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Found 8 results

  1. Long story short, was in an accident more than 1 year ago . Car insurance lawyers cannot settle with the other party, now i have to go court. I have never encounter such things b4, normally insurance will be able to settle. Smore it was a minor accident where the guy tried to overtake me fr the right on a single lane road when i wanted to turn right. Anyone have such experience in court? Dunno wat i must do and lawyers did not even provide any advise
  2. Hi Folks, Thinking of spending my weekends in a more constructive way. Attending a course/training/skillset upgrade/hobbies come into my mind. It doesn't need to be something expensive, could be a few sessions at the community center too. Still looking for something worthwhile to participate. Have you attended any courses recently which you find very worthwhile? Care to share? Please don't tell me to volunteer in RC activities during the weekends.
  3. Every year the number seem increasing, yet given lesser space and poor takeup rate by exhibitors, where they get the numbers from?
  4. wud you attend a chinese wedding dinner at a restaurant if you only knew the father of the groom - and no one else ?
  5. RadX

    PORKER also attend...

    ..si bo?? http://theonlinecitizen.com/2011/06/hlp-tu...-a-sea-of-pink/ Media release by the organisers of Pink Dot/ Over 10,000 pink-attired Singaporeans turned Hong Lim Park into a sea of pink, where they gathered
  6. To fill up the empty seats?
  7. Read on the paper that the angmoh coming here to learn...IMHO they should actually have to increase the salary of their president first...to 2mil + per annum.. follow by all the ministers n the cabinet members,mayor and so forth....its a fact...we are a good e.g. What the forummers say??
  8. TOPIC : Car Survey Please note that: 1. Potential respondents must be willing to spend approx 8-10 mins on the telephone, as we need to administer a set of profiling questions. These questions are not related to the content of the survey but to help us decide whether you meet our selection criteria or not. 2. Potential respondents qualified and selected for this project will be invited for the focus group on the respective date. 3. Potential respondents who are not invited will be notified as soon as possible. However, due to the huge number of respondents, your name might be slip. If you do not hear from us in two weeks time, you are not selected for the project. 4. Potential respondents only get paid after they attended the survey. 5. Please observe closing date and eligibility. 6. Please answer all questions to avoid delay in selection. 7. Please read the fine prints. 8. I will explain more details when you express interest in the project. Please respond only if you understand the above and are prepared to furnish further information when we call you to pre-qualify you. This is a short survey that takes about 20-30 mins Criteria: Owner of the following cars brands: 1. Jaguar 2. Audi 3. Saab 4. Landrover 5. BMW 6. Volvo 7. Merecedes 8. Lexus Resp token: $20-$60 Please tell us the following when replying to say_yoko@yahoo.com before 10/9/2004 Name: Contact numbers: Car License Plate Number : Car Type : Year of Purchase : Yourself, your family members, relatives, or close friends must not be working in companies involved in market research, advertising, public relations, newspaper/television companies, banks/financial companies, and automobile related companies Thank you for your kind attention. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/surveysg/