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  1. The heart of this new beast is NOT a V8, or even V6, but a 2.0L IL4 unit! These spec should WOW you more than it's outlook. Max Horsepower: 671 hp / 680 ps Max Torque: 1,020 Nm 0 - 100 Km/h: 3.4 sec Top Speed: 280 Km/h (electronically controlled) The engine is AMG’s M139L 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder as seen on the SL43 roadster and the C63’s little brother, the C43. Like those cars it features an electrically-driven turbocharger, but for the C63 the blower is much bigger. So while the SL43’s gas motor peaks at 376 hp (381 PS), and the C43 tops out at 402 hp (408 PS), the C63 kicks both into the weeds with a 470 hp (476 PS) output. That doesn’t only match the old base model C63’s V8 for muscle despite being half the size, it makes this new version of the M139 the most powerful four-cylinder production engine in the world, and with 545 Nm, it must be the torquiest too. And that’s before we’ve factored in the electric boost that’s also new for 2024. That boost happens at the rear wheels courtesy of a 150 kW (201 hp /204 PS) electric motor packed into the rear axle together with an electronically-controlled limited slip differential and a two-speed drive unit. It can power the car as an EV at up to 125 km/h and for up to 13 km, if driven gently, which makes it sound like a PHEV from a decade ago, but that’s because AMG has prioritised power over efficiency for this hybrid system. Drawing from a 6.1 kWh battery the motor delivers its 150 KW maximum for up to 10 seconds at a time, but is always on hand with at least 70 kW (94 hp / 95 PS), and engages its second gear from 140 km/h once it kissed its 13,500 rpm rev limiter. The result is a fairly spectacular combined gas-electric output of 671 hp (680 PS) and 1,020 Nm, making the C63 not only far more powerful than the old V8-engined C63 S and its 503 hp, or the 503-hp BMW M3 Competition but punchier than super sedans from the class above like the 617-hp BMW M5 Competition. 0 to 100 km/h takes 3.4 seconds (down from 4.0 seconds for the old C63 S) and the 250 km/h top speed can be raised to 280 km/h with a suitable bung to your Mercedes dealer at order time. The electric motor acts only on the rear axle, and you can configure the gas motor to do the same. But for the first time the model operates by default in all-wheel drive. Power flows to the 4Matic+ four-paw transmission via a conventional nine-speed epicyclic auto, but one fitted with a wet clutch pack instead of a torque converter. Rear-axle steering also makes its debut on the new C63, and carbon brakes join a list of standard equipment that includes adaptive dampers for the steel-spring suspension and an AMG Dynamics drive mode selector with a new “Master” mode that allows the kind of oversteer antics C63s have become famous for. Drivers also get AMG-specific graphics in the digital instrument cluster and head-up display, plus a button on the steering wheel giving four levels of energy recovery ranging from almost nonexistent to strong enough to allow one-pedal driving.
  2. Max Verstappen should have said: "Limpeh confirm, chop, can drive faster and better than you!" Hahahaha It turns out that being a three-time Formula 1 world champion doesn’t get you a leg up at the rental car counter, as Max Verstappen recently learned when on vacation in Portugal. Source: https://jalopnik.com/max-verstappen-too-young-to-rent-amg-gt-sports-car-on-v-1851128701 As reported by The Sun, Verstappen’s family and friends arrived in Algarve on three different private jets, having booked 20 rental cars through Sixt with the intent to drive to the Algarve International Circuit (also known as Portimão), which Verstappen had rented out for two days. When the Dutch world champion arrived at the Sixt counter, he was told that he could not drive the Mercedes-AMG GT that he had reserved for himself because he was too young. Sixt’s insurance policy for the GT requires that drivers be 30 years old, and Verstappen is only 26. His manager ended up taking the GT, while Verstappen had to make do with a BMW 5 Series. A source said: “Max and the group went to Portugal for a fun racing trip and had booked the cars they wanted. “When they got to the airport, Max was shocked when he was told he wasn’t allowed to drive the Mercedes he wanted. “He’s a seasoned F1 driver who’s used to handling powerful cars, so it’s quite astonishing to think he wasn’t allowed to get behind the wheel of this one — but those are the rules, so he abided by them.”
  3. 275 unit all sold out
  4. Mercedes-AMG GT R Discontinued After 2021: Report source: https://www.motor1.com/news/461538/mercedes-amg-gt-r-discontinued/ Order banks for the GT R will allegedly close by the end of this year. For several years, the hottest Mercedes-AMG GT you could get was the GT R. Then came the Black Series, which did more than just supplant the GT R as the hottest car in the GT family. It set a new record as the fastest overall production car at the Nürburgring, which is unreal for a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive machine. Now, it could be pushing the GT R out of existence. That's the word according to a video report from Allcarnews on YouTube, which states the GT R will disappear after the 2021 model year. The source is an alleged email sent to Mercedes-Benz dealerships stating the former GT flagship was discontinued for 2021. Furthermore, order banks for 2021 model-year GT Rs are said to close forever on December 29, with any existing orders not being converted to 2022. The email featured in the video looks legitimate, but we've contacted Mercedes-Benz for an official confirmation and we'll let you know if/when we receive that. At approximately $163,000, the AMG GT R isn't a cheap car by any means. However, it's in a completely different financial universe compared to the lineup's new flagship, the GT Black Series. Pricing for that car starts at $325,000 – nearly double the MSRP for the GT R. The extra cash doesn't give you double the horsepower, but the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 under the long hood is a completely different animal. Its flat-plane-crank design that redlines at 7,200 rpm and generates 730 hp (537 kW), all sent to the rear wheels. With gobs of aero tweaks, upgraded suspension, and a carbon fiber diet, it laps the 'Ring in 6 minutes, 43.6 seconds. As for the rest of the GT line, the base model just received a power boost to 523 hp (385 kW). That brings the GT much closer to GT R performance, and with the Black Series serving as the flagship, cutting some fat from the AMG lineup does make sense. The AMG GT family is also getting along in years, having debuted for the 2015 model year so don't be surprised to see more extensive changes in the near future.
  5. A good walk through of the grille evolution in Mercedes for the past 120 years. I am particularly amazed by the very forward looking grille on the 1954 300SL, which make a come back only about 60 years later. Merc's front-end has gone a long way after 12 decades 1900 - 2016 1900 - EV Era The grille is the easiest way to discern a car's make. It serves as the face of the automobile, which gives it an identity amid the sea of automotive brands on the planet. But unlike the human face, vehicle grilles go younger with time, evolving and conforming to what the car needs and what is allowed beyond the limits of functionalities. That's exactly the case with Mercedes-Benz's grille. It has immensely evolved ever since Wilhelm Maybach fitted his invention, the honeycomb radiator, to the Mercedes 35 PS in 1900. The radiator grille was designed to solve the cooling problem of internal combustion engines then, but ultimately commenced the era of vehicle grilles. In 1931, the arrival of the Mercedes-Benz 170 changed everything. For the first time, the radiator was mounted behind the grille for protection, which was part of the vehicle's hood. This gave birth to the iconic chrome grille, which not only served as a protection for the radiator but also as an identifier, together with the three-pointed star emblem. From then on, Mercedes continued evolving the chrome grille for decades. In the 1950s, Merc introduced a new standalone grille design with the 300 SL "Gullwing" and the smaller 190 SL roadster. It's known internally as the "sports car face." The horizontal slats became a hallmark among subsequent Mercedes vehicles. In 2007, Mercedes started offering grille choices to customers depending on the trim level. They can either go classic (Classic and Elegance) or sporty (Avantgarde), which was offered in both C-Class and E-Class. With the electric vehicle era peeking around the corner, Mercedes-Benz grilles are here to stay but with a different function from the protective radiator cover in the past. Without the need for a radiator, the German marque moves on to a Black Panel grille for its EQ range, which serves as a perfect surface for hidden but indispensable sensors. Here are some of the grilles from the past... And the future. So which is your favorite?
  6. This new SL-Class has strong hints of the AMG GT, but better execution overall. Finally the BMW 8 series has a strong competitor... Mercedes-AMG SL 55 4MATIC+ Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ The new Mercedes-AMG SL, the new edition of an icon, returns to its roots with a classic soft top and sporty character. At the same time, the luxurious roadster as a 2+2 seater is particularly suitable for everyday use and puts its power down on the road with all-wheel drive for the first time. High-tech components such as AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL suspension with active anti-roll stabilization, rear-axle steering, and optionally available AMG ceramic high-performance composite brake system are available. In combination with the Handcrafted AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine, this results in a driving experience of the highest order. As a consistent Performance Luxury model, Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach has developed the SL completely independently. Two models with AMG V8 engines will kick off the market launch. Almost 70 years ago, a sports car launched in Stuttgart immediately became a legend. The vision of expanding the potential of the Mercedes-Benz brand through motor racing successes produced the first SL as a result - a road-going racing sports car. Shortly after its debut in 1952, the 300 SL (internal designation W 194) reaped success after success on the race tracks of the world. In its first year, it achieved, among other things, a spectacular one-two victory in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans and even took the first four places in the Nürburgring Grand Jubilee Prize for sports cars. Its successes quickly make the SL a legend. The successful racing car was followed in 1954 by the 300 SL production sports car (W 198), which is called the "Gullwing" because of its unusual doors. In 1999, a jury of motoring journalists voted it the "Sports Car of the Century." Other highlights of the model history include the "Pagoda" (W 113, 1963-1971), the evergreen R 107 (1971-1989), which was built for 18 years, and its successor, the R 129, which is considered an automotive sculpture because of its striking wedge shape. The abbreviation "SL" to this day thus stands for one of the few genuine automotive icons in the world. In the decades-long development history from full-blooded racing car to open-top luxury sports car, the new Mercedes-AMG SL now sets another milestone. It combines the sportiness of the original SL with the unique luxury and technological excellence that characterize modern Mercedes models. "The SL is an icon: For almost 70 years, the distinctive sports car has delighted Mercedes customers of every generation around the world. With the rebirth of the roadster from Mercedes-AMG, the new SL more than ever remains the symbol of this timeless fascination," says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing and Sales "The new SL combines the sporty genes of the original SL with the driving performance typical of AMG. At the same time, it offers luxury and comfort at the absolute top level. This combination is unique in the sports car segment and is also reflected in the interior - where the highest levels of comfort and quality meet the right helping of sportiness. The high-quality combination of analogue world and state-of-the-art digital equipment makes it clear that the new SL is the rebirth of an icon for the modern era," says Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH "With the new SL, we have created a repositioning of the iconic SL design. The expressively modelled exterior conveys a light and purist impression and brings sensual beauty and extravagant design into perfect harmony," says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group "We at Mercedes-AMG consider it a great honor to have had the privilege to develop the new edition of this sports car icon. When we were tasked with the overall development of the new SL, we were able to start from scratch without building on an existing structure. We are proud of the result, which once again demonstrates the high level of engineering expertise in Affalterbach. The new 2+2 concept combines agile driving dynamics with a high level of comfort and unrestricted suitability for everyday use," says Jochen Hermann, Chief Technical Officer of Mercedes-AMG GmbH With its exciting design, state-of-the-art technology and outstanding driving characteristics, the new Mercedes-AMG SL sets standards in the luxury sports car segment. The exterior design fascinates with a perfect triad: it combines the modern Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity with the sportiness typical of AMG and characteristic details. The two power bulges on the hood are just one of numerous features reminiscent of the first SL generation. The interplay of light and shadow makes the overall appearance visually light and low. It is clear at first glance that the new SL has returned to its sporty roots. In the top model SL 63, the engine develops 577hp and provides a maximum torque of 800Nm over a wide rev range from 2,500 to 4,500 rpm. The roadster's top engine thus conveys effortless superiority in every rev range. The acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in an estimated 3.5 seconds illustrates this. In the Mercedes-AMG SL 55, the V8 engine delivers 469hp and a peak torque of 700Nm. The sprint from standstill to 100 km/h takes 3.8 seconds. The further developed AMG 4.0-liter V8 engine still operates with biturbo charging, in which the two turbochargers are not located on the outside of the cylinder banks, but in between them in the cylinder-V. The advantages of the "hot inside V": a compact engine design, spontaneous response of the turbochargers and low exhaust emissions thanks to optimal airflow to the close-coupled catalysts. @Ody_2004 The VRN for that Red SL 63 is ...
  7. SPIED! MERCEDES-BENZ CLA SHEDS SOME CAMOhttps://www.motortrend.com/news/spied-mercedes-benz-cla-sheds-some-camo/ Just a few months ago, our spy photographers caught a next-generation CLA prototype out testing, possibly in AMG form. Now, the CLA has returned wearing a different grille and less camouflage. Though that earlier prototype appeared to wear Mercedes-AMG's Panamericana grille, this CLA sports a front end inspired by the CLS-Class. The camouflage obscures the shape of the headlights, but the LED accents look similar to those of its swoopy big brother. It's also safe to say the taillights have changed. Unless the camo is fooling us, the rear end looks more upright than before. Overall, the new model looks longer than its predecessor. A few interior shots reveal a more streamlined cabin. This prototype features one large screen that runs across the dashboard, replacing the two separate screens for the instrument cluster and infotainment system. The circular vents take on a different look, and there is now a simpler array of buttons just below. Red contrast stitching and a flat-bottom steering wheel hint at AMG roots, but this car doesn't look like an AMG from the exterior. It's possible Mercedes will offer some sort of AMG interior package, or that this prototype is just a mixed bag of parts. According to Autocar, Mercedes has confirmed it will launch the CLA and CLA Shooting Brake next year. We don't know Mercedes' exact plans for the U.S. market, but the model will likely slot above the new A-Class with a sleeker coupe-like profile. The interiors of the A-Class and CLA should be very similar. The CLA could share engines and gearboxes with the A-Class. Our A-Class comes with a 2.0-liter turbo-four making 188 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque, which is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. An AMG version of the A-Class is also very likely coming to the U.S., although it's unclear how much power it will make. Photo source: CarPix
  8. Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe - 3.0L Turbo Inline-6 - 9-Speed Automatic - All-Wheel Drive
  9. link: https://www.motor1.com/news/530107/mercedes-amg-gt63-plug-in-hybrid/ It’s the most powerful AMG ever. As if the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door lineup wasn't already tricky enough to keep track of, today the brand is adding another model to the range. This is the – deep breath – Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance. The 'E' in the name indicates that this is Mercedes-AMG's very first plug-in hybrid, and undoubtedly the first of many to come. So what does the new PHEV AMG offer? Power, and lots of it. The combination of a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, a 6.1-kilowatt-hour battery pack, and an electric motor mounted on the rear axle gives this car a mind-bending 831 horsepower (620 kilowatts) and 1,033 pound-feet (1,400 newton-meters) of torque. To put it plainly, this is the most powerful Mercedes-AMG factory product ever. The engineering team in Affalterbach worked closely with the Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 engine shop in the UK to create the powerful yet lightweight battery pack. The battery tips the scales at 196 pounds (89 kilograms) and produces 204 hp (152 kW) on its own. But since the purpose of the battery pack is power instead of range, the GT 63 achieves a rather poor 7.5-mile (12-kilometer) electric driving range. Limited range aside, the GT 63 will race to 62 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds, which is quicker than the GT Black Series Coupe (3.1 seconds). It takes the four-door less than 10 seconds to hit 124 mph – a second-shy of the GT Black Series – and if you find the right road (read: Autobahn), the GT 63 S E Performance tops out at 196 mph (315 kmh). Joining the already available drive modes on the GT 53 and GT 63 models – Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus, Race, and Slippery – the new Electric drive mode allows the S E Performance to cruise on pure battery power at speeds of up to 81 mph (130 kmh). On top of that, there's a four-stage regenerative braking system that ranges from Level 0 (disengaged) to Level 3 (one-pedal driving), with a track-only regenerative mode designed for performance. As available on all other AMG GT 4-Door models, the GT 63 S E Performance receives AMG Ride Control plus, which includes an adaptive suspension with an air damping system. The suspension settings can be adjusted individually from the drive modes, or automatically adjust depending on the mode, and Mercedes says that engineers have further increased the spread between sportiness and comfort on this model. Visually, not much changes on this S E Performance model compared to the traditional GT 63, but there are a few updated visuals to note. The front bumper now borrows cues from the GT coupe, the charging port – located on the rear bumper – blends into the sheet metal just below the taillights, and there are new 20- and 21-inch wheel options. The same similarities can be said of the cabin; the MBUX infotainment setup from all other GT models carries over, as does the new two-spoke steering wheel with haptic feedback buttons. One thing Mercedes-AMG hasn't announced yet is the price. Currently, the GT 43 4-Door starts at $89,900 in the US, the GT 53 costs $99,950, and the GT 63 asks $140,600 – or $161,900 for the 63 S. We expect the S E Performance to sit at the top of the GT 4-Door range, so an MSRP of nearly $200,000 isn’t out of the question. The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance debuts in-person next week at the IAA Show in Munich, before going on sale in Europe and the US sometime later this year.
  10. The combustion engine is living on borrowed time. https://www.motor1.com/photo/5822112/2022-mercedes-maybach-s680/ A recent (and rather shocking) proposal made by the European Commission calls for the end of new ICE car sales as early as 2035. That has to be voted by the 27 members of the European Union in order for the ban to come into effect, but in the meantime, automakers will likely be forced to shave off their gasoline and diesel offerings. Why? Euro 7 regulations are inbound. Expected to come into force in 2025, the more stringent CO2 emissions will put small cars powered by internal combustion engines in jeopardy. The reason being is that it will be tricky for automakers to still make a profit after tweaking the gasoline and diesel engines to make them comply with regulations. The same holds true for high-performance cars with their typically gas-guzzling engines. For these reasons, Mercedes is thinking ahead and it's planning to eliminate many engine variants. In an interview with Autocar, the three-pointed star's Chief operating officer Markus Schäfe admitted Mercedes will basically halve its engine variants later this decade: "[We] will reduce the number of engine variants, going through Euro 7, by about 50 percent." With the next-gen AMG C63 switching from a V8 to an electrified version of the AMG A45's four-cylinder engine, the transformation is about to start. How will Euro 7 change engines? According to proposals made by the European Commission's Consortium for Ultra Low Vehicle Emissions (Clove), cars could be fitted with a multi-stage "supercatalyst." The same British publication looked at the documents and found out gasoline-fueled cars could get a heated electric catalyst, dual three-way catalysts, a particulate filter, and an ammonia slip catalyst. Not only that, but Euro 7-compliant cars might feature a diagnostics system built into the car's computers to analyze the engine at all times and make sure it meets emissions for 150,000 miles (241,400 kilometers). It all sounds quite expensive to implement, which is why we'll be hearing from other automakers about their plans to simplify the engine portfolio. It would seem the Euro 7 will be another nail in the internal combustion engine's coffin, effectively forcing automakers to accelerate the switch to EVs. Several brands have already announced plans to transition to an all-electric lineup by the end of the decade, including Jaguar (2025), Opel (2028), Ford of Europe (2030), Volvo (2030), Bentley (2030), and others.
  11. https://drivetribe.com/p/brabus-gave-the-mercedes-amg-gle-RfPPwhpyRj2aYZo3LKAQbg?iid=aATi4qGGToS49P3nt4adOA The AMG GLE 63 S is the latest Mercedes to receive the Brabus treatment and as you'd expect, they've overdone it. But then again that's what makes Brabus... Brabus. As standard, the twin-turbo, 4.0-litre V8 that powers it produces a yawning 612 hp and 626 lb-ft and Brabus decided to make things spicier by fitting a larger compressor unit, bringing the power output up 800 hp (+188 hp) and 737 lb-ft of torque (+111 lb-ft), which means the Brabus GLE does 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds. Unfortunately, the top speed is limited... to 174 mph. From a cosmetic point of view, the Brabus GLE looks a bit more aggressive than the standard GLE AMG thanks to exposed-carbon 'aerodynamic-enhancement' and massive 23-inch or 24-inch wheels, compatible with Continental, Pirelli or YOKOHAMA tyres. They've also given it a new exhaust system in carbo-titanium, which contributes to the aesthetic improvements but, more to the point, it makes it sound better. Especially in 'Sport' mode. There's also a new front fascia, a new front grille, tailor made air deflectors and air intakes, a new rear spoiler and extended wheel arches. All of these components are made from carbon fibre and can be painted either with a high-gloss or matte finish. The interior is upholstered in leather and Alcantara and is available in virtually any colour or finish (same as the exterior, apart from the carbon fibre bits). Brabus hasn't said anything about pricing but the factory AMG GLE 63 starts at around $116,000 in the US and £100,000 in the UK so the Brabus model won't come cheap.
  12. https://www.motor1.com/news/513982/2022-mercedes-amg-gt-4-door-revealed/ And the 63 models get a new adaptive suspension setup. You might not know it at first glance, but this is the 2022 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. The company updated its performance sedan for the upcoming year, making minor changes to the exterior design and interior layout, plus Mercedes added a sharp new Manufaktur Exclusive Edition to the range and a handful of additional color options. The Manufaktur Exclusive Edition is a first for the GT 4-Door Coupe and makes its debut in the US atop the GT 53 model. The exterior wears a handsome shade of Rubellite Red metallic, joined by a silver chrome exterior package, and trim-specific 21-inch AMG wheels. The interior sports a Neva Grey Exclusive Nappa leather with Ash wood trim, and a new AMG Performance steering wheel. And all versions of the 2022 GT 4-Door get a new AMG Performance steering wheel with a twin-spoke design up top, drive mode dials, and seamlessly integrated buttons. Buyers can choose from Nappa leather or Nappa with Dinamica suede for the wheel itself, with heating available on six-cylinder variants and standard on V8 models. The rest of the cabin gets a variety of new interior leather options like Sienna Brown, Classic Red, Yacht Blue, Deep White, and the aforementioned Neva Grey. Shoppers can also splurge on Exclusive Nappa Leather in Titanium Grey Pearl with yellow contrast stitching, or Exclusive Auburn Brown Nappa leather with black diamond stitching. And for the first time, the GT 4-Door now offers a five-seat configuration with an optional rear bench. The 43 and 53 models use the same turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engines with EQ Boost as they did before, good for 362 horsepower (270 kilowatts) and 429 horsepower (320 kilowatts), respectively. The GT 43 will hit 60 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds, while the GT 53 gets there in a quicker 4.4 seconds. As for the V8-powered 63 and 63 S models, Mercedes-AMG says that it will release engine information at a later date. What we do know about the upcoming V8 model is that it will get a totally reworked adaptive suspension. The updated AMG Ride Control Plus now uses two pressure limiting valves to control the multi-chamber air suspension setup. One valve manages rebound damping, while the other controls compression damping. Mercedes says that the new suspension will make the GT 4-Door even nicer to drive in Comfort mode and a better performer in Sport and Sport Plus modes. The new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door family will hit dealerships sometime later this fall. The company hasn't released pricing details yet, but expect an increase all around. The current GT 4-Door starts at $89,900 for the base 43 model.
  13. Even as recently as the 1990s, online technology was seen as something of a novelty. And yet, in 2021, it's impossible to imagine life without such technology. Being 'online' has become an integral part of all our lives, and it's clear that human behaviour has been significantly impacted by our interaction with devices like our smartphones. Complex levels of technology and digital connectivity have also unsurprisingly made their way into our vehicles. Technology has of course made cars safer, faster, and more capable, but it has the ability to also transform our relationship with our vehicles. More than just a mode of transport, modern cars are able to make our lives better, easier and more convenient. Take the new Mercedes me connect, a suite of smart features and online services that has the ability to integrate seamlessly into your daily routines. Found on new models such as the new Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 4MATIC, Mercedes me connect extends connectivity beyond your vehicle, and into your smartphone and beyond. Here, we look at how digital connectivity features are fundamentally integrated into the digital ecosystem of our daily lives. Your digital relationship with your vehicle begins even before you set foot into the car. Getting started is simple - simply download the Mercedes me 2020 app (available on the Apple and Google Play Store), register an account, pair to an Meredes me connect-enabled car, and authenticate at Mercedes-Benz Center for access to the full suite of features. You can pull up key information about the status of your vehicle, including available range, lock status, tyre pressure, and brake fluid and coolant levels. Technology also allows you to activate a variety of functions and services even before you get to your car, including unlocking the car from afar. Worried that the cabin is going to be too hot? You can ventilate the car by remotely opening the windows sunroof. While you're waiting, you can also utilise the app's Send2Car functionality to plan out your journey. Simply open up the map on the app, search for your intended destination, and choose your preferred route. Once done, you can send the route information to the car, which will then be automatically queued up in the navigation system. One function that drivers in Singapore will find particularly useful is the app's ability to show you information about parking spaces, including real-time pricing and space availability. Inside the car, you can also take advantage of the what3words - it uses a 3x3m grid to allow you to search destinations on the map with pin-point accuracy. Wondering where to go? Mercedes me connect allows you to quickly search for restaurants and cafes from within the vehicle, with suggestions based on your location as well as Yelp reviews. When you do get to your destination, just because you are away from your vehicle doesn't mean that you no longer have any control. When you do step away, you can continue to monitor the status of your car. A useful feature like Valet Protect allows you to monitor your vehicle while its parked, with the app notifying if the ignition is turned on, or the car driven beyond a pre-determined geo-fenced radius. This provides you maximum security for your Mercedes-Benz during your absence, as you'll know if your vehicle is being driven without your authorisation. Can't remember where you parked your vehicle? Using the Parked Vehicle Locator, the app will show the location of the vehicle on the map and will suggest a walking route to your car from your current location. You can also use the app to flash the car's head lights, allowing you to spot it from afar. The app also gives you visibility of your vehicle even when you're not driving it. By using the Speed Alert feature, you can get the app to notify you when the car is driven above a defined speed limit. This can be especially useful when your son is out on a Friday night with his friends - he better not be speeding in your prized Mercedes-Benz! With the Geofencing function, you can also be notified when the car enters and leaves various user-defined zones. While perhaps not necessary when you're behind the wheel, it can be very useful for being sure that when your son says he's heading to Chomp Chomp for supper, he really is going to Chomp Chomp. And of course, technology also makes your life in the vehicle better. Beyond just the wealth of vehicle and driving-related functions, the MMC app can also be used to tailor different profiles for different users. You can add up to six co-users, meaning that each member of the family can have a different profile, which can adjust a range of car settings, including display styles, interior lighting, as well as favourite shortcuts for quick access. These personal vehicle settings can be individualised at any time on the Mercedes me portal. Let's be honest, no one likes the hassle of car maintenance. Remembering when your last oil change was, whether your tyres need to be changed, when the car is due for a full service, these are all things we much rather not think about. Thankfully, with modern technology, you no longer have to. The car can do all that for you, by keeping track of your maintenance schedule and vehicle mileage. It'll notify you when a service is due, and from the app you can very conveniently schedule a servicing appointment. When you do run into problems, whether its loss of tyre pressure, and engine warning light, or even a vehicle breakdown, assistance is one button away. By simply using the Me call button, you will be connected to the Mercedes-Benz Customer Care Center for assistance. In the unfortunate situation that you do get into accident and required immediate help in the case of an emergency, with the SOS emergency services, simply push the emergency call button and you will be directed to a call centre handling emergencies. With the advance of technology, our modern cars aren't just immensely more capable, they are also much more integrated into our digital lives. With Mercedes me connect, you gain access to a wealth of services that make your every moment seamlessly easier - not just in the car, but when you're away from the car as well. No matter what happens, you can depend on the knowledge that any assistance is just one click away. For customers that own Mercedes-Benz cars that do not come with Mercedes me connect from the factory, it can be retrofitted via a Mercedes me Adapter installed in the vehicle. The retrofit solution offers a selection of key features, including monitoring vehicle health, finding nearby parking or petrol stations, view statistics on trips made, and contact or book appointments at Mercedes-Benz Authorised Service Centers, among others. To find out more, you can check out www.mercedes-benz.com.sg/mercedesme or visit Mercedes-Benz Center for more information.
  14. Viruses, Empty shelves, mask issues and more.. What a way to start the year well I have a plan B There’s only so much room for bad news and we’ve certainly had our fill of it So what better way than to drive off somewhere to chill out.. literally and take a almost brand new AMG A class out for a spin in the English B roads? An offer from SIA for cheap tickets to UK and a business conference allowed me to grab a week off and visit the land of pies, beans and more. Given my limited time, I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of spots and I’ll be sharing them as we go along 🙂 Let’s get to A... Which stands for AMG A class! So with B roads and many miles to cover, I was lucky and scored an upgrade from a Ford Focus to a Mercedes AMG A class. A brand new one with almost nothing on the odometer 150 quid a day for a spin in a brand new car? Not bad at all First thing to note, this version is made in Germany BUT that’s a Renault Diesel engine... and don’t let that engine cover fool .. It’s a 1.3l turbo diesel with a seven speed DCT but a proper multi link suspension. But if you get over that and get on with driving, it’s pretty good. The cabin surrounds you in nice well fitted plastics that have a soft touch. The steering wheel has great heft and the seats are really comfortable, even after 400 miles. Pick up is delivered like a wall of torque with instant reaction and within seconds you are approaching illegal speeds. Legroom at the back has improved greatly and whilst the ride is now both firm and yet comfortable despite the AMG package. The handling is superb and the steering reacts well without being twitchy. It firms up significantly at speed whilst remaining easy to use when parking and the dimensions of this compact sedan are good despite the improved legroom. Visibility all round is decent. The downsides? The noise insulation at speed isn’t good and the engine can be heard. It’s not a great soundtrack but I’ll forgive that given the power it produces. Plastics lower down are still hard but the cabin does feel well put together. The MBUX is a mixed bag.. the navigation works but the steering controls are not easy to use and the voice system is too sensitive. Whilst the steering well is meaty and lock to lock ratio is tight, there are too many things which feel gimmicky after the first five minutes. The LED screen does look nice but it’s not tilt able and tall drivers might not like the angle. Trying to make adjustments whilst driving is a little harder than it should be. Even so it’s a great ride and the fuel consumption is amazing. Didn’t even use a quarter tank after one full day out with eight hours of driving. On the B roads or the highway, this car cuts through the air and is such a pleasure to drive. When we were presses for time the car easily responded to our more urgent needs with great aplomb.
  15. A petrol engine making more torque than diesel equivalent?? The dream have come true... Mercedes-AMG Details Most Powerful 4-Cyl Ever, Makes 416 HP 500 Nm Look for this engine in the A45, CLA 45, and GLB 45 in the near future. Mercedes-AMG finally announces the official specs for its new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that goes under the internal designation M 139. In the higher-spec S trim, the mill offers 416 horsepower (310 kilowatts) and beats the previous-gen A45 with 375 hp (280 kW) to take the title as world's most powerful factory-offered four-cylinder engine ever available in a production vehicle. If we want to split some very thin hairs, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution FX-440 MR made 440 hp from its 2.0-liter four-cylinder, but production amounted to just 40 units exclusively for the UK. Specifically, the S version of the M 139 makes 416 hp at 6,750 rpm and 500 Newton-meters of torque between 5,000 and 5,250 rpm. The redline hits at 7,200 rpm. There's also a standard variant of the M 139 that produces 382 hp at 6,500 rpm and 480 Newton-meters between 4,750 and 5,000 rpm. The redline is the same 7,200 rpm. Both versions of the M 139 use a twin-scroll turbocharger. The S variant can produce up to 30.5 psi (2.1 bar) of boost, but the standard model goes to 27.6 psi (1.9 bar). To get into the nitty-gritty details, The M 139 weighs 160.5 kilograms. The four cylinders each have a bore of 83 millimeters and stroke of 92 millimeters. The mill features both direct injection and indirect injection through the intake manifold. There are two overhead camshafts operating on 16 valves, and the drive train is capable of tweaking the valve operation on both sides, in addition to Camtronic valve opening adjustment for the exhaust side. The M 139 engine will be available in a variety of models in the near future. The first of them to debut should be the new A45.
  16. Deliveries of Mercedes-AMG's hypercar, One has been reportedly delayed till 2021 as there are ongoing difficulties in making the engine suitable for street use. According to Auto Motor und Sport, some parts of of the One’s powertrain is in need of refinement as engineers underestimated the difficulties posed by using such an highly-strung engine. One of the most significant challenges includes making the Formula 1-inspired 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 pass its WLTP emissions regulations. The Germany company has also been reported to face issues in making sure that the engine doesn’t require electric pre-heating before it turns over, like a race engine does. With such a high power output targeted by the company, the engineers also realised that squeezing more than 650bhp from the 1.6-litre engine could make it a tad fragile. The hypercar is set to have a combined output of more than 1,000bhp thanks to the help of four electric motors. This would allegedly be enough to send the hybrid hypercar to 200 km/h in less than six seconds and through to a top speed over 350 km/h.
  17. The new Mercedes-AMG A 45 S is not going to be the most affordable hot hatch on sale when it comes into town. So is it better than before? When the first A 45 AMG went on sale in 2013 locally, it was the fastest hot hatch in the market and everyone took notice. Fast forward to the present, Mercedes-AMG has launched the second generation A 45 AMG globally and CarWow had the opportunity to test it against its older generation. With 415bhp being churned out from its 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, the new car was always going to be faster than its 360bhp pre-facelifted predecessor. But is it also better to drive and live with?
  18. Unfortunate news for the fans of Mercedes-AMG's intoxicating exhaust note. The German company has admitted that its future performance cars won’t be as loud as those in the past as noise regulations kick in. In the article, sound regulations in Europe make sure that the car's exhaust sound output is measured in its loudest setting, rendering exhaust systems that have switchable butterfly valves not much of a use. As reported by Motoring, the head of Product Planning for the smaller AMG cars, Bastian Bogenschutz, said that cars sold outside Europe will also come with the same restrictions. “It’s coming from the European regulations. We can [design specific exhausts] but it’s too expensive for every market to do it, it’s pretty difficult,” Bogenschutz explained. To counter that, Bogenschutz said that Mercedes-AMG have to rely on sound enhancement systems that channel exhaust sound into the cabin. “The regulations were getting pretty difficult for the sound to just come from the exhaust system. So we added the AMG pure performance sound, there we take the real sound from the exhaust system, the pulsation of the real sound and move it inside the car. It works together with the exhaust system.”
  19. Curious about what horse power numbers Mercedes-AMG's upcoming A45 will put out? An online publication has managed to confirm its specifications. Labelled under the codename M139, Carscoops has claimed that the new A45 AMG will get a base output of 382bhp and 480Nm of torque from its new turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. An S variant will have even more power with 415bhp and 500Nm of torque. A quick calculation reveals a staggering 208bhp per litre which is a figure that definitely right up there when it comes to mass production cars. Beside that, the engine revs to 7200 rpm and is said to have a torque curve that will deliver power in a fashion similar to a naturally-aspirated engine. Some interesting facts about the engine include having a new twin-scroll turbocharger that features a turbine housing with two different flow passages that run parallel to one another. It also receives roller bearings which helps to reduce friction and improve responsiveness. Elsewhere, the engine is made of aluminium and gets a forged steel crankshaft and forged aluminum pistons which reside in Nanoslide-coated cylinder liners. Mercedes-AMG has also uprated its cooling capabilities and equipped it with an electric water pump that operates independently of the engine. The car will also come with an additional radiator that supports the main radiator in front.
  20. The new Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé is not only the most emotional vehicle in its class, it is also highly intelligent: From MBUX Interior Assist, which recognises operational demands from gestures and equips the interior with intelligence, through augmented reality for navigation and understanding indirect voice commands to the ENERGIZING COACH that provides individual fitness recommendations, the new CLA offers an array of clever solutions. There are also ingenious details when it comes to the aerodynamics and new functions for the Intelligent Drive driving assistance package. The design underlines the coupé character with its stretched form and design elements such as the bonnet with powerdomes or the rear licence plate which has been moved down. As such it does justice to its predecessor’s status as a design icon. With MBUX, Mercedes-Benz has been revolutionising how to operate a car and communicate with it since the launch of the A-Class. “Now we go to the next level with an intelligent interior assistance system for the compact class. By recognising gestures it facilitates natural operation,” says Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “This is not the only new feature by which the CLA offers a great deal of automotive intelligence.” “With the first CLA we celebrated a huge success by selling some 750,000 vehicles and created a totally new segment with a four-door coupé,” adds Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales. “The new edition of the CLA has been developed further in an intelligent way and is even more emotional and sportier than its predecessor. Coupled with new operating systems, it sets new benchmarks for the entire class.” The new generation of compacts has made a key contribution to the rejuvenation and image change of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The CLA is important for winning and retaining new customers in particular. The CLA Coupé was launched in the USA in 2013, making it the first compact MercedesBenz on the American market. At peak times, more than two thirds of CLA buyers in the USA came from competitors. On average, CLA customers in the USA are around ten years younger than the typical MercedesBenz customer. In Europe, too, CLA customers are among the youngest in the Mercedes portfolio. In 2017, one in two customers in Europe previously drove a competitor's vehicle. Over 75 percent of European customers who previously drove a CLA as a coupé or Shooting Brake chose a MercedesBenz again for their next vehicle. In total, some 750,000 units of the first-generation CLA Coupé and CLA Shooting Brake contributed considerably to the compact car's success. In its first year, the new CLA will also be available as an Edition 1. In terms of both the exterior and the interior, this limited edition special model has numerous visual accents which underline its exclusivity. The new CLA will be manufactured at the Kecskemét plant (Hungary) and comes onto the market in May 2019. “As a four-door coupé, the new CLA intrigues with its puristic, seductive design and sets new standards in the design DNA of ‘sensual purity’. It impresses with its perfect proportions reflecting the first design sketch: a long, stretched bonnet, a compact greenhouse, a wide track with exposed wheel arches and our typical GT rear end with a strong distinctive ‘Coke-bottle shoulder’,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG. “In short - the CLA Coupé has the potential to become a modern design icon.” The combination of the long, stretched entry line above the windows and frameless doors give the CLA Coupé its unmistakeable sporty and elegant character. Forming the front end is the striking front section which is raked forwards like a shark nose with a long, stretched bonnet featuring powerdomes. Original article at http://9tro.com/media/news/the-new-mercedes-benz-cla-coupe The 2nd Generation CLA will be officially unveiled at the CES 2019 event at 3am 9th Jan (SG time). Watch the live stream at https://www.motor1.com/news/300102/2020-mercedes-cla-livestream/
  21. In his latest video for his Chris Harris Drives series, Harris tries to convince us that the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe is very much an underrated GT car. We kind of agree with the him as the large luxury coupe often gets overshadowed by the its rivals from Porsche, Bentley and the likes. That being said, he reckons that the big mercedes is nowhere inferior to them as it provides him the perfect combination of speed and comfort. Interestingly, Harris drove a pre-facelift model in his video that is using the older 5.5-litre V8 engine vs the newer 4.0-litre unit found in many current AMGs. We guess it doesn't matter much as both engines are absolute gems.
  22. The Mercedes-AMG GT R was never a soft car but the folks at Affalterbach think that there are people who want an even more focused car, giving birth to the newly-launched Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro. With 577bhp and 700Nm, the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 produces exactly the same amount of power and torque as the GT R. It also does the century sprint in 3.6 seconds and has a has a top speed of 318km/h identical to the non-Pro variant. So what is so special about the car? Watch the video above by Carfection and see what its host, Henry Catchpole has to say.
  23. Carwow has brought together the Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG and four of its rivals together for their usual series of performance tests. Will the current range topper of the A-Class be fast enough to fend off the current batch of hot hatches? Featuring the BMW M140i, Volkswagen Golf R, Audi S3, and the Ford Focus RS(the only manual in the test), the A35 AMG battles them in a drag race from a standing start, a rolling race and a brake test. Watch the video and see for yourself how strong the A35 AMG is against the rest!
  24. Wowee S Class Coupe choot liao! This is the most beautiful fullsize coupe in my opinion Masculine, strong yet sleek and stylish Any fellas here chiong already? Sibei swee.....
  25. Greetings bros/sis, I've just took over a relative's W140 S320 benz in JB and the ride is 100% stock. 16X6 stock merc rims riding on hard to find 235/60R16 tyres. I'm looking for those old sch Merc rims like the ones seen on C36AMG,E36AMG or early W210 E55AMG. I've been to many tyre/rim shops like LS, AL tyres and they only have latest merc stock rims. Seems those AMG rims that I'm looking for are too 'old school'. Anyone have any idea where to source for it? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Cheers amgm125
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