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  1. Going to get a Honda Civic 2007, any known problems i should look out for and change? How much will the estimated costs be? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, i am looking for your opinion. In recent regular maintenance, my engineer suggested me to change the front absorber and engine mounting which cost about 1.5K inlcuding labor. I can feel the problem while driving and it is getting a little worse in the past 6 months. Howver, I am not sure whether I shall chang them now since the car is due in 3 years and I probably will change another car. what would you do if in my situation? thanks.
  3. Hi all, Was told by my regular WS after servicing that engine oil started to leak from the engine valve cover & plug seal of my Toyota Axio 1.5L 2007 model. The mechanic showed me the signs which was a streak of oil flowing down and some solid deposits at the valve cover. He quoted about $400 plus including labour for the replacement. Questions: (1) Is the quote reasonable? (2) Any recommended WS if answer to (1) is no? (3) As the lifespan of my Axio is only about a year plus, should I go for re-con parts? Thank you.
  4. The "Beast" is out - Crossover SUV The QASHQAI (pronounced Cash Kai), is named after a desert-dwelling tribe who live near the Zagros mountains, in South Western Iran. However obscure the origin of the name, Nissan
  5. Hello evryone im from Albania i need some help I wanna buy a car, and im in midle of Mercedes C180 Cmpressor 2003 Automatic trasmision Elegance Berlina or Golf 5 1.6 (4/5 Dors) FSI 2007 Automatic trasmision. The woner of Mercedes sell it 3.200 Euro and the Golf 3.500 Euro. Both of cars have 170.000 kms. Tell me your ideas plz. I want to install GPL on the car i chose.
  6. I am trying to clean this car and found that underneath the rear seat, there are a lot of rubbish dropped and stuck there. However, I can't seem to adjust the rear seat to a position which I can reach those rubbish. For the rear seat, is it just flipping it forward and flat? Or can I do more? I know some cars can (but I don't really know how to describe it) Can someone point me to the tutorial/video to it? Or guide me along? Thanks!
  7. Just purchased a 2007 beetle for wife, left 1yr+ to drive.. 1st time owning a european car. Would like to seek advice from people who knows about this car. What are the things to take note of?? Would like to change the ATF and do some servicing. Any workshop to recommend? Thanks in advance
  8. I am new here and I cannot post. Can any old bird help me post this? My car have this constant whooo sound, never heard before. Any suggestion and recommend reasonable workshop. Thanks
  9. ali007

    Audi Q7

    Guys my Q7 hard starts usually doesn't start on the first attempt.sometimes emits white smoke from the exhaust on start up.im from the Caribbean so it can't be cold weather.I've changed starter and I used some fuel additives and still nothing has changed any other suggestions?please help..ive also chaged glow plugs and the egr valve
  10. Hi all I have a 2007 Nissan Latio (Premium with CVT gearbox) that produces rumbling noise at low speed or when the engine is experiencing load. The noise is especially evident at cold start and the noise got louder over the past whole year. I brought it to a mechanic and was told initially that the engine mounting might be damaged. Then when i urged the mechanic to confirm again, I was told that the catalytic converter might be the one vibrating and causing the issue. Any bro here got the same problem as me? anyone know whats wrong?
  11. Hi need you guys' inputs. Car in issue here is the 2007 model 2.0L Camry, basically the current model minus the minor facelift. Sometime back while on the road the traffic light turned red at a not-here-not-there point (you know la) and I had to brake hard to a stop. Travelling speed was probably around 60-70km/h. Note: hard braking, but surely not sharp emergency braking. Road condition was dry but slightly bumpy. What I experienced was a rather violent vibration from the brake pedal and steering wheel, or basically the whole car. It did not happen immediately when I applied the brakes, but midway through the braking. Whether braking ability was still present or not I can't recall, as I was kinda shocked momentarilty (luckily there was no other vehicle in front). I remember instinctively stepping in more and the vibration went away, and everything went back to normal. Following so I was wondering whether it was ABS. However in this scenario the road was dry and there wasn't any loss of traction. I've experienced ABS on another car before and I don't remember it to be as 'violent' as this. Furthermore, it wasn't as it was sharp emergency braking. Eventually I gathered it could be the road bumps that 'confused' some sensor or whatever during the hard braking. Just recently, my dad seemed to have experienced the same issue. This time he was on expressway around 100+. I don't know how hard he braked this time relative to my experience, but his description of the vibration was similar to mine. I am planning to go to Borneo Motors for this. But before that I'd like to consult you guys on what could be the problem, and if there has been any similar experience. As you know, it may not be possible to emulate the same thing to the Toyota guys. Not saying that they will not believe, but it's also hard for them to diagnose without a first-hand experience. Hence I thought it might be helpful for me to gather some intelligence from you all first. Thank you, and may all drive safe.
  12. Hi anyone knows whether 2007 BMW 523I can change from amber to white halo ring? Is it illegal? Anyone has any recommendation?
  13. Im considering a few car to change due to family planning as currently driving a SSS manual. Shortlisted a mazda 6 as the design is pretty sweet and also auto so wife can drive. space wise also pretty gd, and impressive boot space. I was wondering any mazda6 driver here? I had shortlisted 1 unit and test drove it. depri is 9k and 1 owner. Tested and feel that car handles and drives well, with no wierd or unusual sound/vibration during the short test. I was wondering if there is anything i should look out for. Its a 5AT gearbox so im not too sure if there is any known problem with it. Coming frm a manual owner, im pretty scare of auto transmission as heard alot of story from frens that gearbox piang etc Would love to hear from fellow mazda 6 owner here. I also shortlisted the lancer ex GT however the depri is more than 10k+ easily, and feedback from my friends is he will pick a mazda 6 anytime because they feel that the depri is too high for a lancer ex.
  14. Any suggestions from any bros out there? Would the generic power steering fluid that petrol kiosks sell be suitable? I saw from my car manual that it should be WSS-M2C204-A2 type. Any suggestions for similar / eqivalent? Thanks in advance!
  15. http://www.worldcarfans.com/114020669844/aston-martin-will-recall-75-percent-of-all-cars-made-since Aston Martin DB9 2008-2014 model years Aston Martin has announced a major recall which will affect 75 percent of all cars manufactured since 2007. This huge recall affects no less than 17,590 cars made by Aston Martin and involves all left-hand drive cars manufactured since November 2007 and all right-hand drive models produced since May 2012 which according to a company spokesman represent approximately 75 percent of all cars built since 2007. Out of a total of 17,590 cars, 5,001 units are from North America while the other 12,589 units were sold worldwide and none of the recalled cars is a Vanquish model. This massive recall has to do with a Chinese sub-supplier who was using counterfeit plastic material for a component which they supplied to Aston Martin. Company spokeswoman Sarah Calam says 22 failed parts have been reported so far and luckily no accidents or injuries were related to this problem. As a result of this recall, Aston Martin is now being supplied directly by a DuPont distributor.
  16. Greetings. My Skoda Superb 1.8Turbo petrol engine manufactured in 2007 has the following problems: The hose in the picture was broken but do not know what part it is to tell the stockist. In addition, the exhaust manifold was so red in the second picture, I wonder whether anything wrong with that. I would appreciate it very much if you could send me a diagram showing the parts and parts number of the engine bay if you have access to it, so that I can inform my stockist of the part to order, and also shed some light to my exhaust manifold problem. Many thanks, KK
  17. Hi guys, This Rex hav dep of $7K +/- , worth the take ? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...856&DL=2080
  18. Was listening to the radio, Class95 this morning and they were talking abt this survivor of the jet crashed in 2007. http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/arch...5/12/2003360493 Fighter crash kills crew, Singaporeans FLIGHT MISHAP An air force fighter plunged into a building housing military personnel from Singapore, killing a total of four people and injuring several others, some severely By Jimmy Chuang / STAFF REPORTER An Air Force fighter jet crashed into a military complex at a base in northern Taiwan yesterday, killing its two crew members and two Singaporean military personnel. Nine Singaporeans were also injured, two critically, when the two-seat F-5F Tiger fighter jet slammed into a building housing the Singaporean personnel, partially destroying the facility and engulfing it in flames. The Air Force confirmed that the F-5F took off from its base in Taitung County at 9am to participate in training for the annual Han Kuang series of military exercises at a base near Hukou Township (湖口), Hsinchu County. Three F-5s were involved in the exercise, but none of the pilots onboard the other aircraft witnessed the accident, because the jet that crashed was at the rear of the formation. As the jet finished its final run and prepared to return to its base, it suddenly lost control and crashed. Several eyewitnesses said they saw the jet fly by before crashing. The plane appeared to be heading toward factories and residential areas, but the pilots seemed to have attempted to avoid them and turned the aircraft toward a military complex nearby, eyewitnesses said. The plane exploded into a ball of fire on impact, instantly killing the 34-year-old pilot, Major Wei Tsu-yuan (魏子淵) and his co-pilot, 27-year-old Captain Chan Chia-chun (詹嘉鈞). Minister of National Defense Lee Jye (李傑) immediately grounded the Air Force's remaining 34 F-5s after the crash, but said that the Han Kuang exercises would continue. cause unknown "We need time to determine the cause of the crash," Lee said. "We have retrieved the aircraft's flight-data recorder and will examine it as soon as possible." "Meanwhile, the military exercises will continue, although we have grounded our remaining F-5 series of fighters for further examinations," he said. When the F-5F crashed into the military complex, it also killed two foreign military personnel and wounded nine on the ground. All of the ground personnel belong to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). SAF personnel have been training in Taiwan under the "Starlight Program," a military cooperation agreement between Taiwan and Singapore. Singapore has operated three military training camps in Taiwan since 1975: in Hengchun Township (恆春), Pingtung County; Douliu Township (斗六), Yunlin County; and Hukou Township in Hsinchu County. Each year, Singapore would send approximately 15,000 SAF personnel to Taiwan for training. In the past few years, however, only about 7,000 SAF personnel have continued training here as Singapore has begun to focus on closer ties with China. "Two wounded patients are in critical condition," said Dr. Chen Tim-mo (陳天牧), chief plastic surgeon at the Tri-Services General Hospital. "Both of them suffered serious burns." "One of the patients has burns over 50 percent of his body," Chen said. "The other has burns over 40 percent. The patient with 50 percent burns is in a coma, while we induced sleep in the other, so he would not feel so much pain." The Ministry of National Defense (MND) refused to release the names of the Singaporean military personnel, citing the confidential nature of the Starlight Program and the sensitive relationship between Taiwan and Singapore. Ministry of National Defense Spokesman Rear Admiral Wu Chi-fang (吳季方) also refused to comment on the Singaporean personnel when questioned by reporters. The Singaporean Ministry of Defense issued a brief statement yesterday confirming that two SAF personnel were dead, two were seriously injured and seven others were injured. It said it would be investigating the incident. Local firefighters only confirmed that "at least three heads and many body parts" were discovered at the crash site and sent to the hospital, but said that none of bodies were identifiable. "We lost two pilots. Singaporean troops also lost two, while another two are in the hospital," Lee said. Lawmakers were quick to interpret the crash through a political lens. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Hsueh Ling (薛凌) told a press conference that senior MND officials should step down to take responsibility for the accident. Saying that such a crash was a "terrible" loss of human life, Hsueh urged the MND to stop all exercises immediately. Hsueh said "some soldiers" had complained to her before that the military insisted on conducting exercises despite the military's "outdated" equipment, saying that Lee should therefore assume responsibility. Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Lin Yu-fang (林郁方) said that Lee should bear responsibility for the accident. "Accidents happen too often, and that has to do with the government's paying too little attention to the task of training pilots and to mechanical maintenance," Lin said. Lin said that the DPP government should focus more on maintenance and less on pushing the legislature to buy expensive new weapons. Additional reporting by Flora Wang,Shih Hsiu-chuan and Angelica Oung The survivor : Man gets prestigious scholarship, 6 years after brush with death SINGAPORE — Mr Karthigayan Ramakrishnan barely escaped with his life when a Taiwanese fighter jet crashed into the storeroom that he was in during National Service training on that island six years ago. Burns covered 45 per cent of his body and he spent almost 60 days in hospital, “walking the line” between life and death. Yesterday, in a clear testimony to how far he has recovered, the 29-yearold was among five Singaporeans awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship by the United Kingdom government. Known previously in Singapore as the Raffles Scholarships, the programme offers bondfree scholarships to promising young Singaporeans. Mr Karthigayan, who will be the very first Chevening-British Alumni scholar, said the scholarship came as “a real boost”. “It will drive me to do even better,” he added. The scholarship, funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, will help to pay for his master’s degree in public policy at Sheffield University. Explaining his choice of study, Mr Karthigayan, a sociology graduate from UniSIM, said: “When I was doing sociology, I realised that it is public policy and governance that affects every part of daily life … If you want to be part of the change, you have to be part of (it).” Mr Karthigayan, who is currently a senior executive of student affairs at NUS’ Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, has also been working actively to inspire other burn victims through the Singapore General Hospital’s burns support team. “When you are a burn victim, your features change. Sometimes there is skin discolouration or celluloid, but when we meet each other, we reinforce to one another that life goes on. The kind of message we want to give is to accept it first. Coping happens later,” he said. Indeed, Mr Karthigayan’s recovery from the May 2007 crash, which killed three Singaporean soldiers and two Taiwanese pilots, has been fraught with much pain and difficulty, although it has influenced the way he views life. “The accident reinforced one thing for me, that life was fragile. There is only this limited time that I have to do what I want to do ... So that’s what I keep telling myself every day — to make the best out of everything,” said Mr Karthigayan, who got married earlier this year. 2806_AP_page_30.pdf
  19. Izit worth to buy 7 series with high omv for 07 cars? With current coe very high depreciation, many 2007 cars, high omv and low depreciation. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...975&DL=1242
  20. Im interested in this car ad posted pricing at 29900 miles 65000km . I intend to call but unsure what questions should I be asking . Any advices? The dealer did not disclose no. Of owners though
  21. My friend bot it last week. After she bot it her friend told her price is not good because Car Dealer can get it at Scrap Value + 2k = $22k+ only so they earn $6k from this deal which is good profit. What do you think ? COE = $17k OMV - $11k
  22. Hello All: I am trying to get a late 2006 or 2007 used car and narrowed down to Mazda 5 and Opel Zafira 1.8 or 2.2. Can someone please advise me which is a better choice? Thank you so much !
  23. Anyone has any feedbacks about their sensodrive technology? would like to hear from users how durable are em as i read online, many times its due to firmware rather than hardware. thanks all!
  24. Dear all, I am considering buying a 2nd hand 2007 Toyota Axio. Can exisiting owners advise if there is any major problem with the car, especially the CVT gearbox ? Thanks!
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