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Found 272 results

  1. Here's a break from all the negativity surrounding the circuit breaker measures and our roads. A bunch of Singaporeans have joined hands to help donate 121 drums of surface sanitisers to 44 different foreign dormitories. According to Christopher Kwek's facebook post, many of these people who have donated are from our local car clubs, with a few private companies joining in the fun. With each drum holding 209 litres worth of sanitisers, the total cost of the donation amounted to an impressive $20,000. Curious which car clubs donated? Find you answers in the list below!
  2. Made my maiden trip to Sutera Mall today. Oh my gosh, this must really be the largest modern shopping centre in JB. It is not too far away from the new Jusco Bukit Indah. Just go towards BestMart, after 2 T-junction keep right and soon you will see Sutera Mall. Many Makan houses surrounding that place too. Keppel Land and Capital Land are the owners! Went there quite late so can't finish shopping. Will go back again . Sutera Mall Regards,
  3. The next phase of electronic road pricing will also see vehicles fitted with new In
  4. Any more long weekend in May, or June? or must wait till next year? Should employers allow alternate 6-day-week / 4-day-week, this way we get to have long weekend twice a month!! Or alternate 5-day-week (5 x 9hr/day) / 4-day-week(4 x 11hr/day)?? etc? this will help promote family life
  5. hi guys, would be my first time driving in. pardon me but can i buy the toll card at all counters?
  6. Ahtong

    The next North Korean leader

    He can be the next 007 villain
  7. Saw these on the road a few days ago....
  8. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/man-united-transfers-dutch-teen-5502856 Man Utd is tracking this wonderkid dubbed as the next Robben interesting.... reminds me of the past wonderkids who were dubbed the next so and so.... some lived up to the expectation, but many failed spectacularly the most successful is of cos: Messi - next Maradona (except that he hasn't win the World Cup for Argentina yet) others: Robinho - next Pele (full of fanciful tricks, won many trophies but still failed imo) Bruno Cheyrou - next Zidane (who remembers this chap? Liverpool bought him but he couldn't really make it) Lassana Diarra - next Makelele (looks like Makelele but played nothing like the legendary DM) Romelu Lukaku - next Drogba (still got many years to prove himself... after all Drogba was a late bloomer) Paul Pogba - next Vieira (may even exceed the legend himself in another few years) Harry Kane - next Sheringham (looks like a good deal, hope he can make it!) who else you can think of?
  9. Hey all, my silver picnic is ard 3 years. just wanna use the original touch up paint to mend lots of ugly scratches. Have bought the touch up paint from borneo aready... so what should i take note of? i heard people using sand paper etc... i'm a total noob in this. just wondering, if i ever apply a bit too much, how do i wipe it off properly? my impression is that it'll dry up immediately and leave an even uglier patch. experts pls advise! thanks!
  10. Was reading the Life section of Saturday's newspaper and was surpise to read in the car section that SMRT is considering the Chrysler 300C as a taxi.
  11. Picnic06-Biante15

    More COE Next Year (2014) .....

    Read in today ST. Mr Lui said that they will release more COE next year. Couldn't find any report in CNA. If thats the case, good news indeed. Will COE drop then?
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    Something Falling Overhead In Next Few Days

    from Yahoo : GOCE satellite set to crash down to Earth in coming days, but experts aren't sure where it will land A European space satellite that has been mapping the Earth’s gravitational field is set to crash down to Earth in the coming days, and it could provide a “real treat” for space watchers. But could GOCE (pronounced “GO-chay”), which is set to make an “uncontrolled entry” into the atmosphere, present a risk to anyone on the ground? “For the most part, these uncontrolled re-entries are the norm,” Space.com’s Tariq Malik told Yahoo News in a phone interview. “It’s not so much that we’ve been lucky to not get hit by one as it is the planet is so big.” The European Space Agency does not know exactly when GOCE, short for Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer, will crash to Earth, and experts there don't know exactly where it will land. But the general consensus is that it will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere sometime between Friday and Monday. “It’s rather hard to predict where the spacecraft will re-enter and impact,” the ESA’s Rune Floberghagen told the New York Times. “Concretely our best engineering prediction is now for a re-entry on Sunday, with a possibility for it slipping into early Monday.” And if all goes well, people may be able to watch the satellite safely enter the atmosphere and explode into a fireball of smaller fragments. “The one thing I’m really wondering about is where the re-entry might be visible from,” Malik said. “It’s very instructive to watch this stuff burn up. From the ground, it’s like watching a giant fireball. If that happens, viewers on the ground could really get a treat.” Watch your head as it might fall onto you .... Wonder where is a nice spot to watch the re-entry, Mount Faber or Telok Blangah Height garden ...
  13. Tweaks to the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) system will be finalised in the coming weeks, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as it wrapped up its public consultation exercise on Monday. LTA said it has received diverse views from over 3,700 people who gave feedback. Most of them agreed that the current way the COEs are categorised -- based on engine capacity -- should be reviewed. In recent years, luxury car models have become more common in Category A, which is meant for the mass market or small cars of not more than 1,600cc each. To tackle this, the transport minister in May called for ideas on how the system could be refined. Most felt that categorisation should be based on the Open Market Value (OMV) of the car. More than 60 percent of those who took part in LTA's online survey felt that Category A should be set aside for cars with OMV of not more than S$20,000. Noel Davenash, a participant, said: "The best way to choose mass market would be through the cost of the car, and that's really all that boils down to. "Most people who buy mass market cars want something that is a bit cheaper, versus someone who wants something a bit more prestigious or luxurious." But there are those who feel that the OMV of a model can fluctuate due to variations in exchange rates and car specifications. This means the same model could fall into different COE categories at different times. Some voiced concern that the criteria, such as OMV and engine power, could be circumvented. Others suggested keeping engine capacity as a criterion, but factoring in other criteria such as engine power. They felt this will be good as engine power can be reviewed every few years to keep pace with technological developments. A majority of those surveyed also supported the proposal to levy a surcharge on multiple-car owners. But LTA said there was a lack of consensus on whether the levy should be imposed on an individual or a household -- and whether it should be a one-off or a recurring surcharge. There were also concerns that a surcharge could penalise bigger households, and that this could be easily circumvented. Many also wanted a pay-as-you-bid system for COEs, where every successful bidder pays exactly what he or she has bid. Some believe this will result in more conservative bidding, and therefore lower COE prices. But experts said this would not be as efficient. They argued that the current system, where all successful bidders pay the lowest market-clearing price results in the most efficient way and that bid prices are open to public scrutiny. Professor Ng Yew Kwang, from the Nanyang Technological University's Economics Division, said: "Under the pay-as-you-bid (system), everyone must underbid, and different people have different psychology. "Some underbid by a lot, and some underbid by less. Then the item may go to the wrong person, to the person who may not value it very highly." There was also a strong perception that motor dealers are driving up COE premiums and should be banned from bidding, but some said this would be more inconvenient for buyers. But others felt this would not help, as long as there is a strong demand for the limited supply of COEs. Some felt dealers typically commit to car purchase agreements to absorb the additional cost should COE prices move up higher than expected and thus have every incentive to bid low once a purchase agreement is signed. Some also felt that such a ban could be easily circumvented by buyers who may ask dealers to bid in their name. A good number of buyers also prefer to have the convenience of dealers bidding for them. LTA said whatever its decisions on the COE refinements, the industry and buyers will be given ample time to adjust. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...-be/790958.html
  14. Ixus75

    COE quota for next 6 months

  15. In Jan, I reversed into a 5-series while doing a 3-pt turn. I was slowly doing reversing while he chiong and try to squeeze through. bang into 3 panels. two doors and last panel. anyway, say so much also no use. i reverse sure i lose right? so after negotiating, almost settle with him 1.5k cash. Last minute did not materialise and he went PM to repair. 6 moths later, still no update from my insurer and this morning called them, guy said case closed long ago 6k. wah lao.. i tot supposed to inform me if any claims made against my policy? made me worry for so many months that it will be a giant claims. he went back PM and changed 3 panels and est 5 days loss of use. 6k quite ok rite? never tock me i think. juz do good his car. I just curious next round what is the increase in premiums like? I heard under 10k claims the increase should be minimal rite? vis-a-vis paying 1.5k to private settlement, i should be "earn" rite?
  16. can ornot ah? i plan to rent a car on the weekend, den i was lookin at e hassle of tearing coupons after coupons.. den i saw the rates from sgcarmart it states that friday after 5pm is 2.40/entry till 3am, den before 5pm is 1.60/entry.. den after calculation, it's like cheaper than puttin coupons leh.. my hse near safra..
  17. Sources: http://forums.condosingapore.com/showthread.php?t=17370 http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2013/ap...ation-deflation http://www.japantoday.com/category/busines...an-out-of-slump Prepare for asset inflation
  18. Sibei fast Steptronic never do work
  19. Myanmar is bo sei and chao kwan here next time when we host the SEA games, we shall include mahjong, chor dai D, gor li (marbles) and zero-point so that they can't compete with us
  20. This thread is for positive contributions only.. Flamers, please stay away.. Many thanks! As the season draws to a close soon, it's time for the transfer activities to start rolling.. Ferguson has announced that he will be looking to bolster his squad.. So who do you think Utd will sign for the new season? Utd has already signed Chris Smalling from Fulham and a certain Javier Hernandez, whom is a Mexico International.. I really hope Utd will bolster their attack by signing David Villa.. If there's anyone that can match Torres in the league, it's Villa.. It'll bring more goals to the team hopefully, and there'll be someone to share the goal scoring burden with.. In fact, Villa seems a more natural goalscorer than Rooney is.. Next, United will need a good midfielder.. I'm thinking Jack Rodwell.. That lad has impressed me.. Maybe one more playmaker in terms of David Silva.. It will bring extra flair and creativity to the midfield.. I dunno if SAF will bring in a keeper to replace VDS, but if he does, I hope it'll be Casillas (Fat hope! HAhaha).. Or a more realistic choice is Sebastian Frey.. Or maybe Buffon.. But Buffon will cost a bomb to sign.. Welcome all Utd fans in.. For all other fans, please refrain from posting unnecessary comments.. I seek your kind consideration.. Cheers.. :)
  21. Both Cat A and B will be reduced quite drastically to about 630 and 610 monthly respectively. Let's wait for LTA announcement and see how accurate is my estimation this time :)
  22. Honda CEO announce that Acura will expand to some of the world. Honda wants the Acura brand to be more well known, as you can see the NSX is coming , they have the all new ILX and RDX all new RL will be coming soon which will replace the name as RLX , all new MDX is coming soon too ! I really want to see Acura around Singapore streets. RLX - Coming soon next year (Replace RL also known as Legend in Singapore) ILX - In Production MDX Prototype - Coming soon next year RDX - In production NSX - Coming soon around 2014