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Found 24 results

  1. kobayashiGT

    MCF Hangout to Makan. 06 March 2015

    Hello folks! I manage to convince my 老板娘 ( @pchou ) to make this event an official one! For the first 25 members who sign up for this event, we will offset $10 (one-time) for the dinner cost! (don't thanks me. thanks @pchou & @laserjet. The event will held on Friday, The 6th of March at Marina Country Club. 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Ave, S829734. Dinner @ Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu. (It's Halal Certified! Muslim friends, please do join us!) source: susanwong's blog Adult: $34.05/pax Children (11 yr old or below): $15.94/pax You can make you payment here! Event Highlights 6pm - 6.30pm - Let's do a car group photos (since the car park is so big!) 6.30pm - 9pm - Makan all the way! 9pm - Late - Can go @ingenius place for MJ! For the up-to-date attendee. 1) kobayashiGT 2) Spring 3) Fourzero (+ partner) 4) Thaiyotakamli 5) Jasongcp (+ partner) 6) TypeR 7) cllq 8) ingenius 9) radx(+partner) 10) Porker 11) philipkee
  2. kobayashiGT

    MCF BBQ Outing

    Hi Guys! Understand all the bros here would like to have another get-together session with one another, So to have something concrete, let's plan one! Date: 8th March 2015 Venue: Mount faber Safra's BBQ pit. As MCF outing will always have activities, I will try to find a grooming distributor to sponsor some car shampoos and see if the Safra management okay with us doing a group car washing together anot. hehe. If not, we will just do bowling and munching french fries. Those who are willing to come for the BBQ, can also jio more ppl. The more the merrier. p.s. This is strictly organized on our own accord, this is not a MCF hangout event. So members who wanna join, bring along more friends!
  3. Mllcg

    Next outing

    Whos planning? haha
  4. Seek opinion from all the "family man" out there Took leave to bring my kids out due to school holiday next Monday (Youth Day). But then thinking that it could rain heavily these days, IF it rains, where is a nice, interesting place to bring the kids that's weather-proof?? This is Plan B in case of bad weather. Thanks.
  5. Laserjet

    Formula Drift Outing 12-June

    Hi all, we managed to get 30 tickets to this year
  6. hi bro/sis, going to Bangkok soon with family, any body have any contact to engage driver from morning to night to bring us around bangkok; in other he or she need to tag along with us for sight seeing/shopping etc. tks for the help in advance.
  7. Askyway

    PG outing

    hi guys, Im here to organise another PG outing this month. On hand, i have at least 3-4 cars going up, so if u are interested, pls note down ur interest. Availability: Which week of Nov Timing: Early morning or afternoon Days: Weekend or weekday
  8. Askyway

    PG *OUTING* 12 September!

    Just to check if anyone is interested, a bunch of us are heading into PG for a mini outing. Date tentatively on 12 september. Not track day or anything, just going in to pay and use the track. Sms me @ 91058824 if you are interested. Ill give u the details once my side is finalised. Meeting time will be around 9am in the morning. We are trying to make it 10 cars, we got 7 now. Cheers
  9. Pump it up! line them up... by the roadside..... http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g37/rs1812/09082008593.jpg[/img in an orderly manner..... Fun and relaxing outing..... =======================>>>>>>>>> TOGETHERNESS.......Care & Share......simply that!
  10. As per topic, anyone ?
  11. My fren told me... every weekend he would bring his family to see cars. Yes he has the intention to buy new car a yr ago. BUT the car has to be fast pickup, looks sporty and most importantly must be cheap. Somemore his family enjoys the outing very much... free coffee/tea and test drive!!!! This has been going on for many months already. I said such imaginary car only exist in other countries not singapore. Dont think that the family really enjoys such outings because the sales ppl already know them so well. By going there with no intention to buy actually waste the SE's time and turn. I know there are many ppl who likes to visit car showroom but bring family there every weekend.... this is the first.
  12. Starletgt

    4 Aug 2007 Starlet Club Outing

    I've uploaded the pictures... click below to view. http://good-times.webshots.com/album/560148249PMRdeZ
  13. Hi all, Am thinking to gather a few of us guys and make a long trip to KL or to Autoprad the Skoda dealers in Kl and see what is the diff with our cars.. Ses if we can indent from them the rear umbrella holders and the umbrella to be fitted into our cars.. Anyone keen?
  14. I'm checking the calendar and it seems like the best time to go in a group is the 1st week of Nov from Tue 1 Nov to Sat 5 Nov. 1 Nov is Deepavali and 3 Nov is Hari Raya Puasa. Jams will be plenty but this looks like a good chance to go up as a group. Suggest a 3d2n stay at some place. I'm thinking of a return on Fri or Sat. Can stretch longer if you want 2 places to go. I have a few candidate places to go. Any takers. Early planning goes a long way.
  15. Yohz brudders and sisters, the above is the confirmed date ! The previous date was pushed specially for aveo05 who has work on sat..... Eron, you buying drinks rite ? Kakis So far 1 ) Genew 2 ) Bela 3 ) AJ 4 ) N030405 5 ) Aveo05 6 ) Bleu 7 ) Looney 8 ) Nismo ?? 9 ) Kenneth 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) Any other takers ? Please PM me your contact number with your nick and name, if you want to link up ! Cheerz[bounce2]
  16. Guys, finally the details are out! !! Thursday 3 Feb. 7.30pm meet at macpherson 24 kopitiam, stall number 13. (ard $15-20/person,depending what we order & how much discounts yeoman gives. (any balance we can buy drinks or buy 4D) 9pm+ proceed to JB for car wash,teh tarik,supper,tcss. 11pm balek kampumg tidur.. Interested ? Put your name on the list ! 1 ) Genew 2 ) Ah Veo 3 ) Yeoman
  17. Genew

    JB Car Wash Outing Details

    Guyz, tentative details for the JB Carwash/Pump Petrol/Teh Tarik Outing. Date : 18 Jan 05 Activities : 9.00pm-9.30pm - RV and Cross Customs 9.30pm-10.00pm - RM8 Car Wash Near Holiday Plaza 10.00pm-10.30pm- Teh Tarik At Coffeeshop while we wait. 10.30pm ++ - Return to SG p/s : The car wash is by hand, inclusive of interior vacuum and tire shine Interested ? Please add your names below ! 1 ) Genew
  18. Zacer

    Chevy JB Outing 30Dec(thurs)

    Place of meetup: Woodlands MacDonald(before custom) Time :1030hrs Things to Bring: Passport, Ringit Aim & Objectives 1) To fix up headlight black moulding secondary Objectives 1)window Tinting(for Zacer ) OIC 1) SuperChevy 2)Zacer 3) 4) 5)
  19. I'm thinking of this lately. I think by Nov, most of the Chevy owners have passed the 10k so their engines should be pretty much run-in. I'm thinking of a Sat night foray up their. Start our own Chevy sprint nite. I know it can be unexciting because it is just a straight sprint. But consider this: 1. You don't grind your tires to bits. 2. It's just a straight sprint so it is safer for the uninitiated. We can have our own line-up. 1.5L MT SOHC Aveo vs 1.4L MT DOHC Aveo 1.5L AT SOHC Aveo vs 1.4L AT DOHC Aveo 1.5L AT SOHC Aveo vs 1.5L MT SOHC Aveo 1.4L AT DOHC Aveo vs 1.4L MT DOHC Aveo 1.6L AT DOHC Optra vs 1.6L MT DOHC Optra I will try to hook up with the Starlet kakis. Big convoy of hatches and notches.
  20. Regboyboy

    When is the next outing gonna be?

    When is the next outing gonna be? No one wanna organise already??
  21. Regboyboy

    Outing to Embassy!

    Any one intrested in this outing? So far Guyver me craig is ON.
  22. Gadgeter

    MCF Durian outing photos.

    Hi folks, Here are some of the photos taken during our recent outing... *********************************
  23. Gadgeter

    Voting for November Outing

    On Behalf of Wham, I have created this poll. Our Current Headcount is: 28 Wham, Vtecc, Volume, Throttle, Sparrow, Silverado, Ravolla, Rainbowsix, Presea, Mummypenguin, MicroE, Hotwheelers, Gymnut, Guyver74, Grammy, Gadgeter, Eric19, Darkroad, Cube, Cool, ccly, Cat_tang, Carben68, Bogey, Arevl, Alt168, Alant, Will We value your votes, voting is secret... Voting will ends on 1st Nov 2002, Friday 12pm. Please vote once only.
  24. Gadgeter

    November Outing

    Creating this new thread on behalf of Wham. What do you folks have in mind? Another Kopi session? Supper session? Bowling session? Fishing session? Badminaton? BBQ? Please contribute ideas. Thanks.