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  1. I'm sure anyone looking for a Roc would rather get from them. 20k probably also hard to get lol.. Not true bro. Take a look at the renewed coe Roc. New 10yrs coe selling at 50+k. So it does make sense to get a good unit if u wanna renew coe for that car. Getting a 9yrs old car and drive for a year then renew coe(if coe remains same level) or even buying it and renew immediately, will be a <9yrs old car vs an older 10yrs old car at the same price. Needless to say which is better off. Of course even a good well maintained Roc will still have it's problems. Many of the parts tend to fail over time compared to jap reliability. But why this car is so popular? Sexy design, low road tax, powerful and good FC. These makes up to match the repair cost. You compared the 25k for 2 months difference. In fact there's not much diff in price. But buying a car is not only the price, condition counts, else repair cost may cost much more. U need to see the real thing to comment on whether it's worthy or not. No offence, my 2cts.
  2. Qaz20

    Sideswipe Accident Insurance Claim

    My sister was involved in such a case as well few years back. Car under my name. The other party claimed, we didn't know, cos wasn't informed. Damage was minor so didn't bother to repair. Only found out we were being claimed during insurance renewal. Verdict 50:50 I called up the insurance company, spoke to the manager. My case is, i didn't even know, didn't claim, and now it's affecting me. Then i should have claimed, since it's 50:50, and make the insurance company lose mpre money. I ended up have my ncd revert back to 50%, but with a loading. Actually u still can claim now. Because you can claim within 6yrs of accident, if i remember correctly.
  3. Lol.. you definitely love the GS450h more.
  4. In fact coolant level is not low. But unable to circulate from reserve tank causing it to overheat. Normal driving condition and even traffic jam no issue at all.
  5. Nice setup. Just gotta take care of the A pillar airbag since u customized pillar. I squeezed mine into the stock location. If only they build a RCA for the Android, would be lagi best. Mine had mark levinson, but ended up still go aftermarket.
  6. You're into ICE too? What setup u have
  7. Qaz20

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    In fact the reason they gave is that they will only order the battery when needed because freshly made batteries last longer than those manufactured and keep in storage.
  8. Qaz20

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    Think i read somewhere that 1st 5urs is unlimited change. But once over 5yrs. Only 1 change allowed. Am driving a 4GS450h, my battery died and was replaced under warranty last nov, car was 6yrs old then. Need to wait a few weeks to order, reason being battery should not be kept, that's according to borneo. Car still drives ok without hybrid, but pickup suffers and FC higher.
  9. U dun even need to be there. LolWith your car model, they can fabricate the brackets from their database.
  10. Agree with you. I changed from 3rd gen GS300 to 4th gen GS450h. Can really feel the build quality is a step back from the previous gen. Just more features.
  11. I know a shop in jb that installs LS430 brakes front 4, rear 2 pots for any car. They customize the brackets. Bro, pls check with borneo. Think recently i saw this article/news. Toyota japan had recognise this dashbord cracking issue and is performing free replacement. May have to pay for labour. Think it includes those at the door panel.
  12. Yup.. that's right. Residual value..Also means that's what the paper value is worth now
  13. About overheating issue. Radiator cap failure is not easy to detect. Experience this before on a GS300. Temp needle in car shows the normal level. But i have a separate obd meter to monitor temperature and other parameters. Was driving up genting and my meter alarms at close to 100 degs and even up to 102, but car's temp gauge still remains the same. This alarm alerted me to check. Ended up is just a radiator cap failure. And the workshop at genting besides the esso charges me only RM40 when i was expecting to be chopped. Do bear in mind that the car's temp gauge will only goes up under very serious condition, normally when radiator almost dried up. So i always install a obd meter to monitor things like temp, atf temp, battery level, etc...
  14. There are people who sold their cars after driving for even months or a year. And these are good cars. But they want more, not to their liking or whatsoever, or like you say, "not happy with it" but that doesn't mean the car is lousy or problematic.