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Found 25 results

  1. Extremme

    People watching

    Where are the best places for people watching. Sometimes in this hectic environment, we just want some peace and quiet time to just do nothing but maybe sip a coffee or beer and look at the world pass Need not be some fancy restaurants or cafes
  2. Mockngbrd

    Alone in the Zone

  3. Who here is in the same situation?
  4. "Just a handshake", how is that possible??? --------------------- http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...105-381616.html By Rennie Whang The New Paper Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 SINGAPORE - It was just a handshake with a female colleague, but it shook his world to the core when she accused him of molesting her. RELATED STORIES Australian national jailed 18 weeks for molesting woman Brit acquitted of molest but fined for swearing at cop Mr Paul Joseph Smith, 55, lost his job as an IT project manager and went through the ordeal of a trial in which he was convicted and ordered to be jailed for 18 weeks. He had to depend on family members in Australia for financial support. Even then, he could afford only a meal a day, he said. When he lodged an appeal against the conviction, he didn't think he stood a chance. But the seemingly impossible happened and he walked out of court a free man. During a four-day trial in April and May, the woman, 38, told the court that she felt her breast being squeezed twice, although she did not see him do it.
  5. wud you attend a chinese wedding dinner at a restaurant if you only knew the father of the groom - and no one else ?
  6. Merc doing a Munich Auto at Sanlitun Beijing, one of my favorite areas in the China capital. This concept is not new. Ferrari, Aston Martin has also opened these boutique styled store in Shanghai near Xin Tian Di, Ma Dang Road: http://www.mercnews.net/2012/05/amg-perfor...lone-store.html
  7. THIS WEEKEND .... GO OUT AND MAKE FRIENDS BETTER STILL GO OUT TO MAKE LOVE ...... THE LATTER NOT ABOUT GEYLANG TYPE you know what I mean People of working age who live alone increase their risk of depression by up to 80% compared with people living in families, says a Finnish study. It says the main factors are poor housing conditions for women and a lack of social support for men, who are both equally affected. The study tracked the use of anti-depressants in 3,500 Finnish people. A mental health charity said people who lived alone must be given outlets to talk about their problems. The study authors highlight the fact that the proportion of one-person households in Western countries has increased during the past three decades, with one in every three people in the US and the UK living alone. The participants in the study, published in BioMed Central's public health journal, were working-age Finns; 1,695 were men and 1,776 were women, and they had an average age of 44.6 years. Continue reading the main story
  8. Wah KHAW!!! So who gave the family the idea to dump their mother at JB?? At JB, the social welfare group or whatever u call it, cannot do anything to the family but in S'pore, they have some laws on this, right?? http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...2-292240/2.html Old and alone in Johor Baru nursing home IN A nursing home in Johor Baru, a 90-year-old woman waits patiently for a visit from her family. Her memory isn't the sharpest. When asked if she has had visitors in the year since she moved into City Heart Care nursing home, she was silent. The assistant admin manager of the home, known only as Ms Abi, shook her head in response to this reporter's question. Madam Kong A W is one of 14 Singaporeans who live at the nursing home, said the owner of the home, Mr Jeremy Yeo. Most enjoy visits from their families who live across the Causeway. The nursing home is a 30-minute drive from the Woodlands Checkpoint. A typical nursing home in Singapore charges about $1,000 a month for each patient. A check with four JB nursing homes indicated monthly fees ranging between $610 and $800 for a month's stay. Mr Yeo, a Malaysian in his late fifties, claimed that Madam Kong's family stopped paying for her nursing home bills after her son died. Said Ms Abi: "She (Madam Kong) has not asked about her family, and we have not told her. To her, we (the nurses and caregivers) are her family." When The New Paper on Sunday visited the nursing home two weeks ago, Madam Kong was chattering incoherently to nurses in a mixture of Malay and Hokkien. Around her in the room, other patients watched TV from their beds. Outside the window in the yard, a visitor, a woman in her 60s, was feeding a patient. Madam Kong's face lit up when she was offered some traditional Chinese New Year peanut cookies from a roommate, a Chinese Malaysian in her sixties. "Kamsia, kamsia (thank you in Hokkien)," she said. Said Mr Yeo: "I cannot put her out on the streets, can I? It's not right to throw her out." While he said that her case is exceptional, he also revealed that he has "two or three" other similar cases involving patients whose relatives stop paying for them to be kept in the nursing home. These other patients are Malaysian, he added. Mr Yeo said Madam Kong was first admitted to the nursing home on June 29 last year. As she is bedridden and requires a higher level of care, her stay at the home should cost $800 a month. He said that Madam Kong's son and daughter-in-law paid $900 for her first month's stay there, and then only $400 the following month. But soon after, Madam Kong's daughter-in-law called the home to inform Mr Yeo that Madam Kong's son had died. He said: "The only time I saw her and her husband was when Madam Kong was first admitted. "She called some time later to say that her husband had died, and that she had no money to make any further payments." So Madam Kong has been staying at the home for free since August last year. This arrangement is set to continue until she dies, said Mr Yeo. He added: "We tried to contact her family many times, but were not successful. They also have not come to visit since admitting her. "So we just take care of her...As long as we can cover costs, I will take care of her." TNPS tried calling Madam Kong's daughter-in-law with the contact numbers Mr Yeo gave, but the calls went unanswered. Ms Abi said the home does not stint on the services Madam Kong receives, including food and diapers. "There is no difference in the way she is treated (as compared to the others in the home)," she said. City Heart Care is made up of nine bungalows situated within walking distance of each other. Five of the bungalows are owned by Mr Yeo, while the other four are rentals. The home employs a total of 40 staff, made up of nurses, cooks, and caregivers. A doctor and physiotherapist also makes house calls when necessary. Of the home's 125 residents, 14 are Singaporeans. Mr Yeo said that Singaporean residents began arriving at the home one year after it opened in 1993. The longest-staying Singaporean is a woman who has lived there since 1994. Her family pays $550 a month of nursing home bills, he said. Said Mr Yeo: "For the first few years after we opened, we had about two to three Singaporean residents check in each year. "Nowadays, we get at least five a year...We also receive enquiries over the phone frequently." The high demand for beds at the home has prompted Mr Yeo to buy and develop a tenth bungalow. "The renovations will be done in about three months and, by then, we will be able to accommodate a maximum of 140 residents," he said.
  9. Donut

    Afraid of dying alone

    One night, i couldn't sleep because i got this sudden fear inside me. I suddenly think of dying alone, with no one next to me..... i really pity those old folks who die without any family member next to them. I don't want to be like one of them. I'm married, but no kids yet. And I fear that my partner will leave before i do, and left me alone. I don't want to die alone. Anyone got this fear before.
  10. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...04550672.htmlIt is If this happen, likelihood the driver will mati 1st. The steering wheel will crush him but all the passengers and co-driver will be unhurt. Since the driver is not carefu,l reckless and don't care for the safety of the others, he is deserved to die.
  11. Campaign message to chew on: OK to eat alone NUS undergrads start Facebook campaign to tackle fear of dining solo By Melissa Lin ON DAYS when National University of Singapore (NUS) psychology major Agapera Chor cannot find a friend to eat with, she will just skip a meal or buy a sandwich and eat on the go. She has never eaten alone in the canteen in her three years at the university. 'I find it uncomfortable eating alone,' said the 21-year-old. Ms Chor is hardly the only one who shuns having a meal alone on campus. The phenomenon is so pervasive that there is even a name for it: solomangarephobia, or the fear of eating alone. NUS undergraduates Heng Choon Peng and Jude Alphonsus Tan, both 24, and Sonia Oh Ting Wen, 20, found this sentiment so prevalent on their campus that they set up a campaign - 'Eating alone in the school canteen' - on social networking site Facebook, to raise awareness of this fear and encourage fellow students to look past the stigma. Their aim is for at least 100 students to each wear a T-shirt with the words 'I dare to eat alone' on it and dine alone at any of the university's canteens on Jan 19. Each T-shirt costs $8. 'We want to make a statement that people who eat alone are not geeks or losers,' said Mr Tan, a final-year student from the School of Engineering. The idea for the campaign came about after Mr Heng noticed that he had to accompany friends for meals because they felt too shy to eat alone. He claimed to have received weird looks whenever he had solo meals in the canteens. 'We wanted to provide people who are afraid of eating alone a platform to try eating alone, and also to let them know that eating alone is not as frightening as they think. 'After all, you wouldn't know that unless you try it yourself,' the final-year psychology major said. In a poll of 150 students from NUS, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU), about half of the respondents from each institution said they try not to eat alone if they can help it. SMU first-year accountancy student Lee Min Ying was one of those who said they were not concerned about eating meals alone. Ms Lee, 19, said: 'You just have to take them alone if you don't know anyone. It's fine and more practical. I don't see the point in seeking company.' Several students polled were also not aware that eating alone was an issue to be concerned about. One of them, Ms Lim Yan Han, a third-year NUS psychology major, eats alone on campus once a week as she feels it is more convenient to do so. 'I didn't think there was a stigma attached to it. People have various reasons for eating alone, so I don't think it's right to judge them. 'Some people have CCAs or lessons that end at odd timings like 4pm, and it's not lunch hour so they have no one to eat with,' the 21-year-old said. However, the fear of eating alone does exist and there is a valid reason for it, said Dr Ang Yong Guan, a consultant psychiatrist at Paragon Medical Centre. 'Certainly, more people are afraid of eating alone than those who are not. If you eat alone, you give the impression that you have no friends; you are lonely, isolated and basically it is a negative impression created,' he said. He added: 'Sometimes you may prefer some solitude or need to spend some time alone to reflect, or you are simply not in the mood to interact. 'But seeing someone alone does not mean that the person is lonely or has a problem.' Dr Ang, 55, feels that how concerned one is with eating alone depends on his or her level of emotional maturity. Said Dr Ang: 'It takes a lot of maturity to say that 'I don't care, I am not bothered by what people say of me'. 'The more mature you are, the more comfortable you are with eating alone.' So far, more than 30 people have ordered the T-shirts for the campaign, while more than 120 people have indicated on Facebook that they will take part in the event. But the campaign has also drawn some flak from students who asked if it would encourage anti-social behaviour. In response, Mr Heng said: 'The event is not about promoting isolation, but raising awareness that it is OK to eat alone. Otherwise, it would have been an 'I love to eat alone' rather than 'I dare to eat alone' campaign.' When contacted, an NUS spokesman said: 'The 'Eating alone in the school canteen' campaign exemplifies the creative and community spirit that can be found in our students.' mellinjm@sph.com.sg Additional reporting by Goh Kai Shi, Lim Yi Han and Neo Wen Tong RAISING AWARENESS 'The event is not about promoting isolation, but raising awareness that it is OK to eat alone. Otherwise it would have been an 'I love to eat alone' rather than 'I dare to eat alone' campaign'. NUS undergraduate Heng Choon Peng
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkoRDFjBh44...feature=related
  13. Say an E-class? is it safe if you go alone for a short trip in the big cities?
  14. What a good game.... kudos to utd for a good fight.... Read my signature...
  15. Hi bros and sisters, Starting a "You know you are not alone" Thread. How it goes is if somehing bad/sad/unfortunate/demoralizing happens to you, you post it here and end it with, "For those facing the same situation, you know you are not alone" I will kick the ball rolling....
  16. When do you think a child is old enough to travel alone by himself or herself using public transport? Is 10 old enough? Will you be very worried?
  17. Hi all, My 9 years old daughter has been asking me to allow her to walk home by herself when her school (morning session) finished at 1:30pm. Currently the school is about a few HDB blocks or almost equal to one bus stop distance away from home. I drive her to school in the morning and the maid bring her back from school in the afternoon. While I thought it is good that she wanted to be more independent but I'm concern about her safety. Although I used to walk to school to and fro from home at the age of 7 and during those days, there were bullies and gangsters around the neighbourhood. What do you think, Yes or No? any other options? She doesn't like taking school bus. Thank you very much. Regards,
  18. fret not, you are not alone... Sick of your boss? You are not alone Singapore News // Tuesday, August 26, 2008 Ong Dai Lin dailin@mediacorp.com.sg ARE you unhappy with your boss? You are not alone. Almost one-third of workers in Asia feel the same way as you do. The research by Hay Group Insight, the employee and customer research division of global management consultancy Hay Group, also showed that only 16 per cent of employees in Asia feel they are effective in their jobs. It also found that 35 per cent of employees in Asia feel detached from their work and will only perform the minimum that will satisfy the job requirements. Of this group of employees, 60 per cent intend to leave their company. The research results, which were derived from interviews and surveys over a year, showed that workers in Asia are more frustrated with their bosses than their British counterparts, in part because of the difference in leadership styles.
  19. Genie47

    Heart - Alone

    Was watching Cold Case (series 4) and the theme was this cold case from 1989. At the end, they played this great power ballad! Compare! Original video Latest live performance by Heart in Seattle. Nancy Wilson still rocks on guitar. Anne puts much emotion in class in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W52PP3lYlUs Celine Dion's version doesn't put much emotion in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfjM6QyOuDs Carrie Underwood's cover version. She sang this at American Idol. A fresh country-like take on it. I like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltfJFF5BnXA Vote for your favorite version.
  20. Davidklt

    Would you watch a movie alone ?

    I noticed this in cinemas for some time now. Usually guys watching action movies alone. And they look the loner type. I asked some friends and they said they wont do it cos no fun watching alone. Would you? since movies are usually like a group or date thing.
  21. I just got my license a few weeks ago...since there is no car in my family, would like to rent a car and drive around to familarise myself with the road conditions..any advice?thks!!!
  22. Hi guys, My friend has a Toyota Axio and it comes with a factory fitted touch screen LCD monitor in the center console. He is toying with the idea of an aftermarket GPS which can be connector to the touch screen LCD, are there any stand alone GPS modules availiable? He has a preference for one which uses a Garmin map as its FOC from malsing. Thanks
  23. Just wondering... As for me, I drive defensively with passenger.. to maintain image. With no one on board, I'm the crazy car you fingered recently...
  24. I did my 1,000km servicing a month after I collected it. (oil and filter was changed) I have just hit 9,000km and sent car in for 10,000km service. I know FULL SYN oil is good for 20,000km before it needs to be replaced. I told AutoFrance I want it replace at my own cost but they insist that it is a waste. What do you guys think? Also, my car is already in but I was thinking if I want oil and filter change, can I get it elsewhere and send it in later? What are your advises? Thanks Vincent Ang
  25. Yep you heard that right. OK I just changed my timing belt. The water pump was removed but I didn't supply the mechanic with the 50/50 mix of MEG/water coolant. So he put in tap water. Can't blame him. So I went about in the process of flushing the system using distilled water alone. I considered the first input of tap water as the first flush. Subsequently, the coolant system was fed with DI water which I was able to obtain. Oh yes, BTW Chevy owners! I figured out the best tool to unscrew the radiator stopc0ck. As Lukie can attest to, I was flustered by the inability of tools to fit right through the narrow space to unscrew it. Anyway, it was not the butterfly nut type and that aggravated the problem. Feeling with my fingers, I felt that the stopc0ck nut is a Phillips screwdriver style head but one section was so much longer that it went across the whole nut. I used a 20 cent coin (legal tender Singapore) to unscrew it. It works! The radiator seems to hold around 3.5-3.7L of coolant. This was the amount drained out. This is around half of the Aveo's coolant capacity of 7.0L total. So considering this: 1st drain at mechanic's workshop due to change of water pump resulted in 1/2 the coolant ending up in the drain. It was replaced with tap water. Before this, the coolant is 50% MEG concentration. Effectively, this meant that I had 25% MEG concentration, way below the "stipulated minimum for tropical climates". This night, I went to fill up the gas tank. All the while, I was getting 13km/L consistently. This was left overnight. 2nd drain was the next day at my office. Refilled with DI water. So effective MEG concentration was 12.5%. 3rd drain was the following day at my office. Refilled with Di water again. MEG concentration dropped to 6%. 4th drain was New year's day itself. Refilled again with DI water. MEG concentratoin should be 3%. 5th drain was to be done tomorrow. However, I needed gas so I went to top up this morning. Calculated the mileage. No driving changes like traffic jams for the past few days. Fuel economy dropped to 11.9km/L. No changes in style. I was clocking highway miles as usual and due to the public holiday weekend, traffic is exceptionally smooth. I will fill up with concentrated antifreeze by tomorrow to return it back to 50% MEG. Will let you all know if the fuel economy returns. I guess it should with a recap below: With every rise in MEG concentration, over boil temperatures will rise. 50% MEG coolant effectively has a bp of 106 deg C. Water alone gives a bp of 102 deg C. Of course the pressure in the car's coolant system will raise it by a couple of deg C but you can see from this already. Water alone is dipsh1t in a radiator. Also I take this opportunity to tell everyone that a somewhat hot engine is working rather efficiently. If ever we come to have cars using super materials that never melt, all that heat energy (62%) can be channeled into propulsion. The reason for a lubrication and cooling system is to prevent our iron age components from melting from the intense heat of combustion. It is a complete system designed by automotive engineers to give maximum benefit for everyday street use. The result of overcooling is loss of economy and power. All the BS about an overly hot engine causing poor FC is really BS. Don't let your mechanics fill your coolant systems with less than 33% MEG concentrated coolant. For best efficiency, 50% is the best. As for those touting the exceptional value of pure water alone, take the pure BS somewhere else! If you wanna have race conditions everyday, at least get Redline's Waterwetter. Good luck to the fuel bills and speeding fines.