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Found 57 results

  1. The Aston Martin Valkyrie now comes with a Track Pack https://www.topgear.com/car-news/supercars/aston-martin-valkyrie-now-comes-track-pack Aston Martin will only ever build 150 road-legal versions of the Adrian Newey-designed, 1,100bhp, V12-powered, £2.5m Valkyrie. It will also produce 25 circuit-only Valkyrie AMR Pros for the truly committed track day enthusiast. If you missed out on an AMR Pro, but managed to bag a road-version, fear not - there is another way. Aston has announced that road car customers will be offered the option of a Track Performance Pack, claimed to reduce your lap times by eight per cent… assuming you have the skill to get anywhere near the car’s limits. This includes an entirely new, more aggressive and higher-downforce front clamshell panel, matched to a full second set of body panels so your Valkyrie has a suit for the weekly commute, and an entirely different body for that occasional weekend track sesh. Very much not allowed on the road, the Track Pack also adds lightweight titanium brakes, “track-focused” suspension lowered by 50mm, and the option of Chris Boardman-spec aero carbon disc wheels. And just in case other punters weren’t sure how seriously you take yourself - as you rock up at your local run-what-you-brung in a £2.5m Aston – there’s personalised “pit accessories” and a race suit to match. Aston won’t tell us the price for the Track Pack option, probably because it would blow our tiny little minds. What Aston did let us do, however, is visit them and pretend to be a customer for the day – speccing ‘our’ car, and a Track Pack from scratch. The pictures here (green/silver = road-legal, blue/blue = with Track Pack fitted) are the result. Particular highlights of ‘our’ Valkyrie include the micron-thick titanium badge on the nose, acid green decals highlighting the roof’s bomb graphic from overhead, the honeycomb wheels and an abundance of ‘Mokume’ carbon fibre on the interior – a technique where the carbon is layered up into a solid block and the component machined from that – leaving an intricate wood-grain effect. Fancy. Indulgent options, that we steered cleared of, naturally, included a gold pack – where gold leaf is laid onto the bodywork under the laquer – and woven leather on the door pockets. For Valkyrie customers that can’t make up their minds, or can’t be arsed, there are four “Designer Specifications” that steer them away from fashion faux-pas. So, what’s the verdict? Like our designs, or think you could do better?
  2. In an interview with Aston Martin Chief Executive Andy Palmer, Car Sales, an Australian publication, found out that the new Vanquish is likely to get a manual gearbox. Going against the trend, the upcoming mid-engined car will of course get another transmission option but we are pleasantly surprised to hear of another sports car manufacture other than Porsche who would offer a self-shifting option to its customers. That said, Palmer did not specifically say ‘yes’ directly when he was interviewed. “I’ve already made a commitment that I want to be the last manufacturer in the world to offer manual sports cars and I want to honour that commitment,” Palmer remarked. The new car will be using an aluminum platform and a twin-turbocharged V6 with a small electric motor, and while the company hasn’t said how much grunt it will have, you can expect it to have around 800bhp or so.
  3. A classic Aston Martin V8 Vantage will star in the new James Bond film. As much was confirmed after an amateur video surfaced on social media showing the car on set during filming for 007’s next outing in Norway. The video provides confirmation that the latest Bond movie will feature a petrol-powered Aston, following recent speculation that Bond would be seen behind the wheel of the £250,000 all-electric Aston Martin Rapide e. There’s nothing to suggest the Rapide e won’t make an appearance as well but now we know for sure that Bond will get his V8 hit. Bond last drove the classic Aston in the 1987 film, The Living Daylights, with actor Timothy Dalton at the helm. Both a convertible and hardtop version of the V8 Vantage appeared in the movie.’ The ‘Q-branch’ hardtop version featured a range of upgrades, such as retractable skis, spiked snow tyres and an afterburner hidden behind the rear number plate. Like all Bond cars, Dalton’s V8 Vantage was also fitted with a host of gadgets, including a pair of heat-seeking missiles, a police scanner radio, laser beams built into the front wheels and a self-destruct function. Whether or not similar toys will appear on the Vantage for the latest Bond film is yet to be confirmed.
  4. Aston Martin DBX shown in near-production form before 2019 launchhttps://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/aston-martin-readies-dbx-suv-2019-launch Aston Martin has confirmed that its first-ever SUV model will be called DBX and launch before the end of next year. The brand has also released official 'spy' images showing the car's near-production bodywork. The DBX was first previewed as a concept car in 2015 but had been tipped to take another name for production, with Varekai one of the rumoured possibilities. Unlike the concept, the production DBX will feature a more conventional five-door layout rather than the sleeker three-door design that was originally expected. The DBX is arguably the most important model in Aston Martin’s history and the next phase of the company’s turnaround plan under boss Andy Palmer. While every Aston produced under Palmer to date as part of his ‘Second Century’ plan has been a replacement for an existing model (DB11, Vantage and DBS Superleggera), the DBX breaks new ground by having no direct predecessor. As well as being the first Aston SUV, it is also the first Aston to be produced in a new purpose-built factory in St Athan, Wales. During its life cycle, it will introduce hybrid technology to Aston, and it will also play a key role in trying to attract female buyers to the Aston Martin brand. The DBX is built on an Aston Martin architecture that will be closely related to that set to be used by the Lagonda saloon and SUV that Aston also has in the pipeline and which will be built alongside the DBX in Wales from 2021. Whereas the Lagonda models will be electrically driven, however, the DBX will start life with petrol power, before getting Mercedes-sourced hybrid technology early in the next decade. Aston Martin’s own V12 and Mercedes-AMG’s V8 engines will both find their way into the DBX, with Mercedes also donating the car’s electrical architecture. The DBX will compete against the likes of the Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and upcoming Ferrari SUV. Given the broad appeal and rise in popularity of SUVs, the DBX is expected to quickly become Aston’s bestselling model. New official shots show DBX's design for first time Aston has released images of the DBX undergoing testing on the gravel stages of the Wales Rally GB, for the first time giving hints of the final production car’s design. There’s little left of the DBX concept in the camouflaged test mule, although the sleek silhouette does remain, albeit with an extra pair of doors. Sharp body creases and a pronounced shoulder line help reduce the overall visual bulk on what is the most high-sided Aston yet produced, while a new integrated grille design performs a similar role at the front of the car. Aston Martin is already talking up the DBX’s all-terrain capabilities, which are revealed in these official testing images with the company’s chief engineer Matt Becker at the wheel. The DBX is the first Aston Martin to go through a new dedicated test programme, to ensure it can produce the kind of dynamic on-road performance on which Aston has always made its name, allied to some credibility off-road. Testing is also due to take place in the Arctic, the deserts of the Middle East, on German autobahns and at the Nürburgring, as well as both on and off-road in the UK. Itwill also be the first all-new Aston Martin model launched after the company’s stock market flotation, a formal intention for which was finally confirmed in late August after the firm returned to profitability last year. In a long-rumoured move, Aston Martin is set to offer more than £1 billion of shares, which equates to some 25% of the company, on the London Stock Exchange in the autumn. The initial public offering (IPO) values the British manufacturer at around £5bn and would place it in the FTSE 100. Following its own IPO in 2015, Ferrari’s value doubled to around £15bn a year later. Aston Martin has changed significantly as a company under the leadership of Andy Palmer, who joined as CEO in 2014. He has brought financial stability to the company and returned it to profit. Last year, it was in the black for the first time since 2010. Aston’s first-half results in 2018 showed that it recorded a pre-tax profit of £20.7 million. Palmer has underpinned that growth with his so-called ‘second century’ plan, which is formed of seven models being launched over seven years at the rate of one per year, each then on sale for a seven-year model cycle with various derivatives and special-edition versions launched within that. Hybrid powertrains to arrive later in DBX's lifecycle Daimler will provide Aston’s hybrid technology and is also one of two routes for sourcing full-electric drivetrains, according to Palmer, with other external partners also being explored. Aston has sourced an 800V system for its first electric car, the limited-run RapidE due in 2019, and Palmer said 800V and access to the latest chemistry is key to any future EV powertrain from the firm. Although hybrid versions of the DBX are a long way off, the car will be launched with a Mercedes-sourced 4.0-litre V8 and Aston’s own 5.2-litre V12 as core engine options. Palmer said that although he lists the DBX’s rivals as the Bentayga, Urus, Cullinan and upcomingFerrari, each model performs a very different role in the super-luxury SUV segment. “Those minded towards a beauty of execution will move to Aston,” he said. First-time Aston customers are expected to be found in China and North America in particular for the DBX, but Palmer said plenty of existing Aston owners will be interested, too. “It’s fascinating to me that 72% of Aston customers also own an SUV, and normally these are Cayennes or Range Rovers,” he said. “If you’re converted to Aston, it’ll be easier to convert buyers to an Aston SUV.” The final model name of the DBX has yet to be decided upon. However, earlier this year Aston trademarked the name Varekai. The seventh model in its product plan, a mid-engined supercar to rival the Ferrari 488, will be called the Vanquish. The DBX is expected to sell at around 5000 units per year, which would comfortably make it Aston’s most popular model. Last year, the firm sold 5117 sports cars, with the long-term goal of up to 14,000 split between 7000 each from Gaydon and St Athan, and the rest from up to two special, limited-run models each year.
  5. DACH

    2018 Aston Martin Vantage

    We've been expecting you: full details on Aston's twin-turbo, 503bhp V8 super coupe https://www.topgear.com/car-news/big-reads/all-new-aston-martin-vantage “This is our dedicated sports car. It’s simple, pure energy, it’s a hunter. It has a flick in the tail and the lowest nose we’ve ever produced. If the DB11 is a samurai sword, this is a scalpel.” That’s design director Marek Reichman giving us a hands-on intro to the new Aston Martin Vantage. He’s fully spooled up now, arms flying everywhere, his language getting more design-speak by the second. I’ve pressed the pause button here, on his sword/scalpel analogy, not to point and laugh at some marketing guff, but because in truth it’s rather key. We are witnessing the rebirth of a company, one that’s emerging from a decade where its products overlapped and leaked into one another like layers on a sub-standard trifle. Shored up with new money and new management, there’s now an ambitious plan in place that, should it work, will deliver seven new standalone models (one every nine months) between now and 2021 – and that’s not counting derivatives and cherries like the Valkyrie and continuation DB4 GTs. The first of these seven pillars is the DB11, the Vantage is number two followed by new Vanquish, DBX, a mid-engined supercar, Lagonda 1 and Lagonda 2. In that order. Success hinges on differentiation – creating clear daylight between each pillar, and that’s precisely what’s happening here. Seen any DB11s painted in Radioactive Lime recently? Didn’t think so. And the Vantage’s official launch colour is just the beginning of the changes that make this the Aston for people who enjoy the art of driving fast. The bonded and riveted aluminium structure is, of course, descended from the DB11 – everything from the A-pillar forward is carried over untouched (new crash structures are prohibitively expensive to develop), but 70 per cent of the components are unique. A 280mm reduction in length is down to lopping out a section where the rear seats would be, while, unlike the plusher DB11, the rear axle sub-assembly ditches any rubber bushing and is solid-mounted to the chassis, sacrificing some refinement for more immediate reactions. At 1,530kg dry, it’s 170kg lighter than a DB11, but, to be fair, that’s not saying much. More telling is that it’s a few kilos heavier than a 4WD Porsche 911 Turbo (Porsche quotes 1,595kg, but that’s with all its fluids on board, which weigh well over 100kg). Expect the kerbweight to lighten up a bit in a year’s time, though: that’s when you’ll have the option of substituting the eight-speed ZF auto available from launch, with a manual. Happy days. The engine? We know it well, but that doesn’t make an AMG-sourced 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, recalibrated by Aston to produce 503bhp and 505lb ft of torque, any less titillating. Claimed performance – 0–62mph in 3.6secs and 195mph flat-out – is nudging supercar country, but then so too is the starting price of £120,900. For £20k more, you can have a Mercedes-AMG GT R. Fortunately, the Vantage’s chassis game is strong. Double-wishbone suspension at the front and multi-link at the rear is familiar stuff, as are the adjustable dampers all-round as standard and torque-vectoring by braking. But this is the first Aston to feature a new e-diff that trumps a purely mechanical LSD, Aston says, by going from fully open to 100 per cent locked in a just a few milliseconds. There’s also new bespoke Pirelli P Zeros, and three driving modes: Sport, Sport Plus and Track, that gradually ramp up the damping, throttle response, e-diff, torque-vectoring, steering weight (electromechanical, 2.4 turns lock to lock) and racket from the exhausts, while slackening off the stability control. There is much technology at work, then, but this is also the first Aston to be completely set up by their ex-Lotus ride and handling chief, Matt Becker… and it’s his kind of car. The DB11 he tidied up, filed the edges; here, he was given carte blanche and a dream package to work with. Matt, we’re expecting big things. But driving it is for another day. Now, I’m tracing Reichman’s steps as he stalks his way around the car, index finger on chin, as if he’s still finding new and exciting angles on his work. “This project was really like taking a racecar onto the road, so we needed a different language. It’s purer, it’s more elemental.” Starting from the front – the nose has Bond’s DB10 written all over it; the lights are small and aggressive with a front splitter below smuggling smooth air under the car. The front flanks are defined by ‘side gills’ riddled with bullet holes, while the back wheels are stretched to the rearmost corners where they punch through the car’s skin. Right around the back, you’ll find the real drama, with a full-width light strip, uncapped exhausts sticking out like sawn-off shotguns and a proper functioning diffuser. There’s nothing active here. No flaps or air curtains, just a flat underfloor and a ducktail spoiler, more for stability than big downforce – that’ll come later with the hardcore AMR editions. Normally, we prefer to leave the design decisions to your eyes (who are we to tell you what does and doesn’t look good?), but on this occasion, I’ll allow myself an opinion… it’s taut, exciting and exotic in a way a 911 doesn’t want to be and an F-Type can’t be. With one caveat – like the DB11 it’s very spec dependent. This car is an all-screaming, all-raving version with carbon roof, carbon sills and carbon diffuser, and it’s the one to go for. If you want subdued, go for the DB11, although we’ll understand if you want to tone down the paint. Inside, you can see the bits borrowed from Merc (screen, pointless mouse-style touchpad), but the good news is it’s a complete rethink from the DB11. Feeling fruity? You can have your centre console caked in body-coloured bits, or carbon or piano black if you’re feeling less shouty. Gone are the DB11’s haptic feedback surfaces, replaced with physical buttons because “given the more frenetic driving experience, you want an actual click to tell you a button’s been pressed,” says Reichman. The paddles have grown for the same reason. There’s a bit of a boot, too – 350 litres, to be precise… more than double what you get in a 911’s nose, but then that has back seats for your overflow. Will there be a V12 version? We hope so, but Reichman wouldn’t confirm, preferring to stir the speculation pot by reminding us that the engine bay is shared with the DB11. So we know it’ll fit and why go to the bother of developing a new twin-turbo V12 if you’re not going to spread the costs? Besides, knowing CEO Andy Palmer, the idea of a V12 hot rod will be too tempting to resist. But will it be the Vantage or the DB11 at the heart of this born-again company? It’s a question that leaves Reichman a bit stumped… “I think, maybe this does define our core more than a DB11. If DB11 is about style, this is about developing something you can take racing, and that’s what Aston stands for. When they all line up at Le Mans next year, it will be this next to Porsche, Ferrari, Ford and BMW. We want to win with this car.”
  6. ChaosMyth

    2018 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

    Aston Martin Debuts an All-New $300,000 DBS Superleggera Coupe The $304,995 V12 will compete against Ferrari’s 812 Superfast. Aston Martin has just debuted the DBS Superleggera on Tuesday, June 26. Based on Formula One styling, the $304,995 coupe will replace the Vanquish, a so-called super-grand touring two-door that Aston Martin has made since 2001. The new car revives two historic nameplates from the Aston Martin line: The DBS title first appeared in a line of coupes starting in 1967, while Superleggera, which means “super light” in Italian, hasn’t been used since the DB4 Superleggera stopped production in 1961. The DBS Superleggera has a bi-turbo, 5.2-liter V12 engine that will be the basis for all forthcoming V12 models as well, since it is highly modifiable and can allow the integration of improvements for various trim lines and future products. The engine made its debut in this year’s DB11 coupe. It gets 715bhp and 664 pound-feet of torque—an astounding amount, considering that even 10 years ago only the most expensive, crazy-looking hypercars crested the 700hp mark. This one looks as if it could saunter down a high-fashion runway. It will give the 789-horsepower Ferrari 812 Superfast a firm challenge for dominance within the set. (The 812 Superfast, by the way, is the only other front-engine, rear-wheel drive, luxury super GT car on the market today. The British company is targeting Ferrari in other ways too.) Zero to 62 miles per hour in the Superleggera is 3.4 seconds. Top speed is 211mph.
  7. http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2004_aston_martin_vanquish_zagato_roadster-1.jpg http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2004_aston_martin_vanquish_zagato_roadster-2.jpg http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2004_aston_martin_vanquish_zagato_roadster-3.jpg Zagato and Aston Martin: a strong alliance that goes back to the 60s with the legendary DB4 GTZ, continued in the 80s with the Vantage and Volante, and is now stronger than ever with the DB7 Zagato and AR1. At this year's Geneva Motor Show, Zagato is presenting the Roadster version of the Aston Martin Vanquish. For the first time, this Milan workshop is not giving an entirely new look to the production model, but is offering an interesting variation of the Vanquish, introducing new elements of style. While the Aston Martin DB7 Zagato and AR1 were initially presented to customers in the form of a limited edition, immediately sold out, the Vanquish Roadster is a concept proposed by Zagato with the backing of Aston Martin itself. Close cooperation between Nori Harada, Zagato's Automotive Chief Designer, and Peter Hutchinson, Design Manager at Aston Martin, has resulted in this new car introducing elements that are a sharp break with the Roadster segment. A totally unique design of the rear introductes a functional modular cover system. A hard top for winter, developed to not appear as an add-on but as an integral part that also takes in the rear. On warmer days of the year, its place is taken by a transparent hardened glass and an easily used soft cover. Developed by Zagato's engineers, this soft top is easily and simply mounted and, when not in use, is held in the luggage compartment without taking up much space. The car has a round rear light cluster, a tapered tail to best feature the wheelbox, a completely new rear bumper and a new transparent cover. The hardened glass, with its curvy 'double bubble' form, uniquely emphasises the relationship between the solid and void. It covers the luggage compartment immediately behind the seats which can be seen through the glass. Story by Aston Martin Lagonda Limited & Zagato, edited by Supercars.net
  8. Renegade

    A Vantage Issue

    It was a bright and sunny day (which rained really heavily a while later) and I had my jaw drop as I pulled my car into a carpark somewhere in Holland Village when my attention was frozen by a shiny Aston Martin DB7 Vantage parked in the same carpark. Complete with its 18" Bridgestones and thoroughly polished and glimmering in the sun, I debated for what seemed to be an eternity whether I should tag it with an MCF flyer. But, alas, "no" was the eventual answer, especially after some prompt sms-based consultation with some pals, I did not, for fear of being charged with scratching the immaculate paintwork and being visited by the neighbourhood mob for my actions. And thus, I left the SDU-plate car alone which a while later left the carpark, possibly out of fear of this one clown who kept scrutinising it from every possible angle. And this is even before I recovered completely from the shock of seeing a Bentley Arnage Red Label parked outside my office on Friday. Which led me to wonder - exactly how many of such financially overly-well-endowed people are there in S'pore and whether any of them would care to help boost my personal financial standing in society. The End.
  9. The celebration version of the vanquish, with carbon elements, pretty nice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrNCix_LTN0
  10. Hi guys Based on past servicing I notice I pay 3% of car value for servicing each year A good example is vios at 3% means $3k servicing a year May I know for higher level cars like conti is it 5-10% of car value Eg Audi is 200k so servicing is $10k a year?
  11. Can I ask if you guys have insisted to accompany dealer to lta to register the new car under your name and on the spot then only pass the full payment to dealer? Or u just pay and let them do the regist ration later by themselves? Car cannot be driven away by you till lta registration completed right?
  12. Please advise where to report this kind Assh*le Reckless Lorry Driver? incarrecord1.wmv
  13. joceychin

    Test 1 of 10

    test 1 of 10 test 2 of 10 test 3 of 10
  14. taxi uncle never slow down and buanged at this dangerous S bend summore road was so wet i was on the opp direction abt 8.45am his cab went over the fencing saw a volvo TP and towtruck hope driver ok
  15. Hello all, Tyre/Rim almost is the most expensive comsumable parts of car, to benefit motorists, kindly list down those you encounted dishonest Tyre shops, in future we should avoid them, 1. Kempas road: Toyo tires, Cheating, selling defect product,
  16. Deeq

    Incredible Dubai police cars

    From its unique architecture to its amazing skyline and eyewatering prices, the United Arab Emirate of Dubai has always done things very differently. Never afraid to flash its excess wealth, and famed worldwide for its conspicuous consumption, it’s no surprise that the local constabulary has accumulated the most exotic stable of police cars in the world. Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari and more... it’s every petrolhead’s wishlist of motoring exotica, but a daily drive from some for the lucky officers serving in the desert. We take a look at the cars that will be on your tail if you’re foolish enough to consider speeding in Dubai, the land where the PCs most certainly aren’t plodders... BMW M6 Gran Coupe Engine: 4.4 V8, 552bhp | Top speed: 250km/h | 0-100km/h: 4.1 secs A relatively tame part of Dubai Police’s fleet, but BMW’s legendary ‘M’ badge signifies there’s no shortage of power. With a 4.4-litre V8, the M6 Gran Coupe is propelled from 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds, on its way to a limited top speed of 250km/h. At just under £100,000, this is one of the cheaper cars on the fleet, but rest assured those sumptuous leather seats will keep criminals comfortable. Mercedes SLS AMG Engine: 6.2 V8, 591bhp - Top speed: 320km/h - 0-100km/h: 3.7 secs As supercars go, few would deny that the Mercedes SLS AMG is a work of art, with its generously proportioned front end sweeping back to a dramatic set of gullwing doors. The Mercedes produces almost 600bhp from a 6.2-litre V8, and is capable of nearly 320km/h, doing 0-100km/h in under four seconds. Now where do the bad guys sit? Lamborghini Aventador Engine: 6.5 V12, 690bhp | Top speed: 350km/h | 0-100km/h: 2.9 secs A product of Lamborghini’s famous factory at Sant’Agata, the Aventador is striking in every way. Its rakish lines and aggressively flared arches and intakes give it a presence few cars can match. And with a massive 690bhp from the 6.5-litre V12 engine, this bull can charge to 350km/h and from 0-100km/h in a mightily impressive 2.9 seconds. But at £265,900, it’s definitely no cheap thrill. Aston Martin One-77 Engine: 7.3 V12, 750bhp | Top speed: 354km/h | 0-100km/h: 3.7 secs This is as special as they come from the legendary British maker. As the name suggests, the Aston Martin One-77 was a limited release of just 77 models worldwide. Beautifully hand-crafted materials and an obsessive attention to detail mark the car out. It’s no slouch, either, with 750bhp from a V12 and a top speed of 354km/h. The force’s accountant may be concerned at the £1,150,000 price tag, though. Ferrari FF Engine: 6.2 V12, 651bhp -| Top speed: 335km/h | 0-100km/h: 3.7 secs Practical and Ferrari are two words you rarely hear in the same sentence. The Ferrari FF is an exception, though, because it is a genuinely practical supercar with space for four occupants in a shooting brake bodystyle – the perfect choice for transporting criminals to the station quickly, thanks to its 651bhp V12 engine. Another costly addition to the Dubai police fleet. Bentley Continental GT Engine: 6.0 W12, 567bhp | Top speed: 317km/h | 0-100km/h: 4.3 secs Another British car, the Bentley Continental GT is a fine choice due to its superb refinement and quality. It’s hand-made at Bentley’s famous Crewe factory, and every effort is made to produce the perfect car, tailored to buyers’ every request. The 6.0-litre W12 engine catapults the car to just shy of 321km/h, and dispatches the 0-100km/h sprint in 4.3 seconds. Ford Shelby Mustang Roush Edition Engine: 5.0 V8, 575bhp | Top speed: 236km/h | 0-100km/h: 4.5 secs The Ford Mustang costs small change in relation to the other cars on the fleet, but doesn’t disappoint. This ‘pony car’ is more of a cobra, something its Shelby badge backs up. Modifier Roush has added even more power to the Ford, which features a highly tuned 5.0-litre V8. This pushes out 575bhp and gets the car from 0-100km/h quicker than the Bentley. It costs under a third of the price of its British rival, so what’s not to like? Whether it's for practical or publicity purposes, do you think it makes sense for the Dubai police force to run such an incredible fleet of supercars? What would the response of our tax payers be if Singapore police force attempted the same thing?
  17. Buy a penthouse at V on Shenton and get a discount on an Aston Martin sports car? To celebrate Aston Martin Singapore's 20th anniversary, the British luxury sports car manufacturer is partnering V on Shenton to offer new owners of a three-bedroom or penthouse unit discounts on selected car models. Among the six models available for discounts are the V12 Vantage S launched in Singapore earlier this year and the Vanquish. V on Shenton, developed by United Industrial Corporation (UIC), is a twin-tower development comprising a 23-storey office building and a 54-storey residential tower. The mixed development is due for completion in 2017. To date, the project has sold close to 70 per cent of its 510 units of studio, one to three-bedroom apartments and penthouses, a spokeswoman from sales agent Savills told BT. Asked if the marketing campaign was targeted at moving the condo's bigger units, she said: "Sales are well spread across studio to three-bedroom. The two-bedroom units have been really popular." The condominium released mostly three-bedroom apartments and penthouses for sale in its second launch, she added. Of the total 510 units, 104 are three-bedders and eight are penthouses. Prices start from $3 million for a three-bedder (about $2,212 per sq ft) and $10.3 million for a penthouse (about $3,107 per sq ft). In this promotion available for April only, all selected Aston Martins will also come with options or accessories totalling up to $40,000, Savills said. "Cross collaborations with like-minded brands provide us with a good avenue to create new excitement in the market," the sales agent explained. Agreeing, Nina Lim, marketing manager for Aston Martin Singapore, said: "An Aston Martin combines three important elements: power, beauty, soul - these we see embodied within the architecture and vision of V on Shenton." V on Shenton show suites are located at The Gateway East Tower at 152 Beach Road.
  18. Gendut

    Reporters Not Very Intelligent

    Am watching the press conference on MH 370 and it seems the journalists thereblikes to assume many thi.gs and dont really ask intelligently. So id like to make some assumptions myself, that journalists are not that smart, just like the ones we have here.
  19. http://www.worldcarfans.com/114020669844/aston-martin-will-recall-75-percent-of-all-cars-made-since Aston Martin DB9 2008-2014 model years Aston Martin has announced a major recall which will affect 75 percent of all cars manufactured since 2007. This huge recall affects no less than 17,590 cars made by Aston Martin and involves all left-hand drive cars manufactured since November 2007 and all right-hand drive models produced since May 2012 which according to a company spokesman represent approximately 75 percent of all cars built since 2007. Out of a total of 17,590 cars, 5,001 units are from North America while the other 12,589 units were sold worldwide and none of the recalled cars is a Vanquish model. This massive recall has to do with a Chinese sub-supplier who was using counterfeit plastic material for a component which they supplied to Aston Martin. Company spokeswoman Sarah Calam says 22 failed parts have been reported so far and luckily no accidents or injuries were related to this problem. As a result of this recall, Aston Martin is now being supplied directly by a DuPont distributor.
  20. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/singapore-police-force-seeks-gizmo-packed-patrol-car-20130915 15/9/13 Singapore Police Force seeks gizmo-packed patrol car Car for next decade should project 'advanced, futuristic and formidable police force' The Singapore Police Force wants to develop a high-tech, fast- response patrol car equipped to help officers spot wanted vehicles and even track down a motorist who speeds away. According to tender documents, the car to be used over the next decade should project "an advanced, futuristic and formidable police force". Based on requirements listed, future patrol cars could boast an array of new technology. Each car is likely to have GPS navigation and an in-vehicle video system that allows recording in four directions. Among the more unusual features the police are keen to add is an automated number plate recognition system. This will allow officers on patrol to screen the licence plates of moving or stationary vehicles to identify any that may have been stolen or are being driven by criminals. Such systems are already in use in California and Texas in the United States. Another new feature may be a locator tracker that will enable officers to track a wanted vehicle, even if the driver speeds off. The requirements also include shatter-resistant windscreens that can withstand repeated, forceful impact from blunt objects and exterior mounted lights for operations in dimly lit areas. Other requirements requested by police include a night vision thermal imager and a mobile infrared transmitter to control traffic lights. Police displayed a prototype of a next-generation fast response car last year at its workplan seminar. It featured rear seats made out of plastic similar to those found in MRT trains to prevent suspects from concealing weapons or discarding evidence in the upholstery. The future patrol car should be a vehicle with an engine capacity of two to three litres, according to documents. The request for information exercise closes on Oct 4.
  21. [extract] Tens of thousands of motor racing fans flocked to the Aston Martin Centenary Festival at Brands Hatch last weekend to celebrate the auto maker's centenary. Thanks to the good display of weather, the spectators enjoyed parades, static displays and 12 thrilling races - including the fourth and fifth rounds of the GT4 Challenge of Great Britain and the 100-minute GT Centenary Race
  22. Like the Aston Martin Vanquish but prefers to enjoy some open-air motoring? Your dream has come true as the British supercar maker has unveiled the convertible version of the Vanquish called the Volante, successor to the DBS Volante. Like the Vanquish, the Vanquish Volante (VV) is powered by the 6.0-litre 'AM11' V12 producing an identical 565bhp and 620Nm of torque. The engine is coupled to a 'Touchtronic 2' six-speed automatic gearbox with power sent to the rear wheels. The convertible will accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4.3 seconds before hitting a top speed of 295km/h. Every body panel of the VV is made of carbon fibre, which is a first for an Aston Martin convertible. The triple-skinned lightweight fabric roof will fold in just 14 seconds, sitting beneath a tonneau and deck lid. As a result of the weight-saving measures, the new model is only nine kilograms heavier than the Vanquish, weighing at 1,845 kg. The car is also 14 percent stiffer than the DBS Volante. To keep the VV on its intended course, it is loaded with features such as stability control, positive torque control and adaptive damping. Brake force is provided by 398mm Brembo carbon ceramic brakes at the front and 360mm discs at the back.
  23. A fatal accident at the 24 Hours of Le Mans claimed the life of 34-year old Aston Martin driver, Allan Simonsen. Competing for the seventh time in the event, Simonsen spun his No. 95 Aston Martin Vantage GTE at the Tertre Rouge corner and hit the crash barriers. The car lost traction on a curb, causing the back of the car to slide to the left before flicking back the other way and sending the car into the guardrail. In a statement, Aston Martin Racing Managing Director John Gaw said, "On behalf of all of us at Aston Martin Racing, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the individuals, and families whose friends or loved ones were involved in today's terrible tragedy." Simonsen's death was the first such racing incident during a 24 Hours of Le Mans race since Jo Gartner was killed in 1986. Simonsen began his career in karting before moving to cars in 1999, winning the Danish Formula Ford Championship.
  24. Aston Martin has built a one-off car called the CC100 Speedster Concept, whose styling pays homage to the legendary DBR1 race car that debuted in 1956 and won the 24 Hours of Nurburgring three years in a row. "We wanted to create something that, while celebrating our first 100 years, is also forward looking and gives a glimpse as to our future," said Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman. The CC100 Speedster Concept is powered by the company's 6.0-litre V12 engine, mated a six-speed automated manual transmission. The century sprint takes a little over four seconds before hitting an electronically limited top speed of 290km/h. The concept's body and interior is built using carbon fibre. The concept measures about 4,500mm long by 2,000mm wide and weighs less than 1.2tonnes. It has apparently found an owner who forked out between USD770,000 (S$965,965) to USD1,540,000 (S$1,931,930).