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Found 5 results

  1. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/rsaf-woman-helicopter-pilot-sues-cabby-for-at-least-4m-after-wrist-injury-in-accident?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10#Echobox=1535985205 I don't think this is healthy at all if judge approved the damages that the RSAF pliot want to get from cabby due to cabby negligence in beating red light. Imagine if Judge approved, we maybe following USA footstep where a simple fall in Mcdonald due to floor is wet and Mcdonald can get sued for few millions in dollar. Not healthy at all. So hope judge to reject the 4million in damages and injuries but maybe instead only approved say 20k due to cabby is also wrong in the 1st place by beating red light. So the cabby also need to bare some consequences.
  2. Roadrunner2029

    Michael Jordan Kenna Sued by "China Jordan"

    Michael Jordan, Fangda Partners Sued in China Over Trademark Cases Following a major win in a trademark case at the Chinese Supreme People’s Court in December, former National Basketball Association star Michael Jordan and law firm Fangda Partners were recently sued in Beijing by manufacturer Qiaodan Sportswear Co. https://www.law.com/sites/almstaff/2017/07/20/michael-jordan-fangda-partners-sued-in-china-over-trademark-cases/?slreturn=20180213235037 中國喬丹告美國喬丹侵權 強國網友:無恥! 〔即時新聞/綜合報導〕「喬丹」商標案在中國又有新進展,中國品牌「喬丹體育」(QiaoDan)控告美國Nike旗下以NBA傳奇球星麥可喬丹(Michael Jordan)命名的同名品牌「喬丹」(Air Jordan),侵害商標權及不正當競爭糾紛一案,要求對方支付30萬人民幣(約新台幣138萬元)的賠償金,目前此案已經在中國晉江法院知識產權庭審理。 《北京商報》報導,中國「喬丹體育」表示,美國喬丹擅自將原告享有註冊商標專用權並具有很高市場知名度和識別度的「喬丹」標識用於推廣、銷售其運動鞋商品的廣告,侵害商標專用權,要求對方停止授權、賠償人民幣30萬。 Nike表示,美國喬丹沒有把喬丹籃球鞋等相關標誌用於其官網,只是後台關鍵詞,因此不構成商標侵權,其行為不構成不正當競爭。 中國網友紛紛吐槽,認為山寨還有臉控訴正版,「噁心死了」、「友情提示:中國喬丹是民族品牌,為國家貢獻稅收,解決國人就業,而且,賣價童叟無欺」、「還民族品牌?簡直是民族恥辱!冒完人家的名字又冒人家孩子的名字,如果不是美國喬丹狀告中國喬丹,很多消費者還蒙在鼓裡呢!」、「我從未見過如此厚顏無恥之人」、「有點無恥了,誰都明白用喬丹的意義」、「呵呵,不耍流氓,怎麼叫大國」。 http://news.ltn.com.tw/news/business/breakingnews/2364603
  3. The family of a dead national serviceman is suing the Singapore Armed Forces for allegedly failing to provide a safe training environment. http://str.sg/JFE Private Dominique Sarron Lee, 21, died in April 2012 after an allergic reaction to smoke grenades during an exercise. Pte Lee's platoon commander and the exercise's chief safety officer are also being sued for negligence.
  4. Fcw75

    Singa the Lion kenna sue!

    Haiz...haha. Poor bugger...
  5. Court punishes Hewlett-Packard for under paying sales rep……. SINGAPORE — A retrenched sales product specialist with IT firm Hewlett-Packard (HP) is entitled to about S$600,000 in incentives for winning back a client, the High Court has ruled. In a judgment made public today (Aug 5), Judicial Commissioner Edmund Leow ruled that Ms Corinna Chin Shu Hwa had helped win back electronic payments provider NETS as a customer for the Singapore subsidiary of HP, and the contract fell within the definition of “new business” for HP. NETS was a HP customer but decided in late 2010 to buy IBM servers. The platform-migration process ran into problems and Ms Chin and her colleagues tried to woo NETS back in 2011 by, among other things, refusing to extend maintenance services for the existing servers unless NETS inked a new contract with HP. This put pressure on NETS’ planned migration to the IBM servers, and it eventually ordered new HP servers in a March 2012 contract worth about S$5.38 million. HP had argued that the NETS contract failed to meet the criteria for new business, and paid Ms Chin S$229,370.60 in incentives when it retrenched her in June 2012. JC Leow ruled that HP’s meaning of “new end user customer” – part of how sales specialists’ performances were assessed from November 2011 – was ambiguous. The justice of the case demands that the company bear the risk of this ambiguity, he added. “In terms of sales, NETS had been lost as a customer” when it decided to buy IBM servers in late 2010, the judge wrote. Although NETS’ platform migration was from existing HP servers to new HP ones, it was because NETS was won back as a customer before the migration process was complete, and was hence not a “technology refresh contract”, JC Leow noted. “Therefore, NETS was a ‘win back’ – i.e. a new end user customer – when it signed a contract for HP’s NonStop Blades servers in March 2012”, and was considered “new business”, he ruled. And as Ms Chin was involuntarily terminated in June 2012 before the end of HP’s financial year, the calculation of her incentive pay should be on a pro-rated basis rather than a full-year basis, JC Leow said. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/court-orders-hewlett-packard-pay-retrenched-sales-specialist-about-s627000 http://www.stjobs.sg/career-resources/money-matters/former-exec-sues-hp-for-more-than-600000/a/159351