me with your queries and I'll try my best to answer them. Please note that all the proceeds will go to Harvey Yap Advanced Driving School and AROC-SG is not financially benefitting from this. Thanks and have fun! Those interested in attending the course: 1) 2) 3) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers!
  5. Joseph22

    Keyboard warrior upgrading course

    WAH Swee... now government also giving us keyboard warrior upgrading course. We can argue better after the course. Who want to join.
  6. Hi, read Sunday times today. This guy called Ronald K supposedly "mastered" the way how to make big bucks from trading. Anyone knows him or went for his course?
  7. Hi Forumers, Any good and economical instructor for refresher course? Thanz.
  8. Hi everyone My one-year driving suspension is ending in 2 week time. I have called a driving centre to make enquiry on retaking my class 3 licence. I was told that I have to start all over again from zero from eyes test, basic theory onward. Also, I could not enrol for any lesson or book for any test date now; must wait till after revocation period. The centre got express course for people like me. The package includes 6 driving lessons and 1 test date. Need advice & tips here. What are the alternatives available for me besides the driving centre package? Any other useful information for me in my journey to regain my licence will be deeply appreciated. Thank you. Stanley
  9. Vega

    Ranger course

    Wonder ours is tougher or the US version? Anyone gone to SAF ranger course care to comment?
  10. Recommended schools for the following courses: - Adobe Photoshop - Graphic Design Either crash course (certificate) or diploma. Inputs appreciated. TYIA.
  11. StreetFight3r

    Defensive Driving Course

    not sure if this topic has been posted before... tried searching, found none...anyone went for this course before? or interested to go? http://www.defensivedriving.sg/index.html Friend of mine roped me in to join but it's $249 per pax (not say very cheap)... On their website it says Car Club Members at $199. MCF considered Car Club Members?? Syllabus: Proper Seating Position (for Normal and Racing Seats) Steering Techniques (for Low and High Speed Driving) Braking Techniques (for ABS and Non-ABS Equipped Cars) Skid Recovery Techniques (for Understeer and Oversteer) Collision Avoidance Techniques (Brake and Steer) Wet Weather Driving Techniques (for Aquaplaning Prevention) Evasive Driving Techniques (Forward 180 and Reverse 180) hope to hear from the bros who went before.. whether it's useful or essential. gam xia!
  12. One of my friend passed his driving two years ago and now wanted to take some refresher course. He found out that Volkswagen did provide a Class 3A Driving Refresher Course. May I ask MCF members anyone has experience with this centre and how good is the training from the Instructor? To learn from Driving Centre needs to be a member first but Volkswagen centre do not need.
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know of any schools or institutes which offers courses in how to service motor vehicles or cars? For now only one I know about is ITE, the course is a little brief. Would welcome some suggestions from all, thanks! Cheers!
  14. RadX

    Merc Driving Course 2012

    Anybody from here going? Jus checking. SGMERC got some folks gg. I am slated for the 23rd http://www.mercedes-benz.com.sg/content/si...nz_driving.html
  15. Yo all! Our team has written a coverage about the event, enjoy reading! http://www.mycarforum.com/blog/myautoblog/...r-at-turf-club/ Photos can be found here: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...m&album=155 Thank you all for the participation at MCF Meet Up, Singapore Turf Club. Thanks to Turf Club for being such a great host! PS: For those who didn't join, make sure take part at our next meet up! It's great and the peoples are awesome! Cheers, pChou
  16. Kept an extra pair of eyes on the road lately? From June onwards, modified road markings at five zebra crossings in Ang Mo Kio, Jurong West, Sin Ming Road and Bukit Meral Central will remind pedestrians to look out for oncoming vehicles before they cross. Other new measures introduced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) include signs reminding right-turning motorists to give way to pedestrians at the junction of Rivervale Lane and Rivervale Drive and the junction of Hougang Avenue 4 and Upper Serangoon Road. Said Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport Muhammad Faishal: "It is incumbent on the driver to always look out and be alert to pedestrians and other vulnerable road users...Let us make safety a priority so that we can make it home safely everyday to our loved ones." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-signs-pedestri
  17. LinOrLim

    SHRI Degree course

    Hi Forumers, I am thinking of signing up for a 1 year degree course in HRM with Financial Mgt. Is it recognised?
  18. Relacklabrudder

    Anybody in MBA course?

    can advise? i received a lot negativism on MBA. but wat's the alternative? Msc? i see Msc ppl all basically doing the same stuff they doing esp in engineering, no break thrus leh. i not taoking about insead or chicago. but average ones say from Australia Unis. i looking at uni of adelaide.
  19. Hi Folks, Thinking of spending my weekends in a more constructive way. Attending a course/training/skillset upgrade/hobbies come into my mind. It doesn't need to be something expensive, could be a few sessions at the community center too. Still looking for something worthwhile to participate. Have you attended any courses recently which you find very worthwhile? Care to share? Please don't tell me to volunteer in RC activities during the weekends.
  20. Should Singapore do away with traffic lights and signs, in a bid to rid the roads of virulent bad driving? Counter-intuitive as it sounds, such a move has borne results. In the Dutch town of Drachten, removing street rules and directives resurrected road users' "ability to be considerate", reported the late traffic guru Hans Monderman, co-founder of the "naked streets" initiative. In recent months, concerns about unsafe driving habits here have been in the spotlight, following the two Rochor Road junction crashes and a string of cyclist deaths. Just this week, Law and Foreign Minister K Shanmugam's Facebook post on his own close brushes broached the question: Have our driving habits become worse? More fundamentally, why? IS IT CONGESTION? One could blame road congestion for fuelling the impatience manifested in annoying traits such as tailgating, cavalier honking and lane-weaving. Or it may be that there is "too much construction with confusing diversions", as one respondent to our poll said. But there are other cities with worse traffic snarls, like New York, Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh, yet seldom does one witness the aggressive "retaliation" seen here. Private driving instructor KC, who frequently travels to Jakarta (another city with perpetual jams), said drivers there are a lot more "civilised" even though traffic conditions are much worse. "As long as they can brake in time and there's no accident, it's okay. They don't speed up and show you the middle finger just because you (honk) or move into their lane," he said. ME FIRST Rather, many drivers interviewed by TODAY feel the problem is a self-centred attitude behind the wheel. Full-time national serviceman Josh Lim, who holds a driving licence and cycles on roads, said there is a sense of "what's mine is mine", hence the reluctance to give way. "It's about 'I want to get home first' or 'get off the roads because you don't belong here'." Another private driving instructor, who declined to be named, said he frequently encounters drivers who speed up when they see his students signalling to switch lanes. "Just a few seconds' difference, but cannot. Maybe they think it's 'lose face'." Ms Joyce Phua, a private tutor, added that "sometimes it's easier if I don't signal". Ironically, being sticklers for the letter of the law could be causing us to throw manners out the window. "If you hit someone from behind, you are at fault straight away; doesn't matter what the driver in front did," Mr KC said, adding that there are no explicit laws against bad habits like not signalling. Some agree it makes drivers almost "self-righteous", citing the example of road hogs who don't give way when they see that other cars want to overtake. "They think they don't need to give way just because they are not doing anything 'wrong'," said banker Andy Lim, 29. The knock-on effect? A frustrated driver may retaliate. Cabby Tan S H, 48, recalls one incident when the driver behind began flashing his headlights furiously from "at least 100 metres away". And just as Mr Tan was about to give way, the car swerved and passed him on the left, the driver gesturing menacingly. He then cut back in front of Mr Tan's taxi and started "braking on and off until our speed was about 60kmh in the first lane", the cabby recalled. "I almost knocked into him a few times." STICK OR MORE CARROTS? Several of those who commented on Mr Shanmugam's Facebook post on Monday, like Adeline Wong, feel that "enforcement is seldom seen nowadays". Businessman Tay Seng Quan said this makes errant drivers bolder as there's a belief that "getting caught is a low risk". "After some time, people 'monkey see monkey do', so you get more bad driving habits," said the 53-year-old. TODAY asked the police about this perception of fewer traffic cops on the roads but they were unable to comment by press time. Singapore Road Safety Council Secretariat Senior Manager Mark Chow, however, pointed out that "traffic police can't be everywhere all the time". Other than the calls to step up enforcement or make penalties stiffer, are there out-of-the-box solutions worth pondering over? Recruitment specialist Jacee Liau suggests rewarding good behaviour instead. Although motorists currently enjoy rebates to their insurance premiums for every consecutive year they do not make claims (up to 50 per cent), this "reward" does not directly encourage good driving habits or gracious behaviour. There could be "mystery" traffic cops going around year-round, spotting "model drivers" and rewarding them with "merit points", the 28-year-old suggests. When a driver accumulates a certain number of points, he gets a cash reward or a rebate on the road tax. The difficulty to this idea, obviously, is the huge deployment of manpower resources. MANDATORY REFRESHERS Businessman Eng Yi Yuan, 29, suggested lowering speed limits on expressways during peak hours, citing how the speed cameras along the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway tunnels "work wonders". "When everyone is stuck at a lower speed, no one is in a position to get into accidents. There's no excessive acceleration, so no sudden braking." Another oft-made call is for periodic refresher courses, as driving instructor KC noted: "Very often, you see that the serious accidents involve seasoned drivers, not new ones. So it's not a skill problem, but complacency." Some still feel more emphasis should be placed on new drivers: Make it more difficult to get a licence, and have a yearly re-assessment by the traffic police for the first three years. Mr Eng said drivers should be made to sit through a lecture before they can renew their road tax. "You show pictures of traffic accidents in the past year, analysis of how inconsiderate driving leads to accidents, and interviews with victims saying how their lives have been affected," he said. "You might not be able to influence everyone but it should improve things." Other discourteous driving habits, such as road-hogging by slow-moving or heavy vehicles - often driven by foreigners - should be addressed. Some feel that those holding foreign licences should re-sit the driving test, rather than be allowed to convert their licence by passing a basic theory test. USE VIDEO FOOTAGE As more car-owners are installing mobile cameras in their vehicles, one view is that the authorities should consider a whistle-blowing channel. Making sure any driver can "weed out" bad hats would keep most on their toes. Still, there are those like accountant Betty Lim who feel that "self-regulation" is the only way. "Until we become a country that appreciates tolerance, no amount of fine or demerit points will change the way we drive," she said. Indeed, as the Drachten experiment - since replicated in several European cities, including Ejby, Denmark; Ipswich, England; and Ostende, Belgium - shows, "common-sense" driving, by way of friendly gestures, head nods and eye contact, could be most effective. Unsafe could be safer, as Mr Monderman put it: "The many rules strip us of the most important ability - the ability to be considerate. The greater the number of prescriptions, the more people's sense of personal responsibility dwindles." While it would be unfeasible to roll out such an urban experiment island-wide, perhaps a pilot in a small neighbourhood could surprise us with its results. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1222019/1/.html
  21. Sign up for the SPARK Gymkhana Course before 30th April 2012, to get early bird discount @$190. Normal Entry $260. Visit www.sparkmotorsports.com now! Learn how to do this? FWD, 4WD and RWD. For enquires, pls call 6757 8777 or email enquiries@sparkmotorsports.com Online Entry & Payment can be found at http://www.sparkmotorsports.com/wats-hot120402b.asp
  22. This is 1 of the episode from cyberpioneer just released this month. The most disheartening ..kenna turn out right when you bookout outside the guard house...who will ring that "Bell" ? Salute my NS men.
  23. Bros.. am sent to Narita, Japan for 3 day course.. any bros been there? any interesting place to visit?
  24. ITE.pdf My daughrter cried when she received this unsuccessful letter from NUS sometimes this week. Its was always her dream the moment she took up this course in ITE 6 years ago. She put in alot of hard work and also TOP her ITE course with Merit of Ward for Outstanding Performance. The day when she told her lecturer of her results...he said " Go for your NUS" as if there is not a doubt that she will surely be admitted. Not too long ago..IIRC 2009 ..a guy wrote in Today Forum pertaining to his unsuccessful admission and found out that the Uni. base on a certain criteria of 'O' Level + Poly/JC weightage percentage to be qualify. Was this not a similar case to my daughter now? I would like to know if any forummers knew the CUT-OFF point for this course in NUS. Any feedback or suggestion will be very much appreciated. NUS_1.pdf Nus_2.pdf
  25. Jman888

    Where to find this course here?

    They should just have an excursion and treat the students to tiger show