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Found 82 results

  1. Breakfast. Waiting for CB 2.0 to come.
  2. Because my Mum makes the best CCF with char siew fillings.
  3. Hi all! I've been summoned by my boss to start a makan thread just for this special month (previous thread was too long). Continue your makan thread here. This will be a special thread dedicated for this unprecedented month. Show us your cooking skills and your anyhow cook anyhow eat spirit. Remember it's not about sticking to your routine and insisting on taking away at your favorite weekend eateries. It's about making small little personal sacrifices in this one month so that we can resume normalcy as much as possible next month. Break the chain of transmission now so we don't have to extend this. Please reduce the number of times you're heading out and opt to cook or order deliveries instead. Let's also be positive and keep eating. Hahaha. I'm going to start the ball rolling with what I've eaten for the past two days of WFH! Day 1 Day 2 Please wear a surgical mask if you're heading out even if it's for a short while!
  4. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Kicking off part 6 of my makan thread with pics taken with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Makan sessions with @kobayashigt. Circuit Road Hawker Center Nakhon Kitchen The Burning Oak at Simpang Bedok Hawker Center. Love their melt-in-your-mouth pork cheeks!
  5. steveluv

    Short trip to France

    Had a good 6hrs sleep on flight nice dinner too Starter Duck confit Cheese Breakfast chose pork porridge
  6. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today PT 5

    Time for Part 5. And no better person than me to kickstart it. Maggie Goreng, RK House at Serangoon Garden Mee Goreng and Maggie Goreng at Ubi Expensive Nasi Lemak at Punggol but I always like their chix wings Zion Riverside Food Center, Char Kway Teow and Oyster Omelette And my favorite ramen in Singapore! Santouka! Their pork cheeks fantastic! Time to check in for those who wanna be on page 1. No idea why the frenzy to be on page 1 but not judging ya all. Haha.
  7. Tianmo

    Reunion dinner tabao

    Now I have a problem, any bros any advise? We have been having steamboat for as far as I can remember, and then because of an early steamboat dinner this year, the family just requested no more steamboat this year. I know reunion dinner usually need to book early, by now I think no chance of getting a booking liao. But anyone got any idea where can tabao zhichar kind of food for CNY eve ah? If possible west side will be fantastic, otherwise mayb eat Maggi mee liao..
  8. carloverguy2017

    Prank the kids on X'mas Dinner

    https://youtu.be/tQMlB8PWq8Y No kids are harmed in this video.
  9. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today Part 4

    Happy Vesak Day! Kickstart part 4 with my favorite YTF from Fu Lin!
  10. A blessed Chinese New Year everyone.. I hope everyone makes it home for dinner, and be safe when you go back tomorrow night.. But most of all, remember your folks.. I know that no matter what the old folks say, they are really happy to see us eat dinner with them... This video always gets me.. and I can totally relate to the video. I only missed it twice, when I was on duty, and it was one sad day..
  11. dcb

    Makan in Bali

    Lunch at Waroeng Wahaha after checked in. Dinner at Rumours. Lunch at Ibu Oka. Dinner at SOHO.
  12. Do you all find more and more couples holding their wedding dinner at posh hotels ? I have 3 invitations to wedding dinners coming up, in Marriot Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel and Oriental Mandarin Hotel. First half of the year already went to one in Sentosa and another in M Hotel. Goodness me these hotels dont charge cheap hor, per table easily $1300 nett. Why nowadays couples tying the knot are so well off, or do they not mind if they cannot break even ? Is wedding dinner so important in determining how blissful a marriage is ?
  13. Ok part 2 continue: Last thread was here. http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2697351-what-did-you-makan-today/
  14. BabyBlade

    What did you makan today?

    Post a food picture! Must be one that is good enough for you to recommend. Black Pepper Chicken Chop from Chargrill Bar.
  15. kobayashiGT

    MCF Hangout to Makan. 06 March 2015

    Hello folks! I manage to convince my 老板娘 ( @pchou ) to make this event an official one! For the first 25 members who sign up for this event, we will offset $10 (one-time) for the dinner cost! (don't thanks me. thanks @pchou & @laserjet. The event will held on Friday, The 6th of March at Marina Country Club. 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Ave, S829734. Dinner @ Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu. (It's Halal Certified! Muslim friends, please do join us!) source: susanwong's blog Adult: $34.05/pax Children (11 yr old or below): $15.94/pax You can make you payment here! Event Highlights 6pm - 6.30pm - Let's do a car group photos (since the car park is so big!) 6.30pm - 9pm - Makan all the way! 9pm - Late - Can go @ingenius place for MJ! For the up-to-date attendee. 1) kobayashiGT 2) Spring 3) Fourzero (+ partner) 4) Thaiyotakamli 5) Jasongcp (+ partner) 6) TypeR 7) cllq 8) ingenius 9) radx(+partner) 10) Porker 11) philipkee
  16. Hamburger

    Lousy reunion dinner

    have never eat out for quite a number of years and this year decided to do so in a restaurant at Boon Keng. seriously, i went tothe near by mac to buy a fillet o fish to chill myself after the whole course. For something that cost 450 bucks, it is so lousy that i would have chosen to trade the whole course for a plate of 炒粿条。 seriously i kid you not. Ok, rant over....time to go toilet and let the asssssss do the rest and forget about it.
  17. Hi guys, I would like to ask your recommendation for a birthday dinner for 3 paxes. Would prefer western food with dessert like waffles near Suntec/Marina Sq. The reason for the venue is becasue we are going to Motorshow 2015 after dinner Pls help , many thanks.
  18. Rezorn86

    Christmas Dinner/Buffet

    well so far saw 2 global kitchen and royal scott plaza buffet. any recommend? paiseh too hungry till po it on the wrong side, hope mod hlp me to adjust. :) so sorry :)
  19. Boringchap

    My meals in One Day

    I was inspired to make a video clip of the meals I had in one day. This was a day where I didn't go to work. Nothing special, nothing great, just doing this for fun. Years later, maybe I would look back and say, oh I ate those food on that day.
  20. Kurty

    7th lunar month dinner

    Hello, Wanna ask, those who been to the 7th month lunar dinner, you probably saw those old notes, aka With auspicious items,framed up. Wonder if you know any shops that sell such stuff? tried to bid but always outbid.. thanks
  21. Mr Lee Kuan Yew (fifth from left) tossing the traditional yu sheng at a Chinese New Year dinner for Tanjong Pagar GRC held at Queenstown Primary School on Feb 3, 2012. Former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew will not be attending the annual Tanjong Pagar constituency Chinese New Year dinner on Tuesday night for the second consecutive year, as he is in hospital recovering from an infection. Former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew will not be attending the annual Tanjong Pagar constituency Chinese New Year dinner on Tuesday night for the second consecutive year, as he is in hospital recovering from an infection. Mr Lee, 90, has been hospitalised in Singapore General Hospital since Sunday with a fever and a bad cough caused by an infection, and is currently on antibiotics and recovering. "He has been advised by his doctors to avoid public appearances. As such, he will not be able to attend the Tanjong Pagar GRC Chinese New Year Dinner this evening. He would like to wish all Tanjong Pagar residents as well as Singaporeans a Happy Chinese New Year," said his press secretary in a statement. Mr Lee has kept up with his practice of attending the annual dinner over the years, during which he would make keynote speeches. But he missed the event last year for the first time due to health reasons. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/mr-lee-kuan-yew-hospital-recovering-infection-miss-cny-dinner-second-t
  22. Any recommendations? buffet also can
  23. Creative_tec

    Romantic Dinner to recommend?

    Hiya.. My wife and i are having our 4th yr anniversary this coming 30th and i need some recommendation for dinner. Both of us are working on that day and we finish work at 3am. So is there any good place to have supper/dinner? Cost is not important. Just want something special for her. Thanks
  24. Hi, I'm thinking of ordering home delivery for dinner. Anyone happen to order ting kat for dinner? Care to recommend some caterers? Thanks!
  25. Caaa

    CNY Reunion Dinner

    As usual, need to take care on the above........two usual options: Eat at home or dine out. Just like to check with fellow MCFer: What is your/family's plan so far, am trying to get some idea especially for dine out, where is good? Last but not least, congrats on the new nice look of MCF and Happy New Year to all, me today last day of work for 2008...... Huat Ah!